Bhuvan: Indian free software similar to Google Earth

Bhuvan and Google Earth

I have been using Google earth for more than a year and i am very much satisfies with the flexibility and tools present in the Google earth. Though Google earth is very effective in analyzing the geographical location as well as places of special interest, it has a limited resolution i.e you can see the photos clearly upto an altitude of 50 meters or so.

Bhuvan is Google earth compatiable software designed and developed by ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation). There are many pros and cons with this product of ISRO which has almost completed the 2 years down the line. The main features of Bhuvan includes...

  • It has 20 times more zoom than Google Earth. This means that the clarity of photos using Bhuvan is sharper than the Google Earth after certain 'threshold altitude'. Since Bhuvan focuses only on Indian subcontinent so it requires less memory usage than google earth which stores the information of whole world along with the moon and mars.
  • The database of Bhuvan is updated every year. From rural areas to urban cities, the maps, photos and places of special interest are updated on yearly basis. This is much faster as compared to G Earth where it takes 4 years to do so. However it is also a fact that Bhuvan only handles the data and pictures of Indian subcontinent, focusing India in particular unlike its counter software which takes the data, pictures of the whole world including places such as oceans and ice capped pols including Antarctica. Not to mention google earth also provides pictures and photos of moon and mars with satisfactorily details.
  • Bhuvan is not freely downloadable. Google offers free download and use of google earth whereas Bhuvan is cannot be downloaded as a software. It runs inside the browser similar to the wikimapia after installing ceratin plugins for the browser. Bhuvan however utilises the same open source engine as the Google earth.
  • You cannot mark the places in Bhuvan. Well, this is the biggest set back of the Bhuvan. In Google Earth you can mark the places in real time and also modify some places, which gives it great flexibility in terms of sharing the knowledge about the places. In Bhuvan you cannot mark the places and you have to rely on only on the premarked information available with you.

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