Boost Mobile Prepaid Mobile Phone Service

Boost Mobile Has Unlimited Everything For Only $50.00 Per Month.

Boost Mobile Has Unlimited Everything For Only $50.00 Per Month.
Boost Mobile Has Unlimited Everything For Only $50.00 Per Month.

Boost Mobile The Best Prepaid Phone Company Ever

Boost Mobile currently targets the younger generations of Cell Phone users with their $50.00 a month unlimited plan that includes unlimited nationwide long distance, voice mail, web browsing, unlimited text messaging and walkie talkie all for only $50.00 a month. There is no credit check and no contract so this cell phone is available to people with limited or no credit at all. Its the perfect cell phone company for the person who needs a cell phone now and can't or don't want to be hassled with credit checks or contracts.

Boost Mobile is based in Irvine California and they are part of Sprint. They offer ringtones, wallpapers, games and other applications at lower than average prices. Since 2002 they have carved out a huge part of the prepaid cell phone market and they are currently pushing their way into other areas of the country trying to take a huge part of the prepaid market.

Call waiting, caller ID and three-way calling are available with the Boost Mobile Unlimited Plan. 411 calls are a bit pricey at $1.29 per call. I would use 411 on the computer or let my fingers do the walking through the phone book.

Most of Boost Mobiles phones are feature rich and Boost Phones really have a lot of features compared to other cell phones. Boost Mobile now has coverage in most parts of the USA and especially in the deep south, the northeast and the Pacific coast states.

And the really great thing about the Boost Mobile $50.00 unlimited plan is that your cell phone bill will always be $50.00 and never no more. You never will be getting a huge surprise phone bill with boost mobile. Everything and I mean everything is included for the $50.00 a month charge.

I know I haven't been shy about praising Boost Mobile but it really is the best prepaid cellular phone service there is. It makes me wonder why all the cell phone companies don't offer all that Boost Mobile does for the same price as Boost Mobile. And until they do Boost Mobile is going to keep taking a bigger and bigger part pf the prepaid cellular phone market. And did I tell you that the taxes and other fees are included in the $50.00 a month charge. Can you even imagine.

Boost Mobiles Unlimited $50.00 a month plan is a huge success with college students and their families. One of the big selling features is everything that is included with the $50.00 fee and how much money it saves people compared to other prepaid cellular phone companies.

You can go to Radio Shack in most markets to obtain a Boost Mobile Phone and Boost Mobile Service. I would strongly recommend that you go with their $50.00 unlimited plan especially if you are buying a Boost Mobile Phone for your teenager or college student. One really great thing is that almost anywhere your son or daughter goes to college they will be able to call home as often as they wish. And there's no waiting until 7 or 9 pm for the free minutes to kick in. With Boost Mobile you can call 24 hours a day. Unlimited really does mean unlimited with Boost Mobile.

What kind of experience have you had with Boost Mobile? Do you have the $50.00 a month unlimited plan? Why not post your comments, reviews or questions about Boost Mobile below.

Boost Mobile Unlimited Plan

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Frequently Ask Questions About Boost Mobile

Frequently Ask Questions About Boost Mobile
Frequently Ask Questions About Boost Mobile

Frequently Ask Questions About Boost Mobile

Most people ask. Ok I know Boost Mobile Has A $50.00 A Month Unlimited Plan But What Do I Get. Okay we will be glad to answer that question for you.

1. Unlimited Nation Wide Long Distance that really is free and it really is unlimited with no catches whatsoever $6. With Boost Mobile Unlimited means you can make unlimited calls 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

2. With the unlimited plan you get unlimited web use and browsing.

3. With the unlimited plan you get unlimited text messaging.

4. With the unlimited plan you get free voice mail.

5. With the unlimited plan you get free walkie talkie mobile to mobile.

You won't find another prepaid cellular phone service offering all the features of Boost Mobile. So why not click the more information link below  and check out all that Boost Mobile has to offer.

Boost Mobile Unlimited Plan

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Post Your Boost Mobile Comments Below Now.

Post Your Boost Mobile Comments Below Now.What do you think about Boost Mobiles Unlimited plan. Tell us your own review of Boost Mobile.
Post Your Boost Mobile Comments Below Now.What do you think about Boost Mobiles Unlimited plan. Tell us your own review of Boost Mobile.

