Best Bulk Email Software

Best Bulk Email Software

Bulk email is the way to make lots of money online, you know what they say "the money is in the list", so the difficult part is to build a big list compliance with the Email Marketing rules, if you don't follow the rules you will just become a spammer, don't be a spammer please.If you have a website you can capture your visitors email address and then when you find a campaign that might interest your audience you send it. For sending mass email you need a system that provides you that possibility. Some system require some technical skills to implement it, others require a subscription fee.In this article i write about the best and most popular ways to send bulk email, just choose the one that suites you best.

Local Bulk Email Software

You should choose this option if you already have a big list of email addresses and need a way to send your messages without much work.

EmailSender - This is an open source program, this means it is free of charge and you just need to download and install and it is ready to use, you can import your contact list from several formats and can even be used with free email providers such as Gmail, check my How to send bulk email with Gmail hub for more details, keep in mind Gmail has a limitation of 500 emails a day per account.

Atomic Mail Sender - This is proprietary software and you need to pay for it. It have several features, such as compare the effectiveness of your email campaigns, keep tracking of who opens your messages and click on your links, if you need a professional software probably this is a good option for you.

Remote Bulk Email Software

If you are using a CMS like Joomla or Drupal, probably you know there are several extensions you can had to the system to manage a newsletter just search on the CMS site.

PHP List is a very popular remote software to manage your list, it is open source software, free of charge, you just need to have the skills to install it on the server and put it up and running, the managing of your newsletters or email marketing campaigns is all done throw the web in the remote computer, this makes your computer free of all the work not as the local software.

Services for Bulk Email

If you are starting in this business and don't have the skills to use any of the above software, and don't want to spend a lot of money in a program probably this is the best option for you.

You can subscribe for a bulk email service, by doing this you will assure that all the email marketing rules are followed, you need to comply with the law if you're want to make good money in this business.

So the best service for you to choose is AWeber, you can test it for just one dollar in the first month, and then your fee will increase as your list increase, the bigger the list, the more money you make from it, check my AWeber How To and see how easy it is for you make an email marketing campaign.

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