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In the last few months, Usenet servers have tended to offer a diverse range of packages, with extra options sometimes unrelated to Usenet itself.

This kind of diversification has always existed, but now it has become a widespread phenomenon, creating two kinds of Usenet access providers.

- Only usenet acces aka Unlimited Usenet-Only aka Usenet classic account

- Usenet Bundles aka Usenet With additional features aka Multiplay Usenet access aka Unlimited Usenet + Extras

Why such a difference?

In terms of technology, there are now standard norms among Usenet providers. All of them are capable of offering more than 1100 days retention, more than 95% file completion, multiple connections for fast access as well as SSL and numerous connection ports.

So in order to beat the competition, providers have to add and improve other options that facilitate Usenet access.

Up until 2006 options were imited to a free newsreader (from a 3rd party) or a discounted newsreader. Then at the end of 2006, Giganews proposed free SSL (256 bits) to its users, in order to increase the connection security by encoding the data transfer between the Usenet server and the computer. Since then, free SSL has become the norm for Usenet users and so is no longer considered an option.

There was also a parallel increase in Usenet traffic and the number of newsgroup providers. It was necessary to innovate to stand out from the crowd, benefitting the consumers.

  • Providers that try to increase their users by developping tools that directly enhance the Usenet experience:
  1. Easynews is constantly improving its webinterface and has just released an app for smartphones. A new and improved alternative to the classic newsreader (Grabit - Newsleecher- SABnzbd) the interface from Easynews is makes for easy Usenet access. Its access mode via an http protocol is unique, unlike the others which use the standard Usenet protocol NNTP.
  2. Newshosting has just published its own Newsreader (NH Usenet Browser) to provide its users with the tools for access. This is a high-quality newsreader. Apart from the speed, it offers a newsreader function for participating in discussions in the group texts.
  3. UsenetServer offers an NZB search engine (Global search)
  • Servers that outsource their options - Partnerships: Outsourcing or reselling
  1. Newsdemon, Newsgroupdirect and even Ngroups have created partnerships in order to improve their unlimited Usenet packages with options like a Newsreader or StorageOnline. This does not necessarily mean lower quality as Newsdemon and Ngroups both offer an excellent online storage system thanks to StorageNinja and Livedrive, respectively.
  2. is offering a new VPN service (connections are PPTP). Competition for Giganews ?
  • What about Giganews ? A special case for several reasons:
  1. Offers directly relevant Usenet tools like its MIMO Newsreader.
  2. Also adds other options unrelated to newsgroup access: VPN and StorageOnline to meet your every need. Privacy, security (VPN), a secure space to transfer documents, photos - to save or to access anywhere, anytime.
  3. Giganews is developing their own software, their own infrastructure - This internal development is really what sets Giganews apart and justify a higher price in the end. (see point 4.)
  4. These options in themselves like VPN and StorageOnline (internally developped) justify and partly explain the price gap between Giganews and other servers. Quality has a price. Usenet access plus all the extra options add up to a fair final price. You do the math!

What about the classic Usenet servers ? Usenet only access - Classic account - No extra options, just classic Usenet access: high retention, servers in the US and in Holland, multiple ports, free SSL and 99% completion.

They are in the minority, but still interesting for those that do not want options, or would rather separate the various services in favour of an external VPN like HideMyASS, a newsreader like Newsleecher (a question of taste) or Online Storage from SugarSync, for example.

  1. SuperNews and Astraweb are offering unlimited Newsgroup: One Plan, One Price!
  2. While others like Usenet-News specialise in Block Accounts: Just what you need!

On our webpage dedicated to Best Usenet Bundles you can find a table comparing all of the Usenet servers.

Our top two recommended Usenet servers ( are Giganews and Newshosting, both for options and overall:

* Giganews, best rétention et technical quality, offers at a monthly rate of $34.99:
- Unlimited access to 109 000 groups hosted by Giganews
- VPN access to safeguard your internet activity and protect your privacy
- Free Newsreader (text and binary functions)
- Online Storage.

* Newshosting, thanks to its Newsreader, can offer outstanding quality at the low price of $9.99/month or $99/year. The NH usenet browser is perfect for beginners who require a simple and fast newsreader. Purists can even use the text function and subscribe to their favourite groups to search for the necessary files among the various headers.

-- NGProvider can help you choose the Newsgroup subscription that suits you! --


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