Are you addicted to social networking? Here is how to tell

Everybody loves to keep in touch with his or her friends always. We cannot refuse, social networks helping us on this most of the time. It is taking major part in networking with friends and long distance relatives. Nevertheless, do you accept that too much of anything is good for nothing?

These days we can here complaints from most of the parents that their children are always hanging around with mobiles and surfing internet. They are spending more than 8hrs with internet everyday. May be you are one of them who are “addicted” to social networks. You might not admit this fact right away. But there are some signs which can clearly make you realize whether you are in to it or not. We will see them, before we talk about good and bad impacts of this “addiction”.

8 Signs you are addicted to social networking

  • Searching for your mobile or computer as soon as you wake up.

Everyday when people wake up, normally they plan how they start the day and list down the things they have to do for the rest of the day. However, your prioritized thing will be log in to your favorite social networking site and see who are online. At night before fall in sleep, planning for something that you have to write the next day in the site also includes here. Some even dream about the same thing.

  • Taking photos of them just to post in websites.

Most of the people do this one crazy thing. They try taking so many portraits of themselves with their digital cameras or mobile cameras just to paste it as their profile picture in the social network websites. In college, school, even while they are out with friends or spouse, they make them self busy in taking their own photographs.

  • Publishing your daily activity instead of your diary.

Some uses to write their every activity on their status update just like “I’m having cheese sandwiches, who wants me to eat for them” or “Bubble bath, how fun……”. You go to hell, but who cares whatever you do? Everybody have their own business to look for.

  • Waiting for comments and feedbacks.

Every time when a friend writes a statement, you might be the first person to write comment or feedback, even for silly things. I have seen some updates get more than hundred stupid comments, which do not even worth of reading. They simply want to write something does not matter what it is. Just like “LOL” (for which is not even funny), “LMOA” (same as earlier one), “Hmmm” (Who ask for it?) and smilies.

Some people wake-up by thinking who might have written any feedback to their comments. What you are going to gain out of this?

  • Annoying your friends to join “crazy” Ville.

Another addictive thing the social networks provide is the online games. Why I have mentioned them as “crazy” here is I have a friend who lost her job by this crazy game. Her manager caught her while playing and he sacked her right away saying, “If you want to grow crops, do it in your own garden at home, not in this office”.

Some youngsters try to fix alarms and check their Ville and farms. If the harvesting period missed, their crops become dry. We would be glad if they show this interest and time conscious in their studies or work.

Recently I came across a funny conversation between two of my friends.

“Hey, don’t you clean your nest often? Why it looks so dirty?”

“What nest? I’m not a bird neither I have birds”

“So funny huh? I asked about the ******* (an online game). Don’t you clean them regularly?”

“Come on, just because you asked me to join, I did. Now you are asking about cleanliness”

“Girly, you must spend time in looking after your birds. They might die if you keep it just like that, By the way, how many cockatoos and grays you have?”

“I can’t remember exactly, might be 3-4 birds”

“What????? I have 9 cockatoos, 3 parrots and 5 grays. Don’t you have any idea of breeding them?”

“I remember, I tried once, but they didn’t breed”

“Hmmm……They all must be the same gender I guess. Try buying new birds. Do you know how to identify the gender of birds?.................................... Hey, Wait and listen until I finish………..”

I saw my other friend running away from that place. Now she hides herself whenever she sees the other friend. Why you should scare away your friends because of this kind of addiction? 

I want to be your friend
I want to be your friend
  • Try avoiding “real friends” and the “real time” spending with them.

You might not show any interest in meeting your friends or spending time with them in the real world. You will try escaping from the real world and stay in “Virtual” world as much as you can. You will forget taking with your colleagues in the office and will say “hi” to the same people via social networks.

  • Obsessed with profile viewers stats.

You will love to see who all viewed your profile. You will try step in to their profiles and see why they try connecting with you and what made them interested in you.

  • Try adding “virtual” friends as much as you can.

You might have seen people who have 800 or more friends in their friends list. You may try adding people in the same way. However, how many of them you really know? You may not even try communicating with them after adding. Then what is the use in doing just to show others your “popularity”?

We can list so many signs like this. However, to find you as an addicted these are sufficient.

There are so many impacts, which we can experience due to this addiction. You might not be able to sleep properly. You will not have any time to spend with your real world activities. You may lose your good friends. This will affect the relationship between you and your friends, spouse or family. You may lose your reputation in your office. You may become a victim of cyber crimes.

If you are one of them, do not worry. You are not too late; still you can come out of this addiction. Try following these tips.