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Why not post your comments, reviews or questions about Boost Mobile below. 37 comments

mindscrape 4 years ago

The biggest and most obvious question is why sprint does not offer unlimited talk text and web to their regular customers for a flat fee 0f 50 dollars a month. Sprint has no unlimited talk plan except with everything else at 109 dollars. since Boost is cheaper and owned by print they are ripping off their regular customers. does not make sense. I do not want to pay 100.00dallars any more and only get unlimited data.

It has been said that boost gives 2.5 gig then throttles to 256k. Right now I get 250k most of the time any way so that will be no loss.

Please comment on this.

repeat offender 4 years ago

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that Boost Mobile has the best plan. If you care about saving money. With their shrikage plan in 18 months I will be paying $40.00 bucks. Please somebody tell me of a better plan with all the services. My mom, although she is stuck in a contract with Sprint, wants to get my plan. She is paying almost $70.00 a month. That's crazy! Though I am a little disturbed in the $2.00 service fee the agent charges when I pay my bill.

aria 4 years ago

Is It Fifty Dollars Per Person?

mary 4 years ago

i am with telstra - was on 89 plan iphone 24 months - they reduced me to 59 dollars but i am use to unlimited mobile and home line - i was not in a good place when iwent with telstra came out of domestic violence - will i will try to get it as low as possible or get out of deal - will my iphone 4 be compatable with you - and can i keep the number - thanks and how or who do i talk to about this with you regards mary

chazatlas 5 years ago

What about Simple Mobile? They have a $40 Unlimited Everything Plan.

is2daytuesday 5 years ago

I'll say this for Verizon:

Absolutely beautiful smartphones. Lovely. Full QWERTiES with TOUCH SCREENS, high mp cameras and they didn't scrimp and remove the flash from cameras. Bright, clear, vivid screens that don't crack. If you're CONTRACT = you're comparable to the guy who waltzes into BMW and purchases a brand new Beemer = They'll detail it for you and perform all scheduled maintenance. You're doing very "comfortably" if you're buying new BMWs and a new smartphone with Verizon contract service. You likely own a cozy, 30k square foot cottage in Aspen, as well. Good for you. I'm not mad at you. We all make choices in our lives. Some of us have a pre-paid, unlimited plan..some of us pay $2000 more per year to have Verizon contract. With disposable income like that, one would hope donating to charity or rescuing abandoned puppies & kittens would be a first priority, vs throwing dollars into Verizon stockholder's pockets.


I found the smartphone of my dreams that happened to be a Verizon phone. Naturally, would not/

could not be used with Verizon's "unleashed" plans. When the V rep started reeling off their prices ($74.99 for monthly unlimited TALK, only) I started laughing. Then he said $10 for a few hundred texts. $30 for a teensy bit of data (he estimated would be used up within 4 days). Not even close to kidding. So;

to have Verizon, we are talking approximately $140 + $150 per month..and I buy the smartphone AT FULL PRiCE.


Gee..CAN I..!?



Maybe Verizon's consistent and reliable, but it's NOT failsafe. People please. It's not even politically correct these days to throw money away like that, when so many are suffering in this economy! It's unseemly, even.

Tuesday 5 years ago

Two Cents:


The new-ish Boost "shrinking" unlimited plan is a great idea. I'm embarrassed to say how long (years) I've been with Virgin's pre-paid..

when it comes to upgrading or swapping out a handset, you're outta luck. VM offers zero incentives. Virtually no customer appreciation..


great going Boost, for having thunk of it.


I believe strongly, whether a customer has been "pre-paid" or "contract" for over 5 years, it should be rewarded. VM rewards loyal customers by changing the phone numbers at Advanced Tech Support, before a network issue is resolved. If your handset is over 3 months must purchase a new one, period. They won't help you.


Swapped to BOOST for a minute and sorry to say..SAME OLD THING.

There is no Executive Resolution Office, or even a Corporate Office for Boost or Virgin. Pardon me..

They DO exist. But you'll die of old age before you ever actually reach them.


My advise is to only buy a NEW handset, at a reputable, national chain (such as Bestbuys)..and have THEM activate. Then you're covered.


Mobile/handset poops out:

Replaced or cash back.


Swap out mobile/handset in the middle of the month:

Remainder of Airtime Plan is refunded or a check mailed to you for the difference.


