Blackberry Playbook - The Future of Tablet Computers?

iPad2, Playbook and many tablet computers available...
iPad2, Playbook and many tablet computers available... | Source

A new tablet device is soon to hit the shelves of retailers offering something different to the iPad2 and other alternatives.  The Blackberry Playbook is the first 4G enabled device (4G is only available in a few countries at this time) giving the ultimate experience for high speed mobile broadband.

The Playbook is available in several different configurations which allow it to be used on just a WiFi network, or to enhance the full power of mobile computing via a 4G network and WiFi.

The BlackBerry Playbook is smaller than the iPad2, with a 7” inch display and the latest BlackBerry OS.  Playbook will also feature a 1Ghz dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM making multitasking an easy experience on this new model.  One crucial difference between the Playbook and iPad2 is the inclusion of Adobe Flash allowing much more scope for future applications and web site development for this platform.

Video calling is well served by using the high-resolution screen, dual HD cameras and stereo sound all included on the device. This will make an excellent choice for videoconferencing in 4G enabled areas or with a WiFi connection. The forward-facing camera will have a 3 megapixel camera and 5 megapixels on the rear adding realism to the 1080P HD screen.

BlackBerry has already built a very loyal business following, but have recently made large gains into the personal smartphone market.  The Playbook will build on this success by fully integrating smartphone apps into the new tablet.  This will allow calendar and email to be fully synchronised between devices without any effort.

Applications for the BlackBerry Playbook will be integrated into their own App store, App World giving a wide choice of feature-rich business applications and leisure activities such as gaming.   Many of the apps will have cross-platform support allowing them to be used on the common BlackBerry devices.  Application developers will have more scope for developing apps with the inclusion of Flash technology, allowing for greater scope in mobile websites and gaming.

Originally BlackBerry was squarely marketed at business users with its wide smartphone features.  However, as many people now rely on smartphones to organise their daily lives, they have now crossed over as quality device for the leisure user.  BlackBerry PlayBook is being aimed at business users but it is easy to see this becoming a mainstream product and eroding the dominance of Apple.


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