5 Things you must NEVER Share on Social Networking Sites

You must have heard the news about Mark Zuckerberg, the man behind Facebook was adjudged the “Man of the Year 2010.” This should tell us the power of social networking sites. There are umpteen numbers of social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, LinkedIn, Twitter and we share information like date of birth, our employers, photos, videos, and much more.

According to a research by Pew Research Center, it is found that even senior citizens use social networking sites. The research was conducted between April 2009 and May 2010 and was found that the usage of social networking sites by seniors was increased from 13% to 26%.

Risks on Social Networking Sites
Risks on Social Networking Sites | Source
Inforamtion posted on Social Networking sites
Inforamtion posted on Social Networking sites | Source

When we give information about ourselves on the social networking sites, we must be very careful as this may lead to several problems. Many murders have been reported as a result of information gathered from social networking sites. This brings us a question of what information should NEVER be shared on social networking sites. Find out what things or information you must NEVER share of social networking sites.

5. Personal and Private Messages: All of us have a personal life and it is not necessary to share personal things or information on social networking sites. If you are not comfortable sharing an issue with your friend or relative, it is definitely personal; do not share such information on social networking sites.

4. Contact Details: Is it mandatory to leave your contact details on social networking sites? If you meet any of your old friends which whom you have lost touch, send in your contact details as messages. Why contact details shouldn’t be posted is a question many would pose? Let us take a scenario where you have shared your address on a social networking site. After a couple of weeks or months, you post a message saying your husband is not in town. Will this information not enough for intruders?

3. Grudges or complaints about superiors: There have been instances of employees being fired from the organization for complaining about their bosses on social networking sites. Do you have complaints or grudges against your superiors? Please share them with your friends or relatives when you meet them in person. This equally applies for gossips too.

2. Your plans: Many people have a habit of sharing their vacation plans on social networking sites. If I post a message saying “I’m on vacation till the end of next week, catch you guys l8r,” there is always a chance of some imposters accessing this information and taking advantage of it.

1. Passwords and hints to them: It is not a great idea to share passwords or password hints on social networking sites. When setting your replies for password hints make sure you choose them wisely. Do not try to choose questions like “Where you meet your spouse?” or “What is your mother’s maiden name?” Even if you choose these questions, make sure you answer them in such a way that it cannot be predicted by intruders.

Social networking sites are definitely a boon to us to be in touch with near and dear, but make sure you don’t share unnecessary information and land up in trouble.

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Linda Compton profile image

Linda Compton 5 years ago from The Land of Enchantment

Thanks for a helpful article. I think sometimes we need a reminder to use our common sense, and to be prudent.

Your point that nothing ever goes away once posted is especially important. Who hasn't spoken in haste at some point and lived to regret it? Courtesy, respectfulness and giving others the benefit of the doubt is always a good policy.

Sincerely, Linda Compton

anuramkumar profile image

anuramkumar 5 years ago from Chennai, India Author

Hi Linda, Thnx for your comment. The qualities you have mentioned should definitely be inculcated in small children too.

seebasic profile image

seebasic 5 years ago from Germany

a good and helpful hub full of wise words

anuramkumar profile image

anuramkumar 5 years ago from Chennai, India Author

Hi Seebasic, Thnx for your comments. I was happy to know that you find this hub helpful.

Mrs. J. B. profile image

Mrs. J. B. 5 years ago from Southern California

Discretion is best when going onto to these social networks. Too many people have fallen victim to many not so nice people. It is scary actually.

Your reminder to everyone is fabulous.

kelleyward 4 years ago

Great hub! Great reminder that there are still many things we need to keep private. I'm still shocked at what I hear and see online!

anuramkumar profile image

anuramkumar 4 years ago from Chennai, India Author

Thnx Kelly.

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