BlackBerry Playbook – The Awesome Device

Introduction to BlackBerry Playbook

Many years ago, BlackBerry was once the market leader for smartphones. However, the competition in the market is stronger in recent years and the company loses its leadership position. But this does not mean the company would give up anyway. Instead, it tries to provide more products with advanced features to the market, hoping that it could restore the glory.

BlackBerry Playbook is one of the devices that the company introduces to the market in order to get support from the users.

Features of BlackBerry Playbook

BlackBerry Playbook is more like a tablet computer. It is made by Research In Motion (RIM) and it adopts the BlackBerry Tablet OS. This device has 7 inches of display and this is awesome for people to enjoy videos and games.

Apart from the display, the CPU of this device is also leading the market. It has 1 GHz of CPU and this is a very promising one. People can choose to have 16 GB, 32 GB of 64 GB versions of this device.

BlackBerry Playbook has the 1080 pixel of HD video-taking capability. Compared with some of the smartphones or tablets in the market, this HD video capability is awesome. Since there are more and more HD videos in the world nowadays, it is necessary for users to find a device which can play the HD videos and BlackBerry Playbook is probably the most suitable device that people can trust.

In recent years, the App World of BlackBerry is developing quickly. Therefore, it is likely that this BlackBerry Playbook device would have more and more supports from the application and software developer in the future such that people can have more choices to play and enjoy with this device.

BlackBerry Playbook has the weight of 425 grams and it has the dimension of 194 mm x 130 mm x 9.7 mm. This would be good enough for it to be an attractive tablet computer in the market nowadays because it is light compared to most of the counterparts.

Conclusion of BlackBerry Playbook

To conclude BlackBerry Playbook is one of the tablet computers that people would love to enjoy. It is able to bring the company back to the leading market of the tablet computer and smartphone. Therefore, it is expected that there would be more and more people who enjoy BlackBerry Playbook, especially people who have supported the company for decades. They would always be interested in trying this device.

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