Backup Online Rolls For Your Data Protection Needs

The awareness of many to the importance of online backup storage is remarkably increasing. That is why experts develop numerous backup online systems that can cater different data protection needs. The range of available online data backup can be confusing and overwhelming to buyers. If you are one of those who are looking for reliable backing up system then you are required to search and determine which among them the best is. The following is the list of backup online which you can choose from.

MozyHome (Freeware and Shareware)

Offers 2 gig of space for free but if you want unlimited space then you can avail the $5 monthly. This particular online backup service is compatible with Windows and even for Mac nowadays.

SyncBack (Freeware and Shareware)

Available in freeware and shareware, both offer wide-ranging features by which backup profiles and selection for local and remote backups is included. Limitations like inability to backup open files come with the freeware online storage backup while for shareware, limitations do not apply but it will costs you $30.

Expert Backup Now

The simplicity, efficiency and utmost protection is what Expert Backup Now online backup services can offer. It can be set in automatic mode to best protect your important data through its Continuous Data Protection feature. The need to go back into the software again to make changes is no longer applicable because once backup online is installed and configured all you have to do is to send data to save. This backup online system is no wonder the choice of many due to high quality storage service at reasonable cost.

Cobian Backup (Donationware)

 An online data storage which ability is to support scheduled backups for remote and local. The older versions are freeware but the latest comes with a cost. 

Acronis True Image (Shareware)

 If you want an internet backup that is capable of restoring an exact replica of your PC then this particular system is the best choice for you. Acronis can create full live disk image of your computer by which you can set criteria with the data you want to back up. This cost costs $50 and a 15 day trial version is available. 

Amazon S3

One of the server backup systems uses simple web service interface to provide unlimited storage. The backing up system is known for scalability, high availability, and low latency at service costs. Charges are made per data transfer and overall data used that costs $0.15 per GB-Month of storage used and $0.20 per GB of data transferred.  

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