Astronaut Essay

In space, astronauts wear spacesuits. Spacesuits are set up with different jobs that are designed to protect them from an environment that’s to harsh for a human to live under, such as extreme heat, cold, and lack of oxygen.

Since the astronauts are in the spaceship and float everywhere, their muscles get weak from not using them. So they exercise. When they return to Earth, it is totally different for them. They must get used to Earth’s gravity.

John Glenn is a famous astronaut because he became the first American to orbit earth. He and six other men were chosen to be officially declared astronauts.

To become an astronaut, it is very important to learn the basics of math and science, while in elementary and high school. After college, you need three years of studying astronauts . When you have your degree, you can start applying, or sending in paperwork to NASASpaceCenter. Then there’s the screening process. You will go through lots of interviews. After offered the job, the training starts. And hopefully, you will have the chance to go in space!

Fun Facts: Astronauts have oxygen tanks hooked on their suits. They allow them to breathe while in space’s atmosphere. The word “astronaut,” is Greek for space sailor.

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Rockbottom 6 years ago

That's some cool information. But I still don't think I'm capable of being An astrounaut- lol

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Zainab 4 years ago

this is really good.. thank u

spear 3 years ago

it was good .....thanx

nafees 3 years ago

my aim is astronauts.astronuts isa wonderfull aim for us

Bhoomika 2 years ago

Astronaut is a good aim . I also want to become an astronaut . Its a good

step for me ...........thanx

Bhoomika 2 years ago

Astronaut is a good aim . I also want to become an astronaut . Its a good

step for me ...........thanx

vikash 2 years ago

Dats good one (y)

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lulubell1798 2 years ago Author

great job self!

hritik 2 years ago

astrounauts life is the best life

astronaut kid 2 years ago

its really nice...and i am sure this will help all the users of this topic to become a successful astronaut like neil armstrong i wish all the best to whom all wants to become an astronaut thank u

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