Beware Of "Just Energy", I Was Almost Scammed.

This is the so called non binding contract.
This is the so called non binding contract. | Source

Beware Of Door To Door Salepeople

I would like to tell you my experience with "Just Energy", which is a Natural Gas And Electricity Rate Flex Program. I came home from the corner store on Sunday afternoon, and found a young man in my hallway. He said he was from a company called "Just Energy". I asked him what that was, and he said I could save money by using their company. I said I was not interested, but he was persistent. So I gave him a moment of my time. He then asked to see my power bill, I asked why? He said he was going to show me how I could save money. I went my apartment and got my latest bill, and really not wanting to get involved with the whole thing. I wish I had not gotten the bill, and that I had been thinking better, but he caught me off guard.

I gave him the bill, and by this time he has his clipboard out, and is writing my information down on this form. He gave me a whole speal about rates and how they buy energy verses My National Grid company and locking in rates after 3 months. Gas in summer ( July or Aug.) and electric in winter ( Jan or Feb). He talked so fast I could not keep up with him. I told him I would have to think about it, and asked him to leave info with me to go over, but no he was very pushy. He wanted me to sign a 5 year contract, which I again said no I need to think about it. Though he said by me signing the paper did not mean it was the actual contract. Once again I was not comfortable with it. I should of just said leave, but standing alone in a hallway with a stranger is kind of scary.

Anyway He said it was just to get the ball rolling if I chose to use " Just Energy", and then we had to call a customer service number, where they would ask me a few questions, and that was supposed to be it. Until I chose '"their company". Then a red flag went up when he told me my National Grid provider would send me a letter in a few weeks informing me of the changes to my choice of suppliers, and a letter from "Just Energy" would follow. Now this next part really threw me off. He wanted me to call the customer service line and tell them what a great job he did, and how good he was with info and such that he told me. He also wanted me to suggest that they should give him a raise. What the heck?

After 2 days I got a chance to look over this so called ' agreement, and I was shocked to see the fact if I went with " Just Energy" and wanted to cancel before my 5 year contract was up, I would have to pay for that! That is just crazy. So then I went online and looked for reviews on " Just Energy". I was shocked, and my heart went into my throat. There are even videos on youtube about this company. Just Energy isn't even accredited by the BBB, and had been charged for consumer fraud by the Attorney General Of NY, which is where I live. Check out they have about 22 reports regarding "Just Energy".

I was really quite upset and wanted to contact them right away, but their customer service department is only open Monday to Friday 9 am to 6 pm, and it was after 6 pm, so I tried to email them. After writing a very long and detailed email, I hit send, and I got an error message that my email did not go through. I had to wait until the next day to contact them. I called after 9 am, and explained the whole story to them. I told them the salesperson was very very pushy, and I was not happy at all. I told them I wanted to stay with my company. She said that they would cancel the whole thing. I hope this is true, as I don't want any surprises. I did manage not to be scammed by this company. I write this in hopes to help someone else out there avoid being scammed, especially the elderly people, which are easy prey for salespeople. I feel very bad for all the people who have been scammed by this company. If I ever do decide to switch my supplier I will do plenty of research before making such an important decision. Also this experience has opened my eyes to other people who may want to scam me, and I will be more careful in the future.

Update: Well as I mentioned above, the woman on the phone said she would cancel the whole thing. Well she lied. I got two letters in the mail from National Grid stating I had switched to "Just Energy". I called National Grid up right away and told them what had happened. They said they would take care of it, and put a block on my account so that "Just Energy" could have me switch over. My advice would be to call your provider after dealing with this company to insure they just don't go ahead and switch you over to their company.

Updated: December 7, 2012

Today my doorbell rang and it was an Just " Energy' guy, and I told him point blank I was not interested. I told him I already almost got scammed by them, and what I went through, and he was "like", I'm not trying to get you to switch companies. I said "No again". Then he had the nerve to ask me if anybody lived upstairs. I said no and closed the door on him. I just hope nobody in the neighborhood fell for these guys today.

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Moment556 profile image

Moment556 4 years ago from Canada

Just energy people come to my house almost weekly and I've started to get quite rude with them . they always say do you have the old bill. this is the new bill that will save you money and then pressure me as much as possible to give them my information. Thanx for the great article.

I am glad to know I am not the only one. Its just too bad someone can't stop them. These weekly visits are starting to bring out the worst in me.

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 4 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Ya I don"t even like answering the door anymore.

danseils 4 years ago

You guys are misinformed. Sales people in any position, especially in door-to-door sales, can be pushy and down right shady. Just Energy is a legitimate ESCO (Energy Supply Company) regulated by the Public Service Commission and the BBB. If you were to actually take time and research the companies themselves and not look at "consumer experiences" with sales tactics used by their contractors you would see that choosing an energy supplier makes sense. When you compare ESCO's, Just Energy is the number 1 supplier in the nation. If you buy a vacuum cleaner and it works well you're not going to jump on the internet and boast about how well this vacuum cleaner works, however, if the vacuum cleaner seems questionable you'll get on immediately and start looking for anyone to relate to your "buyer's remorse." When someone knocks on your door explaining y0ur rights as an energy consumer, you feel uncomfortable and question the legitimacy of the business, maybe you should look past the marketing techniques and actually consider the benefits of choosing an ESCO. Yes, these salesmen are trained to close the deal ASAP. No, this does not mean that they are scamming you. There are scams out there, however, there is a lot of misguiding information. For example; this article saying that Just Energy isn't accredited by the BBB. Do some research and decide for yourself, everything on the internet isn't true. People confuse Just Energy with a lot 0f the other hundred-and-something ESCO's. You can't disregard the company's history and success. Did you ever think to see what the company is doing for your community? Have you researched what your local utility is doing to give back to the community? All I'm saying is that no business is capably of "scamming" 1.8 million customers across the continent. Do the research on websites with actual facts. Thanks, Dan. (a happy Just Energy customer since 2010)

Scott Alias 4 years ago

I am currently a employed by Just Energy. It's as simple as this, there are bad contractors, and there are good ones. You simply received a bad contractor. The discounts you receive on your gas and electricity bills is not a scam. It's a FREE discount. You will save 5% of your largest expense. And it will fluctuate with the rates of natural gas that fluctuate themselves. Just Energy is a 2.8 billion dollar company that hasn't had many problems with Canada and other parts of North America. They have money they don't need to scam you to make more of it. Just energy owns the gas, your utility gets it to you... there are major differences between owning and supplying, generating and producing, FlexRate and LockedRates. Trust me, if you had paid more for your gas with Just Energy than you would have with your normal utility provider... you would have gotten $125 rebate. And for an energy bill that's probably around $60-80... you yourself would make money. And you were able to cancel within 30 days of your first bill with OUR name on it "Just Energy" WITHOUT getting charged the $50 fee. You didn't lose anything, but a GREAT deal to potentially SAVE money... that is if you keep using your gay and electricity normally. If you get our discount and start turning your heat up to a 100 degrees just because.. your prices will go up no matter what. But if you stay consistent with your energy usage... you will save...5%.

Moment556 profile image

Moment556 4 years ago from Canada

Even if it is not a scam, here in canada there are laws against high pressured sales tactics such as insisting that you must sign a contract with any business regardless if it is in your best interest or not. Coming to my door acting all official saying are you still receiving the old bill that looks like this and have an example of my current providers bill is decptive. trying to get me to percieve that just energy is the new local provider and they just need to see a little of my personal information, before i am informed in any way of your business and what it really has to offer. Do you see this decptive tactic is losing you your customers in the first 10 seconds that you speak with them. Just enegy might be a great deal and the option of paying a small amount extra to help promote clean energy, excellent, build it sell it, believe it in don't try to trick me. Trust can not be broken and earned in a 10 minute conversation at the door. No matter how pretty your fliers or how well renound your business profile. These agents are very pushy and opening the sales pitch with a lie actually makes me frightened and wonder would a legitmate company train their staff this way, what do these people really want. Fancy fold outs of how great Just energy is did not make me feel any better. I was left wondering am I in danger or this a scam and my instincts tell me to get this person or people out of my home.

