Apple iPhone Water Damage

Did your iPhone or iPhone 3GS just experience water damage? If so, read on for details on what to do, how to save it, and if all else fails, how you can get a new one at the Apple store.

Recently, I completely damaged my boyfriend's iPhone. How? I did the worst possible thing and threw it into the washer.

I had no idea it was in the pockets of his robe! Somehow, he had put it there after waking up. I, trying to be a great girlfriend, decided to wash all of his clothes, even his robe. Unfortunately, for the both of us, his iPhone was in it.

So, what to do if this happens? Well, after completely panicking, we started to do a ton of research and found a lot of information about what to do.


Easy Steps to Follow for iPhone, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 Water Damage

Below are 12 easy steps to follow if you're iPhone has experienced water damage. Read on below for more details on each step.

  1. Do not turn it on - that means, do not touch any buttons.
  2. Do not turn it on - that means again, do not touch any buttons!
  3. Do not turn it on - again, this will cause the phone to short circuit if there is ANY amount of water in it
  4. Take it out of the case and remove the sim card.
  5. Shake out any extra water.
  6. Use a blow dryer on low heat for about 15 minutes to try to blow air through it and get rid of some of the water. Make sure it is on low heat.
  7. Shake it out again.
  8. Put it in a bag of rice, make sure it is completely covered

  9. Leave it in the rice bag for 2 -3 days if your phone was in water for less then a few minutes and 6-7 days if your phone was in water for more than that.

    Each day, take it out of the rice and use the blow dryer on low heat again for an additional 15 minutes. Then, put it back in the bag of rice.
  10. After 2-3 days you can check to see if it is still wet by shaking it a little to see if any water comes out. Sometimes, water may not come out so if you want to be sure, leave it there for 4-5 days.
  11. After you've left it in the rice bag for enough time, then try and turn it on to see if it works.

Remember: This is not foolproof, but it has worked for many people. The whole point of putting it in rice is to help it dry and remove the moisture.

What to do if you just damaged your Apple iPhone, iPhone 3GS, or iPhone 4

First, do not turn the phone back on. By instinct, I wanted to turn it on to see if it was working. However, if you do this, the phone will short circuit because you are putting electricity through it while there is still water in it. Water in an electronic device may not break the item. However, too many times, people turn on the item right after to check if it is still working. The act of turning it on causes you to put electricity through it. Before, when it was off, no electricity was running through it. By putting electricity through something that has water in it, you will cause the item to short circuit.

I repeat this a couple of times just so everyone understands. If you can dry out the item and remove the water, it just might work. The water will eventually cause the electronics inside to rust, but it may not cause the item not to work.

So, after not turning on the item, what do you do? You try to dry it out. You let it sit. Some people recommend putting the iPhone in rice. Take a large amount of rice, put it in a gallon ziploc bag, and then stick your iPhone in the middle of it. You don't have to wrap it or anything, the rice won't damage it. See the video below for an example of how you do this. Basically, the rice will help to suck the moisture out. If you try this method, change the rice each day. Another method is to apply some form of heat against the phone - whether it is your blow dryer or a small room heater. You want to run low heat air through it for 30 min. to an hour every couple of hours. This will help dry out the moisture. Your entire goal is to help remove the moisture. Until you know the moisture is completely gone, do not turn it on. Depending on the amount of water, some people have recommended waiting anywhere from 2 to 7 days.

Finally, after doing all of that, slowly turn on your phone. Surprisingly, for many people, these methods of waiting and drying out the phone completely worked. Many people online had accidentally dropped their phone in the pool, tub, sink or some other source of water. For us, none of this work since the phone had been washed and sat in water for more than 30 minutes. However, if you drop your iphone into water for only a few seconds or a minute, then, a lot of times, drying it out will cause it to work again.

Apple store policy and procedures for water damaged iPhones, iPhone 3GS, iphone 4 water damage

One other tip. If it doesn't work, or it doesn't work right, you can now get it replaced for $199 at the Apple store. Previously, they wouldn't replace it since water damage automatically voids the warranty. Yes, the 2 year or 1 year warranty you have is not safe if you get water damage. There are 4 sensors on your phone (picture examples are below) - 2 that you can't get to while opening, and the other 2 that you can see. The first one is in the small round hole on top left of the phone (the earpiece hole), and the other one is in the bottom middle that separates the connector. If you shine a light and look at either of these, the sensor will be pink if water has touched this area. Because of this pink sensor, the folks at the Apple store will not honor your warranty which is what happened to me and my boyfriend.

But, the good news for us all is that Apple has now changed its policy. If you have a water damaged iPhone (pink sensors!), Apple will now allow you to replace it for a refurbished phone for a lower cost. It's $199 for a refurbished phone and the warranty is only 90 days, but this is a huge difference between the full price of $599 or $699 contract free phone that we had to pay to replace the water damaged phone. Also, don't forget, if you've bought your phone from Best Buy or used a credit card that offers protection, you may be able to get some of your money back or get the phone replaced for free. Don't miss out on these options since you will have to pay to replace the water damaged phone.

Repair Option

If your sensors are pink and your iPhone is not working even after you've tried to dry it using the steps above, then you may want to consider sending it to a repair shop. Millieamp is a service that can potentially repair your damaged iPhone. For a small fee, they will first start out by evaluating the damage. Then, they will let you know how much they think it will be to repair. At that point it is up to you to decide if you want them to repair the phone or if you want to buy a new one. It is worth having them take a look in case they are able to repair the phone and you don't have to buy a completely new one, especially if you just bought the phone. Check out their iPhone and iPod repair services. They just might help you save a bundle.

How to protect your iPhone in the future

One way to protect your iPhone from future damage is to get a good case. iSkin makes some very durable cases, especially their solo or solo FX models. Go to the iskin store to check out other styles.

An example of putting the iphone in a rice bag

Example of pink sensor on top left of phone

It is very subtle, but notice the pink color in the hole on the iPhone on the right compared to the one on the left.
It is very subtle, but notice the pink color in the hole on the iPhone on the right compared to the one on the left.

Example of the pink sensor triggered in the bottom middle of your iPhone

It is very subtle, but the phone on the bottom shows a little pink line where the water has touched the sensor.
It is very subtle, but the phone on the bottom shows a little pink line where the water has touched the sensor.

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Wadey101m 7 years ago

I hope you're boyfriend forgave you quickly, as I know how you feel. I dropped my girlfriends ipod in the washing up bowl, it wasn't on at the time. But like you said, the natural instinct is to switch it on to check if it still works. Luckily I didn't and tried different ways of making sure it was dry. I must admit your rice idea would have come in handy at the time! I decided to leave it for a few days, not in sunlight or anything, but in my room. I braved it, and tried it after a week.....Phew! it worked, I've told her about it, and she still won't let it go. :-(

Dabbler profile image

Dabbler 7 years ago from Los Angeles, CA Author

Fortunately he did! He wasn't too happy for the first few hours and from now on, when I do the laundry, I triple check his pockets!

Sasha 7 years ago

a great place that repairs water damaged iPhone

carpesomediem profile image

carpesomediem 7 years ago

This is a great guide for those who find themselves in your shoes.

Shmitty 7 years ago

yup i definetly tryed to turn mine on right away

Kat 7 years ago

I dropped mine in the pool 6 months ago and tried everything to get it back to life. Randomly plugged it in today and it works!!!! I cannot believe that after 6 months its back to life.

Kttyctt9 7 years ago

Yeah bine fell in the toilet and it was on so I just let it do whatever it wanted and hoped for the best

WackieStackie 7 years ago

Yesterday, as I was on the phone I slipped and fell outside (it was raining). I have a phone case on my phone and the phone actually fell face-down into a very shallow puddle. When I picked the phone up, it was still on and I in a panic, called my mom back (who I was speaking to) to let her know I was ok. But, the speaker was bad, the sound sounded like it was very distant and like it was going to blow. I could barely hear. I made two more calls to see if the same thing happened. When I got home, I turned it off and it has been in a bag of rice, in my pantry - where it will remain for the next few days. I am hoping this will remedy the problem. I am afraid that there could be actual damage to the speaker since it took a hard hit. We will see. Thanks for the info, I have been hearing from many people to do the rice here we go. I only hope that since the phone didn't discharge at the fall and my keeping it on for 15 minutes does not damamge the phone further. It's a 3rd generation and I am not eligible for an early upgrade so if I have to pay $599 for a new 3GS I am going to freak!

Dabbler profile image

Dabbler 7 years ago from Los Angeles, CA Author

Wow, good luck! Sounds like it actually might be OK except the speaker. From your description, I can't tell if the speaker was damaged during the fall or by the water (although I haven't heard of speakers being damaged by water so quickly).

If it is completely damaged, Apple may let you pay the $199 for a refurbished phone instead of $599 for a new phone. Definitely go to the store and ask!

Let me know what happens!

Christina  7 years ago

So I dropped my iPhone in the pool on Friday and I immediately grabbed it out. It dried in a bag of rice for 2 days, then I turned it on today and it is working. All my apps, pics, music is there. Only thing, is that it doesn't seem to want to charge. Is it possible that the water could have killed the battery. It comes on while plugged into the charger then it just shuts itself down completely. If it is a battery problem, could I get a new battery and if so, where do I go to get that?

Thanks for any assistance

Suzy 7 years ago

iphone in rice bag. MIRACLE! you rock my world~!!!

Dabbler profile image

Dabbler 7 years ago from Los Angeles, CA Author

Christina - Apple will definitely recognize the water damage (the pink sensors) so they won't replace your battery or anything else. The only option they will offer you is to buy a refurbished phone for $200. On the other hand, you may be able to get a battery from a third party for a lot cheaper so you should definitely look around. The only thing is that based on your description it could either be the batter or the charging circuit could be damaged. If the charging circuit is damaged, replacing the battery will not help and you will have to get the refurbished phone from Apple. If it is only the battery, you can try to buy it.

One other thing - sometimes, it takes more than 2 days for it to dry, especially if you dropped it into the pool. I would give it another 2-3 days to dry and then test it again. Also, if it is in a case, don't forget to remove the case so it can completely dry.

Good luck!

Christina  7 years ago

Aha...that makes sense. Well last night I shut it down completely and let it charge all night. This morning I woke up to a fully charged battery and it has not shut down on me yet. In fact my iPhone is currently syncing without any problems. Thank you everyone for your tips and expertise. My husband who does not have the privilege yet of owning an iPhone and who is extremely jealous of mine, refuses to let me get a new one. His words are, you better get that thing working or back to the Nokia's you go. :-(

Sarah 7 years ago

I dropped my phone in the bath last night, I did switch it on straight away but then turned it off again, I restored it back to the factory settings last night and then left it switched off all night. This morning I can make calls and send texts etc, the only faults I have is that the home key doesn't work and sometimes the phone will flash on whilst in standby mode. I can't tell if the trigger in the headphone jack is activated or not but the one in the docking part at the bottom definitely isn't activated?

Colten 7 years ago

where do u go to get the refurbished iphone after having water damage???

Dabbler profile image

Dabbler 7 years ago from Los Angeles, CA Author

Colten - you can now go to the Apple store to get the refurbished phone.

Dabbler profile image

Dabbler 7 years ago from Los Angeles, CA Author

Sarah - I would suggest that you turn off your phone and leave it in a rice bag for a week. The problem is that by hitting the home button, you are turning it off and on too much and a little bit of water might still be in there. This could cause severe damage to your phone since each time you turn it on, it may short circuit and damage a part of the internal system. You have to let it completely dry out before you turn it on. Try leaving it in the rice bag for a week and then see what happens. If you are still experiencing the same problem then most likely, a part of the system has been damaged.

Finally, once the sensors have been touched by water, they will turn pink. In order to see this, you have to shine a flashlight in the right area of the phone. The sensor is pretty far back, but you will see a pink line if you look. The same goes for the one in the headphone jack. Make sure you shine the light and look straight on to see the sensor.

Rob 7 years ago

Alright I just got a new phone after having to replace mine due to blatant water damage. I had a 3GS 32gig and they replaced it with a NEW 3GS 32gig for $200. And because I purchased the phone with my AMEX, and it was less than 90 days, AMEX is covering the cost. Obviously if you are reading this it is probably too late, but this made me learn about the AMEX 90 day Purchase Protection Policy the hard way and I am thrilled.

Dabbler 7 years ago

That's fantastic! I'm glad they gave you a new one! Thanks for sharing the AMEX Purchase Protection Policy. That is a great tip for everyone!

i used to love my life, until waterdamage 7 years ago

So i went swimming in the pool today and I was dumb enough to forget about taking my iphone out of my swimsuit pocket. This really is depressing, its only been about a month since i got it. I guess im gona try that rice trick. It was completely submerged in the water for like close to a minute, and other suggestions?

Dabbler profile image

Dabbler 7 years ago from Los Angeles, CA Author

That's how I felt when I realized I threw the iPhone in the washing machine! Definitely do not turn it on. The key is to let all of the moisture dry up before you do anything to it. This may take a week or even a little more, especially if it was in the pool for close to a minute and completely submerged. To speed up the process, we also tried to use a low space heater to dry up the water, but your best bet is to leave it in a rice bag. Also, don't forget, if it's in a case, take it out of the case. The case can prevent some areas from fully drying.

Finally, one quick note - if you used a credit card to pay for it, check to see if that credit card has some protection policy that may cover it. Just like the AMEX Purchase Protection Policy, some cards may cover the cost of replacing it. You never know unless you ask!

Good luck and let me know what happens!

Mandar Pathak 7 years ago

Hello friends, i dropped my Iphone in a bucket for 2 min now it wont start from last 1 week, in 5th day i dry it for 15 min by hair dryer and on 6th day i kept it in airtight rice bag for 1 night but it wont work so pls let me know if i have opportunity to play with my iphone once again, Thanks

melisa 7 years ago

crap, i did the bathrobe pocket through the washer AND dryer without noticing. i also tried to turn it on, but it didn't light up. then i plugged it into my charger and was thrilled to see the white apple light up, then extinguish some 20-30 seconds later, then light up again in a cycle. after a few of these i unplugged it. have i definitely short-circuited it and screwed up any chance of drying it out in the rice bag? is there any way to say i LOST it and get a better deal?

melisa 7 years ago

this is to Rob from 4 days ago - how did you get a NEW 3GS 32gig replacement for your water-damaged one? Was it because of the AMEX payment, or did you do or say something to avoid getting the refurbished one with limited warranty.

and how do those refurbished ones do, in a longer-than-90-days scenario, anyone know?

marcos 7 years ago

=[ i went to the beach today and it got wet for like 3 second's =[ it hasent even been a month since i gotten it hope the rice trick work's

Dabbler profile image

Dabbler 7 years ago from Los Angeles, CA Author

Melisa - you may have short circuited the phone by plugging it in and trying to turn it on a few times. The problem is, each time you tried to turn it on, you potentially damaged it because there was still water in it.

One thing I've heard is that it really depends on the rep that you get at the Apple store. I think some reps may give out new ones although they aren't supposed to and are really supposed to give you a refurbished one. I would try and find a nice rep, explain your situation and see what he can do. My boyfriend got the refurbished one and it's totally fine. It still works well and you can't tell the difference. Good luck!

Marcos - you might be fine. Just make sure you give it enough time to dry

Dabbler profile image

Dabbler 7 years ago from Los Angeles, CA Author

Mandar - I'm assuming the bucket was full of water? I would leave it in the rice bag for a lot longer than the 1 day you mentioned. The hair dryer only accelerates the process, but the rice bag will pull out all of the water and help it completely dry. Try leaving it in there for 4-5 days and then try it. If it doesn't turn on, then it's completely damaged. Sorry!

melisa 7 years ago

thanks so much, dabbler. i put a low setting hair dryer on it for 2 hrs late last night then put it in a bag of brown rice. Kept searching the internet for comfort, and heard some say the kind of rice matters, white, instant, do you know? and will silica gel work better or the same? i hope it's not shorted out, and it was nice last night to see the screen get clearer - it's almost completely normal looking - tho' i did see water dripping out of one of the bottom speakers. my daughter says i can get a new 3G for 100$ since it's no longer the latest version. i'm checking if this is true, both with the Apple store and the ATT store. any more advice or suggestions?

melisa 7 years ago

quick help needed! i made an appt at the "genius bar" for tomorrow afternoon to replace my iPhone 3G with another. the guy at the Apple store today said they're mostly new with only a few parts that are re-used, so they don't call them refurbished. is this just sales talk? because he couldn't turn it on, laughing to see me take it out of a bag of rice, he said it definitely won't work.

but tonight, after a day in rice, and last night's 'blowdryer bath' it showed the apple logo when i plugged it into the charger, and in about a minute it showed a red plug and asked for iTunes "only in emergency." it is now in its 2nd hot air bath, and i borrowed some white rice from a neighbor....could it be that it might still work if i plug it into my computer? i hesitate to experiment since i CAN'T hurt the family computer, too, and I don't want to mess up my remaining data/songs on the computer. Suggestions?

Dabbler profile image

Dabbler 7 years ago from Los Angeles, CA Author

Hi Melisa -

Sorry for the delay. First, the type of rice DOES NOT matter. All you need to do is make sure you leave it in a full bag of rice and completely cover it.

Second - the $100 replacement that your daughter mentioned is only for cases when a person is signing a completely new 2 year contract with AT&T and only if AT&T believes you have sufficiently paid back their subsidy. The only reason why you can get the iPhone for that cheap is because AT&T is subsidizing the cost of the phone. They subsidize the cost of the phone because you sign up for a 2 year plan with them and they get that subsidized amount back during the 2 years you have a contract with them. Therefore, unless your contract is out, you cannot get the $100 price.

Third - no, they are still refurbished units. If you look on the box, it will say it is refurbished. This can mean any number of things. It can mean exactly what the sales rep at the store told you or it can mean that the unit was gently used or lightly used and returned within 30 days. They will check the phone again to make sure it is working, but it means that it is not 100% new. This doesn't mean it won't work well, but again, when something is not 100% new, it may not work as well as something that is brand new. My boyfriend has a refurbished one though and it is still working well.

Finally, I noticed that you only put your phone in a bag of rice for 1 day or so (unless you already put it in there?). You need to put the phone in the bag of rice for at least 2-3 days if the phone was dropped in the sink or the tub for a little while. Since you put it in the washer, I would recommend you leave it in there for 7-8 days. The water in the phone needs to completely dry out.

You can take the SIM card out of the phone and use it in another AT&T phone if you want to make calls, but do not use the phone. It takes time for the water to dry and the rice is helping to suck out the moisture.

I would still not turn it on and definitely DO NOT plug it into the computer. If you do this, you run the risk of damaging the phone AND the computer. Sometimes, you can tell if the phone doesn't have any more water by shaking it and seeing if any water comes out. Either way, it might be good that you got a message about iTunes, but I would still wait a little longer.

Of course, this is not full proof so even if you wait another few days, your phone may not work. However, it is always worth a try. Some people have reported that it has worked for them. In your case, I am not sure since you've already tried to turn it on a few times.

Regardless, don't plug it into your computer, especially if you do not know if it is dry yet. You can damage the computer if you do this and I wouldn't want to see you with a damaged iPhone and a damaged computer.

Good luck!

barryrutherford profile image

barryrutherford 7 years ago from Queensland Australia

Thanks for this I just my Iphone last week now I have to protect it like a baby thanks for this !

melisa 7 years ago

dear dabbler,

thanks for your long answer. it's great the rice doesn't matter, n my iPhone is back in its rice sleeping bag again now after a 2 hour stint with the hairdryer again. it is now turning on with the bottom center button, showing ATT bars, battery 1/2 charged, a lock symbol, and a "slide for emergency" button under the picture of the usb cord pointing to the iTunes symbol. the touchscreen registers my finger and moves the slide a tiny bit, then won't continue. BIG question I wait to dry it out more or go into my genius bar appt and spend the 200 bucks to replace it? it bugs me that you sound so wary of plugging it back into the computer, cause i never want to risk hurting the computer, but how will i know when the time is right, 2 to 8 or more days after the rice, even so? some of the messages on your site and some others mention people getting a message that sounds like mine, then restoring their settings using iTunes. Do you think this is so for me? Do you think the genius bar guy would know more, or test it for me there? Is the rice better alone or with the hairdryer, and does length of time heating it up matter?

i know i'm getting to be a pest, so sorry for all the questions but you really saved my sanity last night, and the hope i got from your info and the other posts really matters right now....i'm temporarily out of work, and my husband has only assorted part time consulting work right now. he got this phone for me when times were better, and they'll get there again, but he'll really be sad and stress out about about this when i tell him, so you're kind of my only outlet

melisa 7 years ago

ps - how do i take the sim card out? your video insert on the rice bag was great, so maybe you know another one on youtube or elsewhere that shows this?

Dabbler profile image

Dabbler 7 years ago from Los Angeles, CA Author


Here is a link showing how to remove the sim card: (copy and paste it into your browser)

Did you turn it back on again after the hairdryer? Basically, you want it to completely dry out. Usually, this takes more than a day, 2-3 minimum if not 5-6.

I would suggest you leave it in the rice bag for another 2-3 days and let it dry out. Do not plug it in or turn it on or check the battery.

After that, try turning it on and see if it works. You will know if it is working or not. If you get different error messages, it is worth a try to take it to the genius bar. I would recommend that you take it in and ask them to try and restore the settings instead of trying to plug it into the computer yourself. You don't want to risk damaging your computer just in case there is still a little bit of water in the iPhone.

I am sorry to hear about your hard times. Totally understand what it is like. Things will get better!

Samar 7 years ago

My Phone fell in the toilet yesturday for a less than a few seconds!! I dried it out right away and took the sim card out and let it dry infront of a fan for 4-5 hours. Left it over night and checked it in the morning. It worked fine, there was a few stains on the screen that are going away.

My question is do i still need to put it in a bag of rice? or is it ok if it works ?


Dabbler profile image

Dabbler 7 years ago from Los Angeles, CA Author

Samar - as long as it is completely dry, you don't need to put it in a bag of rice. You may want to put it in a bag of rice for 1 full day or you may want to leave it alone to dry out for 1 more day before turning it on and using it. The key is to make sure all of the water is completely gone. It's great news if it works completely fine.

I would recommend leaving it alone 1 full day to let it completely dry just in case there is still a little water left. You definitely don't want it to start and then to have the water sit there and continue to damage it.

Samar 7 years ago

Great! I will leave it over night in a bag of rice - Better be safe than sorry

thanks :)

Mandar 7 years ago

Hi Dabbler, that bucket having a less level of water and my phone dropped from headphone side, the charging side is not even in water so its totally dry, but today i saw my phone sensor i.e into headphone hole is half pink just like above mentioned picture, i kept my mobile in rice bag for couple of days,so please let me know a further procedure, Thanks in advance

Dabbler profile image

Dabbler 7 years ago from Los Angeles, CA Author

Mandar - It the charging side wasn't in water and you already kept it in a rice bag for a few days, then the phone should be dry. You can now try turning it on and see if it works. Good luck!

Elha 7 years ago

My phone plunged into the porcelain whirlpool 5 days ago and it has been in rice since. This morning, when I plugged it into the charge, it turned white. When I unplugged it, it went dark again. What does that mean???? Do I give up and buy another one, I am not up for an upgrade until January. I took out the sim card and put it in an old phone so at least I have something.

Dabbler profile image

Dabbler 7 years ago from Los Angeles, CA Author

Elha - if it's white, it's not a good indication and it may not work. You may want to try to leave it in a bag of rice for another week. Each day however, take it out of the rice, put a blow dryer on low heat in front of it for about 15 minutes to help it dry and blow air through it. Then, put it back into the bag of rice. Then, at the end of the week, try plugging it in again. If you get the same result, then you are definitely looking at a damaged iPhone. If I were you, I would wait until January to buy a new one. Apple might come out with something new for Christmas and it may be worth it to wait. Good luck!

mandar 7 years ago

i already try to turn it on but it wont start,so again i kept it in a rice bag; please let me know if any more procedure need to be follow....

elha 7 years ago

I tried again this morning plugging it in and the screen is a bluish grey and it is flickering. Is that a good sign??? I am trying to be patient, I don't have $200!

Dabbler profile image

Dabbler 7 years ago from Los Angeles, CA Author

Mandar - unfortunately, there are no other procedures for you to try. You have to wait until it is completely dry before you can try to turn it on. Shake it around a little to see if any water comes out. Then, follow the steps above to help it dry completely. If it is completely dry and it still hasn't turned on, then there is nothing else to do. Good luck!

Elha - you actually cannot keep plugging it in and turning it on. Each time you do this, you are increasing the likelihood of damaging the phone. If the phone has any water in it when it is turned on, the water could cause it to short circuit. This may have happened already since you plugged it in and tried to turn it on. Your best bet is to use the blow dryer and leave it in the rice bag (follow the procedures above) for another 5 days or so or until you've determined that it is completely dry. If nothing happens after that, then your phone is completely damaged. So sorry, good luck!

daveyjones 7 years ago

I feel for all of you! I decided to take my iphone fly fishing yesterday, (bad idea) and it got a little wet, the thing was in my water proof pants which took on a small amount of water, so it was not submerged.

When I got out of the water, it was still on, however the screen was fading. I went to turn it off and the off button would not work. Eventually I did get it to turn off and before I did so the functionality of the phone seemed to be working. I am going to use the rice, who knows it may even add some flavor.

I want to see if anyone knows what kind of odds I have since I couldn't get it to turn off right away.

WackieStackie 7 years ago

Just wanted to come back and provide you with an update....the rice trick absolutely worked. After three days in the pantry, in a bag of rice, my iPhone worked like new. The speaker was completely dried out. Thanks again, Dabbler, for posting this info. DaveyJones, I say give it a go.

Chris 7 years ago

If I'm not mistaken, isn't the phone "on" at all times? It's never truly "off" unless you manually power it down, which people normally do not do. Otherwise, it's merely in sleep mode and has power from the battery. My phone gets push email when its "off" (as people are referring to) so that indicates to me the phone isn't truly "off". Someone who has submerged their iPhone has done so when it was already "on", which would cause a circuit to short anyway. I think the real key here is to just give it time to dry out and hope for the best.

Dabbler profile image

Dabbler 7 years ago from Los Angeles, CA Author

WackieStackie - that is great! I'm so glad it worked!

Chris - you are right. The phone is never truly "off" unless you've manually powered it down. However, you don't want to touch anything on the phone to cause it to do something because this is when it could short circuit. Even if you want to shut it down, you probably shouldn't because it will cause the phone to do something and this may cause a short circuit.

Instead, what you want to do is remove the sim card so you don't get any signal or email and then let the battery drain on it's own. So, do not do anything else besides removing the sim card. When you remove the sim card, be careful not to touch any buttons. Also, don't touch anything else - no keys, no power button, nothing that would cause it to attempt to do something because this is when it might short circuit. Then, after removing the sim card, proceed to follow the steps outlined above.

hopeful 7 years ago

Dabbler - thank you so much for all your help. My iPhone is finishing its 5th day of alternate rice packing and blow drying. I have decided to wait until Friday before trying it. I dropped it in the loo, but couldn't turn it off. I'll let you all know...

