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Bored?  Visit bored.com!  This website has a bunch of free online games.  Yes, there are ads, but for me, the variety of games makes 'em worth it.  My favorite (Who's addicted? This girl!) is Boomshine...  Just look it up on there!

Oh, honey, no.
Oh, honey, no.

Go Fug Yourself

This one's a really recent addiction, and I don't even remember how I came across it. Fugly is the new pretty. Go Fug Yourself is a blog that keeps a running commentary on celebrity fashion do's and don'ts. The writers, Heather and Jessica, are hilarious, giving their opinions on red carpet hits and misses, and saying exactly what's probably running through the readers' minds as well. ("Oh, honey, no .")

The site seems to be updated every day, sometimes even a couple times a day. It's also super organized - to the right is a directory of every celebrity that's ever been fugged. Seriously - you want to amuse yourself? Check out pics of Lady Gaga, Kristen Stewart, or Fergie. Can you say trainwreck?

The girls at Go Fug Yourself do give credit where credit is due, with their occasional "Well Played" pictures. These girls have excellent taste.


Okay, yes, I know it's been around forever. But seriously... If you're bored and in need of something to do - search for Lady Gaga. Some of her videos are kind of weird. Her interview with BBC's Jonathan Ross is really weird. (What's with the teacup? It's not just a British/BBC thing. She takes one with her, like, everywhere she goes. (Gosh, maybe I should just write a hub about her.)


Here's some other YouTube favorites to search for, especially if you haven't seen them yet!

Search for:

  • Incredibad's/SNL's digital shorts
  • Numa Numa.  'Nuff said.
  • Slagsmålsklubben (or just search for Little Red Riding Hood)
  • Twouble with Twitters
  • Minor Bun Engine (Made Benny Lava)


I know, I know. Amazon's an oldie but goodie. For me, it's like window shopping on the Internet. Did you know you can make a Wish List for yourself? And add whatever you want to it!!! Forget writing a letter to Santa Claus... just slip him an e-mail around Christmas time. Amazon Wish Lists work just like bridal registries in department stores. You add whatever you want to your list, and you can update it and edit it whenever you want. A couple weeks before your birthday or Christmas, the items received/purchased list becomes hidden, so you don't spoil the surprise of someone buying you what you wanted. You can also register for baby stuff on Amazon as well.

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