I actually just switched cable/internet/telphone/longdistaance providers, from a very friendly door to door agent who addressed me politely and honestly and earned my business with integrety, with no contract at all. Can cancle or change what services I have orderd and even go back to my old provider with no fees. That freedom as well as the honesty earns my trust. A clear list of what I have purchased or can purchace give me choice, at anytime I can order more or less from them. And at no point did they say something like are you using the old service provider for these servies and imidiately ask to see some of my mail and start filling out a contract until I actually placed my order for the services and agreed to switch to their company.

Just Energy no means no! I think your living in the past when you think No means, please try to convince me to do something I will regret in the morning.

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 4 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

@ Scott. I tried to cancel, they said they did, but did not, and I had to have them blocked by National Grid.

Minnetonka Twin 3 years ago

Very useful article Lucy and you helped a lot of people out there. I never give business to someone who is too pushy. They lose my business even if it's legitimate as pushy is plain "bad manners."

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 3 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

thanks Minnetonka. they can be very pesky and pushy.

lloyd 3 years ago

i got sign up yesterday by this company using my current supplier name, he told me that i will have a 5% off after he sees my info on my bills the next thing i know that i'm signing a contract and not knowing that i;m transferring my account to them and already signed up and got my contract. then i carefully read the contract that's how i realize that im not grtting any 5% off my current bill im signed to a new provider then i call to cancel my contract to them. but this morning still worried that i might have been scammed and my provider will be change i came up to you're blog and so thankful for you're advice to contact my provider to

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 3 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

lloyd, I hear you, I had to call my power company and have them put a block on them.

malmacdo 3 years ago

Total scam....I had signed up like an idiot here in Canada and was told oh its clean energy...bull.... my step dad works for Atomic Energy Canada and he said they actually cannot legally tell people that their energy is clean cause they take it off the grid which is powered by everything including fossil fuels....

I tried to cancel today they said that I had signed up with my electricity which I hadn't...I signed up for their 'clean energy' thing which is 24 dollars and can cancel at anytime. I said show me the contract that I signed....they said I confirmed in a phone call....nope again they called after saying they have to have an account number to set it up with so I gave them my utilities account and lo and behold I'm charged over 60/month for electricity alone!! I never agreed to that! Now I have to pay 226 dollars to get out of it... I'm making them send me a copy of the phone call and the contract I signed and hiring legal aid this is disgusting.

For all those defending it you should be ashamed...they sign you up in secret then dance around it when you ask to see are charged way more than the government and its not coming from clean energy like they said....don't listen to people who say they work there cause someone working the phones have no idea where their national company ties into the grid and if they say they do they are dirty, disgusting liars!!!

Also people who say they have it and are fine with it obviously don't know they are paying too much or they'd be pissed....they all say if you do your research...well I did right from the company they showed me they are untruthful don't do it!

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 3 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Thank you malmacdo. Thank you for your input! This company is just so crooked , it's not funny.

psclaus 3 years ago

One of these aggravating sales people just walked up to my door. I was really busy. He started into his little speech about my electric company after asking who my supplier was. He out right said my EC was a liar when I told him I was locked in for the next two years. He started arguing with me! For the fourth time I told him I wasn't interested . Fifth time I told him, I told him to get off my porch and go away. Then I called the Police.

D.C. 3 years ago

I made the mistake of signing up with Just Energy without doing more research cause I had other things to deal with and everything sounded fine. I didn't have a problem with the service or canceling the service like someone else. My problem was the cancellation fee. I moved out the service area and it was supposed to be waived. I moved from NY to MD and I got the bill sometime in around October last year. I called them and got it cleared up and then in February I got a bill from a collection agency. I called them again got a name and confirmation number this time. But you know how collection agencies work so I got screwed and had to pay double. And Just Energy never responded to the inquiry either so no surprise. Especially with all these negative reviews and things I'm finding.

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 3 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

D.C. Thank you for reading and responding . I think the best thing we can all do is just stick with the real Power companies. A lot of companies are out to screw everyone with fake crap.

robert 3 years ago

I worked for this company for 5 months ... First yes it does seem a ripoff however there are a few things wrong with the comments on this page ... First off they are a two year agreement not five year and the point of it is that the rates fluxerate on a monthly basis ... If gas goes up your bill goes up which gas is a precious mineral and it will go up ... Second they don't do electric you was thinking of First Energy that's the electric side ... Third there is nothing about saving money its price protection that's what they sell ... Before you slander a company put the right points to it and not what ever you want ... As to why did I quit after 5 months because people like this who assume and not realize the benefit of the organization ...

Carolann 3 years ago

Wishing I had read these reviews and warnings just a few hours earlier! I just had someone come to my door (in Ontario, Canada) and they got me sucked in. I have never had someone come to my door, speak so fast and be so misleading EVER! The entire conversation started with the "sales person" making out that he was from our hydro company and was checking up on our Smart Meters (which are a relatively new metering system in our region in Ontario). He made it sound like he was just checking to make sure the necessary adjustments (whatever they are?!?) were made, then said if I showed him a past bill he could show me where the adjustments showed up...big mistake! Once he got his hands on the bill he did not stop talking, all he did was tell me about how rates are changing and how much better things are going to be...blah blah went on and on - he was really just preaching about fantastic rates and market changes and other rubbish. Never once did he say he was from Just Energy, what the company did or what made these new rates so fabulous! Next thing is he's got my bill and some paperwork (folded in half so I couldn't see the whole sheet) and handed it all back to me to sign - I didn't know why I would need to sign something to get the rates he made out were coming to us regardless?! But stupid me, I was so put on the spot by this fast talker (and his sidekick - yes, two of them at my door!) that I signed it, and I was then handed a phone to speak to his customer service person to confirm I was who I said I was and to confirm this guy had spoken to me...why I didn't just slow down and think about things, I don't know. I have spent the past couple of hours on hold calling Just Energy to make sure this agreement is voided. I have been told my account is not activated, but based on what I have read in past posts, the word of a customer service agent (who tried 5 times to stop me from cancelling) may not hold much weight. To those who say this is a legitimate company and the contracts, rates etc are legitimate, I say if things are so great and LEGITIMATE, why do the sales people have to lie, omit information and mislead/misrepresent themselves to get people on board? At one point I saw the name Just Energy and asked him who/what that was and he gave me a roundabout answer, again never properly explaining a thing. Just tell it how is it if your business is so good! All they needed to do was tell me they are a separate company, NOT affiliated with my Hydro provider, and that I can get certain rates if I lock into a contract with them. Everything I was told made this sound like it was mandatory, that EVERYONE was getting new rates and I was doing little more than confirming I wanted these new rates by signing this paperwork.

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 3 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Wow carolann that's a shame. You also need to call your Hydro provider, and tell them, also have them block these people.

Denis Anningson 3 years ago

I don't really know about the electric stuff but i do study the natural gas market and in regards to that what Just Energy and other independent gas suppliers are doing, They are letting customers lock in a fixed rate for there natural gas. Doing this is legal and not a scam.

If you look at global gas prices they go both up and down over time. However a lot of people don't like there rate changing all the time so what these gas companies are doing are fixing peoples rates based on the average gas prices. The main propose of a program is to be able to budget and manage your finances easier and its not supposed to make you save money like the sales people are telling you.

I have looked into Just energy and the reason they are telling you its saves you money and being so pushy is simply because they work on commission. so the more people they sign up they more money they make.

If you are worried about saving or losing money you have to look at the market and look at what kind of rate you are locking in. If gas prices are low and you lock in a rate you may be paying more at the start but when the prices go back up your locked in rate wont so you can save a few bucks. However if you lock in when rates are high you are likely to be losing money when rates go back down.

The company is always going to tell you LOCK IN NOW but if you are looking to save money always look at the long term rates and see what they are offering at that time is a good rate for the given market. and only lock in the good rates.

Always do your own research into the market and don't let yourself be tricked by pushy sales people or random people on the internet.

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 3 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Thank you Denis for your comment. The thing that annoys me is how they trick you into signing the contract, and the fact that you have to pay them money to get out of the contract early. If I moved into an apartment which had gas & lights included in the rent, I would still have to pay Just Energy to get out of the contract. Now with my real gas & light company I call and have the power shut off, and pay a final bill, that's it. they don't charge me anything.