Chris 7 years ago

Could some please describe the process of getting/ordering a refub replacement? I called a local ATT Store and called our business Premier 800 line and they both said I'd have to pay full price for a replacement since I'm not eligible for a contract "upgrade". What is also confusing, if you're going to a local store, it seems odd they'd a stock refurb iphones. Please advise...

MacKenzie 7 years ago

I dropped mine in a public toilet, I know disgusting, because it was only 2 months old out of instinct i grabbed it, and boy I'm glad I did it fast.

I had it on and had to go to school, so it stayed on, not the brightest idea but i needed a phone because it was storming outside.

I got home and put my phone in a bag of rice for 4 days, after removing the SIM card to put in another phone for the time being. After the four days the sound came back.

Originally the ringtone, external speakers and microphone broke.

After the rice they started working.

I wish I'd seen this before i turned it on though, or rather left it on.

The rice is miraculous though.

As for water damage, the dot in the headphone jack is clearly red, so I'm wondering if they'll fix it, if i pay the 199$?

Suresh 7 years ago

Thanks Mate. I had accidentally dropped the phone in bathtub and then tried to turn it on. Then, after reading the posts, I had the phone in a bag of rice for 36 hours and then tried it works...there are slight issues with the display...probably needs to be kept in rice a little longer....

Liliaram 7 years ago

I dropped my iPhone 3Gs in a public toilet last night (my hand still feels icky from pulling it out even though I've washed my hands over & over & over)... I too had JUST bought it a month and a half ago... Since I was in such a panic, I tried turning it on & off again time and time again ... NOW, I read this SUPER HELPFUL posting but I'm thinking I may have already caused a "short circuit"... My addiction to the iPhone is so bad that I actually had a dream that my iPhone worked & I woke up thinking this was true ... Sadly, I tried to turn it on again & nothing... I'm going to try the rice trick, but I still don't know what I'm going to for a phone in the meantime... CRAP! If I have to buy a new one it'll be my 3rd iPhone in 13 mohths.

daveyjones 7 years ago

I dried it out for a few days, everything works but the screen is really dark and you can't hardly see anything. Anyone know any tricks?

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pitpro 7 years ago

Iphone is fully functional.

Here's what I did.

Put in ziplock filled 3/4 with rice.

Did hairdryer once a day.

Took out of bag once a day and put

standing up, on floor register, and

turn house a/c fan "ON" instead of "Auto"

to get air constantly flowing up into

bottom of IPhone. After 1 or 2 hours,

put Iphone back in rice ziplock.

Did this 3 full days without

turning on. After 3 full days, plugged into

power adapter, Iphone powered up but said "no SIM

Card installed" removed SIM card, took outside and

put in full sun for 1/2 hour. Reinstalled the SIM,

Iphone now recognized the SIM. Iphone works.

Angelica 7 years ago

As I was washing my hands tonight, I stupidly knocked over my i-phone and sent into a shallow pool of sink water. It actually sat directly underneath the running tap (facing up)for a good few seconds. Altogether, it was in the water for no more than 6 seconds? This message saying "Application not applicable to the i-phone" keeps appearing and disappearing AND I can't make or receive calls. Panicking, I started texting my friend to see if that function still worked and the conversation went on for about 10 minutes until the signal started getting really weak and I couldn't receive any more texts. My sound is also gone. Having read what people have written, I'm scared that I've caused a lot of damage in short circuits by trying to turn it on and off and texting.

Upon reading various suggestions, I've since submerged my phone into a sealed container of rice and kept in room temperature. Hopefully that will work and save me from having to buy another phone. It's become my camera and organizer. I don't want to part with it! =(

Alex 7 years ago

Here is something that worked for me after I dropped mine in the toilet, just blow the headphone hole and charging hole with a can of air (like the ones used for computer keyboards) and it works great!

Hopefull 7 years ago

I too dropped my beloved iphone in the toilet 2 days ago. I immediately dried it off & tried blow drying it. It seemed to be back in working order, with the exception of the button on the front. Late last night when I tried to recharge it with the wall charger I got a message saying plug it into itunes (the chaging jack & itunes picture). i did as instructed & itunes made the attempt to restore my phone to no avail this morning. Major bummer. I am now hoping your rice tip will save it. I am also interested in getting the info on removing the sim card. I'll be checking that out next. Any suggestions would be helpful.Thanks in advance.

Alex 7 years ago

i posted a comment earlier, could it also just be the dry cali weather that helped?

Jas 7 years ago

Hey my drink bottle's cap came off and emptied itself in my bag, my phone was in a tight leather case and i realized after a few minutes and fished my phone out. The screen had already gone blank and i tried turning it on once but shook all the water out and wiped it, the bottom bit already had gone red, and I then dried it with a hair dryer and its now sitting in a container full of rice hopefully it works, Does the apple $199 refurbished phone deal work in Australia too?

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3Julia 7 years ago from Pegasus

Very interesting HubPage. I wouldn't have known about the pink sensors! I guess Apple was expecting a lot of people to drop a lot of phones in water. I wonder how much it costs them to put those sensors in there! Thanks for the tip with the rice. That's very clever.

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Dabbler 7 years ago from Los Angeles, CA Author

Jas - Unfortunately, I don't know if the refurbished phone deal works in Australia. You will have to check with your local store.

Alex - I don't know about the dry California weather. It is possible that your phone just completely dried out after a while. Either way, it is important that it is completely dry before you use it so you don't short circuit it and the water doesn't continue to damage other internal parts.

puja 7 years ago

hi dabbler, i had droped my iphone in loo one month ago,but i had read all the comments mentioned above n i had kept my iphone in a rice bag from last 20 days but today i took out my iphone from the rice bag n tried to turn on but it wont and i saw that the headphone hole has become half pink which u hav shown my iphone sensor has been damaged??what can i do,,should i hav to change my sensor or my iphone has totally damaged,,,please suggest me what can i do further....

Paige 7 years ago

:'( i droped mine in the tolet!!! i was panicking so i quickly got it out and dryed it off with a towel i thought it was fine cuz it barley even got in the water and it had a cover on it so i was stupid and tryed to see if it would work it turned on but was flashing so i shook it and water came out i was stupid enough to yet again see if it would work and it wouldn't even turn on -_- i had to go to school so while i was gone my mom put it in a bag of rice then she found some info on putting it in the freezer works better so thats where it is right now i rly hope i didn't mess it up by turning it on. im pretty sure i did. im so sad :'(

Jas 7 years ago

Hey, I took my phone out of the rice today & It didn't work :(

Got my appointment with the genius bar on tues morning...

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Dabbler 7 years ago from Los Angeles, CA Author

Puja - if it still is not working after you have followed all of the steps, then there might not be anything else you can do. You will have to take it to the Apple store and see if there is anything else they can do. Most likely, since your sensor is pink, they will not be able to do much.

Jas - sorry to hear that!

desparate 7 years ago

my two year old drop my iphone in the toilet on yesterday morning i blowed-dryed and let it air dry over night. This morning there was ni moisture around the camera area so i turned it on. The apple sign did come on once i plugged in, but it went to a blue screen. I just read your postings on this site so i didn't know about the rice and not turning it on for a few days. I will still try that now. Do you think the apple sign coming up is a strong sign of beating this?

Mirmy 7 years ago

My problem is that it would turn on for a quick second enough to see the apple icon then shut right off. They looked at all my sensors and said the one where the battery charger goes into is the one that has the pink indicator so I have no idea when I got water in it or why it just suddenly kicked it. I will still try this at home tonight. Wish me luck!

John Richard 7 years ago

hey i went to the lake and only swam for a few seconds before realizing my iphone was in my pocket coming out in a hurry i put it in a bag of rice and after 4 days i tried to turn it on it did but the screen was messed up so im leavin it in there for a while do you think the screen will be ok?

Double Jay 7 years ago

Hey this really work!!!!! I was hunting/fishing in Alaska and fell in the water up to my shouldres with my hip boots on and my 3GS iphone in my pants pocket. Initially, it would not turn off and made a whole bunch of strange beeps and buzzes. I took out the sims card and covered the slot with scotch tape and poked a few holes in the tape so the moisture could escape and the rice would not plug up the hole. I did the same to the charger connection and then placed all of it in a zip locked bag of rice and went off to a spike camp and returned in eight days. By then, the phone was dead and would not turn on and I was concerned. I plugged it into a charger and returned in eight hours and viola, it worked. Initially, the screen had a significant water spot, however, after two days the screen returned to nornal and the phone is once again fully functional. The little (water indicator) dots are still pink but who cares the damn thing works just like new. If you experience water damage try the bag of rice it worked for me and save me hundreds of dollars. Thanks to everyone who discovered this little trick and shared it with the rest of the world.

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Dabbler 7 years ago from Los Angeles, CA Author

Desparate - I'm not too sure since you tried to turn it on. Hopefully nothing was damaged and the rice will work for you. Good luck!

Mirmy - best of luck to you!

John Richard - Not too sure. It really depends on what part of the phone the water touched. Hopefully the screen will be OK, but you never know since nobody knows what part of the phone the water soaked into when you went into the water. Good luck!

Double Jay - glad it worked for you!

Desparate 7 years ago

It worked!!!! My iphone is back to normal functioning. Thank you all for posting, y ou have been a lifesaver. it felt soooooo good seeing my iphone light up and beepnbecause i had text messages waiting :)

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danielsimone 7 years ago

my brother pushed me in a lake without knowing i had my iphone in my pocket. ive been turning it on after drying it out for a day and it will turn on but the touch screen wont recognize my touch. i can still receive calls and texts .... ill assume this means that it isn't shortened out and that its just water in the screen. you can see the water streaks under the clear screen. im about to try the rice idea. i was wondering if anyone had insight on whether or not the touch-screen capability will come back once its completely dried or if im in trouble. any feedback would be helpful

Jamie 7 years ago

My iphone sustained water damage and seems to be working fine except for the speaker. Have you heard of water damaging a speaker? Is it not dry enough or permanently damaged?

THC 7 years ago

I have a lil tip to share so u guys wont waste time getting the refurb phone. Goto then find your store then click "Make a Reservation" and then click "Guest" then you probably can figure it out from there. I know there's people trying to call the paple store or go into the store to get the refurb phone, well apple doesn't work like that u strictly must have an appointment, btw its a hassle to pay with cash cuz they'll end up making u buy a Gift Card. anyway good luck to you all.

Nick P. 7 years ago

Last night someone moved my phone into a water-filled cupholder, so I'm not sure how long it was submerged for. It was on while this happened, and it originally had a white screen with black lines across it, but pressing the home and wake buttons at the same time got it to display the Apple logo. It stayed like this for about an hour, so I decided to turn it off, but pressing the power button alone didn't shut it off, so I used the same combo as before and it turned off. I've tried to turn it on after that, but with no luck. Does anyone think it has a chance of working if I use this guide, seeing as I've pressed buttons on it while having water in it? Thanks alot for your advice.

PS: Another thing I noticed is that when I picked it up this morning, it was pretty hot to the touch. I'm not sure if this was due to the water, or the sun beating on it all morning. Dunno if this matters, just thought it might've been caused by the water overheating the phone.

Owen 7 years ago

Just happened, I removed the sim and sim holder shook it out, then grabbed my portable vacume put my hand over the end of the hose to restrict it and put the sim end of the phone up to my hand where I was allowing air to pass and perfect suction, I put the plug end up to my lips to feel the suction thru the end and then put that end near the exhaust of the vacume where warm air comes out so I was gettin warm air sucked thru the phone. Careful not to hold it to close to the exhaust, it may get to hot, you anly want warm dry air. I did that for a few minutes and honestly think it probably removed all the H20. One note, as soon as it happened the phone strarted viberating and turning on by itself, so....Then I stuck it iin a box of rice. I'll let you

Crystal 7 years ago

I put my company iPhone in my washer by accident. It went through the whole cycle and spin. I didn't realize it until later that day. This happened yesterday. Like an idiot, I tried to turn it on and nothing. It's cracked on the face too. Is it worth this drying out mess?

Ocean 7 years ago

I dropped my iPhone in the toilet too. It was switched on and I grabbed it out of the toilet bowl immediately, but now it's switched off and won't turn on. I have been stupidly trying to turn it on and even plugged it into the copmputer and wall outlet. Have I short circuited it and completely screwed up any chance of it fixing? I am so annoyed!

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Dabbler 7 years ago from Los Angeles, CA Author

All - it's always worth a try with the rice bag and drying it out, but this is definitely not a guarantee.

That being said, if you've turned it off and on a lot before this, you have a greater likelihood that you've short circuited it already.

These steps above have worked for many peope though so it's definitely worth a try.

Good luck!

7 years ago

Hey I just dropped my iPhone in the toilet on accident and it was only in there for a couple of seconds. I immediate dried it with a rag and blow dryed it for awhiled. I also texted a friend telling him it died on the phone and then searched online ways to fix my phone while it was on the whole time. Once I found this site, I turned off my phone and placed it in a bag of rice. I have 2 questions thought -

1. Is it okay if I leave the sim in there? I have lost where that sim remover pin is and can't open it right now.

2. Could I use the same rice? I seriously used the very last of the rice that is in my home and it fills up my litlte ziplock bag very well and covers my phone. My iPhone was in the toilet for 3-5 seconds tops so I only plan on trying the rice thing for 1-2 days ish. Do you think that's long enough? And would it be okay to use the same rice for those days then?

Jr Golf 7 years ago

Messed up dropped in glass of Pepsi. Bought mine with AMEX Platinum they had very few questions, refunded my account the full purchase price.

natalie 7 years ago


lilmatt 7 years ago

Wife washed her iPhone. Sent her out to get distilled water, as I could see soap in the camera, etc. Once she was back, I soaked it in the distilled water, and sucked water through it, from the dock connector up through the SIM slot. I did this a number of times, and replaced the distilled water it sat in a few as well. It's now in a Tupperware container of Nishiki under a 60W desk lamp. Already I've seen a bunch of the water in the display start to evaporate.

If the phone was in ionized (non-distilled) water for a while, which is pretty much every situation on this list, will the battery discharge through the water? Perhaps that's why folks have to fully charge the phones after their swim.

help plz! 7 years ago

hey so i dropped my phone in the toilet on saturday night. It was working perfectly fine right after since I picked it up right away. I think I left it on overnight since I didn't notice any damage. The next morning the home button wouldn't work and some message about airplane mode keeps showing up. Since yesterday afternoon I have the phone sitting in a rice bag. What was someone talking about an AMEX protection plan? If I buy the protection plan from apple for $100 will that cover the water damage? Ill take any suggestions. Thanks!!!

Kristi 7 years ago

If I bought my iphone at the AT&T store, should I take it there? Or will the apple store still give me a refurbished phone for $200?

iphoneman 7 years ago

i got a brand new ihpone 3gs yesterday and today i got back from a highschool sports game and i noticed i had three little dots in the upper left hand corner, and i asked a girl what that was and she said water damage. i checked the water damage signs and it wasn't a different color and the phone is fine. but i dont kno wat the dots are should i still try and dry it

rachel  7 years ago

My phone dropped in the toilet for a couple seconds. I dried it off and used a blow dryer for a couple minutes. Then I left it in a bag of rice for over 60 hours...I turned it on this morning and it was fine...this afternoon, however, the screen is not as bright. I'm turning it off again and will put it back in rice after work. I'm guessing that 2 1/2 days was not enough time.

Sarah zx6r 7 years ago

I was at a friends house, used their restroom and as soon as the pants came down i heard a "plop" sound, and there went my beautiful iphone that i have only had for 2 months. From what i hear if your phone has the water damage apple will tell you that you are SOL (sh-- out of luck) I even have the sign of water damage which could have happened simply by condensation near a cup or body sweat while it is inyour pocket. This lovely 1/2 red 1/2 white dot under the headphone spot will tell apple you dropped it into water or not, and they WILL NOT TOUCH IT.

So my phone, i took the case off and continually tapped it on my pant leg where the usb charger goes to get the water out, And I know"Dont turn it on" well i did and the phone worked fine except i kept getting a message "the accessory is not availible for iphone" which (according to an apple rep) means the a/v or a/c jac you have it plugged into wont fully work. ie: use a iphone jac in your car sterio, it wont charge it but it will play music. So i went and did a hard reset, when it came back up, my screen wasn't working, I was still getting texts, im's all that stuff but couldn't touch them.

I was told by my IT guy to put the phone in an open container submerged in uncooked rice, I slept for 5 hours, hesitant to check the phone i did anyways. When i powered it on i got the apple symbol then time to enter the password, I could now use the touch screen. So my advice to you, place your phone in a container of uncooked rice, leave it open to not keep moisture in, depending on how long your phone was in the water judge how long you need to keep it in rice, but turn OFF the phone with the top power button, for some lucky reason mine eventually slidided this am before initiating RICE, Good luck hope this helps.

Tiffany 7 years ago

Dropped iphone in the toilet. It was only in there for a couple of seconds. Instinctively i tried to shake water out and dry with a towel then I tried turning it on... oops! The screen was dim. I took the blow dryer to it and then tried tuning it on again... double oops! The phone would not turn on which is when I turned to the internet and found this site. I have used the blow dryer for about 15 min and not it is in an airtight container surrounded by rice. I am hoping for the best and will report my results. Wish I had turned to the internet right after I recovered the phone...

Carrie 7 years ago

So, my lovely 2 year old thought it was quite funny to throw my iphone in the pool 2 days ago...I dashed in to grab it, it was only in for a couple seconds. The screen was really dark and couldn't see to turn it off, but then it went black and wouldn't turn back on, so I left it like that...(it was quite warm to touch as well)...went to the web and found all these sites. I left it in the rice container for a day and last night I check to see if there was water...I saw a bunch of condensation on the camera lens part, so I put it back in the rice and in the oven (with only the light on) for the night. This morning, all the condesation was gone and when I turned it on the battery indicator came on, but the battery was dead. I pressed the home button again and the apple logo came on and started flashing. I turned it off again and thought to charge it. After on the charger for about 30 min. I checked it...the phone was really warm. I took it off, shut it down and will let it sit again for another couple days. I want to know what it means if the phone gets warm like that though....please give some advice! Is the battery shot? I live in Dubai, so getting a new battery is not really an option as I don't trust any service people here to do it right. I may just have to send it back to U.S. for repairs?

grace 7 years ago

i dropped my phone when it was raining outside in very shallow puddle. I can't see any of the pink lines on it and it all works perfectly except my backlight, which i can not really see anything on the screen unless i tilt it or i am outside. any sugesstions?

sarah b  7 years ago

please help, my iphone was in my cupholder and when i turned a corner apparently my water cup fell over and filled the one up next to it..with my iphone sitting there. I didn't notice for a few minutes and the phone was on. I let it dry and it comes on and functions fine, but if i take it off of the charger it just waits a minute then flashes the apple sign on, then off, then on and does this repeatedly until it either dies, or i put it on the charger then it works no sweat. HELP@!!! What do i do??? Also, my button on the top wont work so I cant shut it off normally????

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Dabbler 7 years ago from Los Angeles, CA Author

Carrie - unfortunately, you may have to send it in. I don't know what's wrong with it if it is warm. Sorry about that.

grace, sarah b - You should definitely turn it off and let it dry. Try following the procedure above for a few days. There might still be water in the phone that could do long-term damage to it. If, after you do what's listed above and it still doesn't work 100%, then the water may have already damaged the phone. Good luck!

ely 7 years ago

I dropped My iphone into a small puddle, but did not think to turn it off immediately until my boyfriend came over, made me turn it off and put in a bag of rice.

This morning I turned it on. It works except the security buttons on the lower end don't?

7 years ago

last night I dropped my phone in a cup of water. I immediately turned it off, knocked all of the water out of the bottom and tried to turn it on once and then kept it off for the rest of the night while it was standing upright on tissues draining out. This morning it worked fine for about an hour and a half then started randomly turning off. But works with a charger. I didn't find this until halfway through the day and now have left my phone off and put it in rice. Is there any chance of it recovering or is it a lost cause because it was on for so long?

Dabbler profile image

Dabbler 7 years ago from Los Angeles, CA Author

You'll never know if you can recover it unless you try. I would say, it never hurts to try the method above since it helps the phone completely dry out. Then, you can turn it on to determine how much damage has been done.

Good luck!

jbarr789 7 years ago

I dropped my phone in the sink and the screen looks like it has a crack. I didn't put it in rice until the second day. after a day i tried to turn it on and the apple symbol came up for a second. I let it sit in rice for another day i tried to turn it on again symbol came on again for a little longer. how much longer should i leave it in the rice before i try and turn it on again or is it fried

Dabbler profile image

Dabbler 7 years ago from Los Angeles, CA Author

jbarr789 - Since you have been turning the phone off and on, you may have short circuited it already. I would suggest turning it off for 3 days and making sure it is completely dry before trying to turn it on again. I'm not sure if you have already experienced water damage. Hopefully not. Good luck!

Marie 7 years ago

My iphone fell in toilet on Sat. I followed your steps Saturday and turned it on today and it worked but My screen is so light. Will it come back to normal or should I put in back in rice. Synchs and everything.

Barlow 7 years ago

My wife's crystal light spilled in her purse with her iPhone in it. I sat there for 7 minutes at most. I dried it off. I hard reset it after awhile, (not knowing about this) all of the buttons work fine. The screen is really dim. Any suggestions?

Ely 7 years ago

It's been two days since I dropped my iPhone in a puddle it's been sitting in rice although I turned on a few time in hopes to use it. The security lock I initially set up prior only work on the upper area and the bottom number such as the pound star and nine do not. The phone charges but I only have trouble with the security lock. Is the phone done for?

Carrie 7 years ago

If nothing else can send it in to 3rd party repair shop. There is a repair shop in Orlando and they will fix water damamge for 99 bucks all inclusive. I let mine dry out for 10 days and it still wasn't working, but since I live overseas, it was too pricey to ship it over there...I took a chance and got it fixed by some local repair shop....worth it not having to buy a new phone. How the rice trick works for you guys!

jbarrr789 7 years ago

I turned my phone on today it come up connect to itune but it will not register when i connect it to my computer. i took my sim card out. do think it is done

7 years ago


Where in Orlando is the shop located? Do you have the address?


SkintTM 7 years ago

Ok. so at work i dropped my iphone into the toilet and i took it out and put it under the hand dryer... but not for long.. i had tp get back to work the nest couple of hours. but i let it sit with the case during the time. got home.. and started the treatment .. i really hope it works... this will be my 2nd iphone... 1st one stolen ... =-[

natasha 7 years ago

dropped iphone in bath only there asecond i grabed it right awaay....workks fine except no sound but ther is sound when earphones plugged in or on speaker phone what do i do its already in rice

natasha 7 years ago

only had it 3 days please help!

Mikey T 7 years ago

My Iphone fell in the toilet too. I followed yr blow dryer and rice bag combo solution and, as promised, after three days it was perfect!!

Have patience folks- LEAVE it off and leave it in the bag. ps- It was completely dead after I took it out, don't stress. A simple charge sorted it all out.

Mimi 7 years ago

how do u turn it off? mine won't turn off and i don't know wha tto fell in just over an hour ago and it wasn't working but now the screen keeps going on and off and it says that "no sim card installed" cuz i took it off... how do i turn it off? I originally left it alone and it was going on and off so i just pressed on the start button and the power button and it went off. I hope this didn't cause more damage.

Adonis Paxon 7 years ago

This Worked for me !

Thank you, to whomever came up with this solution.

Xiomara 7 years ago

my iphone dropped into a bit of water while i was cooking i left on the counter and it fell a bowl where i put my sponges on it.. i did not realize until 10 mins after.. my question is i obviously have done all the wrong steps.. i was watching a video that said put it in alcohol so ure phone wont rust inside and then put it in rice but i put it in the rice face down which when i looked this morning had a bit of rice in which i took out but not sure if could have went in phones works perfectly but you can tell in the screen there is moisture and water damage.. what should i do?

S.J 7 years ago

Mine never turned off....its been on the whole time....and now its acting crazy, it will call people, and access things on its own, it wont let me get into things, I am soo disapointed, I know the person who got it for me is going to kick my arse and tell me what an idiot I am...woohoo cant wait!

Dabbler profile image

Dabbler 7 years ago from Los Angeles, CA Author

Xiomara - you definitely need to make sure it is dry. I have never heard of the alcohol suggestion and I wouldn't suggest it. I would suggest following the steps outlined above to make sure it is dry. The water you see could continue to damage it.

S.J. - you should try to turn it off and let it dry before it gets even more damaged.

Erika  7 years ago

Okayy so I just dropped my iphone in the toilet and it was already on at the time and it didn't turn off so i dont know if it short circuit it or not... i didn't try to turn it on cuz it was already on but the screen went dim... like if you were to turn it onto extra low brightness... since you said not to turn it on i tried to turn it off so that electricity wouldn't run through it and it will turn off for a few seconds and then it just turns itself back on automatically... it seems to be working fine, i can get into my apps and stuff, i took my sim card out so i dont know if i can send texts or make calls but i can get into my texts and contacts and all that... the only thing besides the dimmness and the fact that it wont stay off that seems to be wrong is the volume button... my phone like thinks theres headphones in it but theres not.. soo what should i do since it wont turn off? lol do i still put it in rice? i have been shaking it and put the hairdryer on it since it fell in... it was in the toilet maybe a second before i snatched it outta there lol oh also when i shake it now, no more water comes out... HELP lol

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martycraigs 7 years ago

I wish I had read this post before I dropped my iPhone in a lake about a year ago!

Regardless, informative post. Thanks for sharing.

ARandomGuy 7 years ago

As some people have said here that putting it in the freezer is a good idea... NEVER PUT IT IN THE FREEZER, the water will freeze, expand, and thus damage the phone worse that water would.

My new iPhone 3GS was dropped in the toilet, and by instinct I immediately turned it on.. bad move. It did not work, so I put it in rice (my cousin told me about the rice thing) and three days later i plugged it in to the wall, for fear of damage to the computer, and it started charging. At first everything was working moderately well, with the occasional light blue instead of white colours (making the flashlight app unusable). Now, almost everything works perfectly.

Just one thing - The Home Button is broken. I planned on buying a refurb for the $199, however I now hear that I may be able to have it fixed? Any thoughts?

paulmendoza 7 years ago

i dropped mine tonight in a puddle after slipping on some ice. I live in chicago... only problem with mine is that i can't get my iPhone to STAY OFF! it keeps turning itself back on approx 20-30 seconds after i turn it off. I just bought my 3GS last week :( When it turns itself back on it gives me the "this device is not made for iPhone" notification. Since it kept turning back on i tried placing a call and playing music. The phone acts like it's plugged into my iHome dock radio in that it won't play music thru the speaker, and phone calls won't come thru the actual ear speaker. any advice on this one guys??

