Before Technology

It’s hard to imagine now what we ever did without all of the above. First came the Mobile phone because it wasn’t enough to talk to each other through a wire anymore we had to go wireless. Then came the internet because we obviously didn’t know enough about anything. Ipods because we didn’t listen to enough music or play enough games. And of course the Ipad because the computer just wasn’t good enough after what, about 20 years or so.

If I wanted to listen to music when I was a kid I tuned into Atlantic 252 (pirate radio) or I went to a music store and bought a tape. A game used to be kicking a football around outside, not flinging birds across the screen of a computer. An apple was something we were told would keep the dentist away. And as for Facebook, we never needed to know that much about anyone.

We could say that in as short a space as the last 20 years our world has been completely transformed by technology. The question I have is what were the last generation at? Nothing seemed to change then. Yeah the phone came on a bit and cars got faster and better but all of a sudden technology just seemed to take off. When I left school the paths of choice included Construction, trades, Police, Nursing and teaching. Now it seems to be computers and Apps.

And now we are at another stage where computers are getting smaller, phones are getting bigger and flatter and games are becoming just like real life. The age of entertainment is truly upon us. Iwe had the Stone and bronze age, this is truly the age of pis***g about with technology. And for all this technology have we become better people, are we a nicer more relaxed race.

Before technology we had to stand in front of someone, look them straight in the eyes, and talk to them. Now we don’t have time to do that. Before technology we had to stop someone to ask for directions. Now we don’t have to do that either. Yes technology has enhanced our lives in many ways, it has created a new generation of Millionaires, it has made our lives easier and connected us in many ways. However, it has reduced our interaction with other real people.

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How many friends do you have on facebook seems to matter more now than how many friends you have in life. We have become dependent on technology in so many ways, and don’t get me wrong, it is fantastic, but we need to switch off sometimes and remember that there is a real world just outside our window. We need to get back to nature and get back to eachother. Enjoy life and the company of other people. And sometimes, just sometimes, its ok to turn your Mobile Phone off.

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