Denis Anningson 3 years ago

I read one of there contracts and it says if you move with out giving 45 days notice the agreement goes null and void so no exit fees are applied, also if you move to different utility area... The reason you have to pay exit fees with a supplier is because by signing a contract for 5 years they are buying 5 years worth of gas all at once for you. (that's how they make money, buying in bulk is cheaper). So they need to charge and early exit fee to cover there losses.

also just to avoid confusion, With a contract it fixes your rates. so the way you are charged is (rate you locked in) x (cubic meters of gas used) = how much you pay per month. soooo if you had your gas shut off you would be using 0 cubic meters and your monthly bill would be 0$ under the contract. However the utility will still with charge you the basic charge (for pipe maintenance).

Pat 3 years ago

I just had a visit from Just energy telling me they have been trying to talk to me for 17 years and I must not have been home before when they came by also that I had to pick a utility company and to give them my bill. I told him this was very bizarre. He said there was info on my bill he needed so he could sign me up. I told him no and came in and looked this up. Apparently I don't have to do anything. What a joke!

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 3 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Thanks for sharing Pat, and they just came around my neighborhood last week, and a few of us ran the group of 4 of them off our block.

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 3 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

What pipe maitenace that is up to the actual power company, not them.

Maraxus 3 years ago

"lucybell21 4 months ago from Troy, N.Y. Hub Author

D.C. Thank you for reading and responding . I think the best thing we can all do is just stick with the real Power companies. A lot of companies are out to screw everyone with fake crap."

I cannot even begin to describe the unnerving amount of sheer ignorance being tossed around on this page. One person has a bad experience, then everybody starts engaging in group think, agreeing with each other's petty squabbles without knowing what's actually going on. Yes, you stick with the government-controlled utility providers (what ilovelucy here calls the "Real power companies") who overcharge you without fear due to there being no other options. Oh wait, there ARE other options in the form of all the ESCOs out there. If JustEnergy were charging people MORE than their utility, the company would have gone out of business long ago. You people don't understand how the free market works.

As for specific complaints about Just Energy's RateFlex program, it is NOT a lock-in program, nor is it a contract that must last a given amount of time (at least not in Ohio, which is the zone I work in; perhaps other zones push for lock-ins); it only officially lasts month-to-month. In Ohio, we specifically state there are no exit fees UNLESS the customer calls in and locks in voluntarily through customer service. We're not allowed to do that for them, and I personally dissuade customers from locking in because of the exit fee attached to that option and because lock-ins involve contractual obligations which just fuddle things up. Better to keep your Rate Flexible and use your energy responsibly than be forced into any contracts.

Just to provide an example, every single person I've met who was kind and curious enough to provide me a copy of his/her bill was paying 5.30 or more per McF on gas. The highest locked in rates I saw were 5.99. THAT'S EXORBITANT! Just Energy's variable rate program (Rate Flex) has a maximum CAP of 5.99 per unit! That means that's the absolute highest you will pay without being locked in. Our variable rate for the month to compare was around 4.00 per unit. That's a good 130 dollars' savings for the month.

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 3 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Maraxus 32, First off most people are not kind enough to show their bill,they get tricked into it, and here in NY if you choose to go with Just Energy and decide you don't want it, you have to pay money to get out of a contract you got tricked into signing in the first place. And here in NY my real Power Company told me the are scammers and there have been tons of complaints about them, the only thing to do is block then if you get roped into it.

Andrew 3 years ago

Almost fell for this scam .. I googled (found your log) them when I was supposed to verify who I was. I told them I wanted to cancel I'm not verifying anything.

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 3 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

@ Andrew. They will be coming around more in a few weeks, as the weather is changing now. Every time I see them now I am rude to them, and tell them I almost got scammed. But if I am in a hurry or just don't feel like going round and round with them, I just say the landlord pays the power bill.

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 3 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Just wondering. Do you yourself use this company?

bb 3 years ago

Simply because you had a bad experience, does not mean that it is a "scam". Lucy, you seem to be misinterpreting what a scam is and "I signed up for a contract that, in hindsight, I wish i hadn't". For nearly all contracts that you sign, you will need to pay exit fees if you want to cancel before the time period is up, that only makes sense. So the "exit fee" complaint is unwarranted.

I am also reading that you have "ran them off the street" and "I am rude to them". Well, good for you , Lucy! You've decided to take the low road and be one of those negative people who attacks these sales people who are working long hours, some of whom are not making very much money. Good for you

MrHandsome 3 years ago

Lol at the shills here defending this company. Don't listen to any of their nonsense. This company seems to have their PR people all over the net to help them continue their shady practices. They target people with very aggressive sales tactics and have been found guilty of several offenses.

From wikipedia: "In 2009 the Illinois State Attorney General’s Office reached a $1 million settlement with Just Energy, formerly U.S. Energy Savings Corp., as a result of a lawsuit alleging the company sold natural gas offers using misleading sales tactics that promised consumers savings. Under the settlement, Just Energy must make $1 million in restitution available to eligible Illinois residential and small commercial customers. It also must allow current eligible customers to cancel their contracts without incurring an early termination fee."

That's just one of several cases listed here:

My guess is that these days much of their money comes from their "cancellation fee" once the people they pressure into contracts or their families realize what a mistake they've made and switch back to local providers.

dann bunn 3 years ago


mil 3 years ago

Listen, here's the thing. I don't care how legitimate you say the company is. They are clearly using underhanded and deceptive tactics to get people to sign up, and no honest business should be resorting to that. They visited me and made it very much sound like they were part of my electric company, they said that by showing them the electric bill I wasn't actually enrolling in anything, they were pushy and didn't give you the time to think, insisted you do it now, everything that the original post described. That simply isn't legitimate, and now I have to deal with the same fucking bullshit. So fuck these guys. I am so angry I don't even know what to say. I can't even imagine how many elderly people they prey on doing this.

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 3 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Thank you mil. That is what I am saying.

mil 3 years ago

Actually, I'd like a bit of advice if anyone here has been through this particular circus. I was dumb enough to let them sign me up. I called to cancel the very next morning. They said the contract was cancelled - but I said I wanted written confirmation that it was really cancelled. They said it takes 3 to 5 days to generate the cancellation email - which I think is bullshit, considering the contract came instantly, when their offices were closed. I am afraid that if I wait too long for a confirmation email to show up, it will be too late. I am sending them an email requesting written confirmation that the contract was cancelled, and I am sending the same email as a certified letter so I know they received it. I did talk to my electric company - they said they could not put a block on my account or anything like that, but that before a change could be made I would receive a letter from them which I could rescind the changes by signing it and sending it back. I could also change the name on the electric account by transferring it to my roommate, but I don't know how effective that is. Do you think I'm going to get out of it? Is there anything else i can do? I've been getting migraines like crazy since this happened and I just want to know what will happen :(

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 3 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

mil, go to the BBB website, and put in a complaint, and see if others have. Also let just energy know you are contacting the BBB, and the Attorneys general office. Maybe that will light a fire under them. I can't understand why your power company won't just put a block on them. Mine did here in NY.

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lucybell21 3 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Just Energy

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200 - 6345 Dixie Rd, Mississauga, ON L5T 2E6

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Meg 3 years ago

This is ridiculous, I too was just scammed. They spoke so fast and didn't let me get a word in edge wise. I just hope that I can cancel everything on time and not have any issues.

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 3 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Meg do everything you can as soon as possible!!

Josh 3 years ago

These 2 guys showed up at my door about a month ago saying they were from JUST ENERGY. Basically saying all those stuff how much you can save, rate is going up next month, etc. It seemed interesting but i wasn't going to sign up their contract. I asked for brochure and their business card and they didn't have business card. They are sales reps who represent the company and didn't even have business card. And they wanted to see my current bill I said no. They told me I would still get the services(power and gas) from my current supplier for next 3 months and JUST ENERGY service would start after 3 month so I could actually compare how much I would save and said i could cancel within a month without penalty if I'm not happy with them. It seemed like I could save money so I signed 5 year contract.

Last week I received mails from my current suppliers saying their services were terminated due to my request...I called JUST ENERGY if I was with them already because I thought that JUST ENERGY service wasn't going to start for next 3 month. But it already started. Thank god it hasn't been a month yet so I canceled the service right away. And they started offering me with even better deal.

I'm going back to my regular service provider. My current suppliers may be a little more expensive but at least they don't lie and no contract.

