Air Sharing HD; iPad application review

Air Sharing HD review; iPad Application

Apple Ipads’ are the latest techno gadgets in town right now, and are definitely a must have for everyone. You do not know what you are missing until you are exposed to this sophisticated utility. You will love all its features and multiple functions to include top-notch applications like the Air sharing HD, which have made measurable improvements in many users’ lives.

From research and findings, air-sharing HD is one of the most favorite of all iPad applications, especially for its outstanding characteristic on the large screen of the gadget. This application allows you to wirelessly connect your iPad in the form of a drive to your computer to enable it upload files. In addition, the application allows you to view, share and print the files you upload into PDF to Excel documents.

Air sharing HD has solemnly solved the dilemma or difficulties in file transfers. This application moves files between PC and iPad without the use of iTunes. You can also on your iPad download email attachments and view them directly on your PC without stress or troubles. There are a whole lot of other fascinating features that compliment well with this application.

Air sharing HD is one of the coolest applications on an iPad and although this application may be a little pricey, its functions are full justification for the price. This application is very stable and speedy in its operations; it is well designed, easy to use and streamlined. Other outstanding features include its creation of a wireless hard disk, access to printing documents, easy email attachment downloads, easy viewing access of files as they load, in building emailing, mounting of remote file servers and more.

Air sharing HD enables you create a virtual network in just minutes, and this network can be accessed from any browser on your computer. Once connected, all you need to do is simply drag and drop the files to be transferred and in no time, you will be done with the whole process. IPad is great, they support many different file formats. In fact, this brand of utility is highly recommended worldwide. Buy yours now from the links below!


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