AWeber How To

AWeber How To

In E-Mail Marketing we speak of laws, registration forms, cancellations, opt-in, double opt-in, software to make submissions, e-mail in HTML, auto-responders, spam filter, statistics, etc, etc... With AWeber, a handful of clicks we arrange all the complicated issues in a very effective way and that is fun.

Create a list in 5 steps

1. List Options

In the first step choose the list name, description and e-mail. You can add a site with name, URL and logo to appear on pages that AWeber will create.
This step is extremely simple and takes less than 2 minutes to complete.

2. Confirmation Message

AWeber lists are "confirmed opt-in", ie, beyond the user having to ask to join, has yet to confirm this request via a confirmation message.
In this step you will configure the message that users receive the confirmation request. There are pre-defined messages, but are in English, so you may have to do a translation.
The purpose of this message is simply take the user to click a link to confirm your registration in the newsletter.

3. Create a welcome e-mail

After confirming the subscription, the user will receive the first message of the auto-responder, a welcome e-mail to the list.
In this step you will have the first contact with the fantastic message editor. You can choose one of the many newsletter templates in HTML and use the online editor to create your message.
The editor is very practical, with 3 tabs: Design, Source and Preview. Not very different from what we have in Wordpress, for example, and allows anyone to be able to create newsletters that look very professional.

4. Create a registration form

The list is ready to work, but we still need to create a form for users to sign up. This is one of the most important steps, because the growth of the list depends on the ability to attract subscribers.
Fortunately, AWeber offers a wide variety of methods to attract new subscribers, and it's all very simple to implement. You can create forms normal to put on a web page, pop-ups, pop-unders, exit pop-ups and hovers.

The pop-lightbox-hovers and hovers are the most effective methods of capturing e-mails. Appear over the content of the site and are impossible to block. Of course you can configure how often will you show the form to your visitors, not to bother them too much.

The form design is done with an editor similar to the messages and it lets you add as you like to take visitors to subscribe to the newsletter.

5. Testing

After placing the form on your site, just left you test the functioning of the newsletter. Sign up and waiting for the e-mail confirmation. Click on the link to confirm your registration. Immediately afterwards you should receive the welcome message.

Congratulations! Your newsletter is up and running. From here you can add more messages to the auto-responder, to create other forms and compare the conversion rates or create more lists.


The AWeber is really fantastic, but has a price. The monthly service depends on the number of emails you have in your lists. The base price is about $19 per month, and then grows with your success.
One thing is certain - it is very easy to get money from the lists, whatever the size. And the bigger the list, the more this is true.

  • Up to 500: $19
  • 501-2,500: +$10
  • 2,501-5,000: +$30
  • 5,001-10,000 : +$50
  • 10,001-25,000 : +$130

Try it for 1 dollar!

If after all, $19 seems very up to test the service, take the current promotion of only $1 for the first 30 days!

If you come to the conclusion that AWeber is not for you, you lose 1 dollar. Believe, it will be the best spent dollar of your life.

Comments 1 comment profile image 6 years ago from Carson City, NV

I'm a huge fan of Aweber... I liked their old pricing structure much better than the new one but the service is still worth the money!

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