Basic Information On The Verizon T1 Line Internet and Voice Services

Verizon T1 ISP and Voice Services

Verizon is one of the largest service providers in the United States. It has major services all across the US and also several global services too. It also has a wide range of services on offer for its customers too. One of the versatile services is the Verizon T1 line.

There are many benefits of using the T1 line. As a multiplexing technology, the T1 line allows a bandwidth pipe of 1.544 Mbps. This can carry 24 voice calls, and a wide combination of digital data services too. Thus this transport allows the customers to transfer vast traffic while controlling the volumes as necessary.

Verizon offers a wide range of rate categories on their T1 line. The Subscriber Access Line has recurring and one time charges while the channel mileage has an airline mile rate, a fixed rate and termination charges. There are various options too like hubs, signalling, signal conditioning and others which can be requested and are offered for a price.

The best part about subscribing to this service is the high reliability and availability that the customer can enjoy. Verizon has a wide SONET coverage across North America. As long as the customer location is close to a SONET hub, the T1 line will be protected and guaranteed high degree of survivability.

There are many applications for a Verizon T1 Line. As a CLEC, the service can be used to connect the customer to the nearest Point of Presence. There are many CLECs that can actually use the T1 line as capacity between their own POPs too. The transport can also be used as the pipe for computer to computer links as well as LAN links over the Verizon network.

Apart from these standard applications, the T1 line can also be used to transfer slow scans and even video files. Any cellular service provider can also benefit immensely with a T1 line. A bunch of T1 lines between the base stations to the switching center is ideal to get the cellular service rolling.

In the past the T1 lines were exorbitantly expensive and hence not feasible for businesses. However, with SONET Rings coming closer to the end user locations and the cost of equipment going down with new innovations in technology, the price points for T1 lines are becoming more affordable. Besides with growing business need for greater exchange of information, there are better business cases around subscribing for this service too.


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