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A day doesn't go by without us being exposed , either seeing ,or hearing ,information on Bluetooth , Bluetooth headset reviews , Bluetooth advertising , summaries on the best Bluetooth headset or seeing people walking down the street apparently talking to themselves .

Not all of us know exactly what Bluetooth is all about.

The name is a translation into English of the last name of an historic Danish King who, as the history books tell us, was noted for his unification of a large number of tribes.

In 1994 his name, and the implication, was used to describe the discovery of an application of an industrial specification of globally unlicensed radio frequencies. In other words, available unrestricted by government radio waves could now be made secure for short distances (to 30 feet), could be free of interference, need very little power, and could be used for commercial purposes . What the future would bring is that because of this clever discovery, electronic devices could communicate wirelessly, without disruption, and with almost immunity to being intercepted.

To capitalize on the discovery, the founding company Ericsson, along with Sony, IBM, Intel, Toshiba, and Nokia created the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, (BSIG) in 1998. There are currently some 9000 companies in the group.

Bluetooth technology allows laptops, PC's, printers, the mouse and keyboard, cell phone and headset, to communicate wirelessly and safely, as long as they are within the 30 foot range.

At last count some 3075 Bluetooth enabled products are in the market around the world. Bluetooth headsets counted for 486 of the total.

In some cases, Bluetooth headsets are coupled with connections to a land line , permitting the hands free benefits near the phone and when the user moves out of "range'" the headset automatically switches to an equipped cell phone !

More recently, with Bluetooth cell phones providing built in music players, headsets have gone from monaural to stereo.

Prices vary greatly, from $30 to in some cases in excess of $100 for the Bluetooth enabled headsets. The stereo units seem to have prices go up as the sound quality goes up, and the unit size goes down.

To a very large extent, sound, and the quality of sound is personal. The appreciated convenience of a wireless connection will someday overcome what has so far been observed as quality not as good as the best, wired MP3 player.

The BSIG devotion to research, progress and innovation, coupled with incentive and motivation from the 9000 licensed users to fill markets with superior products, suggests it is just a matter of time before the customer will benefit, and a Bluetooth Headset Review will have more substance.

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Bluetooth Marketing 6 years ago

i love Bluetooth now but I cant wait for Bluetooth 3. Its faster and has much better range. Smile :)

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