Nadine  7 years ago

Great comments and tips but last night my waterbottle leaked in my bag and my iPhone 3gs got soaked I dried it n turned it on screen working but no light. Lucky for me my barclays bank additions service 7 pounds covers they wouldve given money to buy a new phone from apple or paid apple to repair who were going to charge 250 pounds!!! Last night I gave my iPhone a covered furry hot waterbottle and wrapped in ablanket n kept turning it over every few toms n guess wat its working perfectly now!!!!! Just to be safe I will give it a hot water bottle everynight! Give it ago- I could have got a new iPhone but this was a special bday gift and I wouldve paid nething to get it repaired :) happy iphone girl

julien 7 years ago

Someone pushed me in a pool yesterday and I had my phone in my pocket. A refurbished 3G that I bought 3 weeks ago. When I took it out of the pocket, I tried to turn it on but obviously it went off instead with some glitches of the screen. I let it dry a day and then plugged it in and it seem to work when plugged (i can send txts and emails) but the off button isn't working and as soon as I take it out of the charge, it goes wild.

I'm gonna try the rice thing and I hope that it will come back, I don't really like spending 200$ on that phone every month, I already pay ATT too much...

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Dabbler 7 years ago from Los Angeles, CA Author

Good luck Julien!

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tsyracuse 7 years ago

I dropped my iphone (3Gs) in the toilet for 1.5 seconds. I grabbed it out right away and stuck toilet paper in the headjack hole and bottom to soak up water. Phone was on at the time it contacted the water. I dried it out in deccicant for about a week and it was working. There were some bugs - kept turning on and off on me, and the headphones didn't work at all. Also the home button when pressed would occasionally snap a screen print and save it in my photos. The problem came when I updated the firmware about a month or so ago. After that I have no sound whatsoever. No ipod sound, no ringer, no speakerphone, no alerts, no audio on phone calls. (They can hear me though.) I have tried all the usual fixes that I have seen, resetting the phone and plugging and unplugging the headphones but nothing has worked. Does anybody have any other ideas I can try. I have already replaced it once under the $200 refurb plan. I had done the same thing the first time. Does anybody know under the new replacement plan what the cost is to replace it again? They told me and I can't remember.

Worried :( 7 years ago

I dropped my phone in the toilet for about a second and i tried turning it on but its stopped working. I'm considering trying this rice thing but i'm worried it won't work. Any extra tips on what i could possibly do??? I am really desperate..

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Dabbler 7 years ago from Los Angeles, CA Author

Erika - I would still try to dry it and see if it works better. It might not, but it is worth a try. You may have already damaged it since it was on when you dropped it in the water. Good luck!

Worried - This is the best method I know of. Maybe other people have tried other things, but the most important is to dry the phone so you won't continue to cause any damage. Good luck!

bora Iscan 7 years ago

my iphone got wet in my pocket and i dried it with hair dryer and 2 days in the rice but in the end it didn't started.

Then i took it to the apple store and they checked the water indicators headphone one was white but the bottom one was red. They told me that there is 2 more indicators inside and if they are not red they told me that they can give me a new phone under my warranty. I was lucky and now i have a new iphone without any cost.

mandy0808 7 years ago

so i dropped my phone in the toilet 2 days ago... its been in the rice ever since. i tried turning it on today and it turned on as usual but the touh screen doesn't work... should i put it back in the rice or is it just not going to work anymore?

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WeLoveFitness 7 years ago

thanks for this article, very useful. That happened to me last week, I was able to repair the damage.


LondonEllis 7 years ago

Dropped my phone in the toilet last night (forgot it was in my back pocket), grabbed it out, worked perfectly fine (screen wise), however would not power off, flickered on and off all last night, put it in a bag of rice, wake up this morning to find mom had put it on charger and said she tried to call my dad using my phone but speakers don't work, texting works she says, phone keeps saying ringer is on headphone settings. Placed it back in bag, there is no water indicater sticker left in my phone really...

SHould i just try to see if it will dry out and maybe the speakers will work?

sue forgetful 7 years ago

i wish i read this before i drowned my iphone last sad i cannot revive my precious phone. I threw a leaking bottled water in my purse with my phone inside drowning for who knows how long. But you did save me money. Thank you for sharing the info, i almost ordered another one full price for i'm not qualified for an upgrade yet...but a refurbed phone for $200 will be great!!

Eric 7 years ago

I dropped my iPhone in the toilet for 2 seconds while it was on and I didn't think to turn it off. Instead I tried to see if it still worked. I sent a text message, made and received a couple calls and everything worked fine. The problems I had were the speakers sounded muffled, but sounded fine with the ear buds in, and the voice command keeps popping up. I'm going to try the rice for 2 days and see if that fixes it. I'll give an update after a couple days.

Petar 7 years ago

I went for a swim with my Iphone in my pocket, and swam with it for good 5 minutes. As soon as I realised I had the Iphone in my board shorts, I took it out, shook all the water out of it that i could, tried truning it on (which is not recommended) and it was not responding, got the blow drier and was drying it on hotest setting for good 10 minutes, tried turning it on again and no response, changed blowdrier setting to lowest heat due to Iphone getting too hot, dried it for good hour, no luck with trying again to turn it on. 24hrs later pluged it into charge and the phone started up with water marks on the screen which disapeared after couple of days.

Eric *UPDATE* 7 years ago

*UPDATE* After dropping my iPhone in the toilet for 2 seconds I tried the rice trick and I am happy to say that my iPhone is working perfect again. I looked in the ear bud jack and the sensor was not pink. I looked in the charging port and that sensor was pink. I guess I had very little water damage to the phone.

Holly 7 years ago

Speakers working again!

I dropped my iphone in a bathtub I was starting to fill for my daughter--it was not submerged but did get pretty splashed. I immediately dried it off and (dumb) turned it o to see if it still worked. It seemed fine (though I did get a message on the screen a couple of times about it not being able to work with some device--I forget the exact message. It erased eventually). Later I found that the speakers weren't working at all. So I searched and found this site. Thank you! I inspected it and saw that the water sensors were not pink, and when I opened the sim card slot I saw no moisture. I turned it off bagged it in rice overnight and then put it under the cool setting of my hair dryer for a good 90 minutes this morning. I said a small prayer that I could cancel the appointment I'd made with a genious, and I turned it back on with a reboot. It's working perfectly! Hubby (a PC) can't believe it, but the speakers are fine. Thanks for your help.

SKB 7 years ago

My phone died on Dec 31, 2009. Took it to Apple and AT&T but with no avail. Apple guys told me there is water damage. Now I had already turned the phone ON and powered it up couple times. But I still put this in a rice bag for a day. On Monday when I plugged it back into my laptop I saw the display come on and it was charging. I was able to retrieve all my pictures. Thank God! I have to say that I have, by mistake, dropped this phone last year in ice/water puddle on the street for several minutes and it turned ON right away. Once it also fell in the toilet bowl but it still worked. Last week there was some humidity in the air and some drizzles and that turned it off. But it is back on. The rice bag did the trick I guess. Thanks.

A. 7 years ago

my phone got wet when my bag fell into water for less than 10 seconds. i'm pretty impatient, so it was only in the rice for about 36 hours and then in and out for the last 3 days. initially it didn't work too well, but now it's fully functioning except for a broken backlight and a less sensitive home button. i almost wish there was more wrong with it so it would be easier to justify getting a new one.

has anyone ever heard of the backlight coming back after 5 days or more? i don't know whether to keep trying the rice or just give in and buy a new one. if only it wasn't so hard to see things!

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jtrader 7 years ago

Neat trick. I would never have thought of the rice.

TurnOffTroubles 7 years ago

the iron tipped over and spilled all over my bed and my phone and i immediately started shaking it and drying it w/ a towel. now, everything pretty much works except 4 the speakers r a little low and the 1 big problem is the top button where you turn off the phone won't work! i left it alone for about 3 days and tried it again, no luck! i even tried using voice control 2 turn it off but agin no luck! any ideas?? im desperate!

keith 7 years ago

droped my iphone in the toilet a while ago powers on but wont charge and take sim any tips please?

Ec1970 7 years ago

The rice works! My 3gs was in the toilet for a couple seconds, and it was on at the time. I immediately tried to turn it off, but it kept turning back on it's own. But the screen was dim and the touchscreen was unresponsive. I started using the blowdryer for a couple mins, but the same thing kept happening. So, I removed the sim, took out the screws, removed the glass and LCD, and covered it with rice in a baggy for 3 days. I figured it was never gonna work.

Then I put it back together, hit power button... And nothing happened - as expected. Decided to plug it into iTunes just to see. And, whaddya know, it started charging. Took a long time to charge, but everything works perfectly! Thanks for the great advice/rice.

Chris 7 years ago

I recently dropped my iphone 3gs while snowboarding, and thought it was completely lost. Luckily a good Samaritan found it and called my recent contacts and was able to return it to me. He said he found it covered in snow and had to thaw it out before turning it on to return it to me. It was working fine and i regrettably left the phone on and continued to use it. It then started to drift in and out of service. It is very sporadic and will not send texts or make calls at times even when it has full bars and 3g. Other times it simply says no service or searching. All games, apps not requiring internet connection work fine. However the internet, mms, and calls only work around 15-20% of the time. The bottom water damage sensor has definitely been set off but not the one in the headphones. It is currently in a bag of rice, over a baseboard vent for close to 1 full day. Is there any advice since the phone is fully operational but the service goes in and out? I tried resetting network connections but that only made it work for a few hours now that reset is ineffective. Anybody have any advice!?!?

Ali 7 years ago

Mine fell in the toilet, that girl's curse! i just texted her while and after I set the time for our first date, it fell in the toilet, got it out and was so nasty full of my sh...s and i did clean it with detol and many stuff, and it's not working, i don't care, i just want a new 1, even if it works, i can't stand it, there still dirts in the holes cannot clean it! Ewwww, didn't; go to the AT and T store yet cuz am frustrated, it's like 4 months ago since i bought it and i got the Apple Care so anyone knows? Em i gonna pay 799 or reduced price for a new 3GS 32GB?

Matt 7 years ago

This happened to me last night, dropped a full pint of water on my iPhone, was absolutely gutted!

Still worked when I turned it on but the speaker wasn't working, I couldn't hear anything when I rang people. Then I read this blog and realised I shouldn't have turned on my iPhone at all ^^

I turned my iPhone off, took the sim out and left it on my window ledge over night. Tried it this morning and seems to work fine!

If you turned your phone on there is hope, just turn it off right away!

shannonwass 7 years ago

okay so yesterday I dropped mine in a puddle.

and it had like a spazz attack so i put it on this heater thing and it work fine for a bit, but some of the buttons on it dont work. I have to plug it into my charger in order to turn it on. and to turn it off i have to take the battery out. also the lighting is way brighter than before, and my phone constantly says "looking for service"

so I hope this works because I am not up for buying a brand new phone:/

Bethan-Anne 7 years ago

I Dropped My iPhone in The Bath Around a Year Agoo.. I Was Devostated and I Left it In The Airing Cubard For Around an Hour That Made My Screen Go Dark.. It Has Now Been Sitting In My Drawer For A While Until Today i Attepted To Swich It On And It Worked Except It Said No Batterey And Switched Off.. But i Dont Think Its Charging.. Ive Tryed All The Ways.. By Plug. By Pc and Even By My iPod Speakers .. Can I Still Save It?

Mash 7 years ago

Hi there. I spilt some liquid underneath my 3GS and didn't realise after a few hours. It was only until I tried to play music and the volume bar wasn't there. Also the option for turning my phone into airplane mode appears all the time. It only seems to be minor damage but really want it back to normal. After reading all these posts im going to put it in the bag of rice. I was drying it out last night with a hairdryer and putting it on a radiator with a towel underneath. After charging it everything seemed to be fine and then the volume bar went again. It seems to come back and then go. So it seems the damage is just at the speaker. Hope all the tips and tricks work.

Any other suggestions?

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pauls_boat 7 years ago

the main problem with apple is that they make both the iphone and the ipod with no easy way of removing the cover,

the best thing to do with any electronics that get wet is to straight away remove the battery do not wait until you get home to let some one else do it or the water in the item will short out the very small tracks on the printed circuit board.

if you can manage to remove the battery straight away then most of the time you will save the item.

droping it in salt water is much harder on electrical items i live on a sail boat and have to come and go via dingy and have droped phones in the sea or in the bottom of the dingy itself which always seams to have sea water in it every time you drop anything and i have had lots of luck with getting them back to life.

the first thing to do is remove the battery or in the case of my laptop the main battery and the little memmory battery from the board then (and this sounds rearly bad)wash the laptop in fresh water as the salt water will corrode the electronic items even when it has dried shake out all the excess water then put it in front of a fan to help it dry if you can get it into a bag of rice for a few days all the better once it is dry have a look at all the parts you can see and if you sea any salt on them then give them a wipe with a cotton bud with a little contact spray (get it from a car parts store)then when all that is done replace the batteries and with luck it will burst back to life.

i fell in the sea with my laptop in my backpack and with doing the above it still works even after several years.

if you leave the battery in it will die very quick.

desperate  7 years ago

k so a week ago my cats decided to climb onto my dresser and play fight but little did i know that they dropped my i phone on the floor into a juice jug that my fiancée left on the ground when i heard vibrating i was wondering what the noise was it took me hours to figure it out when i seen my i phone in the jug i didn't know what to do its been seven days and its still not working but when i plug it in all it shows is the apple sign but when i unplug it it turns of im gonna try the rice but im pretty sure it's messed up i dont even have a warranty for it either so its gonna suck if i cant fix it :(

AND 7 years ago


ErraTik1 7 years ago

Do you put the iphone on cooked rice bag or rice grain bag???

Mike 7 years ago

I dropped my phone in the toilet about a month ago and everything works fine except the WIFI option is "greyed out". Also, the phone seems to think there is an accessory attached to it as I keeps asking me if I want to switch my iphone to Airplane mode to avoid audio interference. Any suggestions?

cynna 7 years ago

today i was changing for practice and some how my phone fell out of my pocket and landed in the toilet it was in there maybe 15 seconds i took it out i tried to hurry to take out the battery it went black so i'm afraid it got messed up but anyways i took out the battery and dried the phone and the battery i was stupid and turned it back on it goes to the verison thing but it won't go all the way on so i turned it off and put it in rice will it help?

Ed 7 years ago

Bought iphone in Oct-Nov 2009, in Dec, was in FL on a business trip, not a vacation, no water sports involved.

The phone simply stopped working. Contacted AT&T and that is when it all started.

I was treated as if I was some kind of a criminal or something. AT&T finally gave me the Apple customer support, well if that is what you would call it, line and I called.

I have never been treated worse by a customer support team in my 57 years.

With all the problems with the iphone and obviously Apple knowing about all the problems, I feel that it may take a class action lawsuit to fix their internal and support problems.

My phone had never been in water, although after sending me on a wild goose chase, then sending me a box to send it back in, it came back saying "the phone has internal damage related to a liquid spill or submersion" and it has never had any liquid or any kind on it while I have owned it.

My suggestion to anyone owning Apple stock, would be to sell it immediately, as they are not on the up and up in regards to their hottest selling iphone and their support, in my opinion, stinks, even worse than that, but cannot say such things here, although some would.

If you have problems, do what I intend to do and that is contact the BBB, your State Attorney General, your States Public Utility Commission, the FTC, the FCC, and your attorney, as this has gotten way out of hand with these large companies and if you don't stand up now, just how far will they take it.

I don't know, maybe $500 - $600 isn't a lot of money to you, but it sure as heck is a lot of money to me, especially when I was told it was still under warranty, then comes back with this lame excuse not to fix or replace it, know what I mean?

Good luck with yours and even if I do get my fixed or replaced, I will NEVER buy another one and will sell my on ebay.

7 years ago

My iPhone was lost in the snow for two weeks. I found it when the snow melted (luckily! I thought for sure it was stolen)..has been in rice for 5 days so far. How long should I keep it in there? The water sensors are still white.

IT 7 years ago

will the iphone works when it turns pink?

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duckslayer 7 years ago

i dropped my iphone in a boat launch stayed in the water for approx 2 hours took it apart dried it in a bag of rice for two weeks. it came on and everything works but i have no service. i changed just the antenna and it still didn't work so i thought i may have messed the antenna up so i bought the whole antenna/speaker assembly and it still doesn't work. i only catch service if i am very close to a tower and only get wifi if im very close to a router...... any help please

Jacky  7 years ago

So I dropped my phone upside down into a cup of coffee... It was already on so I rushed to shut it off and dry it. I put it into a bag of rice right away after I shook out all of the coffee. I turned it on 24 hours later and there is a big coffee stain on the inside of the screen and the screen is all screwed up but it seems to be working. Is it possible to fix this? I turned it off and put it back in the bag of rice. I will leave it there for a couple of days and keep my fingers crossed!

pam 7 years ago

guys. hi from germany. i just dropped my iPhone in the bathtube on yesterday, after taking a bath whilst the water ws still in it. i just turned it off and put in a ricebag on top of the heater for like 24hours. luckily the phone was only in the water for about some seconds.

today when i returned from work, i checked if the cam-lense was still moistned - it was not.

so i plugged it to the computer and took a little while - i gave up hope AND ALL OF A SUDDEN IT MADE BLINK and my iPhone returned to life. thanks guys for all the advice with rice, heat and so on.

just make it believe! i am sure it will work.

for sure: i well never ever take my iPhone in the bath again ;)


Sammy711 7 years ago

Well seems like some of you guys are luckier than me. I took a shower with the door open and came out to find my 1 year old daughter who was suppose to be sleeping playing with the toliet water... YUCK. So I clean her out and gave her a quick bath and handed her off to the wife. That is then when I see my iphone at the bottom of the toilet.

It must have been in there for 2-5 minutes. I quickly reached in there, luckly it was clean water, and shook it out and dried it to the best of my abilities. I used all the tricks that I found online and eventually stuck it in a bag of rice that I sandwiched between my modem and router. It stayed very warm for 5 days. It works and the screen is almost perfect but the only thing is that there is no sound at all. It won't even play any music. It just stays on pause and refused to play. The videos do not start as well as they are all stuck on pause. I can move the play bar to the middle and all that but it just remains on pause and when I force it to play it just goes back to pause. The phone calls do not work because there is no sound. It does dial out and accept calls but nothing can be heard or spoken. I'm going to let it sandwich one more night as I am definitely sure it is dry. Tomorrow I'm taking it to apple to see if they'll replace it. Even for $200...I'll do it because I have felt so naked and alone since my iphone left me a week ago.

AussieGirl 7 years ago

My iPhone got blown into a swimming pool in a freak 2 minute wind storm. I dived down straight away to get it, missed the first time, got it the second dive. It was at the bottom of the pool 10 seconds tops. It was on at the time but the screen went black and it wouldn't stop vibrating until the next day. I couldn't turn it off or on. I have had it under a dryer and sitting in the sun. Cant see any moisture in it anymore. That was 5 days ago. I found an old cheap phone to use and haven't had time to look at the iphone. Last night I had a dream that it was working so i brought it to work this morning and plugged it into the work computer. I can get the apple to come on the screen and it keeps going fuzzy but thats about it. I'm absolutely devo. I still have hope and will go buy some rice after work. I'm going to be so upset if i lose all my pics and videos not to mention that silly me has no insurance and is still paying the phone off. I've only had it a few months. Some clever people on here. Will let you know how I go. Fingers crossed!!!!

Sarah 7 years ago

THANK YOU!!! Everyone keep trying the rice!! I dropped my iphone in the toilet. It was submerged for 2 seconds. And of course before I looked up anything i was turning it on and off like crazy. Then it went all fuzzy and was not working at all. After reading on here and 2 1/2 days in rice, you could see there was no more condensation on the camera lens. I just put it in to charge, the apple symbol came on and 5 minutes later... it works!!! I am so happy I found this web site. Don't give up!!!!

Brettoz 7 years ago

Hey everyone so yeh i went in my mates pool twice before realising i had my iPhone in my pocket, (it was Australia day and was pretty wasted in the afternoon lol) so anyways i dried it out with the hair dryer for about 10mins then when i got home the next day looked up stories like this to fix the iphone.

So i used a vacum to suck out the moisture and put it in a bag of rice left it for about 2-3 days. Then decided to see if it worked plugged it into the charger. It turned on straight away. So have been using it for about 3 hrs al working fine although i could still see some moisture still on the screen.

Went to the beach left the iphone in the car then when came back it was off. Tried plugging it into the charger as i thought it was out of battery. Now all i get is the apple logo appearing for about 20sec and just turns off. So now going to further dry it out and hope it works again =)

Gov 7 years ago

dropped mine in a toilet for a split second. immediately turned it off, dried it, took out SIM card and put in rice. it turns on and seems to function ok. it wont power off though, that button seems non functional, also has trouble getting a signal, which it kind of did before, at&t's service isn't the best. any ideas folks? thanks!

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pickled pirate 7 years ago


Like many other iphone users i look after myn as if it was my own child so when i found myself half naked with a soaking wet iphone in my hand (dropped it in the bath) panicing like never before i found you! you! saved my iphone i followed your directions to the letter apart from putting it in rice i only had pasta but thank you for your wonderfull post


Lulu 7 years ago

I dropped my phone in water and since it has a full case I couldn't turn it off immediately. And I charged it and turn it one two days later. The screen was black and not working. And the button has turned pink. I am trying to put it in the rice bag now but I don't know whether that's still useful. Will the pink go back to white if I leave it some more days in rice bag?

Dabbler profile image

Dabbler 7 years ago from Los Angeles, CA Author

Sarah & Pickled pirate - so glad to hear that it is working for you! Lulu - the pink doesn't turn back to white. Once it's turned pink, it stays pink. The reason for putting it in the rice bag is to help the inside of the phone dry (all of the electronic parts you can't see). Since you charged it, you may have already short circuited the phone because there was water inside the device when you charged it. Give the rice bag a try though just in case. You never know since you don't know how much water got into the phone.

Good luck!

Lulu 7 years ago

Thank you Dabbler, I will wait and see.

Colette 7 years ago

Splashed some water on my hand from an uncapped bottle. Phone was off at the time. Wasn't sure I hit the phone, but of course I tried to turn it on like 20 times like an idiot. Screen completely dead, nothing came on. Came home and blow dried it. Put in in a warm place overnight, and this morning read this and will try the rice trick. I will let you guys know how it goes in 3 days. WISH ME LUCK!

Jasmine & Stuart 7 years ago

Thank you! Our iPhone was on when we accidentally washed it in the washing machine for about 10 minutes. We pushed the on/off button several times with no luck, and there was soapy water under the screen. We used the blow dryer, shook it, and put it in rice. We changed the rice daily after 15 minutes of blow drying and a shake. We did not attempt to push any buttons. After a week, we pushed the on/off button. Nothing happened until we plugged it in. After a couple of seconds, the Apple appeared, and everything works perfectly, and there are no water or soap stains under the screen.

Also, we called our insurance company who said we could add the phone to our homeowner's policy. It's cheaper than the AT&T extended warranty and covers water and other damage.

Jasmine & Stuart 7 years ago

By the way, we removed the sim card before we did anthing else.

Bdub 7 years ago

So Ive had my new 3G phone for about 10 days now. So last night i had my phone charging on my bed. There was a 1/4 cup of water sitting on my night stand beside my bed. When i woke up this morning to my amaze. My phone took a dive head first into the cup. I didn't know i bought the limited edition Micheal Phelps 3G. The chances of this happening is 1 in 1 million, but the chances of the cup not turning over and spilling the water out has to be 1 in a cazillion. OMG im so bummed. :( Only the top 1/4 of the phone sat in water all night i assume. It wont turn on and I have it in a bag of rice now. Does anyone know where the majority of the major components sit in a iphone. Could i have possibly not damaged some of the major components on the top of the phone where the headphone jack is?

Kayla 7 years ago

Last night I dropper my iphone in the tub with me. It had one of those really tough cases that are supposidly water proof. When I got it out of the tub...( like 2secs) it was still on and looked like nothing had happened. So, I tried to unlock it and the slider wouldn't go all the way to the right. I took the case off and put a hair dryer on it for a few mins. The slider than worked great and everything else was working great too. UNTIL I tried answering my phone. I can hear it ring and everything but when I answered I couldn't hear the people on the other end. I switched it to speaker and it worked great. I was able to talk to them for awhile on speaker. I guess the on thing not working is the ear speaker?? What do I do about that??

Chantal 7 years ago

On Sunday, I was doing my boyfriend's laundry and accidentally put his jeans in that had his iPhone. The iPhone went through the whole wash cycle before we realized it was in. He only had this phone for around 4 months, we were both very discouraged. Looked around on the internet and they are all over 400$ without a plan! So we decided to leave it hanging upside down to see if some water would come out. We tried turning it on once, nothing. I told him that sometmes, putting it in a bag of rice works. Day 1 we put it in a bag of brown rice and ziplocked it. On monday, we left it upside down again. We then took out the sim card and put it back in rice. Later on, we decided to try plugging it in. Well, we plugged it in the wall, and the apple icon appears. Turns out, miraculously, the phone works perfectly fine. Nothing wrong in the screen, battery or speakers. His apps were still all there and so were his contacts, text messages, etc. It really is possibly to fix a water damaged iphone!!

Chupacabras 7 years ago

I just got off the off with Apple. They will not repair a Iphone that has water damage. The customer service tech told me I will have to buy a new phone. I found some dessicant bags and I put the phone with them in a zip lock bag. I hope this works.

Jasmine & Stuart 7 years ago

Kayla, our phone had the same case. When we called the AT&T rep, he said it's water resistant, not water proof. Try the rice and blowdryer on low heat. It worked for us, and ours was in the water about 10

minutes. Also, we changed the rice every day and put it in an open container, not a closed plastic bag. It's really hard not to push any buttons, but try not to for several days, at least. Luckily, we were able to use our old phone in the meantime.

Lulu 7 years ago

I dropped my phone in water and couldn't close it since the touch screen didn't work. I put it in the rice bag for two weeks and the phone could work now, but the screen is very very dark. it's like you change the brightness to below zero. I don't know what to do with that...

Mark 7 years ago

I dropped my IPhone in a puddle of deep slush today and didn't even know until I left my apartment an hour later it was still sitting there. I tried shaking all the water out of it and tried turning it on once to see if it'll work but didn't. Later on it started vibrating like someone was calling but the screen was still black. I pulled out the sim card and going to try the rice bag thing for a week. Wish me luck!

Lucky1 7 years ago

I had gotten some water in my Phone. When I Turned the phone on the screen was bright at first then it would flicker, and then go extremely dim and a message would pop up saying "This accessory is not made to work with the Iphone" even though I didn't have any USB plugged into it. I tried rebooting it and dusted the USB port but still ended up with the same results. I went to the Apple store and the guy that checked me in looked at it and said that the strip by the headphone jack and USB port were both pink indicating water damage and that by the camera you can see water on the inside. He then told me I would be able to buy a refurbished one for $299 (32gb) but that one of the Iphone Techs just need to open my phone up and verify that the two other watermark strips were also pink. The Tech took my phone and came back and said you’re lucky the two watermarks inside the phone were white and that my phone had a little crack by the USB port which is a defect and that he was going to swap my phone out for no charge.

So lucky me even if the two outer marks are pink you can still get a new phone for free if the two inner ones are still white and you have a defect on your phone.

elane 7 years ago

I let my phone soak in the washer for around 25 min. There is water and soap stains under the screen. How can i get that out?

Jasmine 7 years ago

Elane, does your phone work?

John 7 years ago

Mine went into the washing machine... it was on when it went in and was off when i got it out.. don't know if that means good night? I have it in a bag of rice, inside a jumper in the wardrobe... hopefully it will turn on in a few days...

