Action Dog Games For Every Skill Level Come To Online Game Website

There are many action games on the new game website where you can have fun with all types of dogs doing all types of things. There are action games in which dogs are the bowling ball and you have a hand and slide the pup across the kitchen floor. You control the speed and angle and can play against the computer on another online player.

In order to play against another online player, you must first sign up for a free account, however, there is nothing to buy and nothing to agree to except to have fun on with the action games that feature dogs. If you don't want to sign up for a free account, you have 100 game plays before they ask you to sign up for a free account, but remember you will be playing against the computer instead of other online gamers if you don't sign up for a free account.

There are many action games for everyone's taste and skill level at this online game site. There is a version of Pac man in which the Pac man is replaced by a fluffy dogs head and the 'monsters' have been replace by smiling cat faces and the 'energy pills' have been replace by big, juicy bones for the dog heads to eat. Once the dog head eats the 'energy bone' the cat monsters turn blue just like in the traditional game and the chase is on for the extra points.

Action games such as Save the Dog will have you laughing as you try to save the poor pup from exploding as the flame on the rocket ship is lit and you have to try to blow it out. Another one of the many action games is Tobby Dog Kingyo in which you are fishing for gold fish with a piece of rice paper. The skill set is difficult in this action game, but the fun is not!

Party Pooper Dog is one of the action games you will find on this new website in which Rotor the dog is flying high above the Marti Gras and is trying to avoid being shot by rockets. What he needs to stay alive and get closer to leaving is the red balloons - more energy in the red! Sonny the little Mexican dog needs help navigating around the town square where he gets to eat dog bones and tries to avoid the dog catcher with your help.

Toby Dog Crane is another action adventure game in which you must not let the evil dog rob you of your Jelly gifts! One of the other action games features a sheep dog - that would be you - and your job is to heard the sheep before the wolf can catch them. It's a great exercise in hand-eye coordination and action packed! Of course there is the traditional 'save the girlfriend' action games in which Toby the dog is placed in a slingshot and catapulted across the way to help save his beloved.


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