An Overview Of DaaS - Desktop As A Service

DaaS - Desktop as a Service Solutions

DaaS - Desktop as a Service is a subscription based service which means they have already paid any software licenses for the applications that are used for in house operations or mobile offices and maximum security is provided. All of this greatly reduces overhead of the traditional computer departments.

This Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) can be tailored to the clients needs and the software installed to allow your employees to work with the client software from in house machines. The software may be on your machine, but only the client side and data files are stored on the server side at DaaS. This means all of the employees can access the same project files and work together without interfering with each others progress.

By configuring your operations in such a simple manner as this, means your in-house machines can be 'dumb terminals' connected to the most basic computer configuration which is just enough to run the client side software. This requires no IT professional on your payroll, while the rest of the computer operation is at the other end on the servers. This is a great cost reduction.

The software which is needed for this type of computing power is offered by many different companies, not just the most famous 2 or 3, which means you can save even more money by not being restricted to those expensive vendors. There is less maintenance on inhouse software because everything is configured at the bare minimum amount of hardware involved.

This simplicity offers greater ease of installing and deploying new desktops, applications and therefore reduces the costs. There is much less down time on the server side since they have redundant machines that are ready to take over in the event of some kind of failure.

DaaS offers superior security since all of that is dealt with at the server side through their server configuration and prevents tampering and hacking which could undermine your critical data. Allowing secure remote access 24/7/365 means your staff and mobile employees have day and night access.

If lowering overhead and improving security are the most important issues facing your business, then using this 'as a service' system could be your best bet. DaaS - Desktop as a Service is intended to improve your operations by minimizing your capital outlay. Paying for this subscription service could eliminate your corporate headaches and failed machines while saving time and money.


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