Blackberry Storm 9500 Review

Blackberry Storm 9500 Review

Although there are several brands on the market, the world of smartphones seems dominated by the Blackberry and the iPhone. The iPhone is known for modernity and the Blackberry device to be a classic and functional. While the iPhone continues along the same line, the BlackBerry seems to be opening their horizons and changing their concepts.

Proof that the company is breaking their paradigms, is the Storm 9500. The device is the first BlackBerry to eliminate its QWERTY keyboard, having only four physical buttons and a touch screen of 3.2 inches. The resolution is also great with 480 by 360 pixels resolution.

The great advantage in touch system from the Storm 9500 is the SurePress. With him to lay a finger on the LCD screen to select an item, the display reacts similarly to an ordinary button, crouching and responding to pressure. While typing on the virtual keyboard is not as fast as the physical keyboard, the device responds well and has a low rate of errors.

The 9500 Storm's browser has received a considerable upgrade, besides the great he has a navigation system called Documents To Go, which serves as a platform for opening Office documents. Some applications like Flickr, Facebook and Google Maps is already integrated into the system, besides the device has connectivity to various systems such as GTalk IM conversation and popular Live Messenger.

The Blackberry OS 4.7 operating system has been adapted to the touch and works well. The look of the OS is beautiful and functional. But one of the biggest news is that the company, so used to corporate aircraft, managed to prang the multimedia features.

Although the unit does not have FM radio, the multiplayer works properly. You can run videos and sounds of different formats into one interface that will eliminate any trace of nostalgia for the iPhone. To improve the Blackberry expressed concern with the user, creating a sound output with the traditional P2, allowing the user to choose a phone of his choice.

To shoot the machine has a 3.2 MP camera which is not surprising, but it works well. If you want to buy the equipment, know what a handicap it is the lack of Wi-fi. With so much modernity you will have to be content to use 3G.

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