Schedule an auto shutdown on your computer with a simple command


Command to schedule an automatic shutdown

You would use your computer for long, download data from the Internet. Sometimes you want your computer to automate some tasks and you're not around. if your computer keeps running, it will be a waste of electrical energy. If you want your computer to shutdown immediately after some time has passed, a simple DOS command can do it for you.

Windows comes integrated with DOS, and this command essentially belongs to the basic command line interpreter. So, it must be clear for you by now that this works only with Windows operating systems.

How to schedule a shutdown

Anytime when you are logged into the Windows, just hit "windows button + R" , or by going to start>run

This is where you need to input your commands. The command to activate a shutdown is

shutdown.exe -s -t <TIME IN SECONDS>

For example if I give shutdown.exe -s -t 60, the system will shut down in one minute. If you need to make it one hour, just input shutdown.exe -s -t 3600

Anytime after your scheduled shutdown is activated and running, if you want to cancel it, just open Run by hitting "Windows Button +R" or by just choosing start >run

and then type

Shutdown.exe -a

This will abort any shutdown schedules that are already running.

And remember, the time we give in this command is "Time in seconds".

There is also a site where the author has written a simple DOS program that works with the same command, but doesn't require you to open "Run" , type the command and all. You just need to open the tool, tell the time you want and it will automatically schedule the shutdown. You can also abort scheduled shutdowns using the same tool. I loved that tool so I'm giving a link HERE for you to download and use it :)


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