Best Amazon Kindle Games to Download

Amazon Kindle remains the best selling e-book reader device today which makes it a good platform to create games and all sort of applications for developers out there. While Kindle may not be most suitable for handling sophisticated games because the display is entirely made for reading, Amazon opened its door to games and apps. Here are some of the best Kindle games that you may find very entertaining especially if you are trying to kill time or taking a break from reading e-books.

Word Search for Kindle
Word Search for Kindle | Source

Word Search (A Word Game for Kindle)

For only $0.99, Word Search provides a very entertaining word game that allows you to use the 5-way controller to select the first and the last letter of the word you found while the clock is running. It also keeps track of your progress and best times. Volume 1 have 50 themed 13x13 letter grid puzzles and there are a lot of categories to choose from so it is fun for all ages. This game can be delivered wirelessly to your Kindle device via Amazon Whispernet for free.

Maze a Thon
Maze a Thon | Source

Maze A Thon (A Game for Kindle)

From the name itself, it is a game of maze with the objective of getting a mouse to his cheese. There are three types of maze to choose from with millions of possibilities that you can play from multiple levels of difficulty. It is very simple yet addictive game for Kindle.

Download Maze a Thon for only $0.99 with free wireless delivery via Amazon Whispernet.

Sudoku | Source

Sudoku Unbound #1 (A Puzzle Collection)

 Sudoku is a very popular game so this doesn't need any introduction. Play different levels of difficulty or switch between levels at any time. It also provides you with cell notes to help you solve the problems just like how you do it on papers.

If you are a big fan of Sudoku, then you will be challenged by 100 Sudoku puzzles from this game for only $2.99 with free wireless delivery via Amazon Whispernet.

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Sian 5 years ago

Great News - Word Search Volume 2 is now in the Kindle Store

Christophe 5 years ago

Strimko is a sudoku variant that allows for some excellent puzzles of various sizes, and they've masterfully put them on display here. Try Strimko on Kindle today (

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