Emmie 6 years ago


i dropped my iphone down the toilet and was completely ignorant to the whole don't turn it on thing! the first thing i did was try to turn it on but it isn't working at all and it's been 4 days! i don't have it under waruntee...will apple still repair it for $199

please help me, cheers x

Jasmine & Stuart 6 years ago

Emmie, don't panic. Read our comments above. The rice/blow dryer trick worked for us. Don't try to turn it on again until it is completely dry. Then, you may have to plug it in the charger for it to kick in the first time. We dried ours for a week.

josh 6 years ago

really need help, i dropped my friends iphone into a bucket of water 3 days ago, it was in there for about 10 seconds. he tried turning it on and plugging it into a computer straight away, but all that happened was the apple logo came up for a bit then dissapeared. we tried using the hair dryer on it for about 2 minutes but nothing happened, and we only put it in rice for about 20 minutes. is it too late to try the rice again or will it had short circuited? need help as otherwise i have to get him a new iphone and as im 15 with no job that isn't a great option right now

discouraged 6 years ago

my iphone fell in the toilet last night. it was on and i pulled it out right away but it wont turn off. it was on all night and the screen was very dark like lulu said. it was like that all night and then just about ten minutes ago the screen became bright again. i keep trying to turn it off to protect it but the touch screen...which was working about an hour now not responding to my touch. it keeps buzzing and going to voice control so now im just waiting for it to die. is it too late for the rice?

Dabbler profile image

Dabbler 6 years ago from Los Angeles, CA Author

Josh - there is a chance that you may have short circuited it, but I would still try the rice for a few days to see if you can help it dry out. Don't turn it on again until you're sure it is dry.

Discouraged: Not sure I've seen that situation. Did you try holding down the sleep/wake button at the top to turn it off? You have to try and turn it off first. After, you can try the rice, but not sure if it will work. Either way, it is worth a try.

gemma  6 years ago

my iphone got wet like 3-4weeks ago,only briefly wet tho,didn't know bout this rice trick till now,rekon it will still work?

Danielle 6 years ago

I dropped mine in the toilet! It just fell out of my pocket while I was cleaning! Totally panicked!

It was on and so I left in on a long time....yikes.

But one thing I did was vaccume the heck out of it, a few times! I also did the blow dryer. But the vaccume worked well and all the systems came back on. I switched it off and now it's in a tupperware container in rice and those little selica gel packages from shoe boxes. I keep vaccuming it and it no longer seems to have those pink lights. I am crossing my fingers and hoping for the best!!

Charlotte 6 years ago

Mine worked but the screen was fuzzy and dark, after i dropped it in the bath tub. I definatly recommend the blowdrying in any of the holes in the iphone and then let it vent out the othersid. 10 mintues and my iphone was back to normal.

Lhen 6 years ago

I accidentally splashed some juice in my Iphone but it is still working although the screen is dim and its been 1 week now that my Iphone is dim it is only now that I have read this site that I need to put it in the rice ... do you think it will still work to make it light up again?

Haro 6 years ago

hey. i dropped my phone in the toilet and thought it was all over. i let it dry for 3 days and everything is great bar the fact that it only occasionally has service and there is no sound. its been a week now so should i still try the rice option dabbler?


thepowerofserg 6 years ago

I fell in a pond because my girlfriend doesn't know how to get out of a canoe, and I was in the water for maybe 3-4 seconds max. My phone started buzzing immediately after I got out of the water (I got my phone out of my pocket and immediately gave it to someone dry), and then stopped buzzing. The screen was never on during this time.

Within 20 minutes, I was back to civilization and was drying the phone with a hair dryer. After 15-20 minutes of this I put it in rice. First, several times a day, then after the third day only twice a day, I would dry the phone with a hair dryer, always removing the sim card slot for maximum airflow. I stored the phone in a bag filled with rice. I changed the rice every time I dried the phone.

I waited 5 days, and the on the 6th day, I finally tried to turn my phone on. Nothing happened. My battery got hot after awhile, so I unplugged it. Rice, air, time, not turning it on ... sorry people, but this is all B.S. You either luck out on how it gets wet, or you get screwed. My phone was one week old, a brand new iphone 3GS. I tried all of this, to no avail.

If you got your iphone and it doesn't work right away, and if it was on when it got wet, sorry guys. Hope you kept your Nokia.

Zenia 6 years ago

I dropped my iTouch, 1st gen, to the toilet. When i dropped it, it turns on. I quickly get it outta the water and it turns off by it self. Like 5 mins later, it turns on again, but i quickly turn it off. I didn't expect it'll turn on again. I put it in a bag of rice for about 5 hours, but when i touch the back of the iTouch, it's hot. but not really hot-hot, it's like warm. About one hour later, it cools down.

Then 2 days later, i took it out, the itouch turn on but it's dim and the screen dont work. I turn it off, again. and hair dried it about 5 mins. Then when i turn it on again, nothing changes.

I put in a rice again for about 5 days now, and NOTHING changes. The screen still dim and the screen wont respond to me :(

* The iTouch is already 3 years old and my sister spilled a water to the iTouch but it still works PERFECTLY (she didn't try the rice thing, she just let sit there) but it have water marks. It's slowly fading away but the water sensor is Half White and half pink.

That happens like one year ago. After i dropped my iTouch to the toilet, the water sensor is still the SAME! (half white, half pink)

My mom bought it at Best Buy. Do you think they will replace it? For free or do you have to pay $199?

Dabbler profile image

Dabbler 6 years ago from Los Angeles, CA Author

Zenia - you never know if you don't ask, although from my experience, they usually won't replace it for free. If it is half white/half pink and you get the right person, they might make an exception. Good luck!

TxThrill 6 years ago

I'm here to give hope to my fellow wet iPhone victims! I

just got a new iPhone 3G last week. Not even 3 days later,

I haplessly dropped it in the toilet, and I even saw it sink to the bottom. Of course, I was in utter shock like everyone else, thinking "this cannot be happening to me right now!!" I snatched it out of the water right away. I don't think it was submerged for more than 3 seconds.

Immediately, I wiped it off with a towel and frantically shook out all the excess water that I possibly could out of the phone. I took out the sim card and even blew in it a couple of times. I tried to shut off the phone but the screen instantly became unresponsive to touch. It eventually shut down on its own.

Next, being naïve about safe ways to save a wet iPhone, I proceeded to plug in the phone to my computer hoping that it would charge and show some kind of life. Nothing. I then blowdried it for 15-20 minutes and I even saw some of the water on the camera lens start to disappear. So I thought, Ok I'll try to power it on again. Surprisingly, the Apple logo came on for like 2 seconds but instantly shut off! I feared that I might have short circuited it. Then I found this website and the good results people were getting with rice. So I rushed to get some from my pantry and buried the phone with rice in an air tight tupperware. I then put it on my window sill so it could get some natural sunlight and expedite the drying process. I was doing all this praying to God that this would revive my phone, cuz it seemed almost foolish. I left it in the tupperware for 5 hours. The wait was agonizing. I decided to take it out and plug it in to see if it worked. The apple logo came on for almost 10 seconds this time !! ..but shut off right away. I put it back in the rice overnight and dared not turn it on again for a day. I only took it out the next day to blow dry it for 10-15 minutes with cool air before burying it in rice again.

The next morning, I decided the phone should be dry by now. (After all, it had only been in water for a few seconds) I grabbed my USB charger and faced the moment of truth. I plugged it in and watched as the Apple logo came on and then stayed on!!! I was like c'mon.. okay...what's it doing?

And then after a few seconds, iTunes miraculously recognizes my iPhone and all my apps came on and the phone started receiving missed texts, calls, and mail. The phone came back normal like nothing happened, including the speakers, apps and camera. I tell you I was a huge skeptic of this method!!!! But I've come to report with good tidings that it really works, especially if your phone didn't suffer under water too long like mine. There's still crazy hope!!! Hope it works for you too. Just be patient and let time and rice heal!

Abbie Rowell 6 years ago

i dropped my phone in a toilet tonight it was only in there for maybeeee 30 seconds but i immediately came home and put it in rice because i had herd stories of friends and others doing this but i didn't hear about not touching any buttons when i took it out i immediately shook it to get allll of the water out or try to get as much out as possible and then went home and put it in rice and blow dried it for about 25-30 minutes maybe buttt when i got it out the toilet i turned it off because it was still on and the screen was working but slowlystarted to fade but i could faintly see it ... since i tured it off and had to touch it is it still crap? or no? could it be saved?

Michelle Cea 6 years ago

HELLO!! So yesterday I dropped my phone into the toilet and it was still on but the screen wouldn't let me touch it...i turned it off and put it in rice and then took it out this morning. Sometimes it doesn't tur on unless the charger is plugged works perfectly fine and then shuts off on me. Am I screwed?

Landers 6 years ago


I dropped my phone into my cup of coffee yesterday morning. It went in head first, but only about two thirds of the way down. My phone continued to work for about another minute and then it froze up and the screen went white. I tried turning it off, but nothing would come up but the white screen. I took it into my bedroom and turned it upside down for a few hours and blow dried it for about minute intervals throughout the day. I took it and placed it by a space heater for about ten minutes and the screen turned a bright white, it had lit up after being by the heater. A few hours later the screen went off completely and has stayed off. I put it in a bag of rice about twenty hours ago and have let it sit. I was unable to remove the sim card for about eight hours after the submersion, but removed it before sitting it in the rice. Do you think I have totally lost my phone or should I wait??

profile image

Arnav127 6 years ago

hi i dropped my iphone edge 8gb into the pool for 4 or 5 seconds....i then tried switching it off and generally pressing buttons 20 times or so then removed the sim tray it then died i wrapped it in a towel and kept pressing buttons at regular intervals for an hour a total of 450 or 500 presses then i low blow dried kept showing thje apple logo for a couple of seconds and then dyeing when you switched it on water was visible in the screen.then i plugged it into the comp after which since 20 minutes its hung at the now gonna put it into there stil any chance and if there is what should i do??

JeffK 6 years ago

I dropped my iPhone in the toilet and snatched it out within a second. It still croaked, initially. I did make the mistake of trying to turn it on when wet. I tried turning it on multiple times before I read the steps above. I was really worried that I permanently damaged the phone after reading "DO NOT TURN IT ON". Luckily for me, though, I followed the steps listed above exactly (other than the fact I tried to turn it on) and it WORKED! Thanks for the great instructions. I'm breathing a sigh of relief. I have a new rule, though... no iPhoning while on the crapper!

Ferdy Liu 6 years ago

Agreed with JeffK! my new rule. no IPhoning while on Crapper! hahaha, such a nice quotation on today. However, may i know, how it takes for your iPhone to able to use again, after you put it inside the sack of rice?

Utae 6 years ago

dropped mine in a small sink at work yesterday, wasn't even in the water for a second. unfortunately i could leave for many hours after but i blow a lot of water out of it and only tried to turn in on once, where it went to the password screen and then was unresponsive to buttons as well as touch. after about 10 seconds it turned off. ive been letting it dry out and ive tried turning it on multiple times with no luck, but it hasn't even been 24 hours yet, and ... this is the second time ive dropped it in water :P. hopefully my phones a trooper and pulls through again. do you think putting the iphone in the oven for maybe a minute on low heat is a good idea? i dont have rice or the money for it

Gina 6 years ago

I was bathing my daughter and my phone feel in her soapy bathwater (it was in my bra, bc I didn't have pockets)...I am so sick, I've had my phone for less then a month...wah!!! should I bite the bullet and get a refurbished one or try the rice...I think the soap is a factor, and don't want to get my hopes up...I also did the panic thing and turned it on and made calls and texts for 15 minutes before it turned itself off and now it's sitting in a bag of uncooked rice...fingers crossed

Kim 6 years ago

Ok mine fell in my husbands beer cup for like 5 secs... Ugh! As soon as we got home I tried blow drying it and again the next morning. I put it in rice that afternoon and it is still there. But it did turn on and off a few times and I didn't know how to remove my sim card but I will do that now.. Do you think it could still recover if I leave in in the rice a few more days?

And does anybody know if the Apple Care will cover anything w/ water damage?

profile image

Tonkers 6 years ago

Firstly, what a great thread. Everyone should know this before they get an iPhone. I have just been at the 'genius bar' and as my bottom charger hub line was pink they said I had water damage and would not help me further. I explained that I had use it in the rain, once, and it has not been near water. My top by speaker jack indicator is still clear.

Funnt thing is, I bought a new cable, and this works intermittently, and I got the problem when I downloaded the airmouse app from the itunes app store (beware). To no avail, now my indicator is pink, they refused to help.

Will my pink line ever go clear again? A drop of rain seems to have hit it according to them. I was also told not to use my phone in the rain!!!

Sascha 6 years ago

I was Geocaching today and dropped my iPhone in a puddle of water, where it stayed for about a minute until I realized it.....

I fortunately resisted to turn it on and also removed the SIM card. After shaking it out I got some silica gel and put it in an air tight bag, where it will now sit for the next two days - then we will see....

IMPORTANT: If you can get a hand at silica gel (Pharmacy or you now somebody nearby who works in a lab) get it - it's way more powerful than rice - it really sucks all the water it can grab and you don't have to replace it (except it turns completely colorless - then it's saturated).

Sam S 6 years ago

my silent mode switch is broken so i took it to an apple stope today the guy told me that the sensor at the bottom of the phone had been activated which meant the warranty was void therefore i had to pay to get a replacement

however when reading the warranty i couldn't find anything about water sensors or damage apart from a bit about floods

i may be being stupid but could someone please take a look

p.s. if the link is removed then i found it by searching iphone warranty in google

A very troubled girl 6 years ago

Hello Dabbler, Idk if you can help but here it goes, last night i dropped my Ipod touch in the bath tb. I got it at the beinging of jan. and its now April. I did turn it on and the touch screen won't touch! i keep on trying to slide the bar or press play for my music but it work work. Plese help me save my baby!

-A very troubled girl

A very troubled girl 6 years ago

P.S. It only stayed in the tub for about 3-5 seconds befrore i pulled it out and tried to suck the water out of the charing part-yeah I know lame...

Sascha 6 years ago

Just a follow up: After 48 hours in Silica Gel I recharged my iphone and switched it on. Result: All works perfectly like a charm - no damage what so ever! I'm so relived!

andrew 6 years ago

i just dropped my iphone 3gs in the toilet last night after i was drinking(water in toilet was clear lol) and immediately took it out...i dont recall everything but to my knowledge i turned it off immediately and might have been messing with the two buttons after to try and get it on..nothing was i woke up and the phone looks fine and didn't even look like it had water in it( i have the privacy screen from at&t so i think that helped it when it fell in)..i went to the store and bought white rice and just put my phone in the bag of rice like everyone gonna leave it there for atleast 2 days i hope it works and i will let you know if it does because i love to hear positive responses from people that got it too work...wish me luck!!!

Dabbler profile image

Dabbler 6 years ago from Los Angeles, CA Author

Andrew - good luck with the rice! there's been lots of success with it so hopefully it will work for you too!

Alex 6 years ago

Wow.. Well sounds like most of you guys got your phones out of the water in a few seconds...

I got out of the hot tub today after an hour session only to find my iPhone in my pocket! Doh... Have experience with this before so I ran it under a seriously hot hairdryer for about 20 minutes then straight into silica+rice in a bag.. considering the length of time it spent in the water I'm thinking leave it at least 5 days until touching it. Will let you know.

Lucas 6 years ago

Well, one comfort already that I'm not the only one dumb enough to throw an iphone in the toilet. I managed to grab it within seconds (never before dashed in so quickly to save something from the toilet basin). The phone was on with no apparent damage so I kept it on for a few hours until I saw intermittant messages : "this device is not suitable for an iphone" that made me worry.

It is now off and sitting in rice bag, will start it again in a few days while keeping my fingers crossed. Great opportunity to kick back my addiction to the thing.....

Steve 6 years ago

My poor I-phone ended up in the washing Machine, I have no idea yet how it's going to tuen out... Basically it got wrapped up in a sheet that went into the washing machine, I then was heading on out with some friends and couldn't find my phone, so my friend tried phoning it, it rang once then went to voice mail. It was a few minutes later that I put 2 and 2 together and went looking for it in the washing machine.

I haven't tried turning it on it has just been in a bag of rice since it came out the washer, I am worried about a few things, the fact that it was phoned while it was in the washer and 2 that there was also soap in the machine when I pulled it out. Anyways I hope there is a chance for it to come to life all happy again.

Kim 6 years ago

I posted 7 days ago..

Just wanted to say it worked! I had even tried turning my phone on after the water damage so I was worried. But after 2 days in the rice my phone was working again!!!


To Sam S 6 years ago

The warrenty states that warrenty does not cover accidental damage, or the use of the product out side of permitted or intended uses as stipulated by apple (can mean almost anything). All this said if you can prove that the damage to the mute switch is caused by hardware failure not as a result of water damage or misuse you could technically claim a warrenty, however chances of you proving that considering your phone indicated it has been wet will likely be verty difficult and cost on your behalf. However if you believe you have an unjust situation you can always write to apple with the facts you know and see how they respond, stores are required not to send in phones if they have signs of water damage so you won't get anywhere there.

Holger 6 years ago

dropped my brand new iphone in the toilet last night. It was running while it became wet and slowly died after I took it out. But thanks for this site!!

What's better, Parboiled Rice or Basmati Rice?

vegasryu 6 years ago

I was just going home from work from sbux, i saw a mop upside down do i picked it up with my iphone in my hand, i had a cheep swapmeet cover, and it just slipped out of my hand like a bannana, fell right into the dirty mop bucket. i snaced it in less than two seconds.i panic, and grabed the vaccumed.. and sucked the living thing out of it... i turned it on, and it worked..but noticed a water bloch on the bottom on screen...does anybody know if this bloch goes away after it dries..i have in in a rice bag in the warm Nevada shade outside... wish me luck...

Lucas 6 years ago

One week after I dropped my phone (see above). Just want to let all of you desperate phone droppers know that the rice recipe worked perfectly for me. One day in the dry rice bag and the phone works like a charm again. Hope you'll be lucky as well....

andrew 6 years ago

ok so its 8 days later..lets see

i have been using a different phone so it hasn't bothered me that much to not have my iphone...and i have been taking it out maybe every night and turning it on tho(not good idea i know) and i will plug it in and it goes to the battery charge screen and the problem is its all just darker and blurry...i will then take the plug out and return it to the bag of i did the same but left it in to charge so i could see if i could use the worked..all the sound is good and all the touch part is good meaning i can do all the same things...but the screen stays i dont mind that because i can still use the wondering if the battery will still stay as long and my question is should i charge up the phone and try using it like normal? or will it be bad because it could be hurting the phone some way?? im not sure i hope someone can gimme a hand

save my system profile image

save my system 6 years ago from United Kingdom - London

Actually there is strict handling warning on back side of I-phone about water damage. Mobile having SMD technology and have to take care of it very greatly. All your tips are very helpful for other mobiles as well.Though I phone is much expensive damage of gives harm.

Eric 6 years ago

I was partying last night at the Hard Rock San Diego Intervention Pool party and after a few shots forgot that my iphone was in my trunks and went into the pool.

Immediately phone looked like it died so 24 hours after, I'm doing the Rice in the Ziplock bag trick and will keep you posted.


Natalie 6 years ago

Did not read all of the comments. Maybe someone has done this. My Iphone was completely submerged in water & dead. I was frantic & could not stand the slow waiting process to see if rice worked. I ran for the shop vacuum (I'm sure a regular vacuum would work too) and held every opening on up to the vacuum nozzle for several minutes & it actually came back on! I could not believe it worked!. But the screen was very dim. Instead of rice I burried the phone in a small tupperware of kitty litter & within an hour it was working again with a bright screen. Even the camera! (You can vacuum the openings again if you are worried dust from the kitty litter got in the openings.)

Tara Kay  6 years ago

I dropped my Iphone in a toilet. A classic. Any way it was working for a while i was abel to send text make calls everything but my home key wasn't working and then it started freaking out and all i would get is the apple or the connect to Itunes screen i tried to restore it but as soon as the restore was almost done an error would come up on my computer. i heard about the rice trick and it has been in the rice for 4 days, The screen is clearer and it looks good but I'm still getting the connect to Itunes screen and the error when i try to restore it. Any advise? Do i still have hope? Is there any sense in taking it to the apple or at&t store. Answers would be appreciated this phone was my personal assistant!

Tara Kay 6 years ago

Now im abel to get it to work, but the home button isn't working. help still needed!

kara 6 years ago

okay so my phone dropped in the sink while the water was running and my phone was playing music. i immediately took it out and started towel drying it. then i did the stupiest thing ever. i turned it on and i kept trying to play music and stuff. i didn't know then that what the worst thing to do. but the one speaker would not work. that meant no music would play, the texting sound it usually made wasn't working either, and if someone called me i couldn't hear them. they could only hear them. and i looked in the bottom and saw the pink thing. i was really upset bc i cant aford a new one and my contract isn't up for atleast a year. so then i tried the rice thing. i put it in there from four pm yesterday till seven this morning AND IT WORKED! i had my doubts about the rice. i put it in a baggie full of rice and made sure the phone was covered and then i sealed the bag.AND IT WORKED!!!! my phone is perfectly normal! thanks so much for the advice! the only thing was that a piece of rice got caught in the headphone hole, but after shaking it a little it came out.

Anita  6 years ago

So I washed my phone in the washing machine. It didn't actually go through the entire cycle but it was def. submerged in water for over a minute. It didn't work for a couple of days but I kept it in the rice for the entire time and then tried to turn it on a few days later. Everything was working fine except for the home button that was completely not working what so ever. It is a very important button so obviously this meant I needed a new one. I took it to the apple store and just said it stopped working but he said it had water damage. I acted kind of surprised and made up some story that I recalled doing months ago but was surprised that it was only not working now. He was totally nice and told me not to say anything and replaced my phone for free. If you need a new phone you should def. go by apple and see if they will give you a new one. You may get someone nice like I did!

Matt 6 years ago

The rice bag did the trick.. WOW.. Thanks so much for this detailed info. I'm a water damage technician for a flood damage company, you'd think I'd know how to properly dry something :)

Thanks Again


Tara Kay 6 years ago

Thanks Anita I'm deffinately going to try that!

Ian 6 years ago

Hey, the rice bag trick only worked a part for me! :(

Fortunately,Everything was fine when i tried to on my iphone after having it to brave a bad storm, but what was unlucky for me was that the lights never came on again! And I can barely see anything even under bright light sources.

What should i do? Can anyone tell me please? :(

Teri 6 years ago

This worked wonders!! Thanks for putting this information out for everyone! In less that 24 hrs my iPhone is working like its brand new! :)

Thank you!


Teri 6 years ago

If follow up with my last post my phone was on when it dropped in the water and refused to turn off!! Every time I tried to turn off it would come back on within 20 to 30 seconds, but I let everyone know not to call or message me put it in a bag of rice and set it on my floor board of my car on with the heat set to the floor. Didn't mess with it for the next few hours (people must of thought i was crazy carrying around a bag of rice like it was my baby :)) This def worked for me! I will def be recommending this to anyone who this terrible accident happens to them!

joanne22 6 years ago


my iphone 3g fell in a bucket of water and when i toook it out it said tht this application doesnt compile or somehting lik it with ur phone please switch the device off and it showed th off switch button thn i waited all nite and ket it dry out on its own and now it isn switchin on plz help someone has anyone faced the same thing ???

wee VooDoo 6 years ago

Dropped mine in a pint glass. Was only half submerged and I got it out VERY quickly.

Speakers stopped working

iPhone kept thinking something was trying to be plugged into it and came up with something like "not a valid iPhone blah blah blah..."

Menu button only worked when pressing very hard.

Sat it on the radiator for 2 hours and stuck it in a bag of rice for a few hours. Took it out and everything worked perfectly. Magic!

Cynthia 6 years ago

So yesterday we were at the pool and my 3yrold son feel into the pool I had my phone in my back pocket I immediatly jumped in to take him out when I got out and saw he was ok I remembered my iphone was in my back pocket my heart dropped. I put it to try with the hair dryer and it is still not working I just put it in a bag of rice hopefully it works. :(

Snells 6 years ago

I dropped my phone in a cup of liquor. The top half was submerged for about 2-3 seconds. I took it out but tried to turn it back on after 5 minutes (this is the second time I have experienced water damage, the first was much more severe but my phone recovered.

Any way I had long drive back to the house and I was just itching to listen to music. So i plug it up and it was working for about 10 minutes with no back light. Then it just shutoff completely. I get home and set in rice overnight. Wake up and test it and the Logo is on the screen with the backlight flickering. Before anything else happened I unplugged it and put it in rice some more. I am hoping for a recovery again this time around.

ucantseeme 6 years ago

hi. i think the pink sensor is cobalt chloride paper, it turns pink in moisture.

ps you saved my friends iphone!

mona 6 years ago

I'm so iphone fell into the sea 2 days ago and it completely died. It won't switch on, won't charge; I took it to an apple repair shop today and they said it was irreparably damaged. I didn't back-up my phone numbers and can't imagine losing them, as well as my fantastic photos that have such sentimental value for me. I put it in rice just now after reading your advice. Hope it works, will keep you posted, pls. keep your fingers crossed! Wish I'd seen this site on sat...

Tony 6 years ago

I tried everything to get my iphone to work after a small incident with a toilet bowl. I used rice, silica packs, blow dryer, towels in the sun, etc. My brother-in-law told me about the ifixyouri website he used for his broken screen. I called them up and they walked me through the website and I over night fedex shipped it to them. I really wanted my iphone to work again, because like an idiot I never backed it up in iTunes. Well, I just received it back in the mail and................IT WORKS!!!!!! So, I am recommending them to everyone. I am soooooo happy. Good luck!!!!

Mirmy 6 years ago

Believe it or not guys, I'm back. So I posted 8 MONTHS ago about my last phone. I ended up purchasing a new phone and actually kept it in rice for months, and it never turned back on. Now I am back again because I dropped my phone is a puddle for 30 minutes until I realized I didn't have it. It keeps saying "This accessory does not work.." But the phone is functioning fine right now. At first I couldn't hear from the speakers but now it is working. I still put it in rice and will continue to do that. I really hope it stays functioning because this is my 5TH iPhone! sux! Thanks Dabbler, I notice that you have to keep answering the same Q's on here lol!

Dutta 6 years ago

Thanks, all tips here are helpful to bring back your phone to life..specially rice bag one.

Susie 6 years ago

Hello everyone i hope someone can help me

My iPhone has liquid damage but its actually working the only thing that is not is the back light

you can see the app And talk but its hard to see on it . Theres anything that i can di to fix it? Please help because i miss mi phone so much!