Dan I 3 years ago

I had a guy from Just Energy show up at my door yesterday here in West Michigan. He told me he was just checking to see if I was receiving the gas discount I was entitled to (big warning there) and wanted to see a bill. I saw the word "contract" on his clipboard. I told him all my bills were electronic. I made him leave a pamphlet and he said he'd stop back at a later date. Now I googled the company - what a scam!

I make it a point to NEVER sign up for anything over the phone or at the front door. I ask for documentation so I can research and review their company and offerings and IF I am interested I will contact them. The legit companies will give you/offer to send you information or supply a website address and thank you for your time. The scammers will dodge the request and keep pushing. Only then do I get rude and hang up or close the door in their face. When I was younger I was more gullible. Now my time is too valuable. You DON'T have to feel trapped wondering how to get rid of them. Just ask for info, thank them if they supply it, and hang up/close the door. Remember, if it's a legit business it will end fine. If not, you didn't want to deal with that business anyway!

I even do this for organizations I am familiar with - American Cancer Society, etc. I tell them to leave information, or a website address, and if I want to donate I will do so. You never know who is really at your door or on the phone - no matter what they say. Make it a rule to always be the one that initiates the transaction. If someone approaches you, ask them for more information, thank them, and then do your research. Never feel pressured!! If it's a good legit deal, it will still be there tomorrow.

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lucybell21 3 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Dan, thanks for your comment. Winter is upon us , so they will be in full force now.

devilboy 3 years ago

they came to me as well here in West Michigan... I really didn't understand clearly but since he said it's a discount and I can cancel at anytime I said ok... after we were done I saw some videos for the company on youtube at that time I was very not comfortable with the situation so I called them immediately the next day and told them to cancel it and the women I was talking to was just constantly blabbering about their offer until I told her "Will you just cancel it?" She said something about contacting my energy supplier and the cancellation is on process. After reading that they lied to you now I will personally contact my energy supplier and tell them to cancel this thing even though its going to cost $50 according to the contract! Seriously I learned that here in the US people are dirty with their offers! If anyone ever knocked on my door again I'll just slam the door right in front of his face!

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lucybell21 3 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Devilboy they are really sneaky.

devilboy 3 years ago

UPDATE: I called consumer energy (my supplier) they said they can't do anything about it and I will have to contact just energy to cancel it. I did contact just energy and they said they would cancel it but I don't know why I don't trust them... If I received a letter saying that I am now with just energy then I will have to take action.... Damn it if I just slammed the door on that man's face I wouldn't be so worried right now.

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lucybell21 3 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

devilboy, maybe you will have to contact the BBB, and see if they can help you. Keep me posted. I had mine blocked by my regular power company when it happened.

Deez 3 years ago

Lucy I was wondering you said " you should have just told them to leave but it's kinda scary to be alone with a stranger", if you were so scared why would you go into your apartment and come back out with your bill, I would think that if you were that afraid you would have just stayed in your house.

devilboy 3 years ago

So apparently I got a letter and I had to call them again

this time they gave me a confirmation number for the cancellation and they told me that it is canceled for good.. The last bill was just as expensive as I expected it to be but I was only with Just Energy for about 5 days before I had to pay my bill. So I guess the next bill will show if it is really cancelled or not.. Even if Just Energy was actually a (100% guaranteed saving money ) I would not chose them. The fact that they do that dirty move when they knock on doors just makes me sick.

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lucybell21 3 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

devilboy i really hope it is over now for you. i f not try the BBB.

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lucybell21 3 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

because i did not realize where the whole thing was going,

nichols 3 years ago

Hi All,

My husband just was scammed from this company. They put on the front of - are we getting the entitled environment savings here in Ontario. They even stated that some do not qualify. We called and cancelled right away. I was asked 5 times why. I requested an email and was told it would take 3 to 5 days. I will be calling in 3 days for an email. I was also told that you are not technically registered until your enter your electrical referral code and natural gas referral code online. So technically, since we have not done this we are not fully registered - yet we got two emails. Anyone encounter this? Are we really not fully registered? Luckily, I am not officially my married name yet - in the process and the accounts are under my name. I think this will complicate any actions Just energy take

JE employee 3 years ago

The original author saying she signed a 5 year contract is simply lying.. Its a month to month program.. You have the right to say no and slam the door.. I work for just energy and you are presenting misleading facts.. Everyone assumes that discounts and lower rates equals scam right away.. Everything you sign is in nice normal size font and is read to you in front of you to ensure you know what you are signing. Then its double checked with the verification call. Put on your big boy pants and take responsibility for signing something you did not have to. But since you don't handle energy bills and write deals then you must know what you are talking about. I bet you didn't know the difference between a utility and a supplier.. Or your hourly rate.. Probably yelled at your kids when the bill rose higher but in reality it was your unknown supplier rate that was higher.. Act like an adult and learn before saying something

Paul 3 years ago

All energy companies are the same not just JUST Energy.

Sale person (JE) came to house and asked me to show him my bill.

He circled with a pen on the bill saying that I would have saved those

fees. When the bill came, I still see those fees that suppose be removed.

I called JE, JE said, those fees are required and sorry to hear that you have misinformed by our sale person. JE wants cancellation fee.

I have to fight for it. JE decided to cancel without any fee.

I felt for 2nd time with Max Energy. Learned the hard way. Ask the

sale person put down on writing and have it signed. Sale person do anything to have you sign

Mil 2 years ago

update from my previous comments: I successfully cancelled my contract. I feel so relieved. I sent a firmly worded email demanding to be cancelled, and demanding a written proof of cancellation, and stating that I was also sending a certified letter. I also called the company frequently enough to be annoying (they seem to keep record of how often you called... they started to comment on it). I did indeed receive a cancellation letter. It even specified that my "early termination fees were waived" (Gee thanks for not charging me for NOTHING). I have been watching my bills to make sure my suppliers weren't switched anyway, and they have not been. I still have the cancellation notice in case I need it. If you do end up signed up for this, act fast and it get cancelled quickly! Be persistent! And don't be too hard on yourself for getting tricked - lots of people have, even when they think they have their guard up. I learned my lesson.

Nomaan 2 years ago

Yesterday a salesperson from gold star energy came to my home. He asked for the bill and told same thing that we can save money by going with that company. I don't know weather the guy was fake, as he was behaving too awkward, being pushy. The weather was too bad, with all snow and windy how can a sales person visit home? I am a bit afraid as my wife and infant son are at home everyday while I go out for work, but luckily I was at home yesterday because of the weather. I asked him that I need to contact my energy provider before going with his company and took his card, the website mentioned is

Website doesn't have proper information, do you guys think he was fake and had some other I tension of coming to home.

Speedy 2 years ago

Government Actions

On July 10, 2012 The Ontario Energy Board gave written notice to Hudson Energy concerning allegations of non-compliance related to the Energy Consumer Protection Act, 2010. The Board intends to make an order requiring Hudson Energy to comply and to pay an administrative penalty.

Alleged infractions include:

- Failing to retain records for verification representatives;

- Altering electricity price comparison documents;

- Failing to place verification calls to consumers within the required 10-45 days after the day a written contract was supplied;

- Failing to verify all required items on verification calls.

Hudson Energy Canada Corp had 15 days to request that The Board hold a hearing on these matters.

Hudson Energy decided against a hearing and the Ontario Energy Board issued an Order for Compliance as well as an administrative penalty in the amount of $11,000 for breaches of enforceable provisions.

Please visit the following link to view the entire article: udf10=EB-2012-0281&sortd1=rs dateregistered&rows=200

The following describes a government action that has been resolved by either a settlement or a decision by a court or administrative agency. If the matter is being appealed, it will be noted below.

On August 25, 2011, the Ontario Energy Board issued a written notice to Just Energy Ontario LP that it intends to make enforcement orders related to allegations of non-compliance with the Energy Consumer Protection Act, 2010.

Examples of alleged infractions included:

- omitting prescribed contract requirements;

- sales agents not clearly identifying themselves to consumers; as well as

- failing to train sales agents properly.

The company had 15 days to request a hearing or provide the Board with an assurance of voluntary compliance.

Just Energy decided against a hearing and provided the Ontario Energy Board with an Assurance of Voluntary Compliance. This was accepted as full and final resolution of this matter on September 12, 2011. Just Energy also agreed to pay a $40,000.00 administrative monetary penalty on or before September 30, 2011.

