5 Main Advantages Of Gas Turbine Over Steam Turbine.


Turbines are used to generate Power,this Power can be generated by Gas turbine or Steam turbine.The basic working principle of Gas Turbine is nearly same as the working principle of Internal Combustion Reciprocating Engine.The Fuel used for Combustion in Gas Turbine Plant may be Oil,Coal,Procedure Gas etc.

In Steam Turbine,the Heat Energy contained in the Steam is first employed to set the Steam itself in motion and this in turn is made to do work on Blades mounted on a Shaft or Drum,which is free to rotate. However,Gas Turbine has certain Advantages over Steam Turbine,which are as below.

01)The Gas Turbine Plant is simple in Design and Construction.It has few Reciprocating Parts and is lighter in weight.

02)In Steam Turbine Plant,water is used for cooling purpose,hence there are chances of Freezing in winter nights.There are no likelihood of Freezing in Gas Turbine Plant.

03)The Gas Turbine is quite useful in the regions where due to scarcity it is not possible to supply water in abundance for raising steam.

04)The Gas Turbine has been built to operate at the Inlet Temperature of 800 Degree Centigrade and even more,while the Steam Turbine and Boiler have been built for Temperatures up to about 580 Degree Centigrade.The Efficiency of Gas Turbine is much higher than that of Steam Turbine due to High Inlet Temperature,when other things being equal in both Turbines.

05)The Gas Turbine does not require any Boiler as like in Steam Turbine,hence the weight and space of Gas Turbines are less than those of Steam turbine. For the same output,the Gas Turbine is more compact than a Steam Turbine.The Capital Cost of Gas Turbine is much lower than Steam Turbine.

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Mister Michael 5 years ago

Thanks for great info, its very detailed and comprehensive.

yazin 3 years ago

wat is the efficiency for both

johnson caleb 2 years ago

how is natural gas generated and accumulated for the turbine to use?

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