Amazon’s Price Check iPhone App | Scan Products with your Cell Phone

Get a Price Comparison From your iPhone with Amazon’s Price Check App

The Amazon Price Check app allows you to do a price check on products that you find in the store and compare those products with the products on Amazon. This allows you to get the best price whether you choose to buy the product in your hand or order the same product through Amazon and it's multitude of third party merchants. The new Amazon app offers so much for consumers to enjoy and benefit from.

I know what you're thinking this isn't much different than Amazon's already popular shopping cart but this app offers so much more for you the consumer to enjoy and it is easy to use. Amazon has included many more options for checking the price of the products that you buy in the store. This allows for you to take those though decisions and easily break them down so you make a smart buy.

How to Use the Amazon Price Check App

The options for using the Amazon’s Price Check app surpass anything that you might have used before to do your comparison shopping.

  • Say it- You have the option to open the app and chose the "Say it" option and Amazon will then crawl through it's database and find what you are looking for. You know that it is time for you to use this option when the app assures you it's ready by text on your iPhones screen that says "I'm listening"
  • Snap it- This option opens your smart phones camera and allows you to take a picture of books, CD's, Video Games and Movies then Amazon will then find that product and gives you a price. The app reminds you that it “works best in good light with a book, DVD, CD, or video game." The app works for any kind of media based products but Amazon is working to improve this option to allow for more types of products
  • Type it - Choose this option and simply type in the name of the product and Amazon searches the product and gives you a price comparison right on your iPhone.
  • Scan it - Now this is the cool part, the app actually allows you to scan a product with your smart phones camera. No matter what the product if you have a iPhone 4 or 3GS with an auto-focusing camera for a high-quality resolution of the barcode you can take a picture of the barcode and Amazon searches the product and finds it for you.

Get the Price Check by Amazon

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