To view the the Assurance of Voluntary Compliance you may do so at Documents/Compliance/Just%20Energy AssuranceVoluntaryCompliance 20110912.pdf.

The following describes a government action that has been resolved by either a settlement or a decision by a court or administrative agency. If the matter is being appealed, it will be noted below.

On January 2, 2013 the Ontario Energy Board issued a written notice to Just Energy Ontario LP that it intends to make enforcement orders related to allegations of non-compliance with the Energy Consumer Protection Act, 2010.

Examples of alleged infractions included:

- omitting prescribed contract requirements;

- providing false or misleading statements;

- sales agents not clearly identifying themselves to consumers; as well as

- failing to train sales agents properly.

The company had 15 days to request a hearing or provide the Board with an assurance of voluntary compliance.

Just Energy decided against a hearing and provided the Ontario Energy Board with an Assurance of Voluntary Compliance. This was accepted as full and final resolution of this matter on January 2, 2013. Just Energy also agreed to pay a $80,000.00 administrative monetary penalty on or before March 2, 2013. udf10=eb-2012-0443&sortd1=rs dateregistered&rows=200

The following describes a pending government action that has been formally brought by a government agency but has not yet been resolved. We are providing a summary of the government's allegations, which have not yet been proven.

On November 14, 2013 the Ontario Energy Board issued a written notice to Just Energy Ontario LP that it intends to make enforcement orders related to allegations of non-compliance with the Ontario Energy Board Act, 1998.

Examples of alleged infractions included:

- providing false or misleading statements

- sales agents not clearly identifying themselves to consumers; as well as

- failing provide a business card

The company had 15 days to request a hearing or provide the Board with an assurance of voluntary compliance.

Just Energy has filed a request for a hearing.

Please visit the following link to view the entire article:

The following describes a government action that has been resolved by either a settlement or a decision by a court or administrative agency. If the matter is being appealed, it will be noted below.

On November 22, 2013 the Ontario Energy Board issued a written notice to Just Energy Ontario LP that it intends to make enforcement orders related to allegations of non-compliance with the Energy Consumer Protection Act, 2010.

Examples of alleged infractions include:

- omitting prescribed contract requirements, and

- failing to disclose fees to consumers

Just Energy decided against a hearing and provided the Ontario Energy Board with an Assurance of Voluntary Compliance. This was accepted as full and final resolution of this matter on December 5, 2013.

Please visit the following link to view the entire article: Documents/Compliance/JustEnergy Assurance Voluntary Compliance 20131122.pdf

- See more at:

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lucybell21 2 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Thank you Speedy for giving us so much vital info on this company, because everyday innocent people become their victims, and many of them are elederly. We have to do all that we can to get this info out to everyone, so that they don't get scammed. especially now with National Grid's high prices.

Six 2 years ago

"I work for just energy" blah blah blah stupid. Just had one of the Just energy guys come. And yes to the people that work for just energy. It is 5 year contract. At least what the guy said. He was a nice guy but. Wasn't going to get scammed. Just like all of the people that commented same thing happened. Also he wanted my social and was gana say it over the phone. Can't have that. Screw them. Next time i see them they will have problems. I hope no one els gets scammed

Patla 2 years ago

hello to nite Just energy came to my place ... i let her came inside .. n yes she saw my bill ... almost got suck in but im always aware in anything that im buying and aske her 24 hours to do research about them ..... now im reading ur page :D ... but iim still scare tho ... while shes was talking to me shes texted something on her phone ... if shes have my name and account # from my provider ... you guys think i can get scammed anyway !!!??? im abitt paranoiid here heheh ... thx to answer fast hehe ... monday i will call enmax for sure !!! ( im from red deer ,alberta )

Nancy 2 years ago

I don't understand if they are so good and can save you all that money, why don't they just be honest and say what company they are from.. I had someone from Just Energy at my door and first implied he was from Hydro one and wanted to see my bill to make sure I had gotten my credit as I was on the list for the bottom 10% of usage, funny they went door to door, so everyone on my street was on the bottom 10%. Everyone beware and understand your rights!

Yolanda Lu 2 years ago

Hello everyone! Thank you Lucy for the article and all the comments here! I am a graduate journalism student at NYU and I'm actually now doing an investigative story on Just Energy. I have viewed several lawsuits against this company and I want to hear more about people's view on the company, whether you think it's a company worth signing up to or it's total scam. I'm especially looking for folks who recently signed up the contract. But anyone, please, if you have anything to say about this company and want the words to spread out, please contact me at Thank you so much guys!

Ron 2 years ago

It might interest everyone that this company has had many names over the past two decades. They change their name every time they have received too much flack from the public. Check the BBB to see all the corporate names that this company has been affiliated with over the years.

In addition, they not only rip off the consumer but also their own sales people by laying them off after they get a sale that will lead to a large commission so that they do not have to pay it. I worked for a telemarketing company that paid commissions to people for arranging appointments with an energy provider with corporate controller's and CEO's. I set up an appointment with a very large corporation that was supposed to earn me over $2,000 in commission and they laid me off a few weeks later before I ever received it; afterwards claiming that the sale never went through. Unfortunately, there is no way to seek legal action when it comes to commission-based income and the company is fully aware of this fact.

As far as the people writing on this blog defending the company goes, they actually are all working for the company and are trying to defend their unsavory business practices because they are con artists themselves and make a living off of deceiving others.

The only reason that this industry is still active in the marketplace is because they are relatively new and investigation practices take years to perform (by which time they change their company name again). In addition, you may notice that every time they are taken to court that they pay a fine rather than dispute the charges. This is because they cannot defend their practices legally and the fine is peanuts to what they make in a year. Companies like this should be fined 100% of their profits in order to discourage any future ones from springing up.

Like many have said in this blog, never buy anything over the phone or from people doing door-to-door sales. Nothing is free; there is always a catch.

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 2 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Thank you Ron, Nancy, Yolanda lu and Patla for your comments. I hope everyone can be more careful, especially with the high cost of heating . due to this bitter cold winter that has really been a hardship on all of us, and our heat bills being so high. We are all trying to find ways to reduce our bills, but companies like this ,are just not the answer.

Blake 2 years ago

I just signed up with JustEnergy earlier today for gas and electric, and am immediately regretting the decision after reading this and many...Many other negative reviews online. It's currently Friday after 5pm, so I cannot contact them to cancel until Monday morning. They say in the contract that I can drop without penalty within the first 7 days so hopefully I do not have any problems.

I do have to say, at least for my door-to-door representative, that the salesperson seemed like a very nice college aged kid like myself that was trying to make some money. I only wish that I could have done some research before letting him see my bills and filling out personal information. At least now I know not fall for tactics like these again.

Blake 2 years ago

After reading more of the comments I have to thank 'Mil' for the idea of getting a written proof of cancellation. Will definitely be asking for one when I call on Monday.

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 2 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

If you don't get a written conformation from them, be sure to check your next bill, and call your power company and have a block put on them.

Booskins26 2 years ago

It is a scam. Point blank. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. I'm livid.

glory 2 years ago

Bad company, i singned with them , canceled , after 3 moths , they lie, my bill was so higth , not savin like they said, went back to my company, yes pple becareful when they come to your door, they very tricky , and they get you involbe in all this talk,

William 2 years ago

Hello, I recently just got through an experience with Just Energy. Honestly, I'm not sure if the company is a scam or not. If it is a scam I am uncertain of exactly what they're doing. If it isn't I'm uncertain of why my experience went the way it did. Here's what happened:

I recently moved into a rental home in Metro Detroit, (Wayne, MI). A salesperson for Just Energy came to my house around November 2013. She asked me if I was interested in saving money on my gas bill and asked for a copy of my last bill. I gave it to her and she said I qualified for a program that would save me money on gas. So I went through the sign up process; I signed a contract and then went through a verification call. I felt good about it after, thinking I would save some money for my roommate and I. My bill seemed pretty normal up until this last one which was for February. It had jumped from $217.14 for 26.1 mcf of gas in January, to $419.90 for 27.9 mcf of gas in February. I knew something wasn't right with my bill almost doubling and only a slight increase in my usage. I looked into the bill and saw that the rate they were charging, as a supplier, had more than doubled, from ~$4.58/mcf, to ~$11.09/mcf. So, I looked up their number online and called them. I was rather angry and told them what had happened, and I demanded my service with them be cancelled and I be reimbursed. They complied in cancelling my service and told me an investigative team of theirs would look into my case for reimbursement. Just to note, I was transferred from one of their customer service agents to their manager, but it took some pressing.

