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How to resolve error “Cannot open your default email folders…” with ost 2 pst converter

Utility of MS Outlook and MS Exchange Server is varied at corporate level, Exchange Server is repository of all the user mailboxes in EDB or Exchange Database files on the server. For this purpose there is a separate profile or mailbox created for every user which can be accessed with Exchange Server email client i.e. MS Outlook. Moreover, OST files are exact replica of the data of user mailbox and these files are saved on local computer system.

While users work offline and try to access mail data from Exchange Server, their MS Outlook account synchronizes with Exchange Server to update the OST file automatically that convert them into PST format.

At times, there can be issues when OST file is not able to get converted to PST file format. Thus, the data saved in ost file becomes inaccessible. In order to resolve this issue, you first need to manually convert OST to PST with the help of third party ost to pst conversion software.

For instance, at workplace, when you try to initiate MS Outlook and synchronize the offline work that you performed with MS Exchange Server, and then in that case, you might encounter following error message:

Cannot open your default email folders. The file *.ost is not an offline folder file.”

This error indicates, ‘*.ost’ is the extension of your Offline Storage Table or OST file, that is created by MS Outlook while you configured it to work with Exchange Server. Outlook creates OST file perfectly. This disturbing behavior of your OST file can make all your important email data inaccessible.

For this very reason you might develop the need to opting for OST repair tool to resolve this OST corruption issue. There might be two possible reasons behind the occurrence of this error message:

  1. The OST file is damaged and hence MS Outlook is not able to recognize the OST file. This is why MS Outlook reports this error.

  2. The ost file allied to a particular Exchange Server mailbox cannot be opened with MS Outlook, it can happen due to synchronization

For such circumstances, you are required to opt proper steps like ost pst conversion with the help of a third party ost 2 pst converter. OST 2 PST converter is a potential resolution to perform ost pst conversion and recover data from inaccessible OST file effectively. This OST 2 PST converter helps you to convert all OST file objects in PST file format to and make the data accessible again. You can even download the demo version for this tool for free evaluation.

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