Best free security softwares for your laptop or computer!

Security is the most important aspect of anything in life and computers are no different. Almost all know about viruses, trojans, spywares and malwares going around the internet waiting to gain control or destroy your computer. Only the best security softwares come to your rescue.

These softwares can come to your rescue and keep your computer safe. I myself have used them for about a year now and i can proudly say i had zero infections since. You have to update them regularly though.

It's important to have the latest operating system of windows or mac. Get the latest service pack installed from microsoft or apple. Currently you can be relatively safe on windows XP, Vista or 7. Keep your windows up-to-date.

As a rule we need atleast one of each- firewall, antivirus, antispyware, system protection, browser protection and parental control. Having up-to-date one of each these is enough for very strong protection.

Let's look at each of them


By default windows Xp, Vista and 7 come with a firewall which is good. I myself use the windows firewall but if you want some more inbound and outbound protection you can use one of these 3 best free ones:

  1. Outpost firewall free is my first choice for users who want highly flexible protection without sacrificing usability. You can find the website here.
  2. If full featured security rather than ease of use is your criterion, then the Comodo internet security suit is my top choice. Website here.
  3. Online armour personal firewall is another excellent choice. website here.

An important advice would be to create an image backup of your drive in case something goes wrong as firewalls have been known to have conflicts with operating systems.

These firewalls though have been tested, installed and uninstalled with windows XP and Vista with no problems and are completely safe.


Each computer or laptop today should have an antivirus and only one antivirus. More than one antivirus installed on a computer is not needed, it only creates more conflicts and hangups in the system. Here are my 3 best free one's:

  1. Avira antivir personal edition: This antivirus is better than some of the paid antivirus i have found. This gives you the best protection against all viruses, malwares, trojans worms. It also protects you from rootkits and spywares. AntiVir is very light on resources and the detection rate of malware is outstanding, better than almost every other antivirus according to tests. This is the antivirus i am using. Website here.
  2. Microsoft security essential: the newly released free antivirus by Microsoft, has a clean and modern interface, with few options to confuse users. The detection rates are very good, in particular the detection of zero-day threats and rootkits. Even more impressive, Security Essentials has very few false positives and is light on resources. Website here.
  3. Avast!Home edition: This is also an excellent antivirus with the best detection. website here.


Windows vista comes with windows defender an excellent antispyware i have been using. You can even install windows defender on windows XP. check here. If you want to have other best free ones here are the best 3:

  1. Superantispyware: This is my first choice. Cleans every spyware on the computer. It is also light on resources. website here.
  2. A-squared: This is my second choice. Good free edition. website here.
  3. Malwarebytes Antimalware: This is my third choice however i had problems with intitially but excellent detection. Website here

System protection

System protection software protects the system files against deletion and virus attacks. I could find only one best free software which was excellent and performed well.

System protect 1.0: You must all install this for the sake of your operating system. Needless to say i use it too. Website here

browser protection

What i found out was that Mozilla firefox is the safest browser around. It passed all the security tests. check here

Internet explorer 8.0 is also good second choice as well as opera.

Wot is an add-on which warns you for risky websites. check here.

Parental filters

Parents need not worry now. They can let their child surf the net safely. Parental filters can filter out unwanted web content and you can also assign the amount of time a person can use the internet. Here are the best parental controls:

  1. K9 web protection: Software by bluecoat systems it is a web based service. It uses a special driver installed on your PC to redirect all your browsing through K9's servers, where it is filtered for content. This means that the filtering works with any browser installed on your PC. The actual filtering itself is highly customizable from a password protected control panel at K9's web site, which offers more than 15 selectable categories, plus the ability to restrict or permit individual sites. Full reports on sites visited are also available from the control panel. I have used it and it works 100% well. website here
  2. Open DNS: This is another excellent parental control and works like K9. Some say it works better. Check here

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Thank you frogyfish, its a pleasure

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Will have to check out some of your site tips. Thank you for sharing your opinion/knowledge!

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