  • Realize the difference between the real and virtual world. Try keeping your limits with your virtual friends. Do not share your personal details with them before you get to know them properly.

  • Do not try meeting your virtual friends if there is any no real necessity. Before meeting them in real world, do not commit you in a relationship with them. Most of the people try faking them up. Do not get caught to the bullies. Few years back in India there was a teenager kidnapped and killed by his own friends for money. They used a famous social network to fake themselves and trapped him. Be cautious about FAKES.

  • When you get negative or sarcastic comments on your photos, how would you feel? It will just spoil your happy moments. Lock your photos from public view. Make it visible only to your close friends. If necessary, block commenting option on them. Be sure those photos will not get caught to wrong hands who can use them for pornography, advertisements etc.

  • Try minimizing your time you spend with social networks. Spend your time with your family, friends, and loved ones.

  • If you can’t take you out from internet, try to start a new and interesting hobby which is connected to net such as web content writing, blogging, photography (you can have online exhibitions or sell online), ebay marketing(buying and selling via ebay), etc. You can spend your time useful the same time you can earn money.

  • Before you join any social networks or as soon as you joined, check for their security and privacy options. Disable all e-mail alerts except which you consider as important. Otherwise, your mailbox will be filled with spammy and unwanted e-mail notifications.

  • While surfing on social networks, do not open your mailbox or any other websites. They social networks are tricky most of the time. They will send a spy in the shape of cookies and steal your confidential data as well as the web history. They may sell them to other marketing websites. Try clearing the cookies often or disable them when you do not require.

  • Separate some time for relaxation. You can do yoga, exercises, listen to music, watch TV, go for a walk or you can have peaceful nap. 

  • While you are with friends and family, give importance to them, not to your mobile or laptop.

  •  Get together with friends and start playing real games or engage yourself with any sports.

  •  Delete friends from your friend list unless you know them.

  •  Stop publishing all your activities on the social network updates. Do not write anything when you are sad or angry. Be cautious about what you are writing. Do not ever try commenting about your office, boss, or colleagues. No emotional updates. Some needs to be kept private. If you really feel like expressing yourself, start writing a diary. This will help you and save you in many ways.

  • Create a proper profile. Fill it with useful data. Do not write sensitive things and show yourself as a Bi*ch or a rouge. We know you are going through a nasty break-up, but it should not encourage others to see you in a way that you are freely available and trying to welcome whomsoever ready to accept you.

  • The last and most important thing is close down or delete your social network account

Always try to value the real relationships, only they will show you the real care and stay with you forever (at least to some extend). You can have a very peaceful life. 

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Nights Dream profile image

Nights Dream 4 years ago from Allentown, pa

I seriously loved reading and, at points, laughing my way through this. The graphics you included really helped visualize the point. Great job!

BO 4 years ago

I don't use them in spite of beeing a daily user of internet.i find so many intresting sights and i look fo entertainment and knowledge.what is the point.can't they afford a stamp or a telephone call or even an email if they want something.I hate this like/dislike twitter.facebook....

mariasial profile image

mariasial 5 years ago from united kingdom

very good and interesting hub

mrkterhune profile image

mrkterhune 5 years ago

I am glad to find this hub. Thanks for info.

Michel Terry 5 years ago

@Vishaa, Thanks for your sharing such peace and valuable content in order to stress out from Social Networking.

I also believe that Social Networking is one addiction which really makes people addicted with internet, but we can control it with time management.

Anyways, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Vishaaa profile image

Vishaaa 5 years ago from Somewhere on this earth.. Author

I'm with hubpages for 3 three months. But this is the first time I'm seeing my hub link in their homepage and publishing in their facebook community wall. A piece of appreciation. I can say this is the first appreciation I received from HUBPAGES. It makes me so happy.

Thank you HUBPAGES.

Vishaaa profile image

Vishaaa 5 years ago from Somewhere on this earth.. Author

Thank you BennyTheWriter, for stopping by and placing your valuable comment. It is true, we should value the real world and attached with real people to get away from the social networking addiction.

Thanks again.

BennyTheWriter profile image

BennyTheWriter 5 years ago from Northeastern U.S.A.

Very cool hub Vishaaa! It's so easy to become addicted to social networking--I never have been but I have suffered from some of the "symptoms," like checking my "wall" first thing in the morning or anxiously waiting for responses. I like your suggestions about detaching oneself from the craziness--in particular, that it's important to connect with REAL people in REAL life. No substitute for the real-world social network that challenges you to think, open your mind and grow.

Like the cartoons too. Rated up!

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