The next day I received a call from one of their agents on the investigative team telling me I would not be reimbursed because of the verification call. I was irate and told her I did not make a lot of money at my job and couldn't keep up with paying them, which is somewhat true. My work is slow, as a meter reader, because of the weather and I'm digging into my money right now. She repeatedly told me that it's unfortunate and was apologetic. She then told me she would call me back the next day. Today, I got that call and she told me they would reimburse me for the difference for what they charged and what my area's normal gas provider charged. I asked her why the charge had more than doubled and she told me that it was because of the market, and supply and demand. I asked her why I hadn't seen that the price of natural gas had more than doubled in the news and she didn't have an answer. So I asked to be transferred to someone who could answer my questions about why my price had more than doubled. She told me that those people didn't handle customer calls. She then told me that I would still have two more bills from them and that I wouldn't be reimbursed for them. I was again irate and told her she would hear back from me when I got those bills. I told her she had ruined my day, which was partially true, and hung up. She actually called me back a few minutes later and told me she didn't want to have to talk to me again, (haha), and that the difference of my last two bills and my next two bills with them and my normal energy company would be reimbursed to me. She was very pleasant, as was most everyone I dealt with in their company. However, they couldn't answer my questions far enough, which made me unsure if they knew what they were doing. I still have 6-8 weeks to wait before I am reimbursed for my last two bills, and I am still unsure of what their business really is. Admittedly I was very rude on the phone and they handled me with care. I'm not sure if that has to do with them, as people, or if it's because all their calls are recorded. I really hope they do reimburse their money and that they are a legit business. However, if they are legit, why couldn't they send me to someone that could answer my questions? It seemed that they were just regurgitating something they were told, whether it be true or not. After looking at my bills I did see that up until this last one, of $419.90, I was saving between a penny and a nickel per mcf with them, which isn't much, but hey, it's something. It definitely doesn't offset the 200 dollar difference in my last bill though (haha). My biggest complaint with them from what I've found out so far is that they are not a well set up company. I was quick-talked into buying a product and then when it failed to meet expectations I was told that I had signed for it and there was nothing they could do. If you are really trying to do something good for people that's an ill response, which I told them and they told me I'd be reimbursed, (eventually). I know there are a wide variety of of negative experiences with this company, though I haven't looked too deeply into them yet. I'm still not sure what they do exactly and am leaning towards that it has to be somewhat of a scam. I'm going to inquire further.

Robert 2 years ago

Add NextEra Energy to this scam. Rate went from .08 to .18 in 1 month. Cost my small business $1K in 1 month.

Ciera webb 2 years ago

I love rude customers they fuel me to make my money number one in the nation Baltimore office top office . company has enough money that j e is not begging for your money . You are idiots continue with your high bills ....... I'm a rep of J E ignorance is not cute but hey you will learn and getting rude with me makes you look stupid when I'm polite

2 years ago

Who's upset that you have to pay $0.01/kWh to get cleaner energy? The salesperson who came to my house never asked for my bill and never once said he was from Enmax, or that he would save me money. All he said is I have an option to choose what type of energy I receive. I have heard so many false reviews by so many unintelligent people who don't know what they are paying for. Does anybody have an actual argument for this? The BBB legitimized the company they just said their sales people were awful....that's pretty much describes every salesman or saleswoman I have met.

bill david 2 years ago

here's one for the books: Just Energy came to talk to my wife about changing from Direct Energy to J.E. and thought it was a good deal. When Joshua B. asked if she wanted Just Green - No she said. Then she asked if they did Businesses and the long and short of it they did. So she signed up our "Partnership" with our Restaurant. At no time did she asked me or joshua to sign anything. So when he went to use his phone the battery was low. So he asked to use our phone and again our phone was going dead (beeping) but during the :"Verification" the lady at the other end asked her some really questions and my wife being my wife agreed. but unknown to both of us she agreed 60% towards Just Green...She had told Joshua verbally she did not want it and was surprised she was being charged for this. This was in September 2013, I did not question our Business bill till march 2014 when I started Taxes 2013 in February. When I did see this I asked and she did not know what it was until she looked up the contract and it showed no Just Green...after two emails to Just energy we were told she verbally agreed to it....So I went to Alberta Advocacy group to complain. The long and short of it is my wife agreed to the Telephone verification and nothing we can do...My argument is our "partnership" at work is 50/50% and all, I mean all legal paperwork requires both our signatures. But in this case she signed (without my approval), she gave verbal verification over the phone (the rep talked really fast and my wife is Mexican and sometimes if you talk to fast she does not catch it - she has a University degree the same as I do) ...Now were out hours of fighting this, over 200$ and if we cancel just energy before the five we get dinged a 450$ from now on I deal with anything with work ,,,any phone callls I hang up ...any door to door I take my gun out...God help those who do come or call....that is all I can say and I am tired of being screwed over because were not LTD or CORP...Thank you

chemstock 2 years ago

Just had one of the Just Energy minions at my door. We had one a few weeks ago and I said I wasn't interested and he said thank you and let nicely. Today when the fella came I told him I had already said no and we told me that yes he knew that but the previous person did not do his job right and he was back to talk to me. I again said I was not interested but he did not take no for an answer. He kept asking for my bill and when I told him I did not have one he said that it was ok he would just take the info down. He kept trying to get my name and address and other info but I kept telling him I was not interested. I told him I wanted to look into it and do some more research. He kept saying that I could cancel within 30 days and this was just to reserve the rate so it did not go up. Very pushy and when I flat out said no that I wanted to look into it more he was very rude and said "boy I don't get that response very often" and got up and left. He would not leave me any brochurs and kept saying all my neighbors have signed up and so should I. I told him I am not my neighbors and was not interested. He finally left.

Max 2 years ago

This is just one site. The Canadian one was flooded. I know these companies inside out. Do not lock in. Those that are telling you, as agents, were told what I was told by people on the inside that actually knew what was going on. They even told me, "Those that don't know, just unknowingly screwed you and think they're doing you a service. Those that do know are just scumbags making money and moving on." He did it for a summer until he found out what was actually happening after following up with customers.

Ashley 2 years ago

Don't do it people !! I just left the interview the lady that works there (very dirty looking) meaning they hire anybody to do they dirty work!! She showed me 3 checks all of those checks were 2,000 a check on it.and they were fake checks!!!! So the company pays the door to door ppl with fake checks they cash and keeps the actual money they steal from you guys I just spoke to my attorney he broke it down this is def a scam they trick you into buying and they tricking ppl into applying online they advertise saying you'll be making &15 an hour taking inbound calls for a company 40 hours a week it's bs it's commission and it's this just energy company complete scam waste or my time coming to the interview I left before I was interviewed after reading up on the crap and taking to my attorney don't fall for it ppl !!

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 2 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Ashley thanks so much for the info! It's like this company is never gonna go away.

Eddie J 2 years ago

I just had a salesperson at my door with all the same jive (old bill, save you money) and I told him that I don't have an old bill because I signed up for green billing and only get emails and I pay using an app. I told him it doesn't show full account numbers or names. He was gone in 5 minutes.

MSP874 2 years ago

Just Energy Class Action Investigation

Kevin 2 years ago

Why doesn't the RCMP or someone from the Government shut these mother F....ers down. What are they waiting for?? Give me a break. Just think if J&J or P& G ran there operation like the Government does. They would be escorted out the door. We pay these dick weets good cash and what do they do. Sweet F all. Cheers and have a great weekend, but watch your power consumption.

brittany 2 years ago

How is this a scam? If you sign with Just Energy you are still with your energy provider, like National Grid or whatever you have, all Just Energy does is provide you with green energy at a fixed rate for a few years. Your energy bill goes up and down all the time, does it not? Just Energy provides you with a rate that stays the same while still using National Grid. If you guys listened to what the sales people had to say for more than 10 seconds you would probably know this. They aren't asking you to switch to them from your current energy provider. They will be added on to your bill at this fixed rate instead of a rate that is always changing. How are they scamming you when this is a legitimate business? Soon enough everyone will have to switch over to green energy so when that time comes maybe you all will take your heads out of your asses.

brittany 2 years ago

How is this a scam? If you sign with Just Energy you are still with your energy provider, like National Grid or whatever you have, all Just Energy does is provide you with green energy at a fixed rate for a few years. Your energy bill goes up and down all the time, does it not? Just Energy provides you with a rate that stays the same while still using National Grid. If you guys listened to what the sales people had to say for more than 10 seconds you would probably know this. They aren't asking you to switch to them from your current energy provider. They will be added on to your bill at this fixed rate instead of a rate that is always changing. How are they scamming you when this is a legitimate business? Soon enough everyone will have to switch over to green energy so when that time comes maybe you all will take your heads out of your asses.

