Blogging Beginners Guide

Beginners Guide to Blogging

Bloggers when beginning their blogging journey, should have something to work towards, sort of like a plan of action, a beginners guide to blogging that will help the blogger to start their blog off to a good start and so here is a basic blog guide....

Choosing a blogging platform

This is the first step, although there are a few blogging platforms to choose from there are 2 top ones that I would consider and they are Blogger or Wordpress, preferably, Wordpress, as it has many useful plug-ins that make it a top search engine friendly blogging tool to use, Blogger is getting there, but still needs some ways to go before it reaches the Wordpress standard.

Once you have a blogging platform it makes it easier to begin with by getting a domain name, which makes your blog more brandable and unique and plus it makes it easier just to get on with the process of blogging and getting your blog set up to how you want it to look like, with ads and any other content that you want in the sidebars and on any other space.

The main features of your blog are the ones you will use more than anything and these are:

Blog post titles- These are the attention grabbing headlines that will get your blog posts read after being indexed or fed through other feed aggregators and picked up by new subscribers.

Post body - This is the meat of your blog posts, it is the content that will bring readers to your blogs day after day.

Trackbacks - A special link format so others can link to your blog and theirs.

Permanent link - Each and every blog post has a unique URL and this is what it is usually called.

Comments - Anyone can leave comments, including you as the blog owner.

And so with Wordpress you may have to investigate the many different plug-ins on offer to add certain functions to your blog and it's worth looking into and really if you want to add advertising you may need to find the relevant plug-in for it and of course there are certain plug-ins that add security to your blog and limit comment spam too, so really look into this.

Blogger on the other hand has a good range of blogging features too which help to add things like Adsense to your blog and videos and photos too, so check out what you can do with blogger, although not as good as Wordpress, it's worth a look.

What to blog about?

Deciding what to blog about should have been thought out long before you acquire a domain name, it is the single reason why you would want to write a blog and it should be a topic that you can sustain for the long haul and be interested about say five years from the time you start your blog. It is best to stick to one main topic and branch out within your niche later on as more and more readers subscribe to your blog and enjoy your blogs content.

You can decide what blogging format you may want to use, such as video blogging or standard blogging, of course I recommend you do a mix of many different formats, because that would be interesting for the reader, podcasting is a popular one as many people following blogs always find that audio blogging is easier to follow and it's nice to finally hear the bloggers voice.

How to promote your blog

Blog promotion is something that can be difficult for the blogger, but it really is a stage of blogging that gets easier as time goes by, it is the collection of certain blogging processes that get your blog noticed. Ideally you need to find other blogs in your niche that are on the same topic for content, so that you can leave comments on that blog if you find the content interesting and in turn other readers of the blog may start to read your blog, now of course it isn't as easy as that, but just imagine doing this on a regular basis with at least 25 blogs when you comment on them quite regular and it doesn't really matter if the links are nofollow unless the blogs are dead, try and go for newly updated and well read blogs for best results.

Of course there are other promotional methods for blogging, like asking a blogger about a potential guest post which could also mean them doing a guest post on your blog, this means more traffic if you get a guest blog spot on a well trafficked blog.

Other methods can have different results depending on the type of blog you have and what you write about:

Social media marketing- This is a good one, but you do need to build up your networks within each social site as this is what will drive traffic to your blog, so Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, YouTube are a few examples of social media which have been proven to work when integrated with blogging.

Blog catalogues- These are like blog directories that you can add your blog link in and it will become a back link if they are accepted and it's much the same for link directories, this is an old promotion method that could still work, so long as you do do other promotion methods.

Free ebook or report- Offering a free ebook or report is a viral marketing method that does actually work, because a freebie can be passed on from anyone who downloads it to another

Run with your blog and see what other promotional methods come up along the way when blogging, there are other marketing techniques that work for blogs.

The possibilities of using your blogs to make money is an inspiring way of the entrepreneur that you can learn to tap into the more your blog grows in traffic and readership, you could advertise your book or product on your blog or let people buy advertising on your blog too. Or you could just attach a blog onto your business website, as everyone knows that a blog can have many advantages over a static website, advantages like search engine ranking and repeat visitors too.

Most blogs take the approach of a journal and they fuse it in with their main hobby interest or work skill and build a business blog from there, they choose to write about topics they know a lot about, because they know they can maintain the blogging momentum for the long haul.

Blogging is a popular medium and there is no wrong or right way to blog, so the best thing to do is just get on with starting a blog today.

Bloggers Beginners Guide

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