Samsung Galaxy Phone Shop in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Reading few articles on the newspaper last week about technology and innovation and what a cool stuff that the world can make now. Amazing from smart to even more than smarter ones. Technology in term of smart phone which I guess everyone aware of this lately that we human being the belonging to the world and the master of the world can be entertained by touch screen product of latest mobile brand names and its technology.

I don't know how many of you use smart phone but at least you can feel something about it. Experiencing with modern smart phone for few time I think I like samsung and its design. Samsung is not for all but for sure for men and women who love it. My first mobile phone was not smart phone and either not a samsung phone. And when I start using samsung as my second phone just cool like it so much.

Samsung Galaxy S - Front

Samsung Galaxy S - Front by Aaronage, on Flickr
Samsung Galaxy S - Front by Aaronage, on Flickr

Black White Phone

Out of date phone that can only use for messaging and make telephone call. Not many people like to use it anymore. The disadvantage is because they don't have all the newest technology equipped with. I remember having a black and white phone 10 years ago and I still have the picture left and it was given to a phone shop because it is not usable anymore. Maybe they just display it for repair training.

2G Mobile Phone

There are still many people using 2G mobile phone, this 2nd generation is still good with color and sound device which is better than the first generation of mobile phone. I also use 2G phone at the moment. It has the good battery. But I prefer to bring a long more with me is 3G smart phone.

Smart Phone

As mentioned, I prefer smart phone among all the phone models. It is easy to use come with touch screen, camera, radio, big memory for music/data that make life become modern among the modern world.

I use samsung for many year now. Among many latest smartphone I think Sangsung smart phone attract many users to this new product. I am getting one this weekend. So I have to go around and check the local shop here if they have the best product and best price offer.

Smart Phones

What type of Smartphone you prefer?

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  • T-mobile
  • Nokia
  • Sony Ericsson
  • Samsung
  • Others
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When choosing a mobile phone I will need to consider the following options:

  • Good looking for me at any occasion
  • Charming mobile phone
  • Smart Phone with smart devices
  • Available devices for plug and play purposes
  • Audion quality of the smartphone
  • Camera quality of the product
  • Black or Chocolate color is for me
  • Back cover of phone
  • Connectors for this mobile phone
  • Program for mobile phone
  • Games for my mobile phone
  • Easy to synchronize data from PC to Phone and from Phone to PC
  • Good battery life time
  • Clear voice when making telephone call
  • Water proofing is possible
  • Radio options if available
  • HD video is cool

By the time i'm doing this research, I have more knowledge about smart phone and will get the best one at this weekend. I will definitely looking at first to Samsung Galaxy Smartphone as It comes to my mind to make research about this.

I'm checking local phone shop for Samsung Galaxy

A markerphnom penh, cambodia -
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
[get directions]

I'm looking for it at the local mobile phone shops. There are many shop in Phnom Penh to check from.

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Peter 4 years ago

useless page....

VUTHA 4 years ago

I would like to find Galaxy SII and want to know how much it is..

sok korng 4 years ago

i like Samsung Galaxy Y so much much for that?

borey 4 years ago

I am looking for samsung galaxy note who know the best shop?

sinn 4 years ago

My phone had a issue. It is a SAMSUNG GALAXY W, and it error software and program as well. I need you to help for solving my hand phone.

sarath_chea 4 years ago

I'm searching for a good quality smart phone as good as for my money. Where I can find to meet my expectation? Most of Sumsung mobiles are assembled in Vietname, Are they good as made in Korea?

Soley Ms. 4 years ago

Dear Madam,Sir

Greeting from Poi Pet City,

I have Samsung Galaxy S 4G (T959V) it screen was brock, so do you available it? any way i waiting your information.

Best Regard,

0977 464 400

piseth 4 years ago

I have problem with galaxy note: it was gotten stuck after the process of updating it to ics 4.0.3. can you recover it?

if could i would send you my phone to repair.

Piseth 092640872

Belle Hary 3 years ago

As soon as I want to buy a smart phone like Galaxy. which want that I chose between Galaxy S3, Not . . .? Tell the useful of them, please.

somnag coca 23 months ago

i want to buy samsung galaxy tap 4 how much?

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