Apple Is Facing Severe Competition

Cook (Alastair And Not Tim) Is Doing Well

Cook (Alastair And Not Tim) Is Doing Well
Cook (Alastair And Not Tim) Is Doing Well | Source
Cook (Alastair And Not Tim) Is Doing Well
Cook (Alastair And Not Tim) Is Doing Well | Source

Imitation Apple Products Galore In China

Technology Goes Outdated Often

Apple is concerned that its share price has dropped by around 20% since September. Apple considers Google and Samsung as its cut throat competitors. It has filed so many patent cases against them all over the world. But when it comes to the question of acquiring Kodak patents, Apple has tied up with Google. Apple has experienced the biggest loss in four years in the form of loss of its market capitalisation to the tune of billions of dollars. It is trying its best to step up the sale of its products. But what was considered at one time as innovative products has now become outdated. Technology moves so fast. What was yesterday goes to pieces today and what is today is no more tomorrow. Apple is lagging behind in innovation and is allowing its competitors to override it.

Indians Are Not Heavy Spenders Online

Apple has introduced iTunes in India now. Its online media store is now available for the Indian users of iPad, iPod and iPhone. Books, movies and music can be purchased from the store in Indian rupees now. But Indians are not heavy spenders online. When it comes to the question of music, books and movies, they prefer to enjoy free or pirated products which are available plenty. Why should Indian pay money and enjoy these things when they are available for the asking free of cost or at a low price? An Indian movie is available for as little as Rs.15 legally after some time of its release.

IPhone 5 Has Nothing For Indians

Samsung has accused that Apple iPad mini has infringed its patent rights on radio signalling technology. Apple and HTC have smoked the peace pipe finally in licensing disputes. Apple has been ordered to pay $368 million in a patent infringement case in the use of an application Facetime that facilitates video calls on mobile devices. Apple’s Wi-Fi only iPads sold 3 million in number in the first 3 days of its launch. iPhone 5 launch has been a success in India. Immediately after the launch of iPhone 5, the price of iPhone 4 has come down. It is being sold at Rs.26500 in India. But one could bargain with the dealers and reduce the price still further. But there is hardly any difference between the earlier and the new version notwithstanding the introduction of fast Internet facility LTE. Anyway LTE networking does not exist in India. In some parts of India, LTE, the 4G network has been launched just now by Airtel. Other new features in iPhone 5 are also out of bound for Indians because they involve use of Apple maps and Siri. In fact I would personally advice Indians to go for the Samsung Galaxy models in smartphones with Android platform as they offer more value for the money spent compared to the price of Rs.45000 on iPhone 5. The craze of iPhone 5 will die down soon if it has not already happened.

Imitation Apple Products Galore In China

Apple’s new iPad mini at $329 with 16 GB is also of no attraction. It has 7.9 inch screen. Amazon was the first to prove to the world that a 7-inch tablet at $200 could sell fast. The Kindle Fire was priced at $199. Google’s Nexus 7 is also a better bet. Apple hoped that iPad Mini will keep the rival tablets away but what is happening is it is eating into the share of the original iPad. Apple has opened its biggest Asian store in Beijing, giving importance to the Chinese market. But there are many imitations of iPad, iPod and iPhone existing in China. It is very difficult to control these imitations in the absence of cooperation from the communist government in China.

Airline Companies Are Benefitted By Apple

Apple has inadvertently done a benefit to the airfreight industry. Shipment of iPhones by air has come as a bonanza to the languishing airfreight industry. But Samsung has accused Apple that iPhone 5 is infringing on 8 patents. The lifting of Galaxy Tab 10.1 sales by a US court has come as a shot in the arm for Samsung and an embarrassment to Apple. Apple has apologized for the glaring errors in its Apple Maps service. Apple has also lost a patent case against Samsung and Motorola in Germany. A labour dispute has shut down a plant tied to Apple in China.

Cook (Alastair And Not Tim) Is Doing Well

But there is good news about Apple also. It has rolled out updated operating system for the mobile phones. iPhone 5 has brought in 2 million pre-orders. iPhone 5 has been applauded because it is thinner, faster and lighter. It is considered as Apple’s answer to Samsung. Apple won a lawsuit against Samsung and was awarded $1 billion damages for infringement of iPad and iPhone patents in San Jose, California. Will the new chief Cook shine as much as Steve Jobs? Right now Cook is performing exceedingly well. I am not mentioning about the Apple chief Tim Cook but talking about England cricket team’s captain Alastair Cook who is notching up big runs in the test series against India. Will Tim Cook also do so in India? But it seems Cook is giving more importance to China than India.


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