Green Energy Sources

Green Energy Resources

Water Wind and Sun

The Development of energy efficient homes and businesses is most realized with the integration of a green energy source such as wind, sun or water. The benefits of incorporating green energy sources into energy efficient homes/businesses are energy cost reduction, very low to zero emission of pollution on the environment and the deceleration of global warming. Natural green energy is harnessed via renewable resources such as sunlight, wind or water. The use of water as a green source is disputed by many because most environmental friendly people think the cons outweighs the pros. Hydroelectric power requires damming of large areas which in most cases causes Eco-system environmental disruptions.

Passive Home Energy Designs

Green Energy Home
Green Energy Home

Solar Electricity System

Solar energy is the most popular of the green energy resources, it's an abundance of free sunlight and the variety of applications it can be applied to is wide; but most of all, solar panels are relatively easy to build. Solar electricity is generated via solar panels. A solar panel consists of several solar modules wired together on a frame to created a solar panel and a solar module is comprised of a bunch of PV cells wired together to form a solar module. Although solar technology is complex, the process of how it generates electricity is quite simple to understand. The photovoltaic cells collect solar radiation from sunlight and converts it into electricity via an inverter. Similarly, there are solar water heaters that uses the heat collected from the sun to heat water, water tanks and swimming pools.

Skyline Road PV Array

Skyline Road PV Array
Skyline Road PV Array | Source

Green Energy Power Sources

Green energy resources are easily integrated into homes and businesses by connecting directly to the main fuse box. The green electricity is then distributed through the home or business via the AC/DC circuit with absolutely no additional wiring required. In the last decade or so, solar panels and small wind turbines mounted on rooftops have become a common sight. DIY green energy kits are becoming increasing popular amongst homeowners and the trend will only continue to grow as more people look for ways to reduce their energy bills. Green energy resources can help reduce monthly utility expenses and help preserve the environment as well.

Wind Power Technology

Wind Farm Niedersachsen, Germany
Wind Farm Niedersachsen, Germany | Source

Renewable Wind Energy

The oldest and most efficient of the green energy resources in use today is wind. For centuries windmills have been in use, even today they're still being deployed. Wind energy has really taken off in popularity with the manufacturing of small wind turbines for supplementing home and business electricity supplies. Wind electricity is generated when the wind turns the blades of the turbine causing the rotor to accelerate, driving a high speed shaft which drives the generator to produce electricity. The electricity generated from wind is transferred to a transformer or converter that converts it to the correct voltage.

Amongst the green energy resources, wind energy is rated as one of the cleanest and safest in use today; it doesn't produce any carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, radioactive waste, mercury, nitrogen dioxide or any other type of air pollutants that impacts global warming. However, the large turbines causes atmospheric noises that can be disturbing when placed near residential dwellings. The major benefit of using wind for energy is, it blows almost anywhere but to utilize it as an energy source, one must live in a region/area where at least mild to moderate winds are consistent most of the year.

Hydroelectric - Water Power

Wanapum Dam, Columbia River
Wanapum Dam, Columbia River | Source

Water Power - Hydroelectric Dams

The most controversial of the green energy resources is water, which isn't widely used as a green energy source for homes/businesses. It's too bad water streams are not commonly available as sunshine or wind but water has been in use as a power source for over 2,000 years. Water power in the past, was used extensively for pumping irrigation water, to power manufacturing plants such as textiles and saw mills, etc. The Amish have been known to used water to power conveyor belt systems and the Greeks also have a history with water power for grinding grains, so it's an established old practice. Harnessing power from moving water is totally emissions free and a natural renewable resource.

The Invention of Hydraulic Reaction Turbines

With the invention of hydraulic reaction turbines came the development of hydroelectric and the rapid expansion of hydro-power. Now the controversy lies with, in my opinion, are we trading one danger for another? Large scale hydroelectric power plants produces a significant percentage of the grid's energy where and when utilized. Developed and Developing nations see hydro-power dams as a competitive, reliable, green source of energy that reduce their dependence on fossil fuel.

Residential Solar Water Heater

The World's Largest Hydroelectric Plant

Three Gorges Dam
Three Gorges Dam | Source

Hydro-Power Dams

Why should we question the use of hydro-power dams? A hydroelectric dam requires the flooding of large areas or sometimes regions with a direct or indirect adverse effect on the Eco-systems that depends on the normal flow of water to exist. Many indigenous peoples are sometimes uprooted from their ancestral homelands and relocated. And the one reason that should alarm us most is, we've made the planet top-heavy. Most of the earth's water is dammed in the northern hemisphere preventing the normal flow of water to the south of the planet. With the damming of the Yangtze river in China, the biggest project mankind has ever undertaken, is a testament to man's quest for sustainable, renewable energy.

With the successful launch of the Three Gorges Dam, The world's largest hydroelectric plant, we can rest assured that there are more hydro-power dams planned in norther countries. A few more large scale projects like that in the norther regions of the earth and the planet might just flip on it's axis under the redistribution of the planet's weight, is it possible? Hydroelectric power dams as one of the green energy resources is questionable, the effect on the planet is unknown.

Solar PV Cell Panels

Photovoltaic Panels
Photovoltaic Panels | Source

Help Preserve the Environment

Investing in green energy resources for our homes and businesses will effectively reduce our dependence on fossil fuel, help reduce pollution, slow global warming and preserve the planet. Taking action begins at home with green energy. You can benefit from lower monthly utility expenses, contribute to the health of life on the planet and the removal of your own personal carbon footprint on the environment.

The Three Gorges Dam, Yangtze River, China

Water Power

Is Hydroelectric Dams Necessary?

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