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Accessing the internet using a prepaid mobile plan in Australia has come a long way over the past two years. When I first started Optus was the only prepaid mobile provider with a prepaid mobile plan that was designed for those eager to get onto the net via their mobile phone.

This took quite a while to change but it gradually did and today almost every prepaid mobile provider offers some form of data allowance with their prepaid mobile plan.

Added to this has been the growth out of no where of the no contract monthly plans and their combination of mobile phone calls (caps) and lots of data.

Its no doubt that with so many smart phones coming out these days and their prices getting cheaper and cheaper (as is the case with technology), the pressure to maintain market share by prepaid mobile providers has required them to not only add data allowances but to also reduce the price of their Pay As You Go plans. As an example Optus this month moved from $1.32 per 60kb to $1.32 per MB. Optus is the second biggest provider in Australia.

It goes to show you where money has been made by these providers and the pressure they are now under to compete and maintain customer numbers.

So what are the best plans?

For those wanting 500MB, then the best plan is from Vodafone with the $29 FlexiCap which comes with 500MB of data.

In the category of 1GB we have Vodafone offering great value again with their $49 FlexiCap which also offers 3GB of data.

Finally for those looking for more than 1GB for their mobile phones, you have Optus Dollar Days where for $60 per month you get unlimited mobile internet.

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Love accessing the internet on my mobile

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