AT&T's A-List: Unlimited Talk for Free!

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On September 9th 2009 AT&T announce the adding of a no charge feature for new and existing AT&T customers going forward. In essence, this "new" feature is T-Mobile's 5 faves (already copied by Verizon and Alltel). The beauty in how AT&T has introduced this feature is that it is available to both current and new AT&T users. The disadvantage is that it is limited to specific price plans.

How It Works and Limitations

If you have an individual plan, you can put up to 5 numbers on your favorites list using you AT&T Online MyWireless account (please note Customer Service Cannot do this for you. You have to set it up online YOURSELF!), or if you have a family plan, you can add up to 10 numbers to your favorites list. Anytime you call one of these people on your "A-List" no minutes are used from your regularly allotted minutes regardless of the carrier. You still keep your rollover minutes and accumulate rollover minutes, which is the number one tag line for AT&T. Keep in mind, as always rollover minutes that are unused for on year from the day you get them expire.

Limitation are as follows:

~ Numbers are limited to those within the United States of America.

~ If the individual you are calling is roaming internationally, international long distance applies.

~ If you are roaming international roaming rates apply.

~ You must have a qualifying rate plan.


For individual plans that qualify it is the Nation Talk 900 plan and the Nation Talk 1350. If you have the Unlimited plan, you don't need the A-List since you have unlimited calling.

For family plans it is from the Family Talk 1400 and up. If you have the Family Unlimited talk, this does not apply because that plan is also unlimited talk.

If you have a qualifying plan, you can activate the "A-List" by logging into you Wireless Account Manager. If you wish to change to an eligible plan, you can do so without charge or contract renewal at anytime online or by calling AT&T Customer service by dialing 611 from your AT&T cell or by calling 1-800-225-5288 from any other phone.

Editing Your A-List

According to the AT&T press release, adding and removing numbers from your A-list is easy, but you should allow 24 hours for the changes to take effect. There is no limitation on changing numbers on your "A-List" at this time.

Numbers not allowed are 800 numbers, international numbers, 900 numbers and AT&T wireless numbers (since you get those for free anyways).

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gabbie 4 years ago

my at&t phone is not working and idk were to find a new one

ibbarkingmad profile image

ibbarkingmad 4 years ago from Utah Author

Check out this article I wrote on replacing AT&T phones on the cheap. Just remember, smart phones will cost you more to replace and the iPhone is just a waste of time if you are on a budget.

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