Apple iPhone 4 Disaster

Look at that beautiful device!! Dont you feel that you should own it? Would it not look good on you when you talk on it in a crowded place with people giving you envious glances.? I am sure you would like to own such a phone that is someones envy but an owners joy and a manufacturer's Pride. But, exercise caution, is it worth the price or the inevitable pain which shall follow once you have bought it.

Well folks enough has been said about the big flaw on iPhone 4 on the internet. There are thousands of articles that actually ridicule the phone's basic design flaw. See and to really understand why people should stay away. Our friend Steve Jobs needs a lesson in PR and should not try to teach people how to hold phones. Accept your mistake, be man (or company enough) to accept the flaw and take measures to repair it. Though there may be a temporary loss of face, in the long run the public shall be more forgiving on this lapse if the company accepts the problems, fixes it and moves along.

However, Apple, the worlds most valuable tech company is loath to accept its mistakes. It thinks that designing a great looking device is everything and the customer is fool enough to lie down and accept it. The verdict - Buy it only after the fix!!! As simple as that. The iphone 3 GS is still your best bet.

The new iPhone 4
The new iPhone 4

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