Know what you are and are not paying for.

Is Pay Per Click-Stealing Your Advertising Money?

If you know anything about SEO services or Internet Marketing, you have probably heard of Pay per Click. Pay per Click is one of the many options that a business has to increase views to their website.

How it works is simple; you must first join a Pay per Click Program, the most popular of all Pay per Click programs is Google Adsense. You will pay Google “X” amount of dollars to be seen. Seen where? At the top. When you do a search on the internet for (example)“Internet Writers”, Google searches the millions of services available and places them within the results pages you may then scroll through dozens of company’s websites that have been linked with this particular key word or key phrase. The biggest, best and most popular, companies with the most views for that particular phrase will be on the top of the first result page, under the 2-3 companies which are in the highlighted area.

On the right side of your screen, you will see other companies in a sectioned off column, that the phrase which you typed into the Google Search Engine pulled up as relatable results. The Highlighted Box with the 2-3 companies listed as well as the results on the right side of the page is each paying for PAY PER CLICK Advertisements through the Google Search Engine. Every time a person/consumer/prospective customer selects a sites that is involved with PAY PER CLICK- the Company is charged for the lead generation. Each of these companies pays a certain amount of money each time they are viewed (which they have set up a maximum payout per day), once they are clicked a certain amount of times and their budget is used up for the day, they drop out of the Pay Per Click Section and fall into their rightful position within the Search Engine Results.

Pure Profit!

Click-Click-Pass The Buck!

Why it may not be such a benifit after-all?

What is the hype over Pay per Click? It is a great way to be noticed immediately. If your company has just launched a new website or your company is new to the world all together, Pay Per Click is a plausible option to get the attention your company needs to grow and be noticed...

What are the negative aspects of the Pay per Click Services? Other companies! Each and every one wants to be on the top of that first page. Let’s say that you are #1 on the first page of the search engine results, you have worked into your budget what equals 75 clicks to your site each day. Another company that has also paid for these services also wants to be on the top. Rather than patiently wait their turn, they decide to speed up the process and repeatedly click on the link to your site, until your budget is used up. Because this company took it upon themselves to use up your budget for the day, you are now kicked out of your #1 position and placed back on page 8 (or where ever your companies place is) of the Search Engine Results Page. You have now spent $X for 75 views and have 0 true prospects and 0 orders have been placed that can justify a reason to continue to use a program such as PAY PER CLICK.

The horrible greed behind this Pay Per Click Militia is a problem, and it is a problem that Google is aware of. Why don’t they fix it? Why would they fix it? They are making a fortune off of these useless clicks and companies are still paying to attempt to 'Utilize' Pay Per Click, so it is a Win-Win for Google, or shall we say, "$$$$-Cha-Ch’ing-$$$$"

Something or Someone New to Even the Playing Field

It's called INNOVATIVE

Speaking to Austin Web Design Guys about Pay Per Click

“Beware of Pay per Click”, is what Charles Pilkilton, President of Austin Web Design, use to say. He was a believer that Pay Per Click is and was a rip off, until one of his Partners came to him with their new program that takes away the ability for a single company to take from another company, the time spent on the Top of the Google Results Pages.

How can the team at Dallas Web Design do this? They have been working with and developing something new-it helps control the malicious clicks that many businesses have the ability to do, which take from honest companies a chance which they have paid for from receiving benefiting from Pay Per Click.

What Houston Web Design have developed; will make the malicious clicks of no importance to an individual’s Pay Per Click Campaign. In a way the software makes you invisible to their malice. To help keep legit clicks and malicious clicks underway, and Pay per Click profitable and fair, the software counts the clicks, if one individual clicks on a pay-per-click ad three times, that user can no longer see the ad. Let me say this once more that one particular user is unable to see the ad-but the rest of the world can. San Antonio Web Design has given back the gift and power of Pay per Click.

Get what you are paying for with your Pay per Click Marketing Campaign, and have Pay per Click work for you the way that it was intended to.

Beware-you may be shocked to learn what Pay per Click hasn’t been helping you with during the extent of your relationship together.

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Veronica Allen profile image

Veronica Allen 6 years ago from Georgia

I am a true dunce when it comes to this, that may be why my adsense account has been at zero for the entire time I have been here at hubpages.

Although I have recieved over 500 clicks - which is probably nothing compared to what some people have recieved - I still haven't seen a penny. I have contemplated disabling it, but I feel like I might as well just leave it up.

blackreign2012 profile image

blackreign2012 6 years ago

I stay away from the paid per click and adense... Now I am convinced I made the right decision good hub ty for sharing

Mike Lickteig profile image

Mike Lickteig 6 years ago from Lawrence KS USA

Google sends out $100 in free advertising periodically, but I have never seen fit to try to use it. You certainly make a compelling argument for not bothering to at all. I wondered how something like that was handled because it is hard to believe a company wouldn't try to do exactly what you described--use up all your clicks and get you out of the way.

