Accessories for the Motorola XOOM Smart Tablet PC

There are many Motorola XOOM Accessories
There are many Motorola XOOM Accessories

The Best Accessories for XOOM Smart Tablet

There are a ton of new accessories available for the awesome new XOOM tablet PC by Motorola.

Below you will find that I've gathered the best and coolest accessories this or other tablet PCs.

Starter Kit for the XOOM

Safely carry your 7 to 10-inch Device with this EVA Hard Nylon shell cube carrying case. Protects your gadget from bumps, shock and scratches. Dual rubber zipper for added convenience. -Velcro strap holds your Device snugly in place to prevent it from falling when case is opened. inner pocket for small accessories such as CD, USB cable, pen and paper. Extra Mini Pocket to hold memory card. Case Interior Dimension: 10.5 x 7.5 x 1 Also includes a 4-inch ebigvalue TradeMark Determination Hand Strap Key Chain

  • Protect your Device from Bumps Dents and Scratches // Includes Additional Pocket and Memory Slots
  • Made of High Quality Hard Nylon Material with Plenty of Extra Space for Accessories
  • Build with 2 Smooth Zipper. Includes Interior Velcro Straps and 2 Exterior Handles
  • Also includes a 4-inch Hand Strap Key Chain

Motorola XOOM protective case starter pack
Motorola XOOM protective case starter pack
Blue Ultra Slim Edition Portable Protective Shoulder Carrying Cover Fitted Case For Verizon Motorola Xoom Tablet (Compatible with All Models)
Blue Ultra Slim Edition Portable Protective Shoulder Carrying Cover Fitted Case For Verizon Motorola Xoom Tablet (Compatible with All Models)

Ultra Slim Edition Fitted Shoulder Bag was built to protect your Motorola Xoom Tablet PC. The main compartment was build with extra patted cushion to protect your device from any small and big objects inside and outside your bag.

The bag is feature with an interior mesh pocket that can be useful for any keyboard or a slim accessory, also this bag is featured with a front pocket that can be used to place all of your tablets accessories or up to any additional gadgets such as cell phone, PSP, digital camera, or mp3 player and more.

Protect Your Motorola XOOM Smart Tablet PC with this durable and Slim Shoulder Bag

  • Main compartment its separate from all accessories to protect against scratches or damage.
  • Includes a USB Travel Car Charger Kit with Power Indicator light and feature with over-charge protection.
  • Built with durable ballistic nylon material.
  • Extra patted cushion for main pocket.
  • Extra pockets for accessories and keyboard.

The Skinomi Natural Wood Series Protector Film uses the latest break-through in mobile protection to provide a lightweight, protective barrier against damage to your Motorola Xoom.

At a mere .1 millimeter in thickness , the protective skin was engineered to withstand scratches, nicks and scrapes, without adding unnecessary bulk.

Featuring a classy, professional, and nature-inspired look that not only looks natural but is texturally identical to actual refinished Pine or Cherry wood, the film goes through a rigorous manufacturing process to provide accurate fitment and to allow full access to every function your the device.

Easy installation - Natural Wood Film does not require liquid or solution
Durability - Grade-A materials and unique adhesive properties create a longer lasting protective solution
Design - Precision manufacturing preserves your device's original design and does not affect its functions
Added Bonus - Kit includes the Original TechSkin Screen Protector which is visually invisible and does not yellow or fade.
Made in the USA

Portable Bluetooth Wireless Universal Keyboard (Silver) for Motorola Xoom
Portable Bluetooth Wireless Universal Keyboard (Silver) for Motorola Xoom

Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard for XOOM

This portable Bluetooth wireless Keyboard is perfect for those who want to use a physical keyboard with their XOOM tablet and smartphones, etc. Just turn on the Bluetooth, pair your device with "BK-6062", and start using the keyboard instantly! Whether you are texting, or browsing the web, this keyboard will provide a simpler way to do so. This keyboard is suitable to use for speeches, presentations, meetings, etc.

Don't be perceived as obsolete and pick up this keyboard today and start making entertainment convenient. Instruction Sheet Included.

The keyboard measures approximately: 8.5" x 4.5" x 0.1". Comes in two colors: Silver, Hot Pink.

Car Headrest Mount Holder For Motorola Xoom
Car Headrest Mount Holder For Motorola Xoom

A person sitting in the backseat of a car can have a handy surface to hold their tablet PC.  This seat rest holder will work great with a Motorola XOOM.

  • Easily attaches to headrest posts - No installation required
  • Adjustable clamps to fit all car models
  • Adjustable tilt for ultimate viewing experience
  • Great for keeping the kids entertained during those long trips
  • Connect your Player to cars stereo system with included AUX cable

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Interesting, can't wait to see what the wifi-only version will cost!

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