Best New PC Gaming Speakers 2012 - 2013

A good sounding audio system goes hand and hand with a high performance video system. While in many games it's necessary to communicate with a headset, at times it's nice to kick back and watch a movie or listen to your fully customized system. In this post I'll review my favorite high-end as well as value/budget PC speakers for 2012.

Best Rated Bose Computer Speakers 2012

A solid, but expensive option for your PC audio system the Bose Companion 20 multimedia speaker system maximizes the sound you hear with Bose TrueSpace® technology while leaving a minimalist feel in your room with its space saving design. The control pad has a volume control, easy mute, and a headphone jack for another audio input like your gaming headset or tablet and the proprietary integrated signal processing gives you natural life-like sound.

Bose Companion 5 - 5.1 Surround and Subwoofer

Short of hooking up a separate A/V receiver with speakers into your system the Bose Companion 5 is as good as it gets. It uses Bose's TrueSpace surround digital processing to deliver crisp and immersive multi-channel (5.1 audio) playback and has a subwoofer for a truer base sound. The module of the system essentially acts as its own sound card (connects through USB) to control the speakers and the base. Overall this is an incredible system and if you can stomach the high price, then I highly recommend it.

Bose Companion 20

Best Value Speaker System with Subwoofer 2012

Let's face it, in today's economy not everyone wants to spend a few hundred dollars on a computer speaker system. The bestselling speaker system of this month is the Cyber Accounstics CA-3602 which is a 3 piece system that comes with 2 satellite speakers and a subwoofer. While it certainly doesn't produce surround sound it does give you a solid sound and more than you'd expect for under $40. Another added feature which I really like is the volume wheel which like the Bose system above comes with an audio out for your tablet or iPod.

What one verified owner had to say about it:

"This particular 3-piece Cyber Acoustics unit is inarguably the best value in computer speakers. It's a fraction of the price of the SoundSticks II yet equal to the latter in audio quality (imo) and superior in terms of adaptability. Logistics offers speakers in this price range, but not competitive in terms of quality (the top-seller ones going for ten are inferior to the onboard speakers in my iMac). This, my 2nd Cyber Acoustics product, has exceeded expectations."

I hope you've enjoyed this review. Have a favorite pc gaming speaker system? Leave a comment below with the brand name, model number, and why you've chosen it above the models I've reviewed. If you did like this review, then be sure to check out my profile page for more of the best gaming hardware for 2012.

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