Ipod Nano White Screen: How to Avoid Sweat/Water Damage While Working Out

First the "Grip of Death", now white screened nano?

Alright is it just me or does this seem a little odd.

You buy a product for a specific purpose, use it for that purpose.

Product becomes disabled (malfunctions) because you are using it for what it is suppose to be for?

Sorry if I am confusing anyone.

Remember This

Grip of Death

Let me explain.

First, you have the iPhone 4th generation.

Used to make calls right?

Hold the cell phone firmly in your hand, when in use. You don't want to drop the precise piece of equipment now.

But, when you hold the cell with your whole hand, you loose bars which in turn causes a dropped call.

Now does this make sense?

So they offer a cover to "avoid" this from happening.

Sorry Apple we didn't know we couldn't do that............

Who did they really think their market really was?

I'm sorry ....I should use 2 fingers to hold my phone. Maybe I don't want my iPhone to fall out of my hand. So I hold it like a adult, and not a child.

Last time I checked it was geared towards business people and students.

Both sets of people are usually busy and on the go.

9 times out of 10 are holding/carrying more then just a phone in their hands/arms.

In turn secure the cell firmly so it doesn't fall.

There was no thought process behind that one.

Now you get the issue with the ipod nano 6th generation with sweat/water damage.

Yes I know that water and electronics don't mix, thats a given.

But don't market the nano to active individuals........

You explain how using Nike+ with ipod nano is a must for working out. The 2 go so well together, look at it as a coach.

Well then, I guess this coach died keeping up!!!

Now why in the world would you explain and try to sell people on a product that could and will malfunction because they are using it for what you told them.

Does that make sense?

Are they willing to offer a case for this too, since we can't use it for what you advertise?

Let that sit and marinate in your brain for a second.

Let me say that I don't mean to be bashing Apple, or their products for that matter.

I just believe this should be addressed, and has to be dealt with.

Personally I love Apple and have many of there products.

Yes there are flaws in many electronics, and always will be.

So this comes down to "How can we fix this problem?"

There are many 3rd party products on the market today to help resolve the water issue so it doesn't happen.

I highly recommend a armband or any other "water-proof" casing to protect against moisture touching the device.

A hands-free ear-buds with volume, and channel/track control is recommended or so you don't have to slow down your work-out.

Also you will have the ipod nano 6th generation running with you for years to come.

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