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One nifty way to harness the power of user-generated content is by way of Amazon Bestseller lists and RSS feeds. Name a product or category - and Amazon probably has a Bestsellers, Top Rated, Hot New Releases, Movers & Shakers, Most Gifted, or Most Wished For list that updates every hour - on the hour.

If you’ve never worked with RSS feeds, they may seem a little tedious and complicated - but they are actually just another form of hyperlink - and if you’re a Hubber, you probably already know something about hyperlinks.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Click on any category at Amazon Bestsellers (on the Books category, for example).
  • Scroll toward the bottom of the page until you find the words “RSS Feed.”
  • When you click on the link below “RSS Feed” that says “Subscribe to: Bestsellers > Books” - an RSS feed will display as a web address at the top of your browser.
  • Paste the RSS feed (web address) that shows up in your browser into a Hub RSS capsule - and you have effectively harnessed sales data from Amazon’s rather massive customer base.

The user-generated content angle is basically that Amazon's customer base across the board updates your HubPages RSS feeds as they purchase products enough to cause a certain item to rise to the top of an Amazon Bestsellers list.

Amazon even allows you to add your Amazon Associates tag (Associates ID) at the end of your RSS feed to obtain a percentage of sale from the feeds - which is interesting to think about if you know how to automate blog posts. The page that links from the “Learn more” link - (illustration to the right of this text) - to the right of “RSS Feed” - describes how to copy and paste the sample RSS feed on the page - then replace the end section of the RSS feed with your Associates ID - for whatever Bestsellers niche you happen to be writing Hubs about.

If you are an overseas spouse, and not writing Hubs, you should start. It's a great way to pass the day and make a little money along the way.

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sean kinn profile image

sean kinn 4 years ago from Key West and Budapest Author

Update: Looks like Amazon Associates Program regular link creator (Link to Any Page) generates the Amazon RSS feeds (with affiliate ID) so you don't have to manually create feeds based on the how-to at this page: Maybe everyone but me already knew that, and it's not major news? :-)

Jenafran profile image

Jenafran 4 years ago from Tampa Bay Florida

Interesting! Voted up!

sean kinn profile image

sean kinn 5 years ago from Key West and Budapest Author

Will-do on checking out your Hub Optimization Hub. I'll go there now and read through it, then comment at length in the morning (Budapest time), if that's OK. My head is clearer for writing early in the a.m. :-)

CostReductionGuru profile image

CostReductionGuru 5 years ago

Sean, Please read my hub optimization hub page and give me you thoughts.

sean kinn profile image

sean kinn 5 years ago from Key West and Budapest Author

As soon as allows more automated-RSS-feed-blog-posts, one of my goals is to use the Amazon Associates Program version of the Amazon RSS feeds to automate as many blogs in niche areas as possible. I have 3 blogs automated in this fashion right now; here's one []. They look rinky-dink, but are functional, which is all I care about at this point. Thanks for the comments. :-) Sean

CostReductionGuru profile image

CostReductionGuru 5 years ago

I have bookmarked this to incorporate into my HubPage optimizing strategy.

Ms Dee profile image

Ms Dee 5 years ago from Texas, USA

Good to hear about this. Thanks for this guide. I just may try this!

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