Issue with pre-paid Service:

Since BestBuys activated it, they have WAYS of contacting "advanced" tech support for the network in question, and actually RESOLVE the issue..or, at least will supply you with the contact numbers, so you may fight your own battle..(if you're up to it).


Buying a mobile/handset/

smartphone/tablet at T-mobile, Sprint, Boost Mobile, AT&T or Verizon:



Customer Care depts of ALL of the above will not assist with their Stores. Just will not. If a Store sells you a defective Blackberry, or 20 days out of 30 have no bars..

Customer Care WILL NOT HELP YOU. Once the Store has your money, they'll treat you as if they owe you money..

(I suppose that's because THEY DO).


Only deal with large, chain retailers with decent return policies and supply consumers with a Corporate Office phone number when asked.


Second cent:


This should go without saying; but I will, anyway.

One requires a COMPUTER/Laptop in 2011. Period. Do not buy an $899 smartphone expecting it to be a full-blown computer. It isn't. Never will be. Buy a $400 (new) computer, and a $200 mobile. Another $100 - $200 on accessories & printer. Another $50 for an external hardrive (on sale) and you're golden.



That felt good.

Stranger 5 years ago

Besides the Unlimited everything, you can pay an extra 5 bucks and have unlimited calling to any land line phone in selected countries. I call Mexico often, and so far this is in fact unlimited.

location-based marketing 5 years ago

Prepaid cell phones allow us to pay as we go, so we can control our spending. Various advantages and disadvantages of using this type of phones. The main advantage of prepaid cell phones is the lack of a contract. Because we are not tied to any specific company or monthly rate, we can spend as much or as little as your budget allows. Another good advantage of prepaid cell phones is that there is no credit check required to open an account. While many disadvantages are also there that is Prepaid cell phones are not free, as is the case with phones when we sign a year-long contract and Prepaid cell phones are more expensive to use, thanks.

location-based marketing

Mary 5 years ago

This is only half correct. I've had Boost for 6 months now. Two months ago, they started charging taxes on my payments online. However, I can go to Radio Shack and pay JUST the $50. I live in the middle of nowhere and have a fairly strong signal just about anywhere. However, the comment above about using your Boost phone to call any number anytime is wrong. You can ONLY call numbers in the United States. My husband called Canada on ours and it charged us 10 cents a minute. Luckily, I always add extra money to my phone! Their customer service sucks, but the phone works and is cheaper than Verizon which is about the only other company that we have here, so I'm sticking with Boost.

Leroy F. 6 years ago

Boost is the best. however i have one problem. Ican not find the phone i want in no store and it is not sold online.

Diane 6 years ago


Online Fax 6 years ago

Boost created nice plans. I to have always been an avid fan. Kudos.

sajjad 6 years ago

ye that's good

Ty 6 years ago

For the $50.00 unlimited boost mobile plan do you neec a phone card to get that or you gotta call boost customer service to switch from prepaid to unlimited

RunAbstract profile image

RunAbstract 6 years ago from USA


Kimberly G. 6 years ago

I was with AT&T for several years before the customer service nightmares and huge overage fees just killed my bank account – I decided to break my contract and shop around. With research and a few friend's recommendations, I decided to give Boost a try – and I’m so happy I did.

The service has been great so far. I don't have to worry about a contract stalling me anymore and their $50 unlimited plan is a real money saver over my $110+ previous bills – no worry about overage fees from texting anymore and so long IPhone.

The phone selection is much better than I expected and still pretty affordable. The Sprint powered calling network is giving me pretty dependable coverage with the ocassional dead zone. The internet can be a little slow depending on the area and the downloads are a bit pricy, but nothing I haven’t seen before.

But there is an option being offered by Boost’s sister company, Virgin Mobile via Sprint, that has real potential to help a lot of people and should be getting more coverage.

Their “Assurance Wireless” program is being in offered in five states and exclusively to low income, qualifying families and its an amazing deal. Qualifers can get both a phone and 200 minutes, with no fees or contract, for free with the potential to expand their program at. 10 a minute. While the program is new, I can only hope it will expand to more states and people who could also use a plan like this.

I might not be low-income, but the savings would totally help me. Loyal customer and newly signed ones might like an option like this as well as low minute users who just need a phone for basic communcations. Either way, times are tough and having a cell phone is a must so click here for Sprint president’s email address: and let him know that everyone could use these savings.