Thank you

ipaul 6 years ago

I dropped my iphone 3gs into my toilet bowl fully submerged!! In a panic i tried turning it on as a friend searched the web for advice. I found this page followed the instructions and it saved my iphone. So this a big thank YOU!!!I turned it on after it had been in basmati rice for a week. works perfectly and this was 3 months ago and it still working. :)

Vassilis 6 years ago

Three days ago i dropped my iphone 3GS in the pool for just a few secs. I tried to turn it on immediately after, but it got blank. I followed the instructions with the rice for three days and then i tried once again to turn it on. The apple screen appeared, and the phone connected with i tunes as before. However when i tried to restore it, it failed. The entire restoration process completes, but when it has to restart by itself fails. Have you got any ideas on how to fix that?

neily1 6 years ago

Two week old 3GS, and went and dropped in the bog last nite. read up and saw how many others have suffered such a plight. Felt better for being a clutz, The fact I had done a number two did not stop me throwing my hand and rescuing it in seconds. Dried it off, put in rice etc and took it apart this morning to dry off excess water. All seemed OK aside from bloody home button which won't work and it won't synch now.

sooz 6 years ago

this is probably the worst day of my life. it was my first day going on rotation at a hospital site. it was pouring outside this morning and i was running late b/c i found out last minute that my sister needed a ride to the station. i was running to my car and my iphone fell out of my pocket (which i didn't even realize cuz i was in a rush). i realized after i dropped my sister off and i was halfway to the highway. i rushed back to my block to see if i dropped it on the road or sidewalk, but i didn't see it and i was already super late so i left. i came back home around 12:30 and i found my poor phone on the side of my house, faced up and wet. i was relieved to find my phone but panicked about the water damage. stupid me, i checked to see if it was working. my apps worked and everything else seemed to work. but when i tried to make a call, the speaker sounded very distant even though i had the volume on max. and a msg saying something about the accessory is not compatible for this device or something kept popping up.

in a state of despair, i googled iphone water damage and found this page. i turned off my phone and it's fully submerged in a container of uncooked rice. do you think there's any chance of saving my iphone? i seem to have really bad luck with iphones :\

p.s sorry for the long post.

sooz 6 years ago

oh, and how long should i keep my phone in the container of rice for..? looks like mine is gonna need more days, according to the previous posts..

DJ 6 years ago

Dropped mine outside in the rain yesterday, face up in a case... Tried to turn it on, nothing. Plugged it in, got an apple logo. Used the blow dryer, and then put it in rice for over a day now. It seems dry, no more fog in the camera lens. Water was never dripping out of it... but still nothing but the apple logo when plugged in... I would guess the apple logo would not come on if it was 'short circuited'. Anyone have this happen and have it eventually work again? I am surprised the screen powers on but nothing else will...

Temp 6 years ago

I was in a motorcycle accident and slid into the water, completely submerging my iPhone in the water. I hadn't seen this page but am pretty familiar with electronics. I didn't try to turn it on, took the phone partially apart to expose all of the water logged parts, and then set it in front of a fan for 2 days. After this, it looked fine. I reassembed it. I tried to turn it on; it didn't work. I went to AT&T and they said I could buy a brand new 3G iPhone, to replace mine, for $99 now. Oh well. :(

lulu 6 years ago

dropped mine in the toilet 5 days ago, dont have sim card, cuz its an old phone, warrenty was was on in the toilet and a message came in as soon as i took it out, screen was lit up, and then started flashing and then turned completely off, i tried turning it on, but it wasnt working, i then went on here, and didnt know i wasnt supposed to turn it on, i still followed the advice with the rice as soon as i got home, it was in the bag for 2 days, and then i tried turning on even during that time it was in th rice, once i saw the water clear from camera, i plugged it in and tried to turn it on.. nothing, i went to washroom, 5 minutes later it turned on and messages came thru... i was soo happy, it worked for 2 days and this morning suddenly shut off, there was no real problems with it other that the home and top button were a bit laggy sometimes, and i would have to press it twice or three times to get it to react... i tried plugging it back in again but nothing, now it back in the bag or rice i dont know what to do... :S

Any advice?

Miguel 6 years ago

@lulu - Some of the internal wirings or connectors might have developed rust over the course of the past few days, which explains the delay in this issue you're now encountering...

rip iphone:( 6 years ago

has anyone had any problems with the iphone turning on and vibrating after water damage?? mine wont stop turning on after i turn it off. it turns on maybe every two minutessss. but when it is turned on it seems to work fine. there is water damage on the charger sensor thoughhhh! i need to know if anyone else is experiencing thissss and if there is any hope for my poor phone!!

Julia 6 years ago

Apparently my instincts don't if you turn on your i-phone???what is goind to happened??my i-phone was under water for a couple of seconds,but it still doesn't work.I mean I just don't have sound...

Does anyone experience same thing??

lulu 6 years ago

@Miguel, thank you, any ideas what I can do? its still not turning on... I think i need to get a new one :S

Julia 6 years ago

Sorry I did not read all of the comments...I checked my sensors and they are all great,I mean there is no pink lines or anything...But no sound,I cannot hear anything.Stupid me,trying to switch phone several times,plugged into the computer,charged battery,I did all horrible things possible..I don't have rice at the moment,but definetely will try it tomorrow.

PLEASE let me know if someone experience the same thing??!my husband is going to kill me:(((

Michaela 6 years ago

Yesterday I dropped my Iphone 3GS in the toilette and it went off immediately. I tried to get all the water out by shaking it and left it off. After couple of hours it just went on by itself so I blow-dried it and the screen almost came back. I tried to turn it off but it always turned on by itself. The touchscreen was perfectly working on the upper part just the lower part and the home button wasn't working and since I have an key loc which ends with a 0 I couldn't unlock it. But I could receive messages and calls. Just wasn't able to read them probably b/c I can't couldn't get the key lock off. I charged it over night and tried to turn it on this morning and the apple sign came up but it never turned on. I can still see water and lines inside the screen. Just put it in a huge plastic bowel with rice and will leave it in there for a couple of days. Don't even know what to do without it within those days. All my contacts, music and apps are on there and I never saved them. How can we get so hocked up with those little devices? Please cross your fingers for me. Will let you know about the progress.

Jenni 6 years ago

Seriously the best advice ever. I really didn't hold out hope of this working at all. 5 days ago, whilst at work, I stupidly answered a phone call and then slipped my phone into my hoody pocket - then i proceeded to slit open sandbags next to a lake edge to get rid of left over sand (so banal!) from a film shoot i was working on. Having forgotten my phone was in my pocket, i happily sliced away emptying the evidence into the lake - until suddenly I see the silver protective casing of my phone plunging into the depths of the lake we were filming next to. My biggest fear in the WORLD is hidden slimy underwater lake dwelling creatures, but i'd watched my LIFE slip into the murky depths, didn't know what else to do. Was literally on my hands and knees delving into the murky depths trying to retrieve my phone and facingmy biggest fears, but couldn't reach it, the lake was too deep. Luckily, my boss's husband was near by and not scared of murk-dwelling slimatoids and he literally stripped off and dived in to retrieve my stupid iphone -which was about 4ft down - way past my arm reach.

He got it out and it looked like it was still on - turned it off immediately to try and avoid damage, but on the 2hr car journey back to my house it started vibrating crazily - annoying and depressingly end of the iphone world -esque... it stopped after a good blast of hot air from the car fan system - but, it was fogging up which didn't look good. It must've been in the lake for a good 2/3 mins before it was sucked up from the beyond.

Once i got home, i read this feed, and immediately stuck it in a box of rice and put it in the airing cupboard, where it stayed for 4 days, i took it out of the rice for 1 day and left it on its own. I literally could not bear to look at it and face the prospect of trying to claim on my insurance, but after a few glasses of wine, I decided to charge it up and turn it on.

When i turned it on, i could see very dimly the screen and all the app's and was a bit distraught to think that whilst it worked just as well, i couldn't see very much at all, but a dim glimmer of its former glory - however, my inspired housemate suggested i go to settings and turn the brightness up - i could barely see it to do it, but a quick flick of the brightness button and HELLO PHONE!! It seems to be back to itself - i'm getting an error message about my work email account, but that seems to have resolved itself over the last hour, and i'm about to put alarm and sound features into test mode over night.. but i seriously wouldn't have done any of this without this feed and seriously urge anyone in a similarly stupid/hellish situation to take note...

my iphone (sadly) has become the controlling feature of my life, i run my period tracker, my sleep cycle, my calorie counter and exercise monitor from it, all of which, is very very sad, but, keeps me in check of my day to day!!! without it - and my work emails, i am pretty much useless - moral of the story - ALWAYS KEEP YOUR IPHONE iN A ZIP UP POCKET!!! x

Richard Chennault 6 years ago

This totally worked! We were traveling in Malaysia and my wifes iPhone got soaked in her purse due to a child water bottle spilling inside. Of course we turned it on/off several times. I even plugged it in and no go. I found this site and tried the rice method only. I waited an entire week before I touched the phone. Plugged it in and waited. One hour later fully charge and working like a champ! Close one.

Julia 6 years ago

Yeaaaaaahhh!It is working!I am so happy,have not really touched it,but checked the sound,it is working!Thanks a lot!Such an awesome advice!I totally lost hope until today!Just let's hope that it will work for a long time now!

thanks again!

hjk 6 years ago

thanks so much! it worked even tho i tried many times to turn the phone on!!

PAOLA 6 years ago


Morgan 6 years ago

so i got thrown in a pool tonight, i was only in the water for 5 seconds at max but my phone was in my pocket. I shook it and wiped it off for a lil while and it comes on now but the background light doesnt. I now have it sitting in rice....any other suggestions?

Asis 6 years ago

I droped my iphone at the beach and couldnt find it for a while,but finally found it half way in the wet after I came home i try to turn it on,i the next day I blow dry it and put it in a bag of rice,after a day I plugged it in and it started to charge but the screen was too dark, so i unplugged and put it in the bag of rice again,today after a day more,i tried it but its only the white apple appearing on the screen and no sign of charging,I put it in the bag of rice agian,does that help?and I got my iphone more than 2 years ago,no warranty!!!!

I forgot to tell I think I removed all the sands!!!

iphone addict 6 years ago

I just dropped my phone in the toilet at Chuck E. Cheese. It was still on after I took it out of the water and the touch screen appeared to be working. I too tried to turn my phone off and on a couple of times. I am going to try the rice remedy and hope for the best. After reading this I feel encouraged. I can not wait to post from my phone in a week. I feel encouraged after reading the posts. Thank you so much for sharing. Wish me luck because this is my third iphone (I think I might be cursed)!

unlucky dude 6 years ago

hey bro, just confirming,

do you take out the sim card holder before putting it in the rice? and do you put it directly under the sun because wont that cause condensation when u take it out, whih would cause moisture to form in the iphone? lemme know.

P.S. i charged my phone overnight under the ac and it started to leak. FML haha

Dee 6 years ago

I feel like my dog just died! I too had an accident with my iphone. It got dropped in the toilet! At first it seemed to be working fine....but this morning my screen is dark and the home key doesn`t work. I blow dried it and had the home key working once. But now it doesnt work again. I`m trying the rice trick. How long should I leave it there? Also, I read some posts about going to the apple store and getting a refurbished one for 200 bucks or so if mine is totally ruined. If I end up having to do that, do they replace your exact model? (Mine is a 3GS 32) or do you have to take what you can get? If the iphone is backed up on itunes, I should still have all my contacts shouldn't I? Really panicking here!!

Jack Madison 6 years ago

Yes, the rice bag trick worked for me. The iphone was in water for few minutes as it fell accidentally. I switched it off and then used hair dryer for 5 minutes and then put it in rice bag for 2 days. The iphone is back working normal :-)

Perry Wu 6 years ago

I dropped my iphone in the toilet, too.

This is my way fixing it in 1 hour.

1. Turn it off and take Sim card away

2. Using vacuum cleaner to dry it

( suck the Sim card slot and keep dock slot near the exhauster )

Keep airtight as possible

The exhaust air will be warm

3. turn over and suck the dock slot

It will dry phone quickly.

addicted to iPhone 6 years ago

A week ago I too dropped my phone in the toilet and I was so SO glad to have stumbled across this website! The one thing I will say to everyone is to make sure you DON'T keep turning on the phone to see if it works! I didn't find this site until a couple hours after my incident and I tried turning my phone on several times and became really worried that I may have fried my phone. My screen hasn't returned to normal as it is still very faded and I am having trouble with the home key. Thank you so much for posting this information, you are saving a lot of people tons of money. I can deal with my phone NOT looking perfect until I have the resources to but another. Thanks again!!

ryan 6 years ago

hah! just took mine for a swim in the 3 in rice...but i think i may have tried to turn it on when i grabbed it out of the waves....we'll see

adorababy profile image

adorababy 6 years ago from Syracuse, NY

This can be so frustrating. You love your iphone so much and of all things, this has to happen to you. I appreciate your tips and though I am hoping this wouldn't happen to my iphone, I am bookmarking your post as well.

CJCCPA 6 years ago

My 3 year old son today fell into a pool and was struggling to get to the side. The more he struggled the further he got from the side. He was scared. I had to go in and get him. He is fine, just a little scared. My iphone on the other hand - dead. It is sitting in a bag of rice right now (thanks to this site). I will report back in two days.

Chaele 6 years ago

iPhone spent a day and night at the bottom of my garden pond, 1 week in a bag of rice and the apple logo appears but nothing else. Another week in rice and phone connects to laptop but fails to restore. Another week in the rice and my phone turns on, all apps are restored....but no sound, no service and a crazy message that my usb lead is not compatible with the device?? It syncs and charges ok though??? So folks....don't give up. My phone was under water and sludge for 20 hours, and it's getting there slowly. I might have to bite the bullet and consider a new speaker and terminals from the repair shop.

dweaverrn 6 years ago

I stupidly set my iPhone down in my laundry basket this morning while carrying it to my utility room and started throwing my laundry in the washer and in went my iPhone. I immediately pulled it out of the washer (maybe in the water for 3-5 seconds). I took the case off and it had minimal water between the phone and case. Pushed the home button and got the airplane mode warning? and then the screen flickered. Pushed the top button the turn it off and slid across to power down. Pulled out the sim card (no water on sim card but some on the holder) and dried the phone with my hair dryer on cool for 10 minutes. Then dropped in bag of rice and placed in a window sill with warm sunlight coming in (heard the warmth will help some). So I will not even try to power it up until Thursday. Keeping my fingers crossed and this website updated on the results!!!

lydia 6 years ago

hi there i dropped my iphone down the toilet about 2 months ago? i put it on the heater for a wile n it turned on n said emergency calls only, den turned off, i cant afford t pay $199 to fix it. only heard about the rice thingy now. would it work now? r is it too late?

Lexy 6 years ago

my phone got kicked into the pool, on accident. & two days later after losing hope, I found this website..tried it. my phone was in the rice for two days and I turned it on about an hour ago and it's working fine now! thank you to everyone about the advice and stories

CJCCPA 6 years ago

2 days is working 100% except for one little detail - the touch screen doesnt work. Back in the bag of rice for you (PS - I also threw in the Scilia Packs you get with shoes or vitamins, they are supposed to suck up moisture too).

Jules Malhat 6 years ago

Do they open the iPhone to check the other sensors? (you said there were 4 but only 2 visible) PLEASE ANSWER!! (lots of money at stake) I really hope someone can help or I'm dead.

phonelesshopefeen 6 years ago

well i did it sure nuff, one big parking lot, one small puddle, one foot in diamiter and maybe a half inch deep, murpheys law got me good, well i plan on getting him back later.... for now i just blow dryed it for 15 on low and its sitting in a bag of rice... everyone pray if you pray, chant if you chant, voodoo what you do cus i cant afford 199 LOL take care

dweaverrn 6 years ago

Quick question for anyone willing to phone was only in the water for about 5 seconds. And of course I pushed buttons and got it to turn off. Now 5 days later in the rice and the phone appears dry. However, when I plug it in (for about 30 seconds) I get nothing. Should I plug it in longer, keep it in the rice longer, or is the phone done for????

Banjo UK 6 years ago

I cannot believe how careless some people are so have little sympathy for anyone that drops their iPhone down the toilet (what were you doing at the time) or uses it whilst in the bath. My girlfriend's iPhone stopped working all of a sudden and when she took it back to the Apple Store in Newcastle she was told that her phone had been subjected to water damage as both indicators were showing pink. Now she is one of the sensible ones, she never uses it in the bath or in the bathroom yet Apple refused to even look at it. She ended up getting it repaired by a third party engineer who on opening it saw that the two internal indicators were still white. He told us that this happens all the time and most of his work is due to this problem. I'm so glad I never chose an iPhone despite the guy at the Orange Shop insisting I was making a mistake by chosing the Xperia X10 instead. Apple seem to find any excuse not to honour their warranty, at least it keeps all these third party engineers in business!

phonelesshopefeen 6 years ago

Well two days later my phone works great...Thanks everyone for all the advise.. im passing this along to all my friends

Sarah 6 years ago

I got pushed in the pool with my iPhone in my pocket the other day, and like you said, the first thing I did was turn it on, but it did work when I turned it on.

Then it went off.

We left if overnight in rice then took it out the next day and decided to see what'll happen when we put it on charge, it vibrated for a while which meant it still has some life in it, then the screen came on.

You can tell there's water inside the screen and the actual touchscreen isn't working, just the buttons.

I'm not very sure if it'll work again and I don't wanna waste my time waiting...

Should I just go get a new one?

dweaverrn 6 years ago


I ordered a new iPhone yesterday because I took the old one apart and saw no water yet it still didn't come on at all when plugged in. Today on a whim I plugged the cables back in and put it back together and guess what??? Now it is charging and coming on and working like a champ. Feel a little dumb because I just spent $200 on a new 32gb. I guess I will put this 8gb up as a back up in case this happens again.

P.S. Today would be officially one week of drying since the phone originally feel in the washing machine! So I agree with previous posters.....give it time!

Slapurself 6 years ago

I dropped my iphone in water and took it out 2 seconds after wards but stupid me forgot to turn it off. I've let it sit in Rice for 3 days already and it won't turn on. Before when i took it out i blew all the water out but it still shut off. Now it won't turn on. Did i short circuit my mother board?

Slapurself 6 years ago

I've also tried to plug it in just now to see if it will charge and still nothing. The phone will not take ANY charge after i plug it in and the screen remains blank/black. Like i said when i dropped it i took it out a few seconds afterwards and blew the water out (with my mouth at the bottom charger port, water was CLEAN.) After alot of water came out i tried to touch the screen but it wouldn't read. I thought that alot of water came out so it was almost all dry and forgot to turn it off. I let it sit there on my desk for a bit not knowing what to do cuz i was too heated about what just happened. I then saw a few minutes after blowing out the water that the screen started blinking and the backlight just went out. Not knowing what to do i just left it there. It soon shut off and i was told by a friend later on in the day to put it in rice. its been in Rice for the past 3 days and just now i tried plugging it in and it won't take ANY charge in what so ever. I've tried the on/off button at the top and still nothing. Any ideas to what has happened? Short circuit of the mother board? Battery Prob? Charger Port? Help please.

butterfingers 6 years ago

As I was giving my 4 year-old a bubble bath, I scrambled to answer my ringing phone. With my not-so-graceful maneuver, I inadvertently dropped my iPhone into the tub. Fortunately, I was able to quickly fish it out and find your helpful tips. 6 hours later, my phone is as good as new. Thank you!

megan 6 years ago


Ok, so i thank god 4 this website cus it totally saved me! my iphone and money actually. so this is what happened, last week when i had my iphone in my back pocket, i dropped it in the toilet. i took it out but i had a clear case on it that surrounded the whole phone even the screen. so it took me a while to take the cover off and meanwhile the water was trapped all inside seeping in. so when i finally took the cover off it was still working and i dried it with a towel and shook the water out. it wouldnt let me turn it off, then later it started doing stuff on its own like starting applications and clicking stuff when i wasnt even touching it and it would call people and wen ppl would call me, it wouldnt let me answer. it was acting up alot and i wasnt able to shut it off so then the screen started to fade and it shut off but i had full then later on at night i looked on this website and saw all the blowdryer and rice tricks. so i blowdryed it 4 like 20 minutes then put it in rice and the next day wen i plugged it in the charger it said to plug it into itunes. when i did, it said it detected a problem and to fix it i need to restore it but when i tried to at the end a thing popped up it said the iphone couldnt be restored. so i put it back in rice and like 2 days later tried again and it still said theres a problem and it cant b fixed. so then i gave it like another 5 days in rice and wen i plugged it in my charger it said to plug it in itunes again. so i was like here we go again. but then the big charging tube thing popped up and i didnt remember that happening the other times. so i left it charging for like an hour and a half then i plugged it in itunes and it started working again!!!!



P.Sthank god 4 this website it helped alot and i hope i can help someone else who reads this even though its superrrr long sorry,,:)

Kylie 6 years ago

Is it possible for my iphone to have liquid damage without either of the sensors turning red? My phone company says my iphone is liquid damaged so they wont replace it, however the sensors are both white. And the only problem it has is the little switch to put it on silent doesnt work properly. Thanks

Iphoner 6 years ago

Thanks heaps for your tips and advices! It worked! My iphone fell out of my back pocket and into the toilet yesterday and was scooped out lightening fast and excess water was shaken out. I did the forbidden task of testing if it was still working, frantically pressing every button possible but the touch screen wasn't responding well at all. Then I found you, my lifesaver! I removed the SIM card and then used the hair dryer on it for 20mins (low heat) and then submerged it in rice in an airtight container for 24hours. Everything that I've tested so far is back to normal...calls, messaging, camera, music, headphones, internet, ringtones, speakers...yeah! Thanks a million!

lindsay 6 years ago

Somehow my iphone was doused in gatorade (I think my kids did it by accident) yesterday. And it hasn't worked since. I have it in a rice bag, so I'll just wait. I'm just worried that the sticky residue from the gatorade might prevent me from having a success story like so many of you have had with just plain water. I REALLY want to try and get the data off of the phone. I have so many great pics and videos of my kids that I didn't back up :( I'm an idiot. Any suggestions?

Emma 6 years ago

My iphone 3Gs was in my bag with a leaking water bottle and was practically submerged for about 10 minutes and i checked and the water sensors are completely pink,

I read in the iphone guide specifically NOT to blowdry it so will it dry out okay in just rice?

The camera is also full of water is that being clear a good indication of when it's dry?

For a while it wouldnt turn off until i hit the excess water out and the message about an acessory not being compatible with iPhone appeared

Is there a good chance of it being fixed again? or was it submerged for too long?

Any other suggestions?

JAY 6 years ago


JC1633 6 years ago

After a horrible swimming accident, I put my iPhone in front of the air conditioner, figuring that it sucks moisture out of the room, why not the phone too? 2 days later and all seems well.

Lindsay 6 years ago

glad to hear of so many success stories. mine (the gatorade incident) is still in rice. when i plug it in, the battery makes a buzzing noise but nothing pops up on the screen. i am staying hopeful!!

mattyj3191 6 years ago

i was in the paddling pool the other day with my sister i didnt have my iphone in my pocket at the time but when i got out i read a text and out of instinct put it in my pocket a couple of hours later after being at outside near the fire pit i went into my pocket to find my iphone with water in the back of the screen i tried to turn it back on and failed so left it bout 4 foot away from the fire pit to dry out still dint work so i left it on the window sil the next day, about 10 hours later i went back to it tried to shake it and no water came out so i tried to turn it back on again and still doesnt work so ive tried the rice hopfully this work i am lost without it i have had to go back to the lg cookie its awful thanks for sharing your idea i cant wait to see what happens.

Tayler 6 years ago

ok i took my niece outside in our backyard to our little swimming pool and i set my iphone on a chair away from the pool and my niece jumped out the pool and ran towards my phone she grabbed it and threw it in the pool i was very mad but she is only a year old so ya lol i quickly got it out the pool and put it in some rice so it would suck the water out then i blow dried it then i set it outside but i forgot to turn it off so i went outside to turn it off and when i tried to turn it back on it wouldnt work so i got on the computer and looked at what i could do and i saw that the iphone has two water sensors and if there not damaged apple will replace your phone the sensors or located in the head phone jack and where you plug it up to be charged if it is damaged or it has moisture inside it will turn pink or red i looked in the headphone jack and it was light pink but it had been that way before it got dropped in the water so i sent it to apple so they could fix my phone or replace it even though the policy says they wont fix it if the sensors are damaged but they sent me a new iphone. :)

James 6 years ago

mine got a bit wet out on the boat this afternoon and it works, turns on and everything but the regular speaker doesnt work only speaker phone and it turns on and off and all sorts of junk.

Kevin 6 years ago

I was out riding today listening to my iphone when a huge thunderstorm rolled up on me. I got out of the storm after about 10 minutes. The phone only got wet from the rain but now the normal speaker does not work well, however The speakerphone does and so do the headphones.I also get this weird message popping up talking about accessory incompatibility. I have put the phone in front of the fan and will try the rice tomorrow if it does not work. All the water indicators (pink and red lines and spots) are negative on my 3GS 32GB model. Do not really understand how rain could cause the damage those it was on my arm holder in a case. I will see what happens.

Lisseh 6 years ago

Omg. almost sounds like my situation. except it drowned in gatorade.... yeah... don't ask but i have the extended battery cover thing, and it kinda saved it, now my phone is still alive, it won't die, and the backlight is all messed. i've tried the rice and blowdryer. its been 2 days. And i can't really buy a new iphone cause my dad bought it for me. Is there any other way to get the water streaks out of the phone?

Gold 6 years ago

Before 2 months i dropped my iphone in water and took it out 2 seconds after wards but forgot to turn it off.i think the speaker got damaged.ringing and loud speaker is working fine for calls but ipod sound,message sound and locking sound is not working.but it's working with head phone.and one pop up message is diaplaying often like "This accessary is not made to work with i phone.would u like to turn on airplane mode to reduce audio interference?" . other than that everything is working fine.Will rice treatment works now (bcoz it has happened before 2 months).Please help me.

Jean 6 years ago

Just wanted to add this note. I dropped my iPhone in water yesterday AM. The iPod was on, but shut off automatically. I did NOT try to turn it on, just dried it best I could with a towel, then removed the SIM card so no one would call me. (The screen actually turned on at this point to tell me the SIM card was missing, but I quickly shut it off.) I then had the blow dryer on it for 10 mins or so, then taped up the SIM card and power openings and popped it in a bag of rice.

This morning I took it out a few times for a blow dry session, but did not turn it on. Finally more than 24 hrs after the incident I had the blow dryer on it for half an hour, then put the SIM card back in and turned it on. (I would have left it longer, but needed some numbers from the phone for work.) I haven't tried everything, but it seems like no problems!

I will pop it back into the rice just in case for a few days now.


Scroatlump 6 years ago

I'm probably screwed. I didn't realize I was in the pool with the iphone until i got out 20 minutes later. Has anyone successfully resuscitated an iphone that has been submerged in water for this length of time or longer?

andypandy 6 years ago

hi guys this morning i forgot my phone was in my trouser pocket and i washed my trousers in the sink. it would not switch on so i put it in a bag of rice. how long should i leve it for? and what are the chances of it working again?

i also checked the water marks on my phone but my phone doesnt seem to have any! :@

Belinda 6 years ago

i dropped my iphone in a bucket of water and the screen just faded and went VERY DARK... i managed to switch it off, n now is in a pack of rice...

has anyone experience any "fading in their screen?"

jake 6 years ago

there is a product called aiplug that i found on ebay. it blocks the headphone jack so water or moisture cant come in contact with sensor. its brilliant! they have other applications on their website

Renae 6 years ago

I need help!!!