Bruce david 2 years ago

My comment is this: my business partner changed us from Direct Energy to Just Energy @ work. But she told the rep at the door NO TO JUST GREEN, & circled NO on the pink contract . But on the phone verification it sounded like she said YES TO JUST GREEN GAS But not to electrical. They

Have extorted Over $250.00 from us. I have asked for it back & they keep telling me my business partner said yes - which she did not. They even sent a email voice recording in which she said yes. I keep telling them that we did not & why would I keep telling them we did not sign up for JUST GREEN. As God is my witness I will keep sending them an email until I get the money back, TO ME ITS THE PRINCIPAL OF IT ALL. WHEN YOU TELL THE REP NO AND IT SAYS NO ON THE CONTRACT THEN BY GOD THEY SHOULD REIMBURSE OUR MONEY AND NOT PLAY FAMES......YOU TUBE IS NEXT...THE CTV....CBC....

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 2 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Bruce David I so hope you get your money back.I wish you luck.

Brain Fart 2 years ago

Ugh. Usually I am smarter than this. After coming home with my hot dinner just as a Just Energy saleswoman was walking by; half an hour later (and cold supper to boot ) I somehow got sucked into signing with them. She spoke so FAST and it sounded like it was part of some Ontario Energy conservation or government program and appeared legit. After stupidly showing her my power and gas bills (which btw are in my husband's name and we are renters) she had me signing on the dotted line in no time. Of course right after that my brain kicked in and I had major regrets. So after she left I immediately sent an email to the company, emailed my power and gas suppliers, and called them to say I was not interested in switching. I'm praying that I don't see any unforeseen charges on my next bill. My heart pounding I will impatiently wait to see what happens. I feel like an old lady who handed over my credit card to some Nigerian prince.

jatinder dhillon 2 years ago

They are fraud .they promise something else and deliver something else

Timmy 2 years ago

I live in Calgary, AB and take pride in my community. I worked a couple days for Just Energy. The problem isn't the associate's that go door to door, it is the supervisor/team leader(s) that are training them. I was told to lie to people and it made me very uncomfortable so I quit. I even witnessed my team leader tell people that he was with THEIR power company, and got them to sign the contract without even telling them that they would be changing suppliers. I made one sale in the 2 days I worked there, and I ended up calling the client and explaining that it was a scam and advised her to cancel ASAP. She was very happy with my honesty.

In certain areas of North America you are allowed to choose who supplies your Power and Gas. The distributor will always be the same. This is where companies like Just Energy come into play. What they do is they promise you savings and 'clean' energy and all that will change is your bill. This is a lie. They will become your new supplier. You will be locked in on a contract (that will usually end up costing you more money) and will have to pay to cancel.

The only real way to save money on your Power or Gas bill is to lock in your rate's when they are low (do your own research) and to try and remove any extra fee's (take a look at your detailed bill for admin/distribution fee's that aren't necessary).

Johne737 2 years ago

Thanks for this article. I'd also like to convey that it can always be hard if you find yourself in school and starting out to initiate a long history of credit. There are many college students who are only trying to live and have long or good credit history can often be a difficult thing to have. gbaddkdabece

lee ng 2 years ago

A guy came to my door and asked me to switch to his JE. He wanted me to give him the current account number and I asked him. What's the name of your company? I went to my room and got my ipad out and looked for a review right in front of him. I showed him all the reviews and told him. This is the reason why I'm not interested to switch. I saved my parents headache ahhaahahha sucker

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 2 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Lee ng! Awesome!

Jules Baluszek 2 years ago

My wife passed away in late sept and I kept getting phone calls and door calls from

Just Energy

. My renewal was up Dec 6 2014. This is Sept 14 2014 and they kept calling me. I told them my wife passed away not right now and not once did they give me a condolence for my loss of my wife. Finally I told them to G.F.Y.S. I don't need this crap. Such an uncouth business with no compassion.


lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 2 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Jules Baluszek first let me say I am so sorry for your loss. And I am glad you told them where to go.what a horrible company.

Shilo 2 years ago

The company might be legit, but their sales tactics are certainly not!

I just had 2 guys from Just Energy show up at my door. I have to say, they were professional looking and did have identifying shirts that said Just Energy on them.

They proceeded to tell me that they were just going around the neighborhood on behalf of the utility provider to ensure that our paperwork is all in order for the upcoming winter season. They explained that all our neighbors had signed up from these great rebates last year but they had somehow missed us, and that as a result our energy bill was around double every else's in the 'hood.

When I said I wasn't interested in switched electricity or gas providers, they outright lied. They told me "no no no, you're with Enmax now, and if you were to take these discounts Enmax would still be your utility provider". They tried to make it sound like it was some discount that would appear on my Enmax bill where one of my administration fees would be locked down and that I would qualify for an ever lower fixed rate than what Enmax is currently advertising.

They then asked if they could see a copy of one of my bills so that they could 'show me' what they were talking about. I declined.

They continued to try and talk circles around me to get me to sign this paper and reassuring me Enmax would still be my provider. The way they were saying it though made me suspicious (not that I would have signed anything from a door to door sales guy anyway) and I started grilling them. Eventually got them to admit that signing the paper would indeed mean that I would start receiving my gas & electricity bills through them, and what they meant was that Enmax would be the one providing the power & infrastructure. Talk about manipulating things to try and get a contract signed!

Then they tried to get me to sign off on another sheet that would require giving them all my information to ensure they wouldn't accidentally come to my house and bother me again. Ha! Didn't sign a thing and couldn't believe how manipulative they were in trying to get something signed on the spot.

Tess 2 years ago

Lucybell, did putting the block on your original provider account prevent them from pursuing your application any further? Was there any subsequent process you had to follow up with Just Energy to ensure that this was cancelled?

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 2 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Tess. When I got my first bill and saw what they had done.I called them and told then I never signed up and I didn't want them. Then I called my company and explained what happened, and They put a block on them. They knew about them,because they had many complaint s about them.

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 2 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

thank you Dean for posting. Next time I am gonna answer my door just so I can tape these people.

Cool 2 years ago

I would love for you folks to tape me record me and send it to whomever because my job is always done right and you catch nothing ..... I love how dipshit customers complain on J.E but don't complain about what they were to stupid to do research on .... A Legimate company go look it up and read ... We make more money then you could ever make a year and guess we tour the world and vacation of the number of sales we make .... L O L I love it and guess what the account holder has to be there to sign and guess what lyeing to save your ass not cool ....

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 2 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Cool, thank you for your comment. But I have a few questions for you. Why don't you salespeople take no for an answer the first time we tell you. Why do you need to see our bills, and why do you tell us we are not signing a contract, just getting the ball rolling if we choose to sign up with JE. How come you guys always decend on our neighborhoods in groups? How come you don't advertise on TV or the newspaper like other companies? That's just a few questions I have, and I have many more. Oh And how come there are so many complaints with the BBB about your company??

Snakesmum profile image

Snakesmum 2 years ago from Victoria, Australia

We have a lot of this type of caller here in Australia, and it gets so annoying as there are so many of them knocking on your door.

I now have a "Do Not Knock" sign on my door, which seems to be working very well. Now if only the "Do Not Call" register for phone callers would work as well.....

haneen 2 years ago

I sew all the stories about "just energy" I never opened the door for anybody my daughter opened it and the guy star taking and taking and he made me talk to the lady on the phone and I didn't understand any thing she said I kept saying ya ok yes and he said I have to sign on the Ipad and he said you don't need to read it's just a routine and when he lift I called my husband he said they came to his office and the are a scam I called them right away the lady said it's canceled now do I believe her or I should call the others i'm going crazy now and my husband said it's my thing and I have to deal with my problems

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 2 years ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Haneen, you will need to call your regular power company and have a block put on them. Because they lie and say you are cancelled, but really you are not.