Very revealing review of the perils of advertising online.


aguasilver profile image

aguasilver 6 years ago from Malaga, Spain

I would never use Pay per click for any normal company, I'd rather put the money into SEO works.... but I did use PPC for one project that was specialist, the attempt to sell a property development project to trade buyers, and with carefully selected keywords (varying from 10c to $4 per click) got a whole lot of responses, about 10 of which were of interest.

But I never sold the project! - it was no dice for PPC in that instance and $2,000 (and the project) down the drain.

Most PPC stuff is teaser page lead ons for Clickbank vendors anyway, but hey! it keeps Google in comfort.


H.C Porter profile image

H.C Porter 6 years ago from Lone Star State Author

Thank you Veronica, Pay Per Click is a scam-at least in my opinion. The thing I really thought was interesting was what Boss is now doing for companies. They are allowing companies to utalize Pay Per Click, but when someone just clicks-over and over again, it does not hurt the companies budget, the clicks are given back-and the compulsive clicker cant see the ad they were clicking on. This way, everyone has a fair shot of generating real leads...Other than that, I just cant see how people make much money on the whole thing??? Thanks for clicking and reading on my hub-I appreciate the feedback Ma'am :)

H.C Porter profile image

H.C Porter 6 years ago from Lone Star State Author

blackreign2012, Thank you as well for taking a look at this hub- I am glad that I was able to share something useful :)

H.C Porter profile image

H.C Porter 6 years ago from Lone Star State Author

Mike, Thanks for reading. I have gotten a few of those $100 Google Gift Cards. I havent bothered to go there either. I understand that Google is a company and the main goal is profit...But I dont think that this is the right way to profit off of advertising. Yes, advertising in any market is a risk you need to take-but this way isnt a way that I would recommend anyone doing-not unless you were able to work with someone like Boss that can even the playing field a little more. Thanks for stopping by and for reading- I appreciate your comment

H.C Porter profile image

H.C Porter 6 years ago from Lone Star State Author


Thank you so much for sharing your story and point of view- I am sorry that you lost out on your $2000, It seems like many are in the same boat. I for one cant believe that anyone would ever do this advertising on a continuous bases, not after the first month went with zero or few leads and orders.

Thanks again for the comment, I appreciate the feedback

ezzy1512 profile image

ezzy1512 6 years ago

Thanks for this wonderful insight. GREAT HUB.

H.C Porter profile image

H.C Porter 6 years ago from Lone Star State Author


Thanks for reading and commenting, I am happy that you found my insight worth while :)

H.C Porter profile image

H.C Porter 6 years ago from Lone Star State Author


Thanks for reading and commenting, I am happy that you found my insight worth while :)

scubadoggy profile image

scubadoggy 5 years ago

Yes, pay per click can get really expensive, and sometimes it just doesn't seem worth it... Great hub!

H.C Porter profile image

H.C Porter 5 years ago from Lone Star State Author


thank you for the comment. I agree about your pay per click comment... you can pay a bundle and make nothing...the lack of assurance really gets me.

djdaniel150 profile image

djdaniel150 3 years ago from St Louis

Wrong! Google does not determine your placement in search results depending on how much you pay for their advertising. A site with no advertising at all can clearly score a much higher page rank than a site that does have advertising. Furthermore, If someone did attempt to sabotage your Adwords campaign and use up all your clicks, Google's algorithms would flag this in a second flat, and the perpetrator would be banned from the program. If someone is repeatedly clicking Ads, its likely those clicks are all coming from the same IP address, again, Google would flag this instantly and refund the money to the prospective company.

H.C Porter profile image

H.C Porter 3 years ago from Lone Star State Author

Yes- correct (NOW) this was not the case years ago. Google's algorithms constantly changes to change the rules of the game. Pay Per Click is not a long term benefit , it provides short term business, that once stopped- had no kind of benefit that the company could continue to benefit from.

Writing content that is resourceful and original and legit will get you further than any pay per click campaign will. I think organic SEO is far better than any PPC

djdaniel150 profile image

djdaniel150 3 years ago from St Louis

I agree with you in terms of marketing 100%! Creating quality content and implementing good SEO practices obviously out weighs any pay per click campaign. Yeah, PPC never pays off in the end for marketing a product, its just as you stated, a short term solution. Big companies use advertising for PR, not to make a sale, and this is what people need to understand. As far as making money by implementing PPC on your website as an author, I make a living from it, so it does work.

H.C Porter profile image

H.C Porter 3 years ago from Lone Star State Author


Awesome! care to share how? Cause I would love to make far more on ad clicks than I do!

Katia 20 months ago

Well done Ranbir this interviewer deesrves this kind of answer from you.This interviewer was being so rude! Good job! I love you RK! Ranbir is absolutely right the media lies/exaggerates alot and I mean alot!

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