I Managed to give my Iphone 3gs a VERY quick bath last night, it was working fine afterwards so i thought i had escaped any danger...until i woke up this morning and the screen had gone really dark. I can barely see anything unless im in really good light! And to top it off my home insurance which it was covered on expired last week and i hadn't realised! Please help!

Mullis 6 years ago

I dropped my in the toilet and did the rice trick. It now turns on but I can't slide it open and my home button doesn't work. Any suggestions? Leave it in the rice a couple more days?

random 6 years ago

To WackieStackie:

You are so dumb your I.Q. must be a 60. Why would you continue to call people after your phone just fell in water? You deserve to be forced to pay hundreds of dollars for a new phone. Its dumb people like you that enable smarter people to have cheaper things. (If you dont get it....they make more money on you so they can charge me less)

I'mstupid. 6 years ago

So, I dropped my iPhone on accident into a soup bowl-so only about half of my phone (the bottom half) was drenched in soup.

I shut it off immediately...and I was gonna do the rice thing, but then we didn't have any rice lol. Does the heat thing really work? :/

marcos 6 years ago

i was listening to music on my iphone and when i looked at it the light was slowly dimming what do i do?

Me 6 years ago

Rice, hot air .... tried everything. I was unable to switch it back on, nearly gave up. Todya I had the idea to use the battery charger, and it came back alive! It needed that extra power to turn on, even though the battery is full.

Who ever has a dead iphone after a couple of days ... try the charger.

Jason 6 years ago

Hi everyone, i dropped my Iphone4 in the toilet (luckily it was 'fresher' water) about an hour ago.

Literally as soon as i heard the splash i reached in to get it out again. I immediately shook the phone vigorously to get rid of the obvious and i then blew into the headphone jack at about 3 cm distance and also where the plug goes in to charge it. The screen was on at this point but after about 30 seconds dimmed and would not come back on. The phone silence button still made the phone vibrate and i could heard the phone locking and unlocking. I took the micro sim out of the phone and left the small sim bay open. I then placed a hairdryer next to the phone on low power and relatively high heat. then after a few minutes pressed the home button at which point the screen sort of flikered (more like a pulse) which was progress. I left it for about 3 more minutes and when i tried to home button again i got the screen back on with the same quality as before the accident. the accessory thing came up saying its not compatible but i'm going to try drying the bottom now and see how that goes, i'll keep you posted.

cristina 6 years ago

Need help!

I took a nap yesterday and my 2 yr old had my iphone. I woke up and saw my iphone was blinking and wasnt aware what happened. I charged it and left it alone, after an hour i checked my iphone to see the time but all i saw was white blank screen. I see a little moisture on top of the screen and a little pink by one of the sensor.

I am not sure if it got wet or not but after letting it sit in the uncooked rice for 24 hours, i tried to charge it (it was dead) and all i see it a blank white screen. The alarm was even working this morning but all i see is white blank screen. What should i do?? I NEED HELP!!!!!

lynn 6 years ago

ijust dropped mine down the toilet it is showing the apple logo at the min but just turned it off i have put on the poiler top to dry? i dont no if this will work please help

lynn 6 years ago

have a guess what my phone is working lol i cant believe it i put it on top of the boiler to dry and its done the trick everything is ok except i have a water mark on top right hand corner but i am not worried about that as everything else is ok yip yip

Dawn 6 years ago

I threw my IPhone 3G in the washer with a load of clothes and it was in there for approximately 3 minutes before I noticed it was missing. It was in an Otterbox. I fished it out used the hairdryer on it a couple of times. I then put it in a bag of rice for about 6 hours, but read that silica packs work well too, so I called my local Famous Footwear store and they gave me 4 large gel packs. I have my fingers crossed that it turnes out ok. I'll repost the verdict.

Richie 6 years ago

The rice goes back from the 70 where the hips used to keep there stash from getting moist. Its a great concept. Ive been doing it for years. Even on trips , just to keep item like my camera and other electronic. Keeps the humidity and moisture out, preserving your costly items. The rice worked to fix 2 blackberrys, a few nokia, but no luck on my 3gs. I just opened it up and changed the pink stickers to white address labels and when to the store and say "this stupid phone wont turn on !" Worked out well

Bry 6 years ago

i need help! i dropped my iphone 3gs in water last night... stupid me - tried to use it right away. the screen is very dim... you have to really look to see whats on the screen. and when i plugged it in to charge something came on the screen like "would you like to go to airplane mode... does no recognize device/this device is not compatable with iphone. meanwhile, the device is the iphone charger... is there any hope for me?

Matt 6 years ago

Car flooded at work last week and my iphone was submerged for at least 10 min. It wouldnt shut off when I got to it and it was darkened. When the phone shut off finally I split it in half and put both sides in rice for 3 days. Everything works other than the back light. So I can only see in the sunlight. Does anyone know what part this would be, so I can try to replace it?

Roby 6 years ago

Hello guys i need help with my iphone 3G i dropped him in the water just on lateral side for MAX 1 second and i got no sound what i must do ? contact me on please

Thank You

dyounger 6 years ago


As it appears you have seen and heard many wet IPhone problems, do you know if the screen will ever go back to normal? Mine got wet 3 days ago, dried in silica packs in baggie and turned it on today. Everything works as it should, but screen looks like it has "clouds" in it. I put it back in the baggie, but would like to know if it'll go away or if it's as good as it's going to get. Thanks in advance!

nora 6 years ago

have dropped my iphone in water less than a minute... what worries me that even i shut off it immediately.. air-dried it for more than 5mins.. then i swithed it on.. it still works sadly i got a dimmer LCd and also on my music it doesnt come out any sound..

Dawn 6 years ago

This is an update to my post above....last night I put my IPhone back in the baggie with rice and silica packs and put it under a plant grow light for 24 hours. About 1/2 of the screen has cleared! I am going to leave it for another 24 hours and see what happens. Like everyone else has said, don't give up!

Andrea 6 years ago

Dropped my iphone 3G in a bucket of water yesterday and grabbed it back out literally was underwater no more than one second. It was on at the time, but "asleep". I took the case off right away and put my warm hairdryer on it until i could not see any moisture. I did stupidly check all the functions of it because I hadn't read this site yet to know to turn it off right away. Everything seemed to be working except the speakers....the sound worked fine through the earphones but when i tried to use the phone i was unable to hear anything. It was as if the phone constantly thought the earphones were plugged in even when they weren't. I did look for the water indicators to see if they turned pink and from what i could see they did not. I went ahead and removed the sim card and then blasted the openings with compressed air, used the hairdryer again, and then put the phone in a ziploc bag of rice overnight. This morning i took it out, powered it back up, and it is 100% fine, including the speakers. No water bubble under the glass, no dimming of the backlight, absolutely perfect. Thank god because i use my phone to run with and i have a 5K race in two days and would have had to do it tuneless which would be agony. Thanks for the rice tip!!!!!

nora 6 years ago

put in the rice bag for about 2 days.. cant help it to switch on the iphone, a white screen on for split second then it went off. did press home & power button on, only white screen appeared...Do i need to charge the battery to find whether it still ok (before the incident the battery was nearly out).. am thinking to let it buried in the rice for couples of days.. hope it would return to normal...

thanks in advance to those who can help me out!!!!

Lindsey 6 years ago

I was in my yard with my friend, and he decided to push me in the pool (without knowing that I had my phone in my pocket). I didn't know about the rice trick then, so I just left it on my kitchen countertop. Now, it's about 2/3 months later, and I plugged it in to the charger and it started working! I'm a bit doubtful about the phone now, so do any of you know if something will go wrong later?

Lindsey 6 years ago

I was in my yard with my friend, and he decided to push me in the pool (without knowing that I had my phone in my pocket). I didn't know about the rice trick then, so I just left it on my kitchen countertop. Now, it's about 2/3 months later, and I plugged it in to the charger and it started working! I'm a bit doubtful about the phone now, so do any of you know if something will go wrong later?

Ankit 6 years ago

I went for canoeing on sunday at lake Kickapoo on sunday, and I slipped into the shallow river water, 1 foot deep along with my iphone while on a call. I immediately took it out after about 6-8 seconds. The phone was completely submerged face down and the call was still running. I disconnected the call (somehow it was still connected), and the screen flickered a lot. It also became intermittently unresponsive for a few seconds. I tried to turn off the phone using the power button, but it kept restarting after I turned it off. It finally turned off after restarting 5-6 times. I dried the phone and kept tried to switch it on once, but it didn't work. After I got back to civilization after 3-4 hours, I took the phone apart from the screen, dried using a hand blower for 20 minutes. Then I kept the phone in my office (which has 24 hr airconditioned and it very dry atmosphere) in the same screen open position. After 1.5 days I tried to switch on, but it wouldn't. Later then i plugged it for charging and after 5 mins, it charged and came back to life and was as good as new. I tested everything in order from music to calls to internet to text to GPS to vibrator, everything worked!! Only thing, I think the phone was getting warmer than usual, i put it in a bag of rice today just to be on the safe side..!! but I really had a close one..!! This website gave me a lot of hope.!! Good Luck to all you guys with your phones..

jake 6 years ago

Dropped my iphone 4 in a pool on the weekend. Grabbed it after about 2 seconds. Didn't know to turn it off and immeadiately tested all the functions. Only thing that didn't work was the ear piece, calls sounded muffled and really only worked on speakerphone. Found this site on Monday. Turned Iphone off and kept it in a ziplock bag of rice for 36 hrs. Tested the phone this morning and everything appears to work perfectly. Thanks to everyone who posted here.

ld 6 years ago

I dropped my phone in the pool yesterday. the screen was cracked from a few weeks ago. has anyone experienced water damage when the screen is cracked? Does the rice trick still work? It has been 18 hrs in rice and no luck.

JGFUQUA 6 years ago

I dropped my 3GS in the toilet tonight. I snatched it out and immediately noticed the backlight was gone. I shut it down and shook the water out of it. I found an airhose at work and began to blow it out. Pretty sure its gonna be a trooper annd pull through this as the backlight works fine now, motion sensors, touch screen and all works. Ill post a update as soon as I find out in a week whether or not its gonna pull through,

Cheers, JF

Mick1991 6 years ago

I left my first generation iPhone outside, while it was raining. There was very minimal water, but still it damaged my phone. Unfortunality I turned it on (stupid) and it still worked! But after half an hour it didn't do anything.

Is it to late to do anything about it?

Mogga 6 years ago

While camping in the UK after a torrential down poor, woke up in the morning and one of the kids says "daddy, why is your phone outside?" my iphone 3GS was submerged in an inch deep puddle and must have been for over 8 hours! I didn't switch it on but instead of the rice advice above I put the phone in the tank of our bearded dragon. For anyone that doesn't know this is a lizard that lives in a vivarium where the temperature is always at least 80 deg. I left it in here for 3 days with the sim card out.

When I took it out and charged the phone I was stunned to find it still worked! I'm amazed that it could be left underwater all night without suffering any damage.

Ema 6 years ago

hi I was recording my kids at the beach and I dropped my husbands Iphone. He did try to turn it on. it was working on and off. so he let it dry standing up and kept checking it everynight so it works just like before thank god.I also blow dried it too.

sue 6 years ago

I dropped my iphone (only 10 days old) in the bath this week and googled 'dropped iphone in bath' and found this site. The rice trick worked! I left it in rice, minus sim card, having given it a gentle blast with a hairdryer, for two days, and just got it out. It works! Thanks everyone for this fantastic tip, I would never have known that.


Mac 6 years ago

My 3GS went swimming in the Gulf of Mexico for 30 minutes, then set for a day while I tried to figure out what to do. I decided to remove SIM card, then separate the 2 halves, wash with clean fresh water, blow dry and place in a baggie with rice. Will let you know how it works next week when I reassemble it. Any suggestions??

Mac 6 years ago

1rst Update: After the first day, took the pieces out of the rice and water was not visible in the screen. That is progress. Used hair dryer for 10 minutes. Then back in the rice bags. I am worried about salt water corrosion. Will follow up later.

prateek 6 years ago

last night i fell inside the pool for couple of minutes,,i got panic and tried switching on my iphone 3gs 32 gig....couple of times....and it was vibrating on its own,,and got heated... is there any chance that i can enjoy my iphone once again..or is it damaged?? please help me out.. thanx

jack 6 years ago

my i phone constantly cutting out and wont charge past 5% does this mean i have water damage :@ but i dont see how it has water damage since its never been droped or put in water :S

Spencer 6 years ago

Here's my water damaged iPhone story: I accidentally put my iPhone in the washing machine with hot water, bleach, vinegar and detergent (I was washing dirty rags). About half an hour into the cycle, I realized what had happened! I fished the phone out and the water was burning HOT! I looked online for solutions. I carefully opened the phone up and wiped the LCD screen and shook as much water as possible out of it. I then put it in rice for 3 days. The camera was fogged up initially but after the first day in rice it cleared up. After three days, I turned it on but it only worked with the charger plugged in. It would not detect the service nor the wifi, but it looked like most of it was working. The screen was "cloudy", as if the water penetrated the LCD. I took it in for a repair to a local shop and they replaced the LCD screen and battery. It cost just over $100 but it seems to be working fine now. I thought for sure the vinegar and/or bleach would severely corrode the interior and circuit board. I could have replaced both myself, but didn't want to risk it. The technician said the wifi and phone capabilities are dependent on the battery, and when it's replaced, they will most likely work. I purchased a spare battery from dealextreme . com several months ago, in anticipation that it would need replacement at some point. So they installed that battery for me. You can purchase LCD screens from dealextreme too. Thanks to everyone for all their tips on here! If my phone survived the HOT WATER chemical bath, there's hope for your water damaged phone! Just be patient and let it completely dry in rice! Good luck!

band_nerd 6 years ago

So, I dropped my iPhone 3GS into the toilet Friday, and the screen went blank. It only stayed in for about 3 seconds. When I got it out, I dried it off with a towel and then blow dried it for about 15 minutes. Then let it sit for a couple of hours. When I got home, I read this and saw to put it in rice. It's been in rice ever since 5 PM (dropped it in about 8:45 AM), and I took it out of the rice to blow dry it again at about noon today. Think it will survive?

Johnny 6 years ago

I had my iPhone in my pocket and I stood in some water for about 5 seconds and remembered it was in my pocket and I pulled it out and it was shut off. I took it apart and it dried but the unlock button is messed up. If I get a text or call it will light up and that is the only way I can unlock it. If I lock the screen and press the button again it will light up again. But if it sits for about a minute it won't unlock. How do you fix this?

jordan 6 years ago

yesterday i left my iphone in my bathing suit pocket and went 4 a swim (like my retarded self) then started trying to turn it on and off like 100000000000 times ( yet again like my retarded self) then started with the hair dryer and nothing... i opened it and dried it ... nothing happened so im panicked anybody plz help me ( im only 11 yrs old so i dont have a card or anything) i will try the rice if you have any other tricks i will be eternally grateful

- thanks

Nam 6 years ago


Well like the rest of you I suffered from water damage right after my iPod fell In the water I turned it on then it shut down I used the rice technique for 3 days now my iPod is having all sorts of weird glitches with headphones and speakers I'm afraid I short circuited it. Is there any site or place that will repair it for a low cost?

-apple probably won't help.

Toddo 6 years ago

Yes, This is great advice. The rice trick took our iPhone from a nearly black screen, and weird vibration, to normal.

Rice works as a desiccant like the little silicone dioxide packs that say 'DO NOT EAT' on them. I would add two things: it's not necessarily the amount of time the phone stays sealed in with the rice, it's a matter of how much moisture the rice can absorb. A trick I used was to toast the rice a little to make sure it was really dry. For this I used about six to eight cups of rice in a big DRY pan. I cooked the dry rice for a few minutes, until it was browning a little bit (I stirred). I let it cool a little until it was warmer than body temperature, but still comfortable to put my hand into. Then I sealed in in a bag with the phone, which I'd wrapped in a napkin.

After a couple hours I toasted it again, thinking: okay, it's sucked some moisture out of the phone, now lets bake some of that moisture off.

Same procedure: toast DRY rice in a DRY pan til it begins to brown, stirring so the bottom won't burn, let cool so it's comfortable to touch, stuff in a big bag with the phone. It's not a bad idea to leave plenty of air in, since it's the air that's moving the moisture out of your phone where the rice can take it up.

For me the phone worked after one day of this, but the phone wasn't ever fully immersed.

One last thing: The little packets of DO NOT EAT stuff would work great if you had enough of them: there's something very similar you can buy: DRIVEWAY DE-ICER. I don't know now, if Driveway de-icer is silicone dioxide, same as the little packets, or something very similar, but you can buy it in a plastic container that holds about a gallon. That stuff is seriously moisture-hungry. If you have a very wet iPhone, and little time, you might try using a big bag of driveway de-icer with your napkin wrapped phone. That stuff can be used to dry wild mushrooms, and vegetables until they are 'soda cracker' dry. Might cost you fifteen bucks, but it will definitely do the job.


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buck_futter 6 years ago


replace the external water sensor tags.

it takes a LOT of fine work with a small screw driver and lots of patience...

you'll need to take off the screen, take out the motherboard, take out the battery.

then replace the cable assembly that connects the lock button, vibrate switch, volume switches and head phone jack.

next replace the lower assembly that consists of the speakers and cellular modem, as well as the dock port.

then put it all back together.

it's going to take a LOT of time unless you're good with darn near microscopic screws. and the parts on ebay will cost you less than $20

there is 1 or 2 internal sensor tags that apple doesn't check since that would involve opening the phone. at which point they would also notice that the "do not remove" sticker off one of the screws for the motherboard had been tampered with.

worse case is they tell you no, and now you've learned how to replace ANY part in the iphone by yourself for less.

Fordy 6 years ago

Guess what, we bought a 3g Ipad 3 weeks ago. Went up north and my wife was using it on the dock as an e-reader. We went in for a swim with our Golden Retriever. He shakes a lot once he gets out of the water. Climbs up the ladder with a bit of help. Well I asked my wife to move the Ipad (which was in a beach bag) and she put the bag on a plastic deck chair. Yup, the dog got out of the water, shook off and proceeded to walk off the dock. His butt hit the chair knocking it into the water. I was out of the water by then (he loves to roll in the dirt when wet) saw what happened and jumped into the water to grab the water filled bag. Funny how it takes about two seconds to register what happened and then the world goes into slow motion. It is also interesting how those few seconds of panic can then go over and over in your mind like a bad song from the 80's for at least a few days.

Anyway, I grabbed the Ipad out of the bag and immediately tried to shake the water out of it. It kept turning on, I kept turning it off, it kept turning back on like it was asking me why, oh why did I do this to it. Finally, I got it turned off and stood it up to get the water out of it. I left it standing on a pile of napkins for a few hours, drove into town and bought some rice and the biggest ziploc bags I could find. Oh, yeah my wife had her BB in the bag as well. Nothing like taking $1500 worth of electronics on a floating piece of wood. I'll take my TV down there next year (I'm kidding. But stupid).

The rice trick worked on my wife's BB after about 4 days. LCD watermarks were on the screen but have since gone away. Phew! One down. Oh I forgot, there were spectacular meteor showers that night and I swear I wished on every one of them.

4 days after the 'accident', I decided to try the Ipad. It would not turn on. Excellent I thought, the unit is only 3 weeks old I can take it back to Apple, say it is not working and get a new one. Easy.

Well, I did not know about the water sensor as I do now.

The Apple folks managed to start it up and showed me the water damage. I could get another one for $439. Thanks I said and came home. The unit was now working, but had some watermarks on the LCD screen and the image would not rotate. I charged it up, reset it and still not rotate. It was locked. I put it back into rice and left it another 3 days. Turned it back on last night the rotation works again, but still has some watermarks. Hoping that they will go away. I realize that this site discusses Iphones primarily, but I've found no sites addressing the Ipads. All I can attest to is that rice is nice. Thank you.

sad gary 6 years ago

Ok its been in the bloody rice for more than 2 days....blow dryed really seems to be dry inside and out....anyway..when i plug it in to charge the apple logo comes on...and after 10-15 sec it fades then turns off and does the same thing all over again!

Whats happening...its bloody dry!

sad matt :( 6 years ago

i dropped my 3gs in the toilet for about 10-15 seconds so i tried to turn it back on after it turned itself off and that probably short circuited. But i put in the rice bag for 3 days and blowed dryed it and all. i tried turning it on today and it turned on but it says plug into itunes sign on the screen. So i plugged into iTunes and it looks like it is goin to work but then it says it cant restore iPhone. What should i do?

Anti-robe 6 years ago

I think that your boyfriend had it coming for owning and wearing a robe in the first place.

lance 6 years ago

Absolutely mad with Apple - My Iphone screen died on a short walk to the station in the rain (phone was in my pocket). As anticipated they are claiming water damage and insinuated that it is unlikely that it was just rain. I have a solution, I wont buy apple products again as they obviously have basic faults that I have never experienced before with any other phone. As much as i like the phone i'll never buy their products again.

Ian 6 years ago

Well..... it just happened to my wife's iPhone too.... she dropped it down the toilet.

Here's my solution.... I totally agree that you shouldn't try and turn it on!! I wanted to FORCE some warm air through the phone so I've taken out the sim card holder and found some rubber kitchen gloves. Cut a small slit in the back of the glove and stretch it over one end of the phone (so it makes a good seal). Then get a hair dryer - on COOL and tape the open end of the glove over the end of the hair dryer. Putting the hair dryer on cool will force cool air through the sim slot and out through the connector slot. Don't try to use a warm or hot hair dryer... it will burn! or at the very least trip the thermal cut-out in your hair dryer.

Ian ...again 6 years ago

Another idea : you could put the iphone in a sealable bag with a baby's nappy (diaper). These contain a very powerful desiccant which will also soak up the moisture.

Becky 6 years ago

I guess I was really lucky - dropped my phone in the toilet yesterday and didn't bother looking up any of this at the time. It was still on, but it kept on thinking it was plugged in to an incompatible accessory, then thought the headphones were in, so it couldn't take calls without being on speaker.

I dried out all of the contacts (charger/dock socket, headphone socket) with some tissue, and today it works absolutely fine. This isn't constructive in any way really, but I'm just astounded that my iPhone has been so resilient!

Sammy 6 years ago

my girlfriends got wasted at the club and spilled a bunch of their drinks on our table where my brand new iPhone 4 was laying. I had martinis all over my phone, but the water sensor was actually saved from this aiplug i purchase.

most cases only protect the iphones from getting scratched, but the aiplug blocks the water sensor in the headphone jack. i think you need a combination for good protection.

Noor Iffath  6 years ago

Hey guys can someone guide me becoz my iphone 2gs fell into the water we guys went to beach to play and i forgot that my phone was in my jeans, so this rice trick is also not working for me, so is there any other solution and this phone is only 2 mts i bought... so plz u can also email me to my id

Thanks & Regds,


Noor Iffath  6 years ago

Sorry its iphone 3GS...

iphonedropper 6 years ago

once you drop your iphone in water, make sure to turn it off!!!

- then shake the water out as much as you can.

-Then try to CAREFULLY open it (there's a bunch of youtube videos on how to do this with a small screw driver and a suction cup, like

- then leave it open and air dry it out, or cool blow dry (low) leave it like this for a day or so...


iPhone3GS-in-the-washer 6 years ago

Well - I felt so stupid when I put my own iPhone in the washing machine. This is an excellent page for tips. My phone was in the washer only for 10 minutes or so. I did not turn it on, drained the excess water out and put it under a powerful (100W bulb) table lamp and also put on a hair dryer on low heat and kept it on overnight and the next day - about 24 hours. Fingers crossed, tried to charge the phone next day - it was all dry, I could see the washing powder residue without any water whatsoever on screen, and guess what - it came on! It still contains all my data, the screen works, the apps are there, the music works, so it all seemed well. Then disaster - it doesnt detect the SIM, neither does it detect the Wi-Fi and it also works for everything else above when it is charging directly from a power socket. :-( It doesn't charge via laptop. iTunes also does not detect it. It keeps shutting down and says it needs a restore. But how the heck do I restore it without getting it to connect to itunes?! :-O

I have repeated the drying routine for another day. Opened up the phone and checked inside - there are some excellent videos on youtube that give you great tips. The only two things you need to open the iphone is a small suction cup (a simple bathroom suction hook does nicely) and a phillips size #00 screwdriver. I was able to get rid of some residue - there was no moisture inside my phone. The hair dryer and table lamp trick worked nicely. But I am not out of the woods yet. More work needed on my phone. Wish me luck. Any tips on how to make the wi-fi and SIM to work will be appreciated.

wash cycle app 6 years ago

I did the same as above... i washed it for about 10 minutes in the washing machine :( almost a full cycle, got it out just after the drain cycle, just before the spin cycle.

anyways, i shook as much moisture out as i could, but still saw water in the screen, so i opened it up, and napkin dried all the exposed surfaces, i set it up to sit in front of my refridgerator over night to get the warm air blowing from the bottom (i didn't have any rice or a hair dryer)

today, it looked dry, only a tiny bit of moisture on the screen, and the camera lens was unclouded.. i put it in the morning sun, and left for work.

got home, and it looks totally dry. i plug it into my computer, and it lights up, with the apple, and then goes to the "connect to itunes screen"

in itunes, it says i have to restore. im try it out, but it doesnt get through it, it errors out with error 1604.

so i went and bought some rice, and im going to let it sit overnight and try again tommorrow.

i'm also doing research for error 1604, let me know if any of you have advice for me. if it doesnt work, then i guess ill have a strong case to justify buying the iphone4. oh by the way mine is a 3gs running os4.0.2

also, i updated my computer to itunes10, about 20 minutes before washing my phone.. so the 1604 error may have something to do with that rather than the washing machine incident. too much going on at once.. sheesh.

Manda 6 years ago

2 days ago I dropped my iphone in my (clean) toilet! I immediately pulled it out and dried it off.. I ran a hair dryer on low power through it and had it in rice for the past 2 days. Today it powers on and shows a screen telling me to plug it into iTunes. When I do this iTunes tells me it needs to be restored and I follow the directions to do this. After extracting data from my phone, iTunes tells me there's an error (error 2002, I think) and it can't restore it. I made an appointment with a Genuis Bar, but I'm now wondering if I should just let it sit in rice longer?! Anyone have a similar situation and/or know what could fix it?

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gaz1975 6 years ago

Long story short

Found my iphone in toilet, was there 5 mins tops

Didn't do any of the above

Let it dry, for not long enough

Plugged it in, vary faint on screen it said "needs restore"

tried this, wont complete, fault (23)

screen doesnt show anything anymore

when plugged into itunes, says in recovery mode and needs restore

still wont complete, fault (23)

definately shorted everything

my question is, if I sell it on ebay are phone numbers and other private/personal information still going to be there, and could be recovered by the buyer who may know how to repair it? I had facebook, yahoo chat, skype and other apps on it that weren't password protected

george 6 years ago

If you lived in southern California, you can take your Iphone to, they are located near downtown los angeles, My phone got wet when i fell in to a river with my iphone in my pocket, I put my phone in a bag of rice for 3 day without any luck (I guess i could have waited the 7 days) luckily I lived in LA, and I went to this place, this guy fixed my Iphone in less than 2 minutes in front of my eyes, $69.00 for a new screen, APPLE wanted $299.00, and for the guy that wanted to know if his information is still in the Iphone that does not work the answered is YESSSSSSSSSSSSS, all apps and everything else

bellenbook 6 years ago

I dropped my iPhone in the dog water bowl while texting(it was in there less than 5 seconds)-so I never had a chance to turn it on, because it was already on. It worked for a few mins (30 min) then the screen went blank (just lit up). I put it in a bag of rice, knowing several people that have successfully used the trick. I found this site, took it out of the rice, and used the blow dryer. That alone worked! Yay!