Lynn Darby 6 years ago

The boost mobil representive charged me $20.00 today to switch my number to another verizon phone. Is that what you have to pay to switch phones?


Riley 6 years ago

I'm thinking about switching to Boost from Net 10 but I don't want a new phone number. Can I keep the same phone number with a different company?

James 6 years ago

What about roaming charges? I travel all over the U.S. Do they charge for roaming? Unlimited Roaming

Can you keep your number from your old carrier? I Switched From Cricket and kept my same number. Have your Number Checked to see it your carrier is supported

The Rope profile image

The Rope 7 years ago from SE US

Just waiting for better coverage in Georgia and the mid-west which is where I travel the most. Thanks for sharing, I am impatient to get started.

tony 7 years ago

can my motorola i290 boost mobile make a three way call


Regina 7 years ago

Can you keep your number from your old carrier?

Randy 7 years ago

What about roaming charges? I travel all over the U.S. Do they charge for roaming?

todd 7 years ago

Just got my BoostMobile phone. Bought the $50 phone to try out the service before spending $129 on the much cool Blackberry style phone. So far the service is great but the browser options are a bit limited. Don't expect to be surfing "the web" with it. There is a lot of options news/entertainment/sports and the downloadable content is exceptional. The only place I can foresee hang-ups is that you must renew you account every sixty days or lose your number. Then you will have to purchase another sim card and go through the reactivation. Still for fifty bucks a month- it's a great deal.

lmgs 7 years ago

I just changed my service to Boost mobile because where I live Verizon has taken over Alltel and now my bill skyrocket every time I look around. I got tired of paying over a hundred dollars a month for a cell and didn't have unlimited anything. Yes Boost do work in the country. Where I live,I am surrounded by trees and I am located in the deep deep country. All of my bars are up where I live. That was very shocking to me being that all of the other providers bars never made it to the max. Oh and by the way, the unlimited everything for 50 dollars a month is true and I'm loving it! Thanks Boost Mobile for making my life better. I am pulling you a lot of customers where I live.

Mobile Phone Review 7 years ago

Great Article. Thumbs up for you.

Allen 7 years ago

I wanted to know. If i purchased a phone from them, does it cover my first months service, cause I did that with MetroPCS. and they did.

keith 7 years ago

i have a boost mobile phone and i cant get three way how do you get three way to work??? plz reply my email is plz send me how to get three way to work

crazyhorsesghost profile image

crazyhorsesghost 7 years ago from East Coast , United States Author

Gill you can talk to any number as often as you like and there is no limit in any way.

gill 7 years ago

does the $50 unlimited plan on boost mobile let u talk to ANY number anytime or is it just saying unlimited calling

crazyhorsesghost profile image

crazyhorsesghost 7 years ago from East Coast , United States Author

No I do not think the first month is free. You can go on their web site and see if you are in their coverage area. Boost Mobile has come a long way and they are the best of the best of the prepaid mobile phone companies.

john 7 years ago

is the first month free?

kayla 7 years ago

i live out in the middle of the woods,would i get service on boost?

luvos 7 years ago

connect bluetooth to my phone

crazyhorsesghost profile image

crazyhorsesghost 7 years ago from East Coast , United States Author

Thanks for the comment John. I do appreciate the comments. And I really have researched Boost Mobile and I now have the Boost Mobile Fifty Dollar Unlimited Plan and its simply the best prepaid product out there. When Boost Mobile first started up it wasn't that great but it is now. If you took a look at Boost Mobile Prepaid Phone Service when they first came out go down to your Radio Shack and take another look at Boost Mobile and Boost Mobiles Fifty Dollar A Month Unlimited Plan. You won't find a better prepaid phone product anywhere.

JohnM profile image

JohnM 7 years ago from Miami Florida

CHG I have just went on their $50.00 a month unlimited plan and Boost Mobile should corner the market with their $50 unlimited plan. I can't believe either that other prepaid cellular phone companies are not offering a simular priced product. Tells how bad they are ripping people off. But for me the Boost Mobile $50.00 Unlimited plan is one of the best things ever. And with the unlimited long distance, unlimited text, unlimited web browsing, voice mail and all that how could any company possibly ever beat them.

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