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Digitization in India is taking place briskly

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Digitization in India is taking place briskly

Entire DNA Sequence Can Be Read

999 TV Channels in a Set-Top Box

Digitalization is gaining momentum very fast in India. It is targeted that before the end of June, cable TV should be replaced entirely with digital channels all over India. Though this move has been widely welcomed by the youth, there are opponents also for the move as it involves shelling out more money to install digital TV at home. Viewers need to purchase a set-top box to view the digital channels. On the positive side, the set-top box can enable a viewer to view 999 TV channels. Hitherto, TV channels had to pay thousands of crores to cable companies for placing their channels on a favorable frequency. The public was paying a whopping Rs.20000 crore to the cable companies out of which the channels were receiving only Rs.4000 crore.

TRAI Should Abolish Carriage Fees

But the TV channels have not been provided any relief from the placement or carriage fees by TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India). Trai has permitted continuation of this carriage fees for some inexplicable reasons. Moreover distributors can accommodate a maximum number of only 200 or 500 channels depending on their strength whereas the number of registered channels is 800. This means quite a number of channels will be left out, depriving the viewers to view them. A fully upgraded digital station can relay telecast of 999 channels. Trai should insist on it.

146 Million Households Have TV Facility in India

There is no doubt that digitalization is necessary to revive the ailing TV broadcast industry. But experts insist on incorporation of ‘must carry’ clause and a ban on carriage fees to make the switchover policy a meaningful one. London city has stopped using cable TV now and switched over to digital TV. India’s TV distribution market consists of 146 million households. It is the third largest market in the World. There is a 80% penetration of the pay TV in India. Even villagers in India have developed the habit of viewing regional channel TV programmes for their entertainment. Cable distributors and operators in India create an artificial bandwidth shortage. Because of these malpractices indulged in by the cable TV operators, the government loses an estimated Rs.10000 crore by way of taxation every year.

Cable TV Operators Are Cheating

Cable operators were also cheating the TV channels and the government by declaring lower subscriber numbers so far. This could not be verified. With digitalization of the TV channel distribution, this cheating will be put to a stop. The TV companies that will gain over this move are Hathway Cable & Datacom, Den Networks, Dish TV India and Wire & Wireless India among the others.

Entire DNA Sequence Can Be Read

The film industry should also follow suit and implement digitalization of the films. Digitalization of films will also promote more monetization. Digitalization is becoming popular in medical industry. Increased number of digital computer devices is made use of in reporting and analyzing our body functions. Medical electronic industry is increasingly becoming digital. Smart phones are increasingly being used in ophthalmology. Tiny digital implements can be embedded on the surface of contact lenses without hindering the vision of the user. At present the cost of reading the entire DNA sequence of a person by using digital methods is $32000 and soon this will come down to $1000 with increased usage. Many illnesses can be prevented or cured by knowing the DNA sequence.

Can One See ‘Ponmagal Vandal’ Today?

Old films can be preserved much more easily by digitization. Proliferation of films through various platforms in the market will beat piracy. There was a classic Tamil movie ‘Ponmagal Vandhal’ released in the year 1972 starred by Jaishankar and Lakshmi. Old timers who had seen this black and white movie vouch that they had never seen any better terror movie. But sadly this movie cannot be screened to the present generation as its original or copies are not available. Digitalization would have prevented this problem. Digital films will be both intelligent and interactive for the viewers.

Acquisition of Admax

In the meanwhile, digital media firms are busy in expanding and acquiring other firms for their growth. For example, Komli Media has acquired Admax, a digital media network firm in South East Asia for an undisclosed amount. Admax has exclusive partnership with Facebook in Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines. It also has such a partnership with MSN in Thailand.

Identity Stealing

Along with the benefits of digitalization, digital thefts are also increasing. Digital data should be stored with the greatest care – probably in an encrypted style. Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative faced this problem when its digital data on patients was stolen. The laptop contained digitized records of more than 18000 patients with their identities like names of the diseases, insurance policy number etc. Identity stealing is a goldmine in the hacking industry and digital records provide a wonderful platform for such hackers. However, proper preservation of the digital records through complicated encryption will make the work of the hackers that much difficult.

Traditional Marketing Is Changing

Already advertisement war has erupted between MSOs (Multiple Service Operators) and DTH (Direct to Home) companies even before the first phase of the cable digitization is over. Marketing spends in India are growing in digital space. Traditional marketing is giving way in the wake of digitalization across the World. Traditional marketers are forced to unlearn what they have learnt for years and rebuild their relationship with their clients by using social media in the Internet. Even in hiring of employees, digitalization is playing a role. There is a ‘hire me’ button for securing jobs in the digital World.

Digitalization in Music World

Digitalization has made inroads into the music World. While musicians have willingly adopted some aspects of digitalization, some other aspects are not liked. Carnatic music, the popular one in the South Indian music World, is unable to adapt fully to the digital World. Spreading Carnatic music through Skype, online and mp3 will attract more audience throughout the World. Today music is taught through online and Skype.

Shortage of Set-Top Boxes

If digitalization deadline is not met, five to six million houses will go blank without TV in the Indian metros. But West Bengal government has sought extension of the deadline for administrative reasons. Chennai city may also miss the deadline. More than 60000 set top boxes are needed to be installed every day in the four metropolitan cities Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai in order to keep up with the June end deadline for digitalization. There is an acute shortage of set-top boxes in India.

Read Shakespeare Classics in E-Book Style

Digitalization has made inroads in the book publishing industry also. E-books are increasingly popular and so also the e-browsers that are used to read them in the digital format. The browser from Amazon is the best one to read e-books. There are many old classics available in the e-book form free of cost. One can enjoy Shakespeare books in e-book format without spending money. Indian publishing industry has published 90000 e-books so far in 20 languages. E-book publishing in India is growing at the rate of 30%. The size of the publishing industry in India is Rs.20000 crore. In English language publishing, India ranks third after USA and UK. Digital libraries are flourishing in all the metropolitan and other big cities.

Digitalization Weeds Out 3 Crore Bogus Ration Cards

There are other benefits associated with digitalization. For example, digitalization has helped to weed out 2.96 crore counterfeit ration cards in India. PDS modernization has helped streamline food supplies to the needy and reduce its misuse to a great extent.


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