5 new awesome ways to read any blog in blogger

Google unveiled a new offering for blogger today.

All blogger based blogs will now be available in 5 new cool layouts to read.

The layouts make the blog reading experience way better and give the control into the hands of the reader rather than the blogger.

I think this is a major step and one should expect more customization options appearing soon.

This is the original version of the blog if you access it via www.hospemag.com.

The layout is of a blogger template that is customized.

This is the flipcard view.
The view creates a card for each post and flips it over if you want to read more.

You can see this view at http://www.hospemag.com/view/flipcard

Gets more posts in the same space, but maybe it could have done more

This is the mosaic view.

My personal fav! I love the layout. You can easily scan all the latest updates and pick up what you want to read.

try it here http://www.hospemag.com/view/mosaic

A neat layout. I like the one post per page, it keeps the page uncluttered. The only glitch is clicking on all the topics

Try it here


A time based approach. Wonderful if you are looking for updates from a particular date.

Try it here


A wonderful images layout. Find something that attracts your attention and get to it.

try it here


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tell us which one you liked the most!

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