Apps Can Help You to Save Money

Apps Can Guide You about Public Transportations

Apps Can Guide You about Public Transportations
Apps Can Guide You about Public Transportations | Source

You Can Detect Skin Cancer through an App

Save Money While Sending New Year Greetings

Free apps are helping people to greet and meet. During festival days, the telecom companies charge a higher rate for sending greetings. For example any text message sent on 31st December and 1st January is charged at Rs.1.50 per message by Airtel. This prevents many people from sending New Year greetings to their near and dear ones. But this can be cleverly overcome by installing apps like whatsApp and Nimbuzz. But the catch is that one needs to possess mobile phones with Internet connection for using these apps. Only few people have such connections. But the advantage in these apps is that they allow users not only to exchange text greetings but to share video and audio files also upto some limitations in size. Other advantage is of course you can use them during festival days without minding about extra charges. In fact there is no charge at all in using these apps. You can also send free SMS messages through the apps jaxtr2SMS, Free2SMS and Textoo.

Mobile Instant Messages Can Minimise Time

In order to counter apps like WhatsApp and Blackberry messenger, one of the billionaire Sunil Bharti Mittal’s twin sons Kavin Bharti Mittal through his firm Bharti Softbank Holdings has entered the mobile instant messaging market which is fast growing. It is named as Hike. It is a cross-platform messaging service. Even without downloading the app, users can send messages. By 2015, mobile data services in India are set to grow to Rs.70000 crore.

Nokia City Lens Will Guide You to Restaurants and Shops

Adobe has come out with several apps that can work on Android-based tablets with touchscreen. These apps work well but cost $10 per app. Moreover they work only on Android 3.0, 3.1 Honeycomb and not on earlier versions. Nokia City Lens, an app that can be used on Nokia Lumia or a Symbian phone is in its beta version and can be downloaded free. If you want to know the commercial establishments in a city, it can guide you properly. If you click on a commercial establishment, it can give you the guideline how to go to that place and also other details like phone number and address. But there are some outdated listings also in the app.

You Can Detect Skin Cancer through an App

There is an iPhone app StressSense that can find when you are most stressful from your voice pattern. An app has been developed to detect skin cancer. It can track skin cancer from 7 different poses of 23 shots. The shots should be made when one is without dress. It is called UMSkinCheck. It has been developed by University of Michigan in USA. Two brothers Sanjay (10) and Sharvan (12) have designed several mobile apps. The brothers spend at least two hours daily for discussing about designing mobile apps. Their spirit is really commendable. Their app ‘Catch Me Cop’ has seen already 2500 downloads. They are designing their apps for Apple and Android.

Apps Can Guide You about Public Transportations

There is a Nokia app that can guide you about the public transport facility available in 11 cities in India. This is a very useful app as one can minimise lot of money by availing public transportation instead of hiring costly auto rickshaws and taxis who charge exorbitantly even for short trips. Many people are not aware about bus routes connecting different places. For example if one wants to go to Tondiarpet from Adambakkam in Chennai, the app will reveal that there is no direct bus route between the two places. It will also guide you to first go to Parry’s Corner from Adambakkam and give you the bus numbers and their routes. From Parry’s Corner it will guide you to go to Tondiarpet by displaying bus routes. This is a boon to money-conscious people.


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