Apple IPod Touch - A Quick Review

Here it is the IPod Touch - 3rd Generation

IPod Touch
IPod Touch

Apple IPod Touch - A Personal Review


This is my personal review of the Apple IPod Touch 2nd and 3rd Generation, 8GB, 32GB and 64GB Models. I wanted the reader to have the opportunity to see the Pros and Cons before they consider buying the IPod Touch. The information is totally accurate, but any opinions are my own. All photos came from the web site where you can find all the technical spec and all other positive info on the Touch.


The IPod Touch is a multi-touch interface IPod that allows you to finger flick on the screen, through your own music, movies, TV Programmes, Games, Photos, Audiobooks and Podcasts It also allows you to browse online using the built in Wi-Fi and is in-sync with the I-Tunes store so you can loan or buy at your pleasure.

Typical Screen View of the Touch

Apple IPod Touch
Apple IPod Touch

Lists and Web Pages

Choose from the lists
Choose from the lists

The CONS of the Apple IPod Touch

Ten things you will really need to know about the Apple IPod Touch

  1. The 8GB and 16GB are 2nd generation models and were released in September 2008, so if you're after one of these then it's an older version - like last year. The latest 3rd Generation was released in September 2009 and they are the 32GB and 64GB models only and all models only come in the colour silver.
  2. It is very expensive compared to the IPod Classic and IPod Zune which both hold thousands more songs than the 8GB, 16GB and 32GB Touch models.
  3. You must sync the Touch at the very beginning to the I-Tunes store, otherwise you can spend ages waiting for the music store to load without getting anywhere. Quite tedious, but gives you the chance to download other files onto your Touch, as well as updates and freebees from the Apple web site.
  4. You have to set up your own internet connection sites through the Wi-Fi setting and then go through this every time you want to surf the web, so this is not a one touch function, but It's not that difficult to do once you get the hang of it.
  5. The Touch doesn’t have an FM Tuner so you are stuck with whatever Apple has set up.
  6. You don’t have the capability to share music with your friends like the Zune.
  7. The Zoom also has a wireless sync function which the Touch does not.
  8. If you buy a new song or movie from I-Tunes you have to re-sync the Touch on your PC or Mac before you can make it part of your collection.
  9. The Touch has no external memory slots, so what you buy is what you get.
  10. You can’t connect to any external subscription music providers so you are stuck with whatever ITunes has to offer and at their prices.


Touch is very slim


The 'Shake' Function of the Touch

Touch 'Shaker'
Touch 'Shaker'

The PROS of the Apple IPod Touch

Ten things you will really love to know about the Apple IPod Touch

  1. The Touch is the thinnest IPod around at 8mm and it weighs less than all the others at 4.05oz.
  2. There are only two buttons, Home / Quickie and Sleep/Wake up, so everything else is pure onscreen finger flicking.
  3. The 8GB holds 1,750 songs, 32GB holds 7,000 and the 64GB holds 14,000 songs plus the 64GB’s capability to hold 80 hours of video and 40,000 photos with up to 30 hours of music playback.
  4. The 3rd Generation 32GB and 64GB have voice activation capabilities, so give it quick easy voice prompts like ‘shuffle’, ‘pause’ or ‘next’ and it will do just as you tell it it talks back to you as well. These models are also twice as fast as any other and they come with their own earphones, remote and mic in the box.
  5. Give it a shake and your music will change to another one on your list...quick and easy for the 8GB or when you don’t have the mic set up.
  6. Genius software gives you the chance to mix up some of your favourite tunes yourself and then store the mixes for playing over again. It also selects songs from your list that you want to listen to at that time without you having to search for them ...Genius.
  7. You can also download movies, TV Progs, audio podcasts and books and it will let you complete any partial downloads when you sync it on your PC or Mac. You could learn a new language on the move!
  8. 3.5mm Widescreen allows you to view movies and anything else on wonderful widescreen mode, just hold the Touch on its side and that’s it. This also gives you a chance of seeing more than one page on the web at one time and gives you the chance to flick through albums and pictures without having to wait for the screen to change.
  9. It has Built-in Wi-Fi and Safari web browser so you can go online anywhere you have a Wi-Fi set up, like the pub or the cafe or a friend’s place.
  10. Maps are loaded onto the Touch so you won’t get lost, plus loads of other functions like, a Qwerty keyboard for those messages on Facebook, Bluetooth set up, holds thousands of Photos, Apple downloadable Games that are controlled by movement of the Touch..the list goes on...

Voice Activated 3rd Generation 32GB & 64GB Models

Voice Control
Voice Control

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I hope you enjoyed my quick review and you found it useful...spend your money wisely and enjoy!....Foz

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bluejim398 7 years ago

This was great now made up my mind to not buy one

Rob 7 years ago

I think you should also compare it to the apple iphone. i believe it does pretty much the same things as the touch, but has the added bonus of also being a phone - not sure about the price though!

Anand 6 years ago

Your article is good but you mention about Zoom in two places. I think you refer to Microsoft Zune Playere here.

Anand -

Sandyy 6 years ago

This is ipod im getting :)

Foz profile image

Foz 6 years ago from Lichfield, Staffordshire Author

That's fantastic hope this helped your choice

Sandy 6 years ago

Yeah can get lots of apps, free games, use wifi in the house and at school, plus all my music =]

Foz profile image

Foz 6 years ago from Lichfield, Staffordshire Author

fab - you are soooooooooooo lucky, what did you get - the 16, 32 or 64GB version?

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