Brian 23 months ago

Just Energy is trying to charge me 79 cents a therm while my gas company NIPSCO is only charging 46 cents a therm. How is this legal?

verified 22 months ago

I work for a verifying company(separate from the escos) and we do recorded verifications to help ensure that these companies are following the rules(on the contract side at least) In the calls customers are asked if the agent clearly identified themselves and goes through the program details that you verbally and writtenly agreed to. If a person asks a question and we are unable to answer/ the. FAQ answer doesn't satisfy the customer we are instructed to provide customer service numbers. If someone states No/I don't understand we are required to deny the call. Even if the customers asks a question we can answer we are instructed to ask if they wish to continue.

Ethan 22 months ago

I just had a run in witht hem. Im young and have no idead what was going on so i just said yes cause it's hard to hear on my phone and in person. Luckily I read this blog, called them and cancelled, saying I was pushed into it. Then I called National Grid and told them and the lady blocked my account from any suppliers so Im hoping the block works. Got my fingers crossed, I'm so worried. Did it work for you Lucy?

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 22 months ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Ethan,Yes it did.I blocked them when I saw the first bill and they were listed on it. Good luck!

love 19 months ago

I actually work for JE and my managers or anyone above me or my team has never lied to us for us to lie to people in reality those that go door to door just want a paycheck the team is told to not really care about the people that are not interested or are rude because the door to door people are paid on commission and a lot of time commission is just the last resort some of u guys are just plain ignorant just because u had a bad experience doesn't mean it's not or wouldn't be beneficial to your neighbour its either you gone get a set rate for three to five years or not

I was also Scammed 18 months ago

I was scammed the exact SAME way. I was caught off guard and I had a two year old which was taking up a lot of my brain power. I felt that I would do the guy a favor and sign up, but to my dismay I have paid much MUCH MUCH MUCH higher energy rates over the past three years. I finally got SO fed up with it. I took out ALL my bills from the past five years, laid them out on the floor and analyzed every single one of them. I was paying 3-4 cents/kWh the whole time. The month the guy came to my house, my energy cost had spiked to 5.2 cents and he offered me a money saving deal.... of 0.1 cent (of course it was only for 3 billing cycles) then the cost sky rockets and you're "locked in". Call and get it lowered, it still is never as low as the incumbent energy. I cancelled that purely evil, lying and thieving Just Energy. Uhg they make me SICK

Shut off notice 18 months ago

I was locked in five years with Just Energy! They want to charge me $250 to cancel the contract after a year of service. I did not see any savings whatsoever if anything my kilowatts doubled and my therms doubled . I called national grid to see what the rates were in order for me to get any kind of deal from “ Just Energy" I would have to call them each month to adjust my rates and I never seen those adjustments. This company has scammed me and I get sick of it in order for me to cancel I had to move without getting penalized. This company has came to me and I get sick of it in order for me to cancel I had to move without getting penalized. I was afraid to turn on my lights and even keep my heat at 60° F all winter. This had to be one of our worst winters but it doesn't justify doubling your therms and kilowatts when national grid was half the price. In order to get any kind of savings from them you had to be with them for five years and they would reimburse you $125 money that you've already paid in for over in order to get any kind of savings from them you had to be with them for five years and they would reimburse you $125 money that you've already paid in for over charging on your bills. Where the hell was the savings, where the hell was the savings in that. Now I had to make arrangements with national grid each month to pay on my back bills because I got screwed !

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 18 months ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Oh wow shut off notice,that is crazy. People should not trust door to door people.if you are looking for a new service,do the search for it.

Monica Back profile image

Monica Back 16 months ago

I just had a very shady encounter with one of these door to door sales girls... they had no ID, no brochure, nothing to tell me anything about their company or what they were selling. I guess I was just suppose to believe what they said and sign up, no questions asked? Really. I took a few minutes to check them out on the internet and seen nothing but bad reviews, I told them Not to come back that I believed they were scamming, I was threatened and called names! Very professional!

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 16 months ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Hi Monica,

They will be,out in full force soon,as we begin to go into the fall season. This season I'm going to put a sign on my door. I'm glad you didn't fall for the pitch. Its a lot of red tape to get out of it.

noinfohereatall 14 months ago

I wanted to find out some info. There is no useful information on this entire page. Grown adults crying about some GED door to door salesperson kids pressuring them? Just sad. Where are the exact rates, the pastebin bills, any specific info at all? There is none here. My search continues.

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 12 months ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Roger thank you so much for the link to this website. It is very helpful and I hope everyone will read it.

Don't sign up for their green packages either. 10 months ago

I've had Just Energy as a provider for over 5 years now. And the reason I stay with them is because I have been through enough plan and rate adjustment trash to finally flex some muscle over my rates. And the fact I don't want to engage in that uphill battle with a new company, all over again. Their green packages (In Ontario) are a joke. You enroll in these programs only to see the rate increase for "Efficiency". I thought the whole idea of energy efficiency was to save money, not spend extra money for the so-called "clean energy". After I had enrolled in one of these programs I saw a gradual climb of 001.4 cents to the kWh per month and wondered why when I was promised a low "flat rate that won't change for a year". After calls and disputes and excuses of "The rate changes every month, we can't help it." I was finally informed that the price hike was due to Green program enrollment. Which, apparently, is a premium charge and not the so called money saving option the salesman hyped it up to be. Always read the contract and if they insist you don't "Have enough time" don't be afraid to close the door in their face (A lesson I didn't learn fast enough). So finally I removed myself from the Green program service (Which I thought, falsely, was saving me money) received instantly a 002.4 cent reduction in my kWh rate (which was at 011.6 cents, not the 006.7 rate I had before enrollment, and while I realize energy costs may have gone up this year, still, this company has to be pushed to do anything beneficial for the consumer). I have had to deal with these salesmen on numerous occasions and even had a clown from Summit Energy con their way into a signature, claiming it was just "proof for the boss that I showed up here", which I immediately disputed with the Ontario Energy Board. I had to send Summit Energy a formal letter requesting them to null the "contract" which the OEB informed me to do. And be sure to let OEB or the Energy board of your region know that you sent the company a letter requesting a nulling of the contract.

My advise to those dealing with these salespeople or companies and those who have signed a contract without being aware of what they signed is to immediately contact the government department or organization that deals with energy company disputes. Do this first because you were tricked into an agreement and because it will give you some leverage against these companies and their deceptive sales tactics. And ultimately because you officially file the report with the government over disputes with any of these companies so they can never claim, in the future, that you didn't act in time. And a final piece of advice, don't be afraid to threaten to leave their company, they tend to be more opened to doing what is beneficial for the consumer when they realize they can't simply fast talk their way deeper into your wallet. If you've been a costumer of theirs for years, express this point to them, it will gain you leverage when negotiating a lower rate.

I tried to cover everything I could think of and be as descriptive as possible because I have been on the learning end of this experience (In many ways still am) and understand the frustration of having to sift through bits and pieces of information trying to find what you need.

rache;l 9 months ago

its a rip off they charge $200 jus to supply each month not saving me anything

Dan 9 months ago

A sales rep from 'Just Energy' talked to me today, and foolishly I provided him with my bill details, which he put into his tablet, and answered some questions on a phone call (on his phone, which was odd). He just seemed so convincing - I though he was affiliated with my utility companies! He implied I wasn't signed up until I entered the referral codes online (which he got from the phone call), so hopefully I'm not officially signed up. But I don't trust them - they have my bill info, and may use that phone call as confirmation. Why do my senses only kick in AFTER these encounters??

Anyway, I will be contacting Enbridge and Toronto Hydro first thing tomorrow to discuss NOT switching me over, and hopefully prevent anything from happening. Then I'm going to call Just Energy and inquire into what they may have signed me up for, and cancel that (if applicable) for good measure. I'll give updates.

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 9 months ago from Troy, N.Y. Author

Thank you Dan for sharing your experience with us. Please take care of this right away.

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