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Indoor golf

Almost all golfers have come across indoor golfing at least once in their life and are familiar with it. Indoor golfing can come in various forms. However indoor golfing is often related to golf simulators since it is the only thing which gives you the experience of playing real golf as you would play on a real golf course. I have mentioned few benefits of indoor golfing below.

1) Access to all golf courses – Do you think you would ever be able to play all your favorite golf courses if you have to play on the real course? Well, the answer is no. But with indoor golf simulators you can easily play on your favorite golf courses at one place. The courses are the exact replica of the real ones including the placement of trees, bunker etc. With golf simulators even pebble beach is within your reach. You would also be saving a huge amount of money as you aren’t going to travel from course to course.

2) Play all season – No matter what season it is or how the climate is, having an indoor simulator ensures that you are never away from the game. As everyone knows, staying away from golf for long time might affect your game. So keep practicing with indoor golf even if its rain or sunshine and you will never be out of touch.

3) Cost cutting – Although you might think that getting a golf simulator is a costly affair but in the long run you definitely would not regret getting it as it will save you a lot of money. Getting a golf course membership itself is too costly and the expense of travelling adds to the misery for people who are tight on their budget. If you are a beginner you will also be saving on your trainer as a golf simulator has lots of features which are helpful for new player to learn the game.

4) Many people who start to play the game might be scared to play in front of so many people thinking that they might be laughed at by others since they are not effective in playing golf. Indoor golfing will make sure that you practice on your own unless you are confident enough to perform in front of others.

5) Golf Training and Practicing – As mentioned above the golf simulator allows many advance features like swing analyzer, club fitting, ball fitting etc which can really help you train yourself without the need of hiring a professional golf coach. Since it allows you to play on many golf courses, you can easily practice the golf course on your simulator before playing a real tournament on that course. This will makes sure that you an upper edge over the players who are completely unfamiliar with golf course.

If the above benefits were convincing enough to make you decide to go for a simulator then do have a look at BOGolf by visiting their website at

Make sure to do enough research before getting one as there are hundreds of simulators to choose from which can be confusing at times. This article might help you somewhat in choosing a golf simulator.

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