Advantages of smaller size tablets

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Mid Size Tablets - the smaller counterpart

With the recent announcement and released of Apple’s iPad tablet mini, the mobile electronic market has been thrown into a world of frenzy. Mobile consumers wanted to know if it is worth buying the particular device. What are the benefits and advantages of iPad mini tablet over its larger size counterparts? Is it the first on a whole new line of Apple mid-size tablet products? Is it better than android tablets - specifically the largely popular galaxy tablets?

Thanks to Apple, the smaller size tablet industry has gained more popularity to an already well accepted product. 7.0 inch tablets are very popular for a wide variety of people – from kids, young adults, and even to users who are on the business sector. This post aims to highlight the advantage of smaller tablets compared to its larger 10-inch counterpart. What are the features that these products have that makes it very appealing.

Some samples of smaller (mid) size tablets

Benefits and Advantages of mid size tablets

For obvious reasons, one of the main selling points of 7 inch tablets is its physical size. It offers more freedom of mobility since it is lightweight and smaller. However, even though it is smaler in physical size - it is not in any way a limitation of its features.

Whether it is the iPad tablet mini or an android tablet, most 7 inch tablets possess the core features and functionality of its 10-inch counterpart. For example, consumers who have invested or already owns a reasonably priced GoGroove wireless Bluetooth headphone can use it to enjoy countless audio files in a mid size tablet because it also supports Bluetooth connectivity as well as the file storage capacity of such devices may vary from 8, 16, or 32 gigabytes (depending on the model / brand).

Another important feature to consider is that some 7 inch galaxy tablets offer smart phone functionality. Needless to say, in the heavily saturated mobile phone market, bigger screen is apparently better – and sells better too. Many news agencies and websites has validated that sales figures of Samsung’s Galaxy S3 and Note II has overtaken Apple’s iPhone 5 – the latest flagship model of the popular iPhone. Some may argue that a couple of 10 inch tablet models also offer smart phone functionality. Unfortunately, such devices cannot be doubled as a smart phone as it is already too big to conveniently carry. Obviously, with a 7.0 inch smart phone galaxy tablet, the need to carry a separate smartphone is no longer necessary.

Why go for smaller size tablets?

Lastly, 7.0 inch tablets are not priced as high as its 10 inch counterpart. For readers who are wondering, just because it is cheaper, it doesn’t follow that it is of lower quality. Depending on the model, a 7.0 inch tablet may have the following decent-to-powerful specifications:

  • 1 GHz (or above) dual / quad core processor
  • 8 / 16 / 32 gigabytes with some capable of supporting micro SD card up to an additional 32 gig of storage
  • Built in stereo speakers
  • Wifi, Bluetooth, 3G / 4G connectivity with some capable of sharing their internet connection (Wifi hotspot functionality)
  • Longer battery life
  • Has both rear and front facing camera
  • Supports the latest operating system from Android
  • Acceptable display at 1024x600 with other models supporting 1280x800

That’s just about it. 7.0 inch tablets are highly advisable for consumers who are budget conscious but want the core features and functionalities of 10.0 inch tablets.

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