65 Inch Sony LCD TV

Sony Bravia 65" LCD HDTV W Series- The Best 65 inch Sony LCD TV

Whether you're looking to have some fun watching the game with a couple of your buddies or just wanting the extra digital expanse of a 65 inch Sony LCD TV for normal movie and TV enjoyment, you've come to the right place. The best possible televisions in the Sony line are probably the Bravia, and Sony have done well with themselves by creating the "W" series of Bravia for the consumers to seek their teeth into!

If you're looking for a good 65 inch Sony LCD TV, then the "W" series is definitely one you should look at. It comes with lots of extra accessories and equipment that you can buy later to spice up your television viewing, just in case it isn't enough by itself!

Check out some of the 65 inch Liquid Crystal Display Sony televisions below for more options and accessories

HDTV For the Rest of Us

Most consumers wonder about exactly how "HD" the current HD televisions are, and you end up scratching your head wondering what the heck 1080p or 720i mean after a while, normally. But not wtih the 65 inch Sony LCD TV, the Sony Bravia W. The Bravia 65" W Series LCD HDTV comes with a 16:9 aspect ratio, also offering 1920 x 1080 panel which allows it to show at 1080p input. Just as you would expect from Sony, this machine can support its magnificent Blu-Ray player and game machine the PlayStation 3 with no problem.

The mighty 65 inch Sony LCD TV that is the Bravia W also has a few faults, but none that are incapable of being fixed. You may end up seeing some motion blurring at points in the Bravia W's life time, but Sony has made sure to keep these instances low with their Motionflow technology, which offers the high end television a much higher refresh rate so you won't notice motion blurring at all.

Other Options

I do think the Bravia W is the best series of 65 inch Sony LCD TV, but there are other options aside from simply this if you want a high end, large television. Some of them are listed below. Keep in mind that the best of the the Sony W LCD TV is probably the Bravia Engine 3 which is just amazing when it comes to keeping the color and motion fresh. Most other HDTVs have similar concepts built in, but Sony is a leader in the industry because their technology is so great.

The Sony Bravia W may not be the most amazing of LCD televisions, but if you are looking for a good 65 inch or so LCD TV, you should definitely check it out!

Nonetheless, check out the Amazon results below for nicely priced alternatives to this hub's main topic.

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Clay Reynolds 3 years ago

This was a great review; we just picked up this same model Sony. The image and colors are tip-top! I work at DISH and a coworker advised I check your site out, and I couldn’t be happier, especially as it’s a fourth set. We picked it up after having the DISH Hopper installed, as we only had three TVs at the time and Hopper can give us full HD and DVR to four. The best part is, since having the Sony in that four-spot, it’s ended the DVR timer conflicts we had been having with only three TVs.

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