I'm a little paranoid, so I'm going to put it in the rice over night just to be safe. Again, thanks to Hubpages for posting the information. It has saved me from buying a third iPhone in a less than a year!

zizi114 6 years ago

I dropped my iphone in the toilet a few weeks ago. I took it out right away, but I didn't turn it off. While it was on I tried to blow dry it and then put in front of the fan, then I put it in rice for a couple of days and it still hasn't worked... Does anyone think it'll work again? After reading these posts I decided to put it back in rice again and hope for the best!

Also when I shake it I hear something moving in there but I can't tell if it's water or not.

rhb110 6 years ago

i found my phone full from water yet i dont know from where ??

ive read this post and put it in a bag of rice for about a day and a half

i swithched it on then but i found there is still water in the screen

every thing works fine except that the colors of the screen differs from the place that got water than the places without water

should i dry it with the blow dryer ??

and shuld i put it in the rice bag for couple more days ??

will this water affect my phone in the long term ???

what can i do ???

iam so afraid that it will not work afterwards

its still few months old >> sad face

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terryp68 6 years ago

dropped phone in pan, before i read this!

eventually switched it off put in rice this evening.

the problem i have it doesnt charge either with charger or the computer???

is it doomed?

suman 6 years ago

my apple iphone 3g has some pink coloured droplets type 3 in number above the screen will it have any problem

6 years ago

Mine fell in a bucket of water for like 5 secs, i turned it off straight away and took sim out, but it kept coming on by itself! about 10 times and i kept turning it off... i dont know what to do ! if the rice bag doesnt work, i had it replaced 3 days ago!

sfbatuta 6 years ago

I just dropped mine in a bucket of water when it was on. I took out immediately to it was only there for a few seconds.

It was inside a case but headset jack and the connector jack where uncovered so water got in through those openings. I turned the device off and dryed it with a cloth from outside and by gently shaking in to get any residual water inside. I then used a blow drier on it for a few minutes until no more moisture is felt from openings when it's shaken.

It is now sitting in a bag of rice to get the rest of the moisture out. I will update this post with results by then.

jackwalker 6 years ago

I recently went on holiday and ijumped in the pool with my iphone, after a second i realised it was in there and threw it out of the pool. i pushed the home button to see if it still worked and it did.... for about a second. i think it might have short circuited as people have said already, is there anything i can do if it has?

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terryp68 6 years ago

my phone is still dead!

is there anything i can do so i dont have to take it to apple and pay abot £150


Rachel 6 years ago

So embarrassingly I drooped my iphone 3G in a toilet... and i couldn't tell you how long it was in there. Nevertheless, after I found it I immediately tried to turn it on, oops, I also plugged it into a charger twice. It took me two days to get around to opening it and now I sit blow drying it. I tried to charge it again ... probably a bad idea but when i did that the charging symbol came on the screen but it was barely visible. What do you think?

frustrated!! 6 years ago

hey guys, this page has been so helpful! I dropped my 3GS in a toilet, left it in rice for a week and blow dried it for 15 minutes day. Today I plugged it into charge and the apple logo came up, then the big red battery sign for when it begins charging

then it gave me the image of the usb cable pointing to the itunes logo so I plugged it into my laptop and itunes won't recognise my iphone at all.

Do you think this is the iphone's fault? or itunes? I've tried restarting my computer and etc. Occasionally my iphone switches back to the apple logo then straight back to the connect to itunes one. Anyone know anything I can do? thanks guys :)

James 6 years ago

Hey guys this page is really helpful so I was at a river and accidentally fell in the water with my phone in the pocket, I was able to get it out in a couple seconds, but after that the phone shut off, now I have it in a rice bag, and its almost been three days and it refuses to turn on, what should I do?

veronica 6 years ago

Omg, my daughter dropped my iphone in the toliet for a few seconds last night n called me to break the news... we put it n the bag of rice vn will leave it there for about 4 or 5 days. i hope it works as my phone is only 2 weeks old...

6 years ago

Iphone in rice worked for me! Dropped in a (clean) toilet, dried it off with paper towel, removed the sim card half an hour later, put it in a ziploc bag of rice when i got home a couple hours later. Left it the rice for exactly a week, changed the rice twice... plugged it in today and it worked!!! So happy! :)

charlotte 6 years ago

omg i droped my my iphone4 down toilet got in out straight away dried it off then but it buy the heater i took sim card out now is in cubored it has been there a week just read some of the comments bout puttin in rice does it really work or have i left it to late now it cums on wen charging it but wen is not pluged in in dont x

Janice 6 years ago

My daughter dropped her iphone3Gs in the toilet at school, the phone was turned on at the time but went black after a few minutes, yes she tryed turning it on, after a week in a rice bag the phone, when plugged into the computer is recognized by itunes but turnes off and on while trying to restore and then get error message that says "Device isnt eligible for requested build" Can this iphone be saved or is it DEAD...PlZZ help

Anton 6 years ago

I accidentially poured water over my new iPhone 4, everything worked fine except for the sound when you talk with someone. The speakers for music, games and ringtones worked perfect but not the sound that you hear from the one you talk to.

I used the rice method and waited 4-5 hours, now it works perfectly again.

I have no idea if the sound would come back anyway, without the rice though.

Abbie 6 years ago

Hi everyone! I am so disappointed with Apple/AT&T. I definitely think there should be improved protocol for IPhone accidentals! My phone was submerged for maybe 3 seconds and never turned off. I blew/sucked all water out and put it in rice over night. Now it was working just fine before I put it in the rice overnight except for the screen being a little dark. I made calls, texted, had sound, ect... But put it in the the rice just in case. By the next morning it had died, so I charged it and now it wont do anything except show the silver apple on the black screen that usually comes up before start up. Its been 2 days now. Should I still put it in the rice for a few more days or is it a lost cause?

Jorgia 6 years ago

I dropped my phone in the toilet for no longer then 2 sec.. i took it out straight away and it was working fine. I dryed it all, sucked all the water out.. but it's just going crazy (turning on and off, random things popping up) I noticed the pink water damaged sign has not come up. Does this mean if i took it to apple they would fix it for free?

axl 6 years ago

i forgot my cellphone in rain for 4 hours, thought i lost it. but then i cleaned the water from it carefully using tissue paper, and let it dry for a night and blow dried in the morning. It came back to life.

thanks for the tips.

madmel26 6 years ago

I left my house for 90 minutes while my 3 year old was napping and her Daddy was painting, my neighbor then unloaded her 5 year old for a "playdate", that child tore up my house and to top it off, my iTouch was missing, after hours of searching I found it hidden in the plastic play stove that used to be hers..hmmm I suppose to a five year old, it's not cool to have your old toys in your 3 year old neighbors house. Anyway, I placed the phone ona charger and was just happy to have found it. Later, I went to use it and noticed the screen has a dark shadow on it. OMG, then I realize the silcon glove protector has water under it. I take it off, dry the whole iTouch, check the sensor, it's still white and put it in a container of wild rice. Today, the spot is smaller, the iPod works, I know turn it off - read that later. It's powered down now. I have 9 months left on my warranty. Do you think Apple will replace it if the sensor is still white? Also, if the spot goes away will it continue to work properly or I'm on in for malfunctioning down the road. This is a new 3rd Gen 32G (paid $300) from Apple. Any suggestions?

Danielle 6 years ago

i actually have a question about the rice trick...after putting it in the bag of rice do you put it in the sun or does it really matter?

Quiche87 6 years ago

Thank God and Dabbler for this!!! The whole iPhone in toilet scenario happened to me on Thursday night and I followed the instructions and my baby has returned to me!! She seems to be working fabulously, just as before, but i'm still keeping my fingers crossed! Just to reassure those who kept trying to turn it on and think they have short circuited it, I did the same and it still turned on and is working fine. Touch screen is working and everything, not a thing wrong with it. Thanks again Dabbler, you are a life saver! xxx

Ross 6 years ago

About 5 months ago my phone was dropped in the pool by my friends baby brother I took it to the apple store and they told me to make a appointment, so I did and waited about an hour. So after that the dude called me up and said you need to buy another one and he said when will you and I said I don't have the money right now and the dude said this is what I'm going to do, sign this and give me your water damaged phone. He took my sim card and went in the cabinet behind him with a key and pulled at a refurbished one and put my sim car in and said I won't do this again so be more careful next time. Thank god for the nice people at apple!!!

maryam 6 years ago

i just dropped my iphone 4 today in the toilet while it was on i took it out straight away and it was still working but the speakers were a bit funny so i switched the phone off and it never went back on, i tried plugging it into the adapter it work but then once its off the adapter it turns off again i dried it with a blowdry for 10 minutes but no luck wat should i do please help i only used my iphone 4 for 2 weeks and its on contract what should i do help please

Mr. 6 years ago

iphone in the washer, tried the rice bag and no luck yet! Bought the 3GS 2 months befoe the 4G, so I am not eligible for an upgrade but do not want to pay $200 for a replacement 3GS; any suggestions?

dumbboatman 6 years ago

miine is on the bottom of a lake in Ireland a diver will retrieve tomorrow and ill try my luck with the rice bag but is there any way of retrieving data if the iphone is goosed?

dumbboatman 6 years ago

miine is on the bottom of a lake in Ireland a diver will retrieve tomorrow and ill try my luck with the rice bag but is there any way of retrieving data if the iphone is goosed?

km 6 years ago

oh no i've tried to turn mine on many times. my mom put it in rice without realizing it had some kind of mexican powder in it and now the powder is stuck in my phone (earphone holes, charger hole, speaker, etc.) it's been almost a month. my cats klnocked gatorade on my iphone, and it was when i was asleep, so im sure it soaked in there for a while. and i've only had this phone for like 2 months. any suggestions?

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tinorangi 6 years ago

Just wanted to post on this, and give everyone out there some hope!!

My 2 year old daughter gave my iPhone a 20 minute soak in the sink in July.

I followed the steps turend it off and left it at first in rice, and then in damp rid. it was in rice for about 5 days before i tried my amazement i turned on but as quick as it came to life it faded to black and died...i said my goodbyes and, with nothing better to do with it, put it in a tub of damp rid for a week. after this week i tried it again plugging it in turning it on, opening it up (braking the proximity sensor in the process) and trying to dry it out this way and still nothing. it was i feared dead.

i returned it to its plastic coffin of damp rid where it remained, evey couple of weeks id try it and see if it worked..still nothing.

after around 6 weeks i chucked out the damp rid put the iphone back in its box and chucked it in a drawer.

The weeks turned into months and i would try it every so often hoping the iphone fairys would bring it back.

then yesterday i saw it lying in the drawer and gave it a go....i plugged it in, and waited. too my amazement the apple logo came up! after a couple of minutes my familiar photo backdrop returned and, it was back!

amazing, amazing, amazing!

have hope! the moral is, dont chuck it, have patience and wait it (may) come back to life!

Maddy 6 years ago

Hey I dropped mine in the bath whilst on and everything worked fine straight after I pulled it out but I turned it off and did what you said and next morning it's fine. The watermarks haven't turned pink either, I must have quick reactions, or just be really lucky, I've not had it long either. Thanks for the help.

Tony Su 6 years ago

Thank you! Great advice. I found water got into my iPhone, it's not working more ... After reading your suggestion, I put it in rice and left it for two days. Today I got it out and found it's working again!

PCPS 6C 2010 @SG 6 years ago


amydee 6 years ago

i dropped mine in a toilet for about one second while it was turned on. i sprinted to the hair dryer and used it for about 15 mins and it was working fine for the first hour.

then it turned off randomly and when i turned it back on it did it again after like 5 minutes.

i did the rice things for 2 days and tried the phone just before. it turned on and everything seemed fine but then it turned off again so i put it back it the rice.

is my phone permanently damaged or will the rice thing still possibly work?

Cheryl 6 years ago

I dropped my iphone 4 in the toilet only for about 2-3 seconds but the phone was on already my friend tried the blowdryer and then we went out and got rice this was 4 days ago it turns on but only to an outlet i tried to plug it into my computer into itunes but it just stays dead i have no sound only with my headphones, i have no internet or wifi service and it doesnt even display my phone number i went and got a new sims card and still nothing all the phone says is searching where it should say 3g or wifi or att any ideas anyone

elle 6 years ago


last two days, while i sleep i drool on my iphone screen and the next morning, the screen became very so sad..what should i do......

michelle 6 years ago

Thanks for all the great far everything seems to be working fine except the screen is really dark. Any ideas on what the problem might be or what to do? Should I leave it in the rice longer?

xinxin 6 years ago

I let my phone 4 in the washing machine for 30 mins, and it was fully washed with all my cloths. I felt sooo sad, then I found this website, I opened the phone, and put all of them into a rice bag for 1 day. It worked!!! then I left it in the bag for 4 more days. it's working totally fine! But, I still have a question. I still can see the water damage test sensor is pink, what should I do with that? is that mean my phone still not ready for use? if it is fine, what about future, if I have other problem, is iphone can fix it for me if they see the pink sensor. I mean, after water damage, even the phone works fine, the water sensor still stay pink forever??? or it suppose to go away?? thanks.

jennifer 6 years ago

i dropped my iphone in the toilet for a few seconds. it was on at the time so i switch it off and on again but it wouldnt come on. i tried switching it on but nothing. i had already given up thinking it wont work so didnt bother drying it, all i did was shake the water out of it as much as i could. the next day i plugged it onto the computer and i realise it came on but could barely see the white apple,and it didnt go any further than that. then i decided to check on the net to find out about repairs and came along this page, i feel like an fool not doing this before as i came along some good advice. i just put it in a bag of rice but do you think it would work? or have i lost my chances after not dying it straight away, keep switching it on and off and plugging it to the computer.???

any other suggestions? thanks

xinxin 6 years ago

after water damage, my iphone 4 is working really well, but, the wifi button is grey, I can't even click it. What should I do ? replace the phone an clean it with alcohol?

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babese00 6 years ago

i need some help...i just dropped my iphone in the water and i turned it on even though i knew not to do so. i turned it off and took a blow dryer to it. it keeps asking if i want to power my phone off and the screen goes on and off. im going to put it in rice, but is there even any hope for my poor phone?

Favii 6 years ago

My iphone just finished up the cycle of being in a bag of rice for three weeks due to scuba diving in my toiler. Surprisingly it turned on again and seem to be working but when i tried to pass the PASSWORD screen i noticed that the number 1, 2 and 3 are unresponsive and i can't get to pass that screen as my password has a number 2 in it... any help?

FAVII 6 years ago

@ jennifer.. do NOT try to turn it on again or plug it to anything with electricity, you might (if haven't already) cause a short circuit on the hardware and then you will have to burry your iphone) do like i did and leave it in rice for at least 1 or two weeks... mine turns on and seems fine but it won't pass PASSWORD screen.. see my posting!

Nicja 6 years ago

Thanks a lot!!!! After doing the whole laundry process, yes.... washing and drying, my Ipod touch came out with that nice original fresh fragance from the fabric softener. I was decided to help my wife with the house chores, I succeed but I forgot to take my ipod from my jeans pocket. So I followed your advice and put it in a bag of rice for 8 days and now everything works, wifi, speaker, camera.....!! Thanks again, now I have a good smelling Ipod that works!!

6 years ago


Dea 6 years ago


Gary 6 years ago

Dropped my 3GS in the toilet for 1-2 sec about 3 weeks ago. I took it out shook it, dried it but had to go to work, the backlight didn't seem to be working and I couldn't turn the phone off. At work I took the sim out and left the phone in the A/C air for 8 hours. The backlight came to life briefly on the way home (I was still trying to turn it off) but wasn't looking good. Did some research and found the rice/dryer method. Left it in rice for 2 days and tried charging it (should have left it alone). White screen only. Put it back in the rice for 2 weeks (changing daily) and used dryer twice.

My iPhone is now working fully again. My usage stats say i've been using it for 41 years (which is a tad out) and it started alerting me to every appointment i've had for the last 6 months one after the other (very disturbing). I'm glad my best friend is back even with it's new little quirks.

Have faith and leave it alone for a couple of weeks in rice changed daily.

My sister dropped hers in orange juice which made it smoke because of the acidity, that was a replacement job.

Madge 6 years ago

I just got out of the car this morning and my iphone fell out of my pocket!! having not read this, I quickly picked it up and tried to make it work by pressing all of the buttons that I could. I took it home and did the rice trick, but it has not come back yet. I'm hoping for the best!

acd 6 years ago

I dropped my phone in a glass of water for what felt like forever, but was only a few seconds. I immediately turned it off and took out the SIM card, and somehow while drying it out it turned on again. This time the screen was shaking and the color seemed to be fading. So i immediately turned it off again and continued blow drying it and finally put it in a bag of rice. A few hours later i was in my room and i heard the sound my phone makes when i get an email. So i open the bag of rice and sure enough, my phone is on again, except this time it seems as though the brightness of the screen has been set to 0. SO i quickly shut it off and put it back in the bag of rice and didnt touch it for 2 days, apart from taking it out to blow dry it a few times. And, after 2 days, i come home to turn it on, and hurray!! it works again! so happy!! :) :)

Shanzay 6 years ago

HELP!! my 3 yr old dropped it in the toilet...took it out herself n left it on the counter.i dont even know how long ago this was.maybe a couple of hrs.when i found it it was hot to the touch n was turned off though i know it was completely charged when she had it.i think she tried turning it on..but not sure.she DID try plugging it in too :(

i've shaken out all the water,taken the sim card out n going to put it in the rice but one sad had a little red light on on the top left corner of the screen...does that mean that its dead?? my iphone???

Shawn Dempsey 6 years ago

I managed to drop the mobile phone into my beer class, stumbled on this website, is it true that apple dont honor the warranty?... apart from trying to dry it out what else can i do to get it dry??... i need my iphone it has all my contacts and also my family pics. please help

Josephine 6 years ago

My phone fell in the toilet last night and I was devistated!!! It's now 18 hours later and my Iphone 4 is working perfectly with NO damage whatsoever. Follow these instructions if you want to save your beloved Iphone:

1. Do not attempt to turn the phone!!!! VERY IMPORTANT

2. Shake all of the water out of the phone immediately. Do this for 10 minutes or until water stops coming out.

3. Take a Blow Dryer and dry the phone off. Be sure the Dryer setting is on Medium to avoid frying your phone. Do this for about a half hour.

4. Remove your Sim Card. There's a video on the internet which gives you instructions on how to do this.

5. Place your iPhone in a ziploc bag filled with Rice. Be sure the Rice covers your phone and leave it overnight in a WARM room

6. The next morning take a Blow Dryer and Step 3 for a half hour.

7. Then place your phone in front of a electric heater for a couple hours. (Not too close because you don't want to fry it but close enough to get more heat in to it so that it dries. Do this for atleast 4 hours or so.

8. Plug your Iphone in to the charger and let it charge for an hour.

9. Turn your phone on. You shouldn't have a problem with it. If you see any moisture in the screen, don't worry it will disappear in a couple days. You do want to fully charge the phone since this only applies additional heat.

10. Good luck. It worked for me and took less than 24 hours.

Prom Transport 6 years ago

Is it true that apple will charge £120 to replace water damaged iphone?... mine is approx 1 month old and I have just dropped it into the sink...whilst shaving!...just stumbled on this page...any useful info will be helpful. thank you

James 6 years ago

if you do get a new iphone or it hasnt been damaged yet, you should check out

its a neat accessory that could prevent the liquid damage sensor from triggering with accidents.

Matt 6 years ago

I have dropped many electronic devices in the sink, toilet and such. I have found that cupping you hand over the end of a vacuum tube and leaving a small hole works well. You place each opening on the device on this small hole you make with your hand so that the suction is much more concentrated. So far, I have saved 4 out of 5 devices this way!

Peeved of London 6 years ago

It's all very well saying do not turn it on, but I don't know anybody who has an iphone and has a water accident with it and the phone is not already on!

Having just dropped it in a sink of water I turned it off immediately shook it placed in bowl of rice completely covering it and placed it in the airing cupboard now just hoping for the best but expecting the worst..... Still I always wanted an iphone4

Cameron 6 years ago

I dropped mine in the sea.. so the salt water's basically messed up everything :(

priya 6 years ago

hi!! guys...need help.. kid splashed sm water on my i phone....but...its stilll i need to dry or take any precautions for that???? plz help with ur kind suggestions!!!

sita 6 years ago

I dropped my iphone into the ocean water, after 2 day i thought will dry itself, but i hear ringing but screen is completly dead. I took it to the appple store and they cannt fix it but replace it with new purchase. I dont know what to do for new 24 days old iphone, please help?

eamn102 6 years ago

OK I WAS USING THE BATHROOM AND WAS LISTENING TO MUSIC. ok don't think im werid but i am so hoping that the thing will live or my sis who gave me the phone will kill me. i turned it on after picking it out of the water to see if it worked and it did just the speakers were not working hopefully that will change overnight.

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deanna4270 6 years ago

last night i dropped my iphone in the bathtub. although it was in for only a few seconds, it was already flashing on and off, kept trying to power itself down and i was getting a message about some "non-compatible accessory". i IMMEDIATELY swaddled it in towels and then ran the blow dryer over it for about 20 minutes on a cool setting and then right into a container of rice. i wanted to let it go a full 24 hours, but when i checked on it in the morning there was no visible water under the screen or camera lens, so i decided to give it a try and like a miracle, it worked!

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ladybroomis 6 years ago

last night i was listening to music while walking home from ice skating with some friends. i slipped down the steps and used the hand that my iphone was in to brake my fall. the iphone wasnt scraped up or anything but snow got on the screen and in the space with the speakers and where its charged. i freaked out, found a hand dryer and used that on the speakers and charge part. a message came up that said, "the accessory can not support the iphone, you may experience weaker signal...." and something else that i cant remember. all the buttons and everything was working fine, but i wanted to make sure everything was okay so i put it in rice over night. forgot to take out the sim card i did that this morning and it is now currently in rice.

last night there was no water lodged in the screen, no flashing of the screen it appeared to be working fine.

the strip by the charge plug in is pink...does that mean that the phone is useless or will the rice help take out the water so that the pink strip goes away....

please help!!

Shane 6 years ago

Now that I am finished crying, I thought I would post my thoughts, feelings on this terrible tragedy. You know, I like to think that I'm somewhat intelligent at times, but unfortunately we all trip over the blue line the odd time. You know, heading to the hot tub, phone in pocket thinking "i'll take it out once i get there!" You get sidetracked and before you know it, your neck deep in a sea of bubbles dreaming of hot chocolate and the snow on Christmas morning. Then suddenly, you remember your brand new iphone4 is in the stupid, useless pocket of your swim shorts. Out it comes as you prance around your friends in the warm steaminess you call comfort. Your new phone is dead, and for moments i felt the same....can life really go on? I'll try the rice thing and get back to you. I'll need extra rice for the tears that are streaming into my beloved ports of my iphone4...May mercy fall on me...!

Monica 6 years ago

Thanks Josephine!!!! I dropped my phone in the toilet and was afraid it was ruined. I researched and found this site and did exactly what you posted. When I went to plug it in to charge it, I didn't think it was going to work. It took about 3 minutes before I saw the apple sign. After it was fully charged, I was so relieved to find it worked. It is as good as new! Thanks for your post!!!

Anders 6 years ago

It actually works! My phone got really wet. Removed SIM Card, tried to dry it is as much as possible with a hair dryer (lowest heat). Then put it in a bag with rice for 5 days, and voila. Took a few minutes to start up (hooked it up to iTunes, works like a charm)

aman 6 years ago

just before few mints ago i washed my iphone in washer almost 20 mint with mistake.... can you tell me what to i do ??? it will work again or not? m in very bad mood...

Cynthia 6 years ago

I dropped my iphone 4 today in a puddle of rain and quickly picked it up. I then ran home and immediately put it in a bag of rice. I left the phone in the rice bag for only 30 minutes and then turned it on, everything worked perfectly until a couple of hours later the voice demand was activing on its own and making calls. "/ My phone is now turned off in a bag of rice hoping it will be okay.

what do you think?

Christal 6 years ago

What if the phone is still "on" when you take it out of the water? I, unfortunately, didn't think to turn my phone off right away until I had Googled, on my wet iPhone, "dry out wet iPhone" and realized that step 1 is "turn off phone"... well, now it won't turn off. I will try the rice trick. I can see that the sensor is pink. I am thinking I short-circuited my phone. Anyway, thanks very much for posting these tips, I will try to remember to log in and let you know if it worked for me - but either way, I am sure it works for many people who are smart enough to turn their phone off, or not turn it on, as you stated. ;) Very nice article, very thoughtful of you to post!

Merry Christmas 6 years ago

About 2 months ago, I dropped my iphone in toilet. I tried to turn it on 1 h later, nothing. People told me I should have not tried to turn it on. Anyway, I left it in a rice bag for 2 days. I plugged it in, still nothing so I started to realize this guy was dead....

Today, before packing my stuff and throwing it away, I plugged it to my laptop and it came back to life!!!! I don't know for how long though but it's running fine for now.

So there's always some hope! don't throw it away

lolz 6 years ago

i hopw it works i really need it 2 work oh god plzzz make it work.

sketchin. 6 years ago

is there any way to tell if it's completely dry? Mine has no more visible water but I don't want to prematurely try to turn it on. It's been about 4.5 days now of sitting in rice, and for 3 of those there has been no visible moisture. Do you think it's safe to try turning it on?

Gunsnroses profile image

Gunsnroses 6 years ago

There is no cell phone on the market that will survive full on submersion unscathed. The replacement option of $199 (16GB) & $299 (32GB) is very reasonable.

Devin Tarpley 6 years ago

i dropped my iphone in the toilet yesterday. Do you remember those things that come in your shoe that they tell you to throw away? well get a bag full of those, plug in the charger, and put it in the bag and leave it there over night. they are used to suck the water / moisture out of missiles, and i figured hey lets dry it. Put the charger on it, in the bag to heat it up a little, kinda simulates the hair dryer. ( i would never blow dry my iphone)But i did that and it worked just fine when i woke up.

1) fill a bag up with dessicant--(absorbs moisture)

2) plug your iphone into the charger

3) put the iphone w/ the charger on, into the bag

4) let it sit...

5) tell me how it goes

aaron fellows 6 years ago

by case do you mean the whole back of thew iphone?

Alex 6 years ago

On the 31st I jumped into my pool with my 3G in my pocket.

Took it out after about 4 seconds and blow dried it. I think the water indicators have definitely gone pink.

