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ICE In Case of Emergency by Appventive
ICE In Case of Emergency by Appventive | Source

An Essential Android App

There are a lot of Android apps that people say "they need". The truth is, that with most of these apps they are just "wants" and not really "needs". If you really want an Android app that you would be smart to ensure that you, your loved ones and your friends understand that they NEED it's ICE: In Case of Emergency developed by Appventive.

Personally, after learning about this Android Market app, I made my kids and wife download it and fill out all the pertinent information. It's just that important.

Being in an accident or finding yourself incapacitated can be frightening and life threatening. What will first responders do if they have no idea how to contact emergency contacts, your medication allergies or any pertinent medical history. Well, now all they have to do is check out your smart phone.

In Case of Emergency is great because it works right on your home screen. That means that whether your phone is locked by password, pin, or pattern your emergency medical information will still be available to first responders. This is the greatest feature of this app. And don't worry, no other part of your phone will be accessible-only the In Case of Emergency situation.

Features of the Android Market App ICE: In Case of Emergency Include:

+ A list of people to call -- can call directly from the app
+ Insurance information
+ Doctor names and numbers -- can call directly from the app
+ Allergies
+ Medical Conditions
+ Medications
+ Any special instructions or other information you wish to provide

You can even change the settings if you're traveling abroad to make sure that locals will be able to access and understand the information you've provide on your Android Smart Phone. Currently the available languages are Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Spanish and Swedish, but the app developer, Appventive, is actively seeking translators to help develop the app into different languages.

This is not a FREE app. In Case of Emergency costs $3.99 to download on the Android Market, but isn't safety and peace of mind worth it? Let me know what you think.

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