Blackberry Bold 9000 Review

Blackberry Bold 9000 Review

The BlackBerry is known for being the best Smartphone on the market for labor. A pioneer in the field, it is the favorite of most businessmen and other professionals who have the need to be connected. With various applications and programs, it can please almost all of its users, losing only to iPhone consumers, the cellphone of hipsters.

Apple tends to suit modern audiences more attuned and because its design is more attractive than the BlackBerry devices. But the model Bold 9000 shows that the company realized that it might be worth fighting for that niche and create an attractive design. Without losing the characteristics of brand appliances, the Bold 9000 comes with a nice chrome on the side and a black keyboard. At the rear, the device is an air of exclusivity, due to its leather trim.

But of course the Bold 9000, is not just a cute little body! Its screen has 2.6 inches with resolution of 480 x 320 pixels. The definition impressed by the quality and brightness is above the average of all appliances. The modern interface and functional only enhances this impression, well clear of standard functions such as viewing attachments in emails.

The chip has a good response, but the configuration that's really interesting is the space of 1GB of internal memory with possible expansion using microSD card. Besides the 3G network, the phone offers Wi-Fi and GPS, which unfortunately does not come with the package of maps and navigation software.

Since almost every player on the market, the Bold 9000 features a 2 megapixel digital camera, which frankly for a BlackBerry user does not make any difference. What makes the appliances are working differentials are unbeatable as his e-mail system that is compatible with Outlook and other delivery system. And details like the QWERTY keyboard known as one of the best on the market.

The Blackberry Bold 9000 is a great option for those who need specific functions and want a sleek design. Now if your desire is a mobile application and useless shit full of color, this is definitely not your device.

The price of the BlackBerry Bold may vary between $300, up to $1000. So if you're interested in the device, and want to buy one, search for and which fits better in your pocket and your needs.

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