5 ways to make facebook friends fast

Do you need more Facebook friends fast...?

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So I and getting the feeling that you are looking for ways to speed up your friend number on Facebook....Right?

Ok , I will help you with this.I will share 5 ways on how to get 5000 friends fast on Facebook.

Notice!!!Facebook has a limit on each account at 5000 friends so when you are near that number you must stop adding more friends or else....goodbye account!So be careful these methods work and you have to use them at your own risk.

As I told you before in my two other posts Facebook is not allowing spam or anything like that.

Here we go :

Way number one:

You all must know the famous applications like "Mafia Wars" - "Farmville" etc...If not just use the search box in Facebook to find them.Finding them is not the point here.What we need is more friends.The important thing here is that millions of Facebook users use these game applications every single day, why is that important to us?Well they also need more "neighbours" more mafia crew etc.I hope that these methods wont ban my account here but anyway I will share.

Use the search box in Facebook and write "mass add" ,you will find your self on a page that shows all the results used from the search term we put in.

Go to one of them ...for example the first one "Mafia wars mass add " or something like that.This will redirect you the actual page or group ...Go on the discussion page and ....what do you see?Endless emails ,yes just emails ....These are emails of active Facebook users playing a game like mafia wars or farmville or something...Copy these emails to a TXT file on your desktop.You could find thousands of them so keep them all in one place.

After you have collected the emails got to your account settings and click edit friends.Somewhere there is an option that says "invite friends" go there and add the emails you have saved on your desktop.Write something like "cool profile I also play Mafia wars ,wana be friends? " and click invite.

Notice!!!!!!Be careful on how many invites you send per day.Misuse of this option may get your account disabled....You have been warned!

Way two:

If you are uncomfortable using the above method do this, go to the very same pages where you found the emails and copy the last post....Then reply to the post by adding your own email you use for your Facebook account....So you wont be adding any friends but others will add you.Safe and will never get your account in trouble.

Way three:

Go and buy friends...If you are in a hurry just use one of the services by typing : "buy facebook friends" on Google.Results may vary but must of them will deliver...I don't know maybe they use my first method who knows.

Way four:

On way three I told you to search on google ...Ok now go and search on fiverr.com .As soon as you land on Fiverr.com you will find what people are williing to do for $5...Yes $5...Go on the social networking option or use the search box to find what you are looking for ...

Way five:

Buy Facebook accounts with friends...Yes you can buy almost anything today....If you are an Internet Marketing expert or want to be one you will work your way around this.I can not give you url's on where to buy them but do a search and look in forums and other places don't read just the first 10 results of Google ....

I hope this is going to help some of you and do not forget that I have warned you ...misuse of some methods above could get your account disabled so be careful when you use them.

Leave me some comments ...Do you have an other way to get more friends fast?

I would love to know .

Take care!

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A Zero 2 years ago

You can also go to http://www.frienstr.com where you can chat anonymously at first and if you like the person you add him or her as your facebook friend.

fv 2 years ago

make a fake profile with a girlz name :-)

Nawab zada jatt 21 months ago

Nawab zada jatt

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