It's been in a box of rice since then, and yesterday I plugged into the charger and the white apple logo came up. I put it back into the rice, and then today plugged into the computer and the red "low battery / charging" image came up. But unfortunately it didn't look like it was charging.

I'm going to put it back into the rice now for another day or so and see what happens. The computer didn't recognize it. Hopefully it'll come back to life but I'm not holding my breath...

Any other advice is welcomed!

aman 6 years ago

thanks to apple store they chamg my phone....i am very happy after 2 weeks almost.....

Charlotte 6 years ago

life is great thanks to this trend... 1 week ago my iphone went in the washing machine.. wasn't until the washing machine had done its thing i found my phone, as soon as i saw my lovely phone lying there very clean.. i jumped online to see if i could save it.. i found this site.. did what it said.. and today i pluged it in after all this time in the rice bag.. and yay i have my phone going.. everything is fine.. and really clean!! lol

Gerd 6 years ago

did the same thing, my 2yr old got sick on me, so i threw all our clothes in the wash, only to find my iphone in my jeans pocket.

took the sim out, blow dried it on low and sealed the phone in a bag of uncooked rice

this is day 1 i'll report back

crosses fingers


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JoJoB 6 years ago

I dropped my 3GS down the toilet the other day and before I'd got round to reading this message board had tried to see if it was still working. It had only been submerged for a couple of seconds so I had hoped the case might have protected it a little. I realise that testing it wasn't the best thing to do but it is your immediate reaction. Most of the functions appeared to work but the screen was starting to go white in the bottom corners and the external speaker stopped working so I couldn't hear phone calls or use as an iPod unless I used the earphones. I then followed the suggested process noted at the top of this thread. After 2 days in the rice and hairdrying each day, I gave it another go and, to my great relief, the speaker and all other functions were working. Many thanks for the tips. Amazing result!

georgia 6 years ago

so yesterday i jumped into the pool with my iPhone 4 in my pocket, it was about 5-10 minutes before i relised. after that my friends tried turning it on, and had the hair dryer on it, i only heard about the rice trick today and it is now in the bag of rice, is there any chance of it working after i tried turning it on? or should i just go get it fixed?

someone answer please!! im only 17 and i havent even made the first payment on it!!

cali 6 years ago

i was taking a sun bath and threw my ipod and cell phone into a bag. then i realized the bag had fallen into the pool. i took them out and stupidly tried tried to turn on the ipod, the apple icon appeared and then a red x. then it blacked out. i tried to turn it on again and then heard some noices (i guess this is veeeery bad!) so now it is laying in a tupper full of rice. is there any hope?

HAYDEN 6 years ago


anna 6 years ago

I dropped my iphone in the toilet last night and tryed to turn it off, then it went to where i could barely see the screen, thats when i put it in the rice. and when i would move the rice around it, my phone would blink white screen. I kept it in the rice all night and a few hours today and blew it dry a few times, and i just tryed plugging it in and it shows the battery is very low and when i unplug it, it tells me to plug it back in. Does this mean there is hope?! I sure hope so, my 4 year old son is just as devistated as i am cause he can't play his games.! Any answer would be great!

Mohsin 6 years ago

I dropped my phone in the toilet but took it out fast. It would turn off and on with the camera flash light on. I took it to an apple store where they said its a lost war and that i will have to pay $199 and get a replacement. I wasnt fully convinced with what he said so i took it home opened it completely and put it in rice for 4 days. When i put it together voila!!! .. No issues. i hope it helps

PAzz 6 years ago

hi! I stupidly jumped in the pool with my iphone 4 in my pocket..-_-'..

i tried the rice bag trick and i've opened it and tried drying it, when i plug it, the apple shows out but it turns off, and the screen bugs...

when i first got it out of the water, the screen didn't worked, and the LED light was turned on and i wasnt able to turn it off...what should i do??:S

PAzz 6 years ago

hi! I stupidly jumped in the pool with my iphone 4 in my pocket..-_-'..

i tried the rice bag trick and i've opened it and tried drying it, when i plug it, the apple shows out but it turns off, and the screen bugs...

when i first got it out of the water, the screen didn't worked, and the LED light was turned on and i wasnt able to turn it off...what should i do??:S

rochelle 6 years ago

hey although my phone didn't have water damage, it did go to a fuzzy/white screen and wouldn't go back to normal. I tried restoring it, etc. and nothing helped. Thinking I had to buy a new phone, I looked on and actually found someone to fix it. There are people in every city who have the parts and knowledge on hoe to fix many problems that iphones have, including water damage. So before heading to the apple store to pay hundreds of dollars, check on sites like kijiji and pay a fraction of the price. It only cost me $60 to get it fixed.

John 6 years ago

I dropped my phone in the toilet and I took it to a place that AT & T recommended to me the next day. The guy at the repair shop told me it was severe damage and it couldnt be fix and said they will sell me a refurbished phone for $400?? The phone was in the toilet for about 10 seconds. I wasnt able to turn it off... Do you think its too late to try the rice method???

Isaiah 6 years ago

I dropped my iphone in the toilet on sunday and it wouldnt turn on for me i think it was dead when it happened anyways so I just left it but when i got home i plugged the charger into it and a few hours later it came back on but the screen is almost pitch black and idk what to do

Anne 6 years ago

Oh god i jumped into the pool with my phone in my pocket. the vibration switch was still working when i pulled it out so i tried to turn it off. I tried to air dry it for a few hours. before i saw this site i tried to power it on again (like 3 or 4 times) have i completely ruined my chances of getting it working again?

Lina 6 years ago

My phone dropped into the toilet bowl. I took it out and it works ok. But I tried calling my phone and the sound was really fuzzy when I answered. Help! :( It happened a few minutes ago and everything works fine but the fuzzy sound. Using my iPhone now to comment!

Shannon 6 years ago

My 4 year old dropped my iPhone in the toilet today while watching youtube videos. So my phone was already on. He brought it to me with a screen flashing. I did my best to turn it off, but I couldn't. After a few minutes it shut off on its own. Then it attempted to turn on a few times on its own. I shook it out and put it in a bag of rice because I have heard of this trick before. Hoping mine isn't ruined. Gonna be biting my lip for days.

Gas 6 years ago

Dryer phone out with rice after dropping it into toilet only problem is that it won't connect to Internet.any ideas????

Sean 6 years ago

THANK YOU. IT WORKED! After 10 days in rice with intermittent blow dryings and vacuuming, it came to life. Be very patient with the process. At 5 days, the device would appear in iTunes, only to loose it's connection with iTunes. I kept at it. By 9th day all features seemed available. However, it now couldn't locate SIM card when I installed. Finally took it back to BestBuy and they gave me new SIM card. WORKED!! Good luck.

Tomapep 6 years ago

My phone fell in the toilet i tried switching it off imediately to no avail. Eventually it went off by itself. I put it in rice for like 3hrs the left it on the table underneath the haeter not directly underneath like 3feet away over night. I woke up this morning and switched it on

without the sim, it said no sim i switched it off and put the sim and it started showing the itunes logo and a charger. It hasnt worked since then. I put it back in the rice. do you think it will still work?


angel 6 years ago

yesterday i accidentally washed my iphone in a washer then took off after 2 mins, but then it was still on and i managed to use facebook for a while, but the button is not working, the volume keep on appearing, a message from app and i found this website, put my ipone in a box of rice and use dryer for 20 mins, and today i tried to plug it in but still it doesnt switch on, i dnt know what else im going to do and not sure if this will work phone dsnt switch off yesterday and its very hot, what does that mean? anybody can help me?

Sonya 6 years ago

3 days ago I dropped my iphone in the mop bucket (ie, dont do house work!!)I plucked it out pretty dam fast, it was submerged for less than 15sec. It was on at the time and still working, I dried it with a towel and then the hairdryer... then googled what else I could do. Thanks to this site I got the extra tips re turning it off,the rice, using hairdryer each day etc etc... and tonight I checked and it is still fully functioning. There is water marking on the screen but I am hoping that will fade... am going to leave it in the rice bag a few more days and use the hairdryer just to see if that takes the marks away. On the day it got wet, it did go silly for a bit with apps opening and closing on their own and I had a hard time turning it off at first. Then the next morning it had turned itself back on and was playing a song from the ipod app.... but since then it has been off and in the rice bag.... now I am hoping all will be well.....

I thank this site for giving me the tips that may have just saved my iphone... I am lost without it!!!

Be patient and good luck to those who are going through the same thing


Frank i phone repairer 6 years ago

My friend dropped her i phone into the toilet. Oops! Well, don't turn it on. What I did was us a vacuum with a small attachment and turn it on and placed it where the i phone connects to your charging cord and started to suck out the water. After a few tries, it turned on. The second day it was still working. So, if you have the same problem, try this, it worked on her phone. Remember, to put the attachment at the bottom of the phone were it connects to your cord for charging. You can test to see if it is working by putting your lips at the headphone insert and you will feel suction. Do this for a few seconds and wait and do it again. Also, you will notice that the surface of the screen will have an image on it, it is moisture on the surface of the screen. It should dissipate shortly.

Good luck/

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Jamie_LL2 6 years ago

I've gone through 3 iphones because of false water sensor damage. The 3rd time I was in there, the Genius Bar tech told me about a product call ai'Plug. He said you can only buy it online right now, but it'll prevent accidental triggering of the liquid sensor in the headphone jack. I looked it up ( and you can use it for charms too!

Amri 6 years ago

Hiz.. Everyone!!! Yesterday in ma car i waz sipping a pepsi can so i kept it on the dashbord nd fo sumthing appliyed a tight break the can fell direct onto the IPHONE i grabed it as soon as i could nd cleaned it wid a box of tessues!!! I made the tessue wet so that the sugar upone it would go!!! The phone iz functioning fyn!! Thang god!! Nd this site waz really usefull fo me..:)

eddie 6 years ago

thanks!!! dropped a 2g into a cup of vodka cranberry for 10 seconds. the top 1/3 of the phone got wet. I thought the rice bag wouldnt work because I kept turning it on even if it was acting crazy. anyway the next day I found this page and blow dried for an hour on low heat then placed in a rice bag for around 7 hours. now it works fine!! no longer reboots itself, the screen is responsive , speaker works etc. thanks a bunch. I know I didn't have to wait nearly as long as some people but I can vouch for this method. thanks again

Julia 6 years ago

About two weeks ago i dropped my fairly new iphone 4 in the bathtub and grabbed it quickly and ran to the nearest fan to dry it out. After, i put it in a bag of rice for about 24 hours and then blow dried the bottom speakers on cool for about 10 minutes. The next day it was working fine, and has been. Unfortunately i'm having bad luck and dropped it in the toilet about 4 hours ago and went to the nearest fan then blow dried the bottom on cool after i got it out and its currently in a bag of rice. The phone will ring and output the ringtone sound when called, but when texts come in it won't output sound and won't output the ipod music. What is wrong?

Miss F 6 years ago

I got a new Iphone in December for my bday and this sunday accidently put it in the cup of tea while driving.I drove home, blowdried it since u cant take battery out i took sim card out. Then i put it in the jar of rice for two days.First time i tried to turn it on it only worked while the charger was plugged in although the battery wasnt charging,after about 45 m it turned off again. I turned it off again and put in rice. I tried it yesterday, first it didnt work but after it rebooted itself, battery started charging, applications worked. I left it to charge all night and plugged it this morning its still works fine. It does have a alot of weird looking dots inside the phone but other than that its fine. So if your phone has water damage dont panick use blowdrier and rice :) . Good luck!

Help!! 6 years ago

i dropped my i phone in a puddle about an hour and a half ago. i picked it up after 4-6 seconds of it being in the puddle. i have the otterbox cover so it kind of protected it but when i took the phone out of the case, it looked and worked as if nothing happened. the screen was fine, there was no moisture in the camera, i was able to text, however, i tried to make a call but couldnt hear anything... i tried to put the ringer all the way up and it said it was in headphone mode... i put the headpohnes in and tried to make a call and i was able to hear the other person by doing this. so i just put it in rice and i blow dried it a little.. does ths mean that there is a good chance the sound will come back without me having to put the headphones on? and how long should i leave it in rice if it is only damaged that much? thanks

shilla 6 years ago

PLS HELP.I used clorox wipe to clean the screen of my iphone. i can see ppl calling me or txtin me but i cant slide the screen to answer it. i cant even turn it off becuz i need the screen to turn it off. wat shuld i do

:'( 6 years ago

Where I live there is this old mining hole, which is now a lake where alot of people go swimming.

I went there today with my friend... And its around half a kilometer wide where we were swimming to and from.. I swam over to the other side and I relized my iPhone 3G was in my pocket! I literally freaked out!! I quickly swam to the other side where my clothes were, I swam with it in my hand in the air, and when I got to the other side I quickly wrapped it in my shirt... It has been 12 or so hours later and I haven't touched it, I have just taken my sim out of it.. And it's just sitting up right on the table... Is it too late to do those steps?! I'm really worried

aliya 6 years ago

well my iphone4! is in the washing machine right now and i just have to sit here and wait until the load finishes because its the type of machine that wont open until its done!! oh god helpppp

aliya 6 years ago

well my iphone4! is in the washing machine right now and i just have to sit here and wait until the load finishes because its the type of machine that wont open until its done!! oh god helpppp

sarah 6 years ago

my phone was fully submerged in a bucket of water for at least 10 seconds, with air bubbles coming out. i shook out the water for 3 minutes, blow dried for 2 and then put it in a bag of rice for 4 hours. took it out, blow dried again for 3 minutes, plugged it into the charger. it told me to restore so i plugged it into my laptop but it just kept flashing the "battery dead" sign and then shutting down again so i put it back in the rice for 5 minutes and plugged it in and now its working (texts are at least)

the only problem is there is a water stain on the inside of the screen. is it worth it to get it fixed or should i just suck it up and deal with it?

beata k 5 years ago

My iphone 4 fell into a bucket water yesterday. It was there for less than 2 seconds as i scooped it right away and shook it. There was no water coming out. This morning I plugged it in and it is almost 90% charged and everything is working. Hope it won't give me problems in future. But I take my hat off to Apple!

Joaquin 5 years ago

My wife washed her iphone 4, accidently of course, for about 30-45 minutes. It was in a case, just a cheap one, in a coat pocket and our washing machine is a front load so the water lever is generally low. Once she realized her error we removed the iphone from the washer. I did an internet search and found your site. I followed the directions you set forth above. We did not turn on or plug in, removed the sims card, patted dry, light shake, blow dried low heat, put in a ziploc bag filled with rice. I thought for sure her phone was toast but lo and behold after about 2 weeks in the rice I plugged it in and it turned on and works like it was never in the water, albeit it's a little cleaner. Thanks

poopman101 5 years ago

luckly iphones are only 0.01 to $50 now

rachel 5 years ago

so, when i was getting my 16 month olds bath ready this morning,he threw my phone into the water, it was under for less than 20 seconds, and didn't power down. everything works except the speaker, i automatically put it in the rice, this evening, speaker still isnt working...suggestions?

chloe 5 years ago

i dropped my 4th gen. ipod nano in the toilet, but it was in there three seconds at the most. unfortunately i hadn't read or heard anything about what to do when such a thing happens so i turned it on straight away to see if it was still working. it worked for a while, but now it only works when on charge and it says it is fully charged but when i unplug it, it turns off completely. i read your reply to christina's problem (19 months ago) which was similar to mine and you said that apple would be able to tell there was water damage so they wouldn't replace the battery. i wasn't sure if this meant they wouldn't replace it full stop or they wouldn't replace it for free? i'm happy to pay but i don't know whether to send it off for repair, or to buy a new one? thanks.

Lars 5 years ago

Ok first of, I NEVER write on these things to recommend or endorse anything.

I am a sceptic and need much convincing before even attempting to try

something new or anything that seems to good to be true.

With that said. After a trip to florida last Monday I was enjoying the

weather and the Hilton Hotel along with their spectacular pool.

Everything thug was just swell, until my BRAND NEW Iphone 4 decided to come along on a swim in the pool. After a couple of drinks I was totally oblivious to

the fact that I had the phone in my swim trunk pocket.

There I was splashing away playing with my daughter in the pool.

When we were ready to get up (about 20 min later) I made the sobering

discovery….OH SH** is the censured version of what came out of my mouth.

Fast forward to present time…. my iphone is now working again.

It took me 5 days with some work and faith.

The reason i am writing on here is due to the simple fact that

this is where I ended up when conducting some quiche research how

to bring an iPhone back to life after water damage, and this is where I got

my inspiration to even attempt such a "crazy" thing.

Here is what I did step by step to bring my phone back.

Day 1: Bitched a lot, and did nothing to the phone more then dried it of

with a towel and pressed ONLY the home button a couple of times. I never pressed the on and of button and never plugged it in. I was completely convinced

it was gone forever.

Day 2: I came across this website, got some inspiration and started to gain some hope. I put the phone on my radiator for about 5 hours then I stuck it white rise

over night.

Day 3: Most of day it was in the rise. Evening I took it out and put it on the radiator

for a few hours and then back into the rise.

Day 4: Same thing. Around this time I had made up my mind that I was

going to bring my phone back to life and I was feeling good about it. I should mention, that not once, until today (6 days later) did I try to turn it on or plug it in.

Day 5: More rise and radiator. Now I was also using a lamp to dry it. I put my

nightlight close to it and had that puppy sit there for hours and hours.

At one point I picked it up and the thing was so hot I could not hold it.

Day 6: I was going to wait a few more days but decided to go for it after a glas of wine. I pushed the on and of button…Nothing..I pushed the home button…Nothing..Then I went all out and plugged it in to a wall charger and THERE. The apple symbol popped up…..Nothing happened for a while so I kept it plugged in.

After a while I heard the all so familiar sound you hear when your iphone is ALIVE.

Old (new)messages sounds, etc etc…


Good luck.


Lars 5 years ago

Ok first of, I NEVER write on these things to recommend or endorse anything.

I am a sceptic and need much convincing before even attempting to try

something new or anything that seems to good to be true.

With that said. After a trip to florida last Monday I was enjoying the

weather and the Hilton Hotel along with their spectacular pool.

Everything thug was just swell, until my BRAND NEW Iphone 4 decided to come along for a swim in the pool. After a couple of drinks I was totally oblivious to

the fact that I had the phone in my swim trunk pocket.

There I was splashing away playing with my daughter in the pool.

When we were ready to get up (about 20 min later) I made the sobering

discovery….OH SH** is the censured version of what came out of my mouth.

Fast forward to present time…. my iphone is now working again.

It took me 5 days with some work and faith.

The reason i am writing on here is due to the simple fact that

this is where I ended up when conducting some quick research how

to bring an iPhone back to life after water damage, and this is where I got

my inspiration to even attempt such a "crazy" thing.

Here is what I did step by step to bring my phone back.

Day 1: Bitched a lot, and did nothing to the phone more then dried it of

with a towel and pressed ONLY the home button a couple of times. I never pressed the on and off button and never plugged it in. I was completely convinced

it was gone forever.

Day 2: I came across this website, got some inspiration and started to gain some hope. I put the phone on my radiator for about 5 hours then I stuck it in white rice

over night.

Day 3: Most of day it was in the rise. Evening I took it out and put it on the radiator

for a few hours and then back into the rice.

Day 4: Same thing. Around this time I had made up my mind that I was

going to bring my phone back to life and I was feeling good about it. I should mention, that not once, until today (6 days later) did I try to turn it on or plug it in.

Day 5: More rice and radiator. Now I was also using a lamp to dry it. I put my

nightlight close to it and had that puppy sit there for hours and hours.

At one point I picked it up and the thing was so hot I could not hold it.

Day 6: I was going to wait a few more days but decided to go for it after a glass of wine. I pushed the on and off button…Nothing..I pushed the home button…Nothing..Then I went all out and plugged it in to a wall charger and THERE. The apple symbol popped up…..Nothing happened for a while so I kept it plugged in.

After a while I heard the all so familiar sound you hear when your iphone is ALIVE.

Old (new)messages sounds, etc etc…


Good luck.


Sara 5 years ago

I dropped my phone in the toilet and took it out quickly and my first instinct was to try and turn it on. Before i read this i had done it for times! I think the circut thingy might have already broken because i heard this weird sucking sound coming from it. I feel so horrible because its my dads old phone and he trusted me with it and if it does break then i cant stay after school for my clubs and stuff and i LOVE my clubsss! We put it in rice right now. I hope it works

suzie 5 years ago

Dropped my phone in the had its case on so i quickly took it out (few seconds) it was still working but then it died so i wiped it dry. I put it infront of a fan for a bit, took out the sim wiped it clean and left it.

This morning i plugged it into my computer and the computer recognized it saying do you want to restore you settings. it took 18 min and then the screen light up normal with the apple sign and then i tunes had an error message could not complete the restore and then it went off again...

the camera still looks like it has some moisture so i will put it in a rice bag straightaway. does the sim need to be out when you put it in the bag?

does the bag need to be full of rice?

please help

suzie 5 years ago

it worked it worked it worked...i was so impatient yesterday after a few hrs i tried plugging my phone in to the computer again...nothing it wouldn't event switch on, the computer didn't recognize it so i put it back in rice and left it till late night where i tried to charge it and it said plug into i tunes... this morning got to work plugged it into i tuned and it restored it and everything is back to normal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shantanu 5 years ago


Michelle 5 years ago

Hello, so my phone fell in the toilet, then i pressed the lock button a couple times, and i heard it fizz or buzz... i think it got short circuited..


i put it in a bag of rice and i am going to wait 5 days. any other suggestions?

If it doesn't work should i just go and pay 200 for a refurbished phone?

Lana 5 years ago

Just here to

Lana 5 years ago

Just here to sing the praises of rice... my phone is completely fixed!

Dropped my iPhone in water on Saturday night, it was submerged for a few seconds. Afterwards, and all night, it kept voice activating on its own, subsequently calling people on its own, and when turned off it was turning itself back on. I let the battery die, placed it in rice until this afternoon (Tuesday), and so far it's working as good as new.

Rice, I owe you one.

Court 5 years ago

Hey, i was wondering if you knew what i could do with my situation with my iphone 4, im 14 years old and i dropped my iphone down the toilet, it was only down there for around 30 seconds, instantly thought to turn it back on, it was fine, then it suddenly turned off, put my hair dryer on it for a few seconds still nothing, but then a miracle happend, i plugged my charger into it and it came on!!!, but it said that i had to plug my charger into my computer and set it up on itunes again!!!, but when i take the charger out of my phone it turns off suddenly! and when i plug it into my computer and get itunes up the phone doesnt switch on but its fine when its on the charge normally! i havent even told my parents its broken either! :'(, someone help me and give me advice on what to do PLEASEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'(

bobi 5 years ago

ommak fully immersed ayre b kissa

flam 5 years ago

my doughter thorw my iphone 3gs in glass of water what can i do for it?

Oliver Jensen 5 years ago

I am in the same situation, but I'm from Denmark. Do you know if the apple store works in a different way over here?

eva 5 years ago

Hi everyone, About a month ago i stupidly dropped a full can of beer and it went all over my iphone. It turned off and I've tried everything to bring it back to life..rice,hairdryers everything Sometimes when i plug it in the white apple sign on a black screen appears but flashes on and off. Is this a good or bad sign? its over a month and still not working and I'm beggining to lose all hope:(

Ellie 5 years ago

Guys I need help ><

I stupidly dropped my iphone 4 in a bucket of water while it was playing a movie. I picked it out right away, but everything was so fast I didn't know what to do right away. My video quickly stopped playing, and the screen tuned off but i could still hear screeching sounds coming from my phone. I didn't know if the phone was still on or not, because the screen didn't turn on anymore. I tried it under the dryer for 1 minute, and i left it out. My phone increasingly got hotter and hotter, and keep making screeching sound. I tried to press the off button a few times, thinking that it was still on, but my phone just got hotter and hotter. It was hot for 2 hours before I could run to get rice to put my phone in. What should I do? I don't know if my phone is off or not. I'm so worried. HELP!

Ellie 5 years ago

So it's been 2 days. 57 hours since I dropped my Iphone in water. I tried plug it into the wall charger, and nothing came up....

I tried my computer... nothing happened still.

I noticed that as i plug it in and out, it made a little flash. I don't know what that means.

Should I leave it in for longer? REALLY need help.

Tifffanie 5 years ago

Tonight I was taking a bath and dropped my iphone in, it was just in for a few seconds. I pulled it out before it hit bottom got a towel and dried it no large amounts of water were coming out of the phone. The phone worked for about a half hour after the little dunk..Then it shut off I must have tipped it enough to get the water that was in it in the wrong place. I went to AT&T and got another Iphone4 under my boyfriends upgrade. Well, I have to give him the iphone4 when he returns to town because its his upgrade. Heres to hoping the rice works so I dont have to go back to an iphone3. ATT told me to get a care plan for it and the apple store will let me replace it for 199 but from what I read wet phones do not qualify..psh

Carla 5 years ago

OMG. Its a miracle. Thank you to everyone on this site. Mu IPhone is back. Vacummed for 20 min. Blowdryer for 15 min. Back of rice in a zip lock for 20 hours and its better than ever. Thank you All :)

Fifi 5 years ago

My 1 year old son trough my iPhone 4 into the bad tub, it was only a litlle be of water in the tub, but it was enough 4 the phone to go crazy, after I pick it up, I use a towel and then the blow dryer, the phone can to on, but it was crazy, showing the volume level, the slice to turn off sing and without been plug in, it was a sing " this accessories is not made to use with iPhone " after 2 day it start working like nothing happen!!! I am happy. Uhhh!!

Samantha 5 years ago

Hi, Hoping someone will reply to this. Umm, Well, me being an idiot forgot my 32GB 3rd gen. Ipod touch was in my pocket. So I went to the bathroom, and it fell out of my pocket, right into THE FRIGGING TOLIET!!!!!

It was on at the time, and when I took it out-it was only in the water for a few seconds-the screen was hazy. Like a snowy tv. So I turned it off, I could still see things on the screen, though only I could only see a little, like the brightness was down way low-and wrapped it in a towel.

I checked other sites, so I tried shaking the water out and a lot did come out. Then I blow dried it at low temp, for about 5 mins, not longer. Now I have had it in a bag of rice for a little over a day.

I really just want to give up and get the new 32GB 4th gen. Ipod Touch. Because then if it does come on later, I could always sell it or give it to my brother.

Please tell me what you think or any tips.

You see my family isn't really tech savy, my father still calls a dvd a 'tape'. So I need as much help I can get.

P.S- I was going to upgrade to the newer Ipod anyway....

Samantha 5 years ago


I forgot to add a few little details. Umm, I tried plugging it in to my computer, it would not even turn on. Same thing happened when I plugged it into my speakers/dock.

I will not turn on at all, those ways, and I did not want to risk pressing the on and off switch.

Any tips!!!! I am totally losing hope here!!!

Thanks :(-but I am happy I found this site

JLS 5 years ago

Another thing that I recently tried that worked quite well was I powered it off, took the SIM out, shook the water out, and then I put the phone into a food dehydrator on low for 12 hours taking it out every 3-4 hours for ten minutes or so to allow the device to cool down.

It works like a charm, that's the second iphone that I've saved from water damage.

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