Can't Wait to Bing

I couldn't wait to try the new search engine from Microsoft called Bing. The website address for Bing is:, the website became active Wednesday June 3, 2009 which is when it premiered worldwide. I for one could not wait to check it out.

I am the kind of person who loves changes, challenges & new experiences. Yes I have chop sticks in my kitchen silverware drawer anywhere from hot pink, wooden or black take your pick. I know to a lot of people this may be very shocking and even to some appalling. I embrace your criticism and would even still go as far to say have you actually tried Chinese food? No? you have not tried any? Yet you say you hate it, come on now good old noodles and pork stir fried rice who could resist that? How about General Tao Chicken? How about that delicious Broccoli chicken, beef broccoli, spring roll, egg roll, deep fried won-ton, egg fu yung, sushi okay so some sushi is a bit to raw for me but hey it's still good. Okay sorry it's lunch time back to- Bing.

Which reminds me when I first heard the name I thought cool. I read the slogan, Bing then decide. Well this made my mind wonder on to some other Bing-afide words that sound kinda cool. I was at my personal fitness center (mowing my back yard) When suddenly I ran out of energy, (gas) with out even thinking about it I said, "What the BING!" Wow my world is already "Bing-afied!" "You Bing-a-ling!" Oh good gosh now I was sucked in forever! I just couldn't stop now I am an American Bing! I have to Bing my people! "Bing it on!" "I could use a cold Bing!" "Bing on the party!" "Oh boy it's not even out as of yet and already I live in a Bing-Nation! Oh well on to the next Bing!"


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Bing it's what your searching forBing Me Up Scottie!
Bing it's what your searching for
Bing it's what your searching for
Bing Me Up Scottie!
Bing Me Up Scottie!
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Microsoft Bing Search Engine

Bing on the party!

Bing me up Scottie!

Bing bing bing!

Bing it on!

Bing is in the house!

Bing on the competition!



American Bing!


Bing the People!

Bing my people!

Bing connection!

Bing Manner!

It's a Bing Thing!

Bing up the volume!

Take me out to the Bing!

Bing on ya mate!


Best Bing Ever!

Bing-in Awesome!

Bing Off!

Bing You!

Bing Me!

Ahhh Bing!

What the Bing?

Bing the President!

You Bing Me!

Twitter Bing!

Bing Twit!



UR Bing-ness!

UR Bing-in Hot!

I could use a cold Bing!

Bing a Friend!

Bing it's what your searching for!

Bing Offers Many Items to Choose From

There are many Bing items to choose from here is a list of just a few:


With Bing you get a few things, first you get a search platform next you get a helpful site that offers assistance in making your choices to help you with important tasks.

  1. Not only does it help with finding information it also helps with wasted time searching for the correct information by offering you more options in the first place. This saves time by helping you have less steps to take before you reach your information.
  2. Any search engine can spit out key words but Bing can organize and add values to your search information to help you get your more customized search information. Adding rhyme to reason helps to get your results much faster.
  3. Your answers will be one mouse click away instead of three or four.
  4. Locating more professional opinions and having more well put together information about items you may want to purchase or even local company information.

Local: More customized results concerning relevant information on product reviews, how long a company has been around, maps and how to get some place, road reports. Information to help you get where you need to be when you need to be there.

Travel: Compares information across many venues to help you get where you want for the price you want. Helps you find hotel and air line information by comparing hundreds for you as the prices go up and down. You can even be informed of price changes if you like.

Shopping: By using the advice and experience of other shoppers you can find great bargains and have other peoples experience to help you make decisions easily and more confidently.

Health: Bing Health information from many trusted sources.

offers local search as well as maps to help you find your way. Mobile searching can be quick and easy with this.

Overview: It helps to decide what information is needed or relevant for your best and quickest result.

Autosuggest: Suggests common search terms based on your search from passed similar search items saving you time and offering more customized results.

BestMatch: To help get you better results by using top rated sites it saves you time and brings you more helpful information.

DeepLinks: basically lets you see into a site without clicking through it.

QuickPreviews: Saving time so you do not have to click on a site that is not relevant enough to your search terms.

InstantAnswers: Helps to bring you more relevant information relative to your location.

ActiveAnswers: More customizable information easier by having less irrelevant click through.

Toolbars: Quick as well as easy access to Bing at your finger tips.

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Gusterson profile image

Gusterson 7 years ago from Tokyo

I'm interested in the way Bing can organize and add value by returning more customized search information. I think it's the direction that all search engines will head in.

Envoy profile image

Envoy 7 years ago from USA Author

I totally agree. I searched for Wal Mart & it did in fact bring up my area on a map. Very exciting to have your search time quicker as well as more organized it sounds like it will be great :)

dawei888 profile image

dawei888 7 years ago

As much as people bash Microsoft the fact is that we can still get traffic from (MSN). Thanks for this hub. Dawei888 :-)

Envoy profile image

Envoy 7 years ago from USA Author

yes & indeed that is a good thing :)

Thanks for